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  1. Has anyone used this? It's by the same guy who does Mastering Essential Math Skills, which is what I'm using for my girls this year. It's been good for them. Short and sweet. I hope it's enough... math just isn't their thing so far, but I'm hoping that the claim that MEMS will prepare them for Algebra (or at least pre-algebra) is true. Anyway, I'm wondering if America's Math Teacher is any good...
  2. lgliser


    Thanks! I'm in the same boat as far as my kids getting critical thinking from their dad, not me! LOL. I'm hoping he can weigh in quite a bit... Anyway, thanks for the review!
  3. lgliser


    Just wondered if anyone has used this and what they thought. 🙂
  4. lgliser


    Just wondered if anyone has used this and what they thought. 🙂
  5. lgliser

    Fear and venting

    Totally, guys! Just, wow. What great insight! Yes, I agree that them feeling that way is developmentally normal. We do need to work on being confidently different! We have talked about that a lot. But I'm so good at making problems that don't exist! LOL Geez, you guys are amazing. Just talking this out helps tremendously and for now I'm back to feeling confident again. I think this is mostly a little bit of burnout, added to the fact that the kids just changing so much right now! We'll sail through this like we've sailed through things before. :)
  6. lgliser

    Fear and venting

    I don't think I'm burnt out. I think we're turning a corner now that they're middle school age. They can work more independently but I feel like they're not putting their all into things and I'm not sure how to encourage or to make that happen. DH is great because he truly supports any decision that I make. I almost wish he would have more of a solid opinion! I 100% agree with that. I have said since the beginning that I'd at least homeschool through middle school since that can be such a tough time. The only way I would change my mind would be if we went to the private school because they know some of the kids there and they're super sweet. I am SO not a morning person. So I don't know why I'm even considering this VIPKID thing! Even a more reasonable 5 or 6 to 8am sounds awful to me. I don't know the reason that the CS takes Mondays off, but there is a public school district close to me that does the same thing. The CS is pretty new and growing along with the students so their first graduating class will be next year. Thank you - that is very kind of you to say! I think you are spot on about continuing on and either getting invigorated .... or not! Puberty - yikes! But ya, they are involved already in SO many things. Maybe they don't realize that going to school would be school time, and then they'd still be involved in the same things. They're in a lego league. They are in choir/orchestra. Sports. Everything! I think part of what's going on, with the girls in particular, is that they're at that age where they want to feel so normal - just like everyone else. And even though they have homeschool friends, most of their friends go to public or private schools. And they don't. And mostly they are happy and see the benefits, but at the same time, they feel like they're in the minority and that's not "cool." Definitely. Thankfully DH is 100% supportive and we are talking and praying about this. I don't want to make a fear based decision either. I hate this! Trying to see the outcomes of this private school is tough because it's still pretty new. I can see their curriculum, class options, and the word is escaping me right now but their whole outline/plan. I do like what I see. I'm glad you shared - saying that you can see the value of HS even more having a glimpse of it taken away - that makes an impact! Good point - I was scared to start homeschooling! And we're doing it! And you're right that there are SO many things we can do to supplement things that I don't feel I can teach. I'm worried that some might be pricey but I'm sure with research I can find some that aren't... Thank you for your insight! Are you saying that you realized that you are basing some things on fear? I'm sorry you deleted your reply - I would have loved to hear it. So you think the Christian school sounds detrimental? I do have a lot of thinking to do. I appreciate any prayers! I love the boards here so much. You all are so wonderful and supportive and wise. I just can't thank you enough for your advice!
  7. I really just need to talk this out. I've homeschooled since 1st grade. This year is 6th grade. It's been wonderful and we have all been very happy. My kids are involved in a ton of things, sports, co ops, lessons, church, etc... so they get a lot of social time with friends. I used to think that I would Homeschool through high school as long as we all still wanted to, but I'm having second thoughts. I'm worried I just can't provide the education that a school can. Then I started thinking that if they're going to high school, maybe they should go to middle school to test the waters. My two girls were pretty excited at the idea. My son, not so much. The girls take orchestra at the public middle school and they say, "it's a bad school" because even in that short amount of time, they see bad behavior. We've got friends with kids in public high school and the stories they tell are pretty bad too. Fear! I am thinking about a private school. They know some of the kids who go there and they are in love with that idea. I like it too. They're off on Mondays, so long weekend. It's small and they'd be in a Christian environment. (I 100% know that a Christian environment does not equal perfect kids! Their co op is Christian and they've learned plenty of things there that I wasn't ready for them to learn! Kids are kids, where ever they are. But I do feel like it would at least be less there and dealt with more than in a public school). But I would have to get a job to pay for it. More fear! All I ever wanted to be in life was a stay at home mom. I had a job until we had kids. It was just a job to have a job... not like a career that I loved. It's been 12 years and working scares me! I think substitute teaching would be the best option because I'd be off when the kids are off. I looked into VIPKIDS and actually passed my interview yesterday, so I could teach kids in China English. But now I have 3 days to prepare for my mock classes, which I also have to pass to get started. And this job seems just delightful - working with kids and being at home. But the hours! Prime hours are 4am - 8am. I usually stay up till midnight and get up at 8 or 9. Talk about an adjustment. I don't know if I can physically do it. And, it's looks easy and hard at the same time... more Fear. It's just unknown I guess. Now in the course of about a month of thinking about all of this, I'm back to thinking we could just keep homeschooling. I think my girls would be a little disappointed but I also think they'd be ok. I don't think it would be a huge issue. I'm just really back and forth. It helps to type it all out. Not a lot of my friends are homeschoolers and understand things like this!
  8. lgliser

