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  1. My nursing school classmate was one of the volunteers conducting the tests.
  2. I'm really sad about that one. I hope Marianne's makes it. I think we will likely lose Mount Hermon.
  3. I literally do not believe that. They would be so acidodic that the enzymes in their body would denature. Maybe he was talking about PaO2? even that is hard to wrap my brain around. Thanks for sharing, though. Definitely something I'll be looking into more!
  4. I’m curious about this. How would someone not feel 90% o2 sat just because the cause is Covid? Low saturation is going to cause a big physiological reaction no matter what the cause. Now I can see loss of saturation as kind of a frog in a pot situation where you don’t notice the accompanying symptoms at first. But I don’t think someone would be absent of those symptoms (increased resp rate, posturing, anxiety...).
  5. Yes. A local favorite ice cream shop and a family owned tire store. Our county is built on small, family-owned businesses that have been around for decades.
  6. Did they change fingers and hands? Did they leave it on for a few minutes? At 89-90 he would likely be short of breath and feeling symptoms. What was the pulse reading? Over the counter pulse oximeters aren’t always the most reliable. Sometimes they take a few minutes to capture the correct reading. They’re often fussy about placement. My son has his checked several times a day and one hand always gives less reliable readings than the other. Sometimes his nurse shows me some terrible reading and I have to remind her to give the thing a minute or switch to his other hand. It’s not hospital grade. That said, if his hands are good and warm, they tried different fingers on different hands, and they gave it adequate time to capture, I would call his doctor. In the absence of any other symptoms, I still think it’s probably the machine, and I would not go to the ER. But his primary care doctor should be notified. Of course, if he is experiencing other symptoms, they should head in.
  7. My brain loves scatter plots. So much better than lines and bars!
  8. Yeah, I don’t care. I never had much of an opinion. I think I always thought of her as stuffy. No personality. In contrast, she’s such a compelling character in The Crown. So steady, reflective, tender... it’s a beautiful, humanizing portrayal.
  9. I’m so behind but I finally finished the last episode of season 3 and it was brilliant. I love the queen. I wish she was my queen.
  10. Our major hospital system announced a hiring freeze through July of 2021.
  11. Just let them fizzle. I’ve never had to cut a friendship off. The only circumstance I can see having to be direct about it would be like MissLemon’s where the person is actively pursuing you and needs to be told to stop. In my life, friendship takes effort, so if I stop making the effort, the friendship inevitably fades away.
  12. We won’t be distancing from family. We’ll be careful, and we are careful, but I’m not living like that. We’ll probably still take our summer trip to my mom’s. Dd can come visit whenever she’s able to get away from work. We live 7 hours away from them so it’s not a question of daily behavior but of twice a year visits.
  13. I have this one but it was just $20 when I bought it late last year. We have to have one for my son.
  14. Just a reminder y’all, this board also has a mute button! The irony.
  15. We will have worn masks for a couple of years be the time we get through this, so it’s hard to know what will feel normal. It would be great if it became standard when a person felt sick. Before this whole thing, my biggest future medical concern was the post-antibiotic era that we’re headed toward. Maybe we will stave that off a little by slowing down infections of all types. Maybe. (There’s a ton of other factors with that too, so maybe not.)
  16. Where do you live that you can still go out to dinner?! I miss restaurants.
  17. I doubt it, but if anyone is familiar with Fall River chow mein, that’s what we’re having. Dh ordered a case if it for my birthday 💕.
  18. LOL same!! Dh is getting desperate enough that I think he's going to let me take the clippers to his head.
  19. Not essential unless you consider their ability to feed their family as essential. Not now, but at some point in the near future, we are going to have to figure out what measures to take to allow people to get back to work safely.
  20. Their timing couldn’t be better. It’s kind of funny.
  21. The point of a cloth mask is to capture some of your own aerosols from entering the environment. My mask protects you, your mask protects me.
  22. NorCal- pretty well stocked but still low on things like pasta and random items. I’d say 80% of people were wearing masks but our county just passed an order making it mandatory (I’m so happy about this!) so I expect to see better next time. Safeway put in one-way aisle stickers which not everyone followed. Prices are up but not terribly so. Overall it felt much less chaotic than a couple of weeks ago.
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