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  1. Yes, and I will be thrilled if this lowers her stress level! I'm totally fine with that. OMG and that picture was the room looking CLEAN. When we went in, it was 10 times messier. And that's her living room - like right when you walk in! LOL I appreciate the advice and thoughts from everyone! I love the experts here!
  2. I'm going to try to include the attachment she just sent me explaining why she says Saxon is inferior. She did say she'd help me find a good curriculum for DD. So, she was really nice. DD loved her. I was surprised that there was another kid there at the same time and honestly she didn't pay that much attention to him. He was older and sort of seemed like he knew what he was doing, but still. So her attention was divided between him and DD and whatever she was doing on her laptop. She was trying to get a feel for what DD knew. She was glad she knew her times tables. They went through a number chart to see if she knew prime numbers... I think she was trying to show her patterns. That's what she worked on for the whole hour. I paid for 4 sessions so hopefully we get a little farther next time!! BlitzerIsSuperior.pdf
  3. I'll try to answer some of everyone's questions after we meet her for the first time on Tuesday. We're planning on once a week for now. We'll see!
  4. This is the tutor's site: right?! I've not used it but I've certainly heard enough about it to know that it's got more than enough review. I'll try to find out more when we meet with her....
  5. My girls struggle with math. We took a year off of CLE to do Mastering Essential Math Skills in hopes that we'd build some confidence. I found a tutor in our neighborhood and plan to start with her on Tuesday. I filled her in on our journey so far and told her I hoped that the girls would be ready for Saxon 8/7 next year and she practically begged me not to do Saxon! And of course this is after me researching for months what might be good for 7th grade and also pre algebra. Anyway, she just hates Saxon and said there's not enough review and repetition.
  6. If I have 2 students doing Saxon 8/7, I think I'd need 2 student texts for sure (unless they worked at different times). Then there's the test and worksheet book - are those consumable, so would I need 2? I'd think I'd only need one solutions manual book, right? Oh and while I'm asking, do you like DIVE or Saxon Teacher better?
  7. Thanks, everyone. She's 12 and has tried Vyvanse and Focalin. They upset her stomach. But it's been about a year. I'd be willing to try again. Right now she's on Strattera and Clonidine. It's been a little over a month and I don't think it's making much of a difference. I'm not against meds, but I hate all the trial and error that comes with it. Different amounts, different combos. It's all just so frustrating. I was hoping vitamins could be magical and more natural. LOL Peter Pan, you've given me a lot to think about with genetics and all that!
  8. That doesn't sound crazy at all. I never thought of it but I like the idea. I mean, nothing CURES it, right? I guess the hope is it help with the symptoms. One of dd's big things is impulse control, which results in outbursts. Also anxiety. So if some supplements can help calm her down, then hooray. She hates it when she loses control. You definitely have me extremely leery about GABA though! I don't know. It's always so overwhelming trying to figure out how to help her. Meds, therapy, supplements, testing..... I never know if I'm doing the right thing.
  9. I don't really feel like I"m talking about something preposterous. I read articles like: It talks about vitamin B, calcium, magnesium... things like that. So I just wondered if anyone on here knew of a multivitamin that had things that are commonly recommended for kids with ADHD. Not like some ADHD miracle vitamin or something. She hasn't ever done a genetics test, nor has she been diagnosed with anything other than ADHD. I guess I'd assume that if I start giving her a vitamin and it has a negative effect, she would stop using it.
  10. I've been reading a lot about vitamins/supplements a kid can take to help with ADHD. There are quite a few and I could get them separately but does anyone know of a multivitamin that might have the things she needs so she just has to take one or two pills?
  11. Does each book take 1 year? And are they both pre algebra? Thanks for the replies, everyone!
  12. We had used CLE until this year. My girls hated it and it took them a long time to complete. So this year (6th grade) they are doing Mastering Essential Math Skills and some Khan to supplement. It takes a much shorter time to complete and they seem to be understanding things. It's so short so I hope it's thorough. I feel like they needed a year like this to gain some confidence. Mastering Essential Math Skills does have a pre-algebra, but I just really do want to make sure it's solid and thorough. Since this year's math was so "easy... light... quick??" I am open to something that takes a little longer. Like back to CLE, or Saxon or something. What would be a good curriculum to follow CLE, then a lighter year of basically review?
  13. Thanks, people! It's fun to read how everyone does things. I 100% agree that everyone should do what works for their family! I asked them this very thing! They said stuff like Starbucks. I do pay for things here and there for sure. If Sky Zone was a total "once-in-a-while" thing, then sure, I'd splurge and pay. But they did it last week and now want to do it again. Last weekend was the weekend they had a friend over and chose to eat out rather than at home and I had them pay. But then I treated them all to ice cream at the park. I do things like that a lot! They want for very little... sigh. I am seeing a lot of entitlement in them lately so I think that's why I'm feeling like I need to draw a line. One kid just spent $25 for a manicure and now doesn't have enough to pay for Sky Zone this weekend, and to me this is a perfect teachable moment! Anyway, thanks for the replies. Now I can tell them they're not alone! lol
  14. ... Who have to use the money they earn for chores on entertainment! They just informed me of this today. Oh the guilt I feel! 🙄 Maybe people could chime in to show them that this is normal? They are 12. We pay $4 a week base pay for things that help the house run smoothly and then various amounts for extra chores so they can earn more. Then they are required to put some aside to save and some to give. They get money for holidays too plus we dog sit through and split the money with them and that brings in quite a bit. They're at the age where they are wanting to spend a lot of time with friends which is great but they often want to do things like sky zone and that gets pricey. They're seriously incredulous when I say they'll need to pay. Or if they have a friend over and want to go get fast food instead of eating the food I have at home, I make them pay. That's ok right!? Normal?? Chime in!
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