    WWYD... inappropriate friend

    Wow, thank you so much for all of the replies. Yes, it was the 12 year old who supposedly sent the pics, not her big sisters. I'm glad to hear so many say that they wouldn't cut off the friendship. I love the mom and the girl is sweet. I think she is looking for attention. Her big sisters are old enough that she is more like an only child so she's lonely. My girls have had sort of a love hate relationship with her. She's like a kind of friend they've never had before. She's just got a "cool" edge to her. But she can also be really judgmental about things like name brand clothes, and make snarky comments about them having bad hair days or whatever. She's taught them things I wasn't ready for them to learn and turned on shows I did not want them to watch. But they've also had tons of fun with her - exploring the creek and even playing Barbies. I absolutely have compassion for a child who thinks they need to send pictures like that to feel worth. And I will definitely use this as a teaching opportunity. Please pray that God gives me the right words to reach my kids! I know I posted this yesterday but I still haven't talked to the girls about it or the mom. My husband and I wanted to give it some good thought first. Like someone said, right now it's hearsay. Maybe my son misunderstood. Maybe my daughter misunderstood when she told my son. I'll get to the bottom of it and if it does appear to be true, or even if the girl is lying about it to get attention, I will talk to her mom. I really don't have plans to end the friendship. But things will be way more supervised. Thanks again!
  9. My kids are 12 and they have a friend from a homeschool co op who is also 12, but with two 20-something year old sisters who have taught her many things. ? I know that at this age they're going to hear things that I'm not ready for them to hear. They have asked me about certain words or whatever that they've heard from friends and we've just been able to have conversations about what they mean and what we expect in our family. The latest though, really disturbs me. This friend told my girls that she has texted nude photos of herself to a guy. My daughters didn't tell me this but they did tell their brother, who then told me. I have never broken off a friendship for talking about "inappropriate" things. First, I know it's going to happen unless they live in a bubble, and second, they've been pretty open with me about things they've heard. But I feel like this kind of crosses a line. I just heard about this yesterday so I haven't done anything yet except talk to my husband about it. What would you guys do? Talk to her mom (who I am friends with)? I want to talk to my kids about how bad a thing it is and why... what else??
  10. lgliser

