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  2. How far back can I roll my eyes. Oh, and by the way, social distancing is just a social experiment that the government is doing to us because they can. /s
  3. We did it for ds but that was so many moons ago, I don’t remember much. I do recall that it was a fairly easy recovery for him.
  4. I don’t care for Emma as a protagonist. Gwyneth did not I help. But I’m willing to give this version a try!
  5. That’s in lieu of the theater opening though I don’t think it’s going to work
  6. I’m not sure that changes how I feel about it.
  7. I should know better than to be on Facebook right now. The more I engage, the less hope I have for humanity.
  8. I have a friend who very seriously thinks this way (that deaths are being misattributed to corona) and I had to mute her. I can't deal.
  9. That guy is on oxygen and I just want to yell through the picture, "Go home! Save yourself!" Man, my heart goes out to him.
  10. Wow, you guys live in such pretty, open spaces!
  11. We (my fam) were just remarking yesterday on how quickly things shifted. On Feb 13 we sent dd to a cheer competition in LA. Plane, convention center filled with 15k people, Disneyland... not one moment of hesitation. It never even came up. She came home, got pretty darn sick, I brought her in the week of the 24th and by then things were starting to percolate. By March 3rd, the hospital that I do my nursing clinicals in had called off students. The week of March 9th I told my kids that I thought that would be their last week of school, and indeed it was. I never imagined that the rest of the year would be toast. It took me another week for that reality to set in. Looking back, it really is wild how things so quickly unfolded in my own understanding of the situation.
  12. My dd works camps all summer and it will be a bummer if she doesn’t get to do that. She’ll lose about $2500.
  13. A good bit. My commuting expenses are about $55 a week and since classes are at home for the rest of the semester, that’ll be about a $600 savings. My family members are eating out much less. I’m guessing that we’re saving at least $75 a week between all of them. And gas, of course. Outside of my gas usage included above, we probably spend $20 a week. So maybe $150/week-ish.
  14. Day 21 of SIP and those paint by number ads are calling my name...
  15. My mom scored toilet paper, paper towels, and clorox wipes at Costco this weekend. I told her to pick up a lotto ticket.
  16. On the nursing boards that I’m part of, the theme has been that things are empty until they’re suddenly not. No elective surgeries, people are treating stuff at home that they used to go to the ED for. I can attest to this one. Ds had a seizure spike last week that at any other moment would have sent us in but the dr and I decided to battle it at home until we absolutely couldn’t go any further. We won but it was awful. Our little county puts up hospitalization data every day. I’ve watched it tick up one at a time. We have 17 hospitalized now. Not much compared to elsewhere but that’s with 3 weeks of shelter in place and we only had 1 hospitalized at that point. Seven deaths. I have several icu friends. It’s manageable right now staffing wise but they’re still already reusing PPE. Talked to one last night and she said they’re just bracing. It’s not the now that I’m worried about, I t’s the 2 weeks from now. I think anyone who is struggling to believe this should watch the exponential Covid video that talks about the math of this and then just track the numbers in your county and state. Compare each day to the last. When you observe the curve in real time, doing your own tracking, I think it becomes much more real than looking at someone else’s plot line of the last couple of weeks.
  17. I saw a study that showed that due to immune enhancement, those who got the flu shot were more likely to catch corona-viruses (of the generic flavor) and human metapneumovirus. That caught my eye because human metapneumovirus landed my ds in the hospital last year (and we always get the flu shot). Sometimes it feels like you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t with vaccines.
  18. That’s so bizarre to me. The anti-vaxxers in my life seem more concerned about a government mandated vaccine than about getting Covid. So I’m gonna say no, it’s probably not going to change much.
  19. Honestly, I find it comforting to hear you say all that. My needle always trends toward fear and it helps me to hear people process this like you are. Dh is like that but I’m afraid I’m exhausting him (so he will thank you for being my daily dose of pragmatism and giving him a break).
  20. Do you think that maybe it’s because you have so recently experienced true loss, that you have an acute awareness of what’s what right now?
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