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  1. We got a lab last year and we're calling it DH's midlife crisis puppy. DD said, "He's ruining the dog because he's treating it like a grandchild." He's not actually ruining it, but this pup is DEFINITELY more spoiled than any of our other dogs. We're a no dogs on furniture family, and somehow this 60lbs and growing puppy is still a lap dog on DH's chair, lol.
  2. DS, who projectile vomits with cow milk, and has increased seizure activity with lactose free cow milk, does just fine with goat milk. In fact, powdered goat milk is the base of the food I blend for him. I don't know exactly what it is that he can't tolerate in cow milk, but whatever it is, it's not in goat milk.
  3. I know it's a long ways away, but I've decided to do Whole 30 again in January. If anyone wants to do it with me, I'd love some buddies. Nov goals: keep on keeping on. Exercise 4 days a week. Stay mostly off of grains, sugar, and dairy. I'm holding steady at 144, which is a weight that I feel good about. I still have some to lose, but I'm ok with it going slowly. I'd really like to break past 143, the weight that I historically stall out at, and maybe make it to 141-142 by the end of the month. I lost 4 pounds in October. Goals for this week: have a big salad every day. I've noticed that a nice big lunch salad makes all the difference in my hunger. Exercise 4 days (barre, piloxing, elliptical).
  4. If it goes into foreclosure, you may be able to buy it at auction for dirt cheap.
  5. @Arctic Mama I missed that news! Congratulations!! So good to see Benny's sweet smile. He looks great.
  6. I only see myself as a bad judge of character in comparison to my husband. He can see right through a person in 5 min flat. I’m always telling him he’s too judgey, then when the person shows their colors, dh gives me the I-told-you-so look.
  7. Congrats Nats fans!! That was a great series!
  8. Air quality is much better today and everything is opening back up after the outage! Went to the Y this morning and did a pilates class. That felt nice. Tomorrow is Piloxing and Friday will be elliptical plus yoga. I'm very happy to be moving again. I've said goodbye to the carbs and am back to my normal eating. I didn't weigh myself today so I guess I'll see what the damage is tomorrow. The stores are still chaos so I'm eating out of what little fruits and veggies we have on hand. Hoping to get into he store tomorrow.
  9. My Go walks are comfy but not very stylish. I bought some keds and there's a range of styles/cost/comfort. I bought a slightly more expensive style that has memory foam or something in the sole and those have been great.
  10. We were just talking about this the other day. I don't think they all match up, but I do think that each kid has their hard years and their fun years. When you're in the hard it feels like it'll last forever, but they do emerge again. For ds, the worst was from about 13-15.5. He's 17 and just the best right now.
  11. Is his age in your siggy correct- 10/5th grade? My best advice is to lower your expectations and not take anything personally. You've addressed the big 4 here- food, sleep, exercise, and social time. Keep working on those. Pursue more social opportunities for him. If there's any way to get him time with dudes doing dude stuff, try to work that out. Increase exercise as much as you can. Academically, the memory/brain fart issues are real. Go back to your kindergarten strategies- short lessons interspersed with physical movement and food breaks. Expect to have to repeat lessons. I cannot overemphasize the not taking it personally thing. Do not emotionally engage. Let him feel his feelings and set your boundaries on the treatment of others, but do not get on that rollercoaster with him.
  12. Welp, this power outage has turned into carb-fest 2019. Not a whole lot of shelf stable foods that don't have carbs. And I'm just indulging because I'm bored and annoyed. No working out because the air quality is garbage. So pretty much just sitting around eating chips and cookies, lol. And my period came a week early.
  13. We lost power around 8:30 Saturday. We were at a Halloween party and it was actually pretty funny when the whole crowd cheered. We have a generator to keep the essentials running (ds’s medical equipment and the fridge). Dh ran over to Safeway yesterday and it was chaos. Lines stretching to the back and around the store. He didn’t buy anything. I’m going into the city today for an interview at SFSU so I plan to make a pit stop at Target next door. Now that it’s looking like this may stretch into the end of the week, we need some more snacks and activities and toilet paper. We’ve discovered that our furnace doesn’t function without electricity but our water heater does, thank God. There have been some local generator fires including the nursing home that my friend works at. Thankfully, everyone was ok. The smoke hasn’t been bad at all here. Stargazing was crystal clear last night. It’s eerie. We’ve had very little cell signal at home so I’ve been cut off from the news. It’s weird knowing the kincaid Fire is going on but not being able to keep up with it unless we leave home (which we haven’t done much of to conserve gas). We had church unplugged yesterday and that was lovely.
  14. We’re anticipating power loss starting today and likely going through Monday or Tuesday. I’m in denial but I did go pick up a bunch of canned goods last night. The timing is TERRIBLE. Dd is bringing up her fiancé to meet the sibs for the first time. I have a very important interview on Monday.
  15. Jon Foreman of Switchfoot has some really special EPs that are named after the seasons. Not exactly cleaning music, but lyrically profound.
  16. Some favorites I didn’t see above- (both these bands have A-mazing harmonies) All Sons and Daughters Gray Havens
  17. I agree! I think it's both. She's still going to mourn the loss a little, but that doesn't mean she isn't adjusting or that it won't ultimately be beneficial for her to have this season of rest. But I get it. I have a couple of athletes and a long term injury is more than just the loss of activity. It's a whole identity shift.
  18. All in all, that's a pretty good update. Best wishes on your continued recovery!
  19. This sounds paranoid to me. He’s saving you a ton of money vs getting a professional but if you’re that worried, maybe you should just hire someone and spend it (around here, a professional would be $300-500 plus prints). I kind of feel sorry for him that you’re so suspicious.
  20. Am I the only one wondering why Amazon needs any employees with high national security clearance?
  21. Wow, so many options! When I have a day to myself, I usually visit shops that I’ve been wanting to get to and also get some stuff done at home.
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