    Spelling that gets done

    Very true! We've had her hearing check so it's not that. I've always wondered about dyslexia with her... It's weird - she has naturally very sloppy handwriting but when I remind her to use good handwriting, she can. And when she does, she has fewer spelling mistakes. Thank you, everyone, for the suggestions!!
  11. We are on All About Spelling level 6 but we are really just muddling through it and really not using it as it's intended to be used. Two of my 12 year olds are natural spellers and I think that with time and exposure, they will be fine. They are basically fine now. Then my other 12 year old struggles with spelling. I'm looking for recommendations for her that she could mostly do on her own, or that just aren't as teacher intensive as AAS. I love all the rules in AAS but this just doesn't seem to be her way of learning.
  12. lgliser

    Looking for Disney bday shirt ideas...

    Haha, those are great - thank you!!
  13. I need some ideas. My boy/girl/girl triplets are turning 12 in October and we'll be in Disney World on that day. I see lots of cute "birthday girl/boy" Disney shirts on Etsy but I'm trying to think of something that would be kind of on the funny side (particularly for triplets) rather than cutesy, since they're 12, not 5. Any cute ideas?? I have twin friends who had shirts that said "Partners in crime since 2009." Something like that... but mine were born in 2006.
  14. - We use this for debate. It's new for us this year but so far it's been fun ? How do you decide where you want them to be for high school? I feel like math is an easy one - maybe you want them to have Algebra 1 done, or something like that. Maybe you want them to know how to do a research paper? What else?
  15. Seems like every year I kind of go through the same thing - wondering if we are doing enough! The kids are 11 (almost 12) and in 6th grade. We start school around 9 and are done around 1. Sometimes sooner. Looking at everything we do in my signature, I feel like it looks like a lot but our days go so fast. We do school 4 days a week and they go to a co op all day on Tuesdays where they do enrichment classes: Spanish, science, art, music, PE, computers, & writing. So we have about 135 days at home to do our lessons. When I was making our lessons plans, I saw that even if we did a lesson every day, there were a few subjects that we wouldn't be able to get through in a year, so I decided to split them into two years instead: Uncle Sam and You - many people here agreed that doing this in two years was reasonable. We can do more of the extra activities at the end, watch videos, get supplemental books, etc. We read two lessons a week, but we stretch the activities so we're working on it every day. Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind - I guess I justify taking this slowly because some people feel like formal grammar isn't even really needed. We did all four years of FLL and two years of Latin (which I feel really helped with grammar) so we have a great foundation. I enjoy grammar so I'm liking GWTM but I don't feel like it's something we need to do so intensely that we do it every day. I guess how it works is you just go through it again every year for four years, then you're good. I feel like maybe stretching it out and just doing it for two years might be reasonable, especially since we have a good foundation and do a foreign language. Am I wrong?? Stretching it into two years only puts us doing it twice a week. Getting Started with Spanish - The lessons in this are short enough that doing it every day is reasonable, but we just don't have enough days to complete the book in one year. We do this three times a week. We could do them every day and "almost" finish them in a year, but things like that drive me crazy. We like a good summer break so we wouldn't finish them during the summer. Mondays we do grammar, introduce the new lesson for Writing & Rhetoric, introduce the new spelling words, Uncle Sam, math, history, and part of a lesson from book 6 of Vocabulary from Classical Roots (which is a subject that is so short that we could do a lesson every day but I'm trying to stretch it out so we do just a little of each lesson twice a week). Tuesdays they are at co op. Wednesdays we do grammar, more of the W&R lesson, spelling, Spanish, Uncle Sam, math, history, read some of the book of bad arguments, and finish up vocab. Thursdays we do W&R, spelling, Uncle Sam, math, history, talk about a new debate topic. Fridays we do more W&R, spelling, Uncle Sam, math, history, Spanish, write a paragraph supporting their stance on our debate topic, and my dad comes to town to do science with them, which takes a while since he only comes once a week. So again, it's just that everything seems to go so quickly! I guess I'm looking for reassurance. Does this look like enough? Are we ok doing those certain subjects over two years?
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