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  1. Thanks, people! It's fun to read how everyone does things. I 100% agree that everyone should do what works for their family! I asked them this very thing! They said stuff like Starbucks. I do pay for things here and there for sure. If Sky Zone was a total "once-in-a-while" thing, then sure, I'd splurge and pay. But they did it last week and now want to do it again. Last weekend was the weekend they had a friend over and chose to eat out rather than at home and I had them pay. But then I treated them all to ice cream at the park. I do things like that a lot! They want for very little... sigh. I am seeing a lot of entitlement in them lately so I think that's why I'm feeling like I need to draw a line. One kid just spent $25 for a manicure and now doesn't have enough to pay for Sky Zone this weekend, and to me this is a perfect teachable moment! Anyway, thanks for the replies. Now I can tell them they're not alone! lol
  2. ... Who have to use the money they earn for chores on entertainment! They just informed me of this today. Oh the guilt I feel! 🙄 Maybe people could chime in to show them that this is normal? They are 12. We pay $4 a week base pay for things that help the house run smoothly and then various amounts for extra chores so they can earn more. Then they are required to put some aside to save and some to give. They get money for holidays too plus we dog sit through and split the money with them and that brings in quite a bit. They're at the age where they are wanting to spend a lot of time with friends which is great but they often want to do things like sky zone and that gets pricey. They're seriously incredulous when I say they'll need to pay. Or if they have a friend over and want to go get fast food instead of eating the food I have at home, I make them pay. That's ok right!? Normal?? Chime in!
  3. You know, when I typed that out I did kind of think of that! I know there are places not too far from me where people do talk like that. I do hear it from time to time, but it's definitely the exception!
  4. As much as we all enjoyed FLL, I think our 5th grade year where we were more Latin-heavy was the year we learned more grammar. Or perhaps that's just what helped it click.
  5. But doesn't it come naturally? Are you talking about things like, "Him is going to the store." If you speak English, you just wouldn't say that. Definitely not light! I guess I wish I was more confident in knowing maybe which things we could sort of gloss over and which things we need to really make sure we understand well. Like hortative. *shudder* lol
  6. My kids are 6th graders. We took a year off of formal grammar in 5th grade, but we were doing Latin, which I think helped with grammar on its own! We also did an Evan Moore workbook that year, which was pretty simple. They are doing Getting Started with Spanish this year.
  7. Maybe other grammar curriculums are like this too, I don't know, but we're on lesson 52 and I'm finding myself wondering if this is just overkill. I loved FLL in 1st-4th grade, and they did well with it. I really enjoy grammar and languages but if you can use pronouns correctly while speaking and writing, do you need to know that they are subject/object/personal, possessive, indefinite, etc? And looking ahead it seems like there are other things that also seem like overkill. I'm not trying to be flippant; I'd really love to know if this is important knowledge. Particularly for any future test like SAT, ACT... and just going to high school, which my kids might do. Can someone talk to me about this? I'd love to hear opinions.
  8. What a fun thread! The can opener and brush are in my cart! This is pricey but it's the BEST! It's got a head for hard floors and one for carpet. It does a great job and it's so much easier to grab it from the wall than to lug the huge vacuum out. Also this.|egg spatula|26 We make scrambled eggs a lot and this is great!
  9. Particularly for girls. My girls tend to go back to their old favorites like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Super Fudge, Sideway Stories from Wayside school... they like funny stuff. I don't mind them going back to old favorites, but I'd like to get them some new ones that they might like. I'd love suggestions!
  10. My son will be in 7th grade next year. He's strong in math and doing CLE and some KAHN this year and will do algebra next year in 7th. Then I guess geometry in 8th. As of now (my mind has flip flopped but I'm pretty sure it will be this way) he'll be going to public high school. So in 9th I guess he'll be taking algebra 2? Anyway, I guess I wondered if anyone could recommend a good algebra program for that situation. Thanks 🙂
  11. What is the difference in chelated and oxide? I got some magnesium a few days ago for my daughter and now I look and see that it's oxide. Should I get the other kind?
  12. Haven't read the replies yet so sorry if someone else mentioned this article already, but it just came across my FB feed and thought it had some great suggestions:
  13. Good point. Even after 5 1/2 years of homeschooling, it's hard for me to think of a curriculum that doesn't last a whole year. Thank you!
  14. My 6th grade girls have been using Mastering Essential Math Skills book 2 this year. Before that they were struggling through CLE. I liked CLE but it took so long for them to do a lesson. I thought MEMS would be a good fit since the lessons are short and to the point. I was hoping it would give them a good boost of confidence and I think it has. The author says that 1/3 of students who complete that book go straight into an algebra program. I do not think my girls are in that 1/3. Has anyone else been in that boat? What would be next for them? I see he has a pre-algebra book but it looks short and I'm not sure it's intended to be a full curriculum and last a year.
  15. Has anyone used this? It's by the same guy who does Mastering Essential Math Skills, which is what I'm using for my girls this year. It's been good for them. Short and sweet. I hope it's enough... math just isn't their thing so far, but I'm hoping that the claim that MEMS will prepare them for Algebra (or at least pre-algebra) is true. Anyway, I'm wondering if America's Math Teacher is any good...
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