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  1. Does Class Pass operate in your area? I did a trial and really enjoyed getting to try a variety of small fitness studios.
  2. I big puffy heart love my YMCA. It’s all old people, nothing blaring, classes where everyone is welcome, clean, reasonably priced, I could go on...
  3. That’s a good idea. I’ll hang on till Monday.
  4. I was hoping for a $10 off $25 book code as in years past, but I'm not finding anything.
  5. It wasn’t our smoothest Thanksgiving. Our problematic toilet clogged, leaving is with one working toilet. Our spare table was spider infested. My bought fresh turkey ended up half frozen because we really need a new fridge. That threw off all the timing. But after all that drama, it was actually a pretty fun evening!
  6. Good question! I am a BIG physical touch person, so I think I’m constantly touching my kids. Ds 17 is probably more like your older son- not as touchy. I touch his head a lot- little head rubs/hair tousle, I put my hands on his shoulders and do a quick squeeze, if he’s sitting I kiss him on the top of the head... he loves back scratches so I do that while watching TV. Do you know your older ds’s love language? Instead of worrying about the physical touch so much, I would focus on making sure your filling his bucket in the way he receives love best.
  7. I start nursing school in January! I’m so, so ready to move on to actual nursing education. I’ve been clicking away at prerequisites since 2016.
  8. Wow, those page requirements are dumb. It turns out that she really ended up liking my writing so I’m sailing through the course with a 98% and on my last essay. I’m ready to be done.
  9. Ooh, me too (on the older kid end)! The other day was my 22nd anniversary and we floored the guy at the winery with that nugget. He just kept shaking his head. (I both had my first baby and got married at 17. Unusual most places, but downright alien in California.) When people say, “You look to young to have a 22yo,” I usually reply that I am!
  10. Being pregnant (twice) in Florida....those commercials contributed to a lot of my ugly crying moments.
  11. My recent project has been to clean out our files and shred old papers. I’ll be hearing the shredder in my sleep.
  12. I agree. This is worth investigating with a Dr. This may be neurological, inner ear, etc. Have you ever tried getting regular chiropractic care? If it’s ear related, that might help a lot. Either way, it’s not typical for an adult to fall this often and I would want to at least investigate it before you start losing bone mass.
  13. Got to the gym 3 days last week, which I think is going to be my new normal. Four is getting hard to pull off. Anyhow, I'm SO SORE from Yoga yesterday. Good sore, but wow, I didn't expect that. Last weekend was my anniversary and I went off the rails food wise. In consequence, I gained 2 pounds in 3 days. I'm floating at the same weight I always get stuck at-143. Shrug. Goals for next week: 3 days at the gym. Good eating until Thursday/Friday.
  14. I think a program is a great idea and you should more seriously consider it. You've been posting about your struggles for years and I just want some longterm victory for you. I definitely, 1000% think you should seek out professional help that fits. I know you've been on and off with some bad fits, but I don't think giving up on it is serving you. Whatever you do, and I know this is easier said than done, I hope you will do it with a professional.
  15. I disagree. I think expressing righteous anger over the lack of involvement with their own mother's care is totally appropriate. And I wouldn't spoon feed them a single excuse. They need to get their butts out there and care for their mother.
  16. You should absolutely call her kids and tell them to get their shit together. In those words. They need a reality check. Gently- they aren't stepping up because they don't have to, because you are an absolute angel who is doing their job for them. Their mom needs to be in assisted living and they need to take care of it. Take care of yourself. Your health matters. If you feel bad about not being able to visit your neighbor, tell her that you just can't do the drive this weekend, but you can talk to her on the phone for a little while. You're an amazing human. ((((hugs)))) to you.
  17. I think you’re right that this is narcism but I don’t think it’s gaslighting. At least not my understanding of gaslighting.
  18. Make sure you keep up with electrolytes. Keto, especially induction, will throw them off and make you feel really ill. I’ve toyed around with keto but I like fruit too much.
  19. Yes, I’ve seen a few people talk about them curling after being washed. I follow one lady on IG and hers was never the same after the first wash.
  20. IKEA has the best garlic press I’ve ever owned. I buy pre-peeled whole cloves from the refrigerated section in the produce department.
  21. I think you’ll enjoy him much more after boot camp. in the meantime, I’m finding that we’ve turned a corner at 17. I’m enjoying ds more than I have in years. Hang in there!
  22. I’m an English tutor at the community college tutoring center and this EXACT thing happens all the time. The WiFi unexpectedly goes out and it’s panic. 9/10 of my job is scaffolding and EF coaching.
  23. Such a bummer. It's my very favorite of all the services. They're only going to sell their meal kits in stores now. I wonder if the home delivery meal kit model is approaching its end.
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