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  1. The seller won't ship it, even if you sweeten the pot? I grew up about 30 min away, but unfortunately don't live nearby anymore.
  2. As an aside, I took a microbiology class last semester and it was absolutely fascinating how the virus hijacks neurons. The whole time it’s in there, it’s suppressing the neuron’s ability to show your immune system its presence. Then when your body is under stress, changes in the neuron force the virus out of its suppressive position within the cell, so it escapes to nearby epithelial cells.
  3. Church isn’t optional in our household but I would definitely dig to find the root of her objections.
  4. I did have CP as a child. I have never been vaccinated for it but I will definitely do the shingles booster when I get a little older. If I knew for sure that I had no CP antibodies, I would really have to think about it. On one hand CP is now pretty rare in the wild. However, catching it as an older adult can be pretty dangerous. Risk of shingles without CP is zero. Risk of shingles from the vax is rare but more than zero. It comes down to risk of catching CP vs risk of developing shingles from the vax. I would have to research to decide which seems more likely/scares me more. (But my knee jerk is that I would get the vax because my body sails right through vaccinations)
  5. Got in 2 barre classes this week. Going in to hit the elliptical today but I won’t have time for yoga. I’m going to do the pilates class tomorrow morning. I’ve had a great food week. Weight has been up and down, and I’d say the net is even.
  6. This is kind of where I'm at. I've developed new habits that I don't plan on stopping. Those habits happen to be resulting in my continued weight loss. At this point I'm really just waiting to discover my body's natural weight when I'm eating healthy and exercising. But who knows, maybe I'll start having other fitness goals. And even then (!!!) I don't want people's unsolicited opinion about my body!
  7. The thing is, not that this changes anything, but I am objectively still 20lb+ overweight! So it's like this thing of "Oh, you look so good now, you should stop and not get in any better shape!" Um, thanks? My very grown up response this morning was "I am in charge of my own goals."
  8. Here's my list. I'm currently in a season of both high emotional and logistical stress. Go to bed EARLY. Like 8pm if I can. I'm an angry napper. If I am going to get extra sleep, it will always be on the front end. Get a date night with DH. One of the best things I've found is to stay super connected with dh in times of stress. Dinner out, a glass of wine, dessert...these are all helpful. Meal plan, grocery delivery, boxed meal services....anything to simplify meals. Getting alone time, whether that be at home or by sitting in the car. MUSIC. I have albums that I always return to when I'm stressed. It's my comfort music. Exercise and eating right. Not to say that I don't indulge in a little comfort food, but I'm finding it less effective than I used to. Yoga. I'm not into the woo of yoga, but I do find stress reduction in taking a time just for myself, really focusing on my breathing, and stretching out my tense muscles. Just the act of saying "I am focussing only on myself for the next hour" is helpful. Bullet journal. I make a list of everything. ALL the things. Then I tackle them one by one (or delegate, or decide that they don't really need to be done right now).
  9. "Wow, you look great! But don't lose any more weight!" I'm so tired of hearing some version of that phrase. I had to field it twice before 8:30am this morning. Why do people thing this is ok?
  10. Take it slow and steady. Don't feel like you need to change diet, supplements, lifestyle, etc all at once. ((((HUGS))))
  11. Sad Dodger’s fan, but honestly impressed with the run that the Nats are on. Also, Howie Kendrick is such a nice guy and it was really cool to see him have his moment. I’ll be cheering for them in the WS.
  12. You don't seem afraid of confrontation, so I'd probably go straight at it. Talk directly with the niece and say, "I didn't say this because I didn't think I would have to, but if you're not keeping the horse, I would like him back." Don't go through your sister, since she's a pushover. Just tell niece, "I'll be by on such and such date to pick him up." I would state it as a fact, not a question. Niece is 17, which I've always found to be a highly self-centered age, but still young enough to exert some authority over.
  13. Our friends have stayed there several times and rave about it!
  14. My dream is a beachfront cottage, so a lighthouse is pretty close!
  15. I’d be happy to share my not completely fleshed out thoughts with you. I’ll try to remember to come back to this tomorrow.
  16. I think it’s hogwash. Between the wings and the idea that in stress you act more like one number and in health you can take on traits of another that’s 4 number traits that you’re pulling from. I also hate that so many Christians seem to be swapping it for Gospel.
  17. We watched it last night, too. We decided to watch the finale again as prep and I'm glad we did (even though the recap was helpful, too). A friend of mine once said that BB should have been titled, "Poor Jesse" and I found myself pretty sad for him at so many points in El Camino. I enjoyed it and am glad that they created it. And YES! to Plum's comment of them managing to make it very cohesive with the show. Bravo to that.
  18. Discovering my nightshade sensitivity was a sad event. Why, Lord?
  19. Got 4 workouts in this week, though I didn’t hit all of my classes. I’m happy with my food choices. Down a pound!
  20. This is close to how I eat except I probably eat more fruit than I should. I also avoid nightshades as much as possible but I really like Mexican food so sometimes I just choose to hurt. I’ve been on and off dairy. I don’t think it makes a huge difference in my inflammation levels but I also can’t lose any weight when I’m on it. I’m only drinking wine when we eat out, which isn’t that often.
  21. Not to be rude to your friend, because it is unbelievable that those tunnels don't have generators, but they have only been open for about 5 years and before that people just drove up the 1 to get to the city...
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