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  1. It also ignores the fact that clinicians themselves sometimes understand the root of a teen or young adult's distress to be homophobia, and transition for these kids actually IS the conversion therapy.
  2. Some of think we shouldn't be sending them off to war either, given what we now know about brain maturation.
  3. Sweden has very recently ceased experimental treatment in under 18's. They recognise that the transitioning cohorts have become very complex, that old studies on transexual people do not capture the new complexities, and they are accordingly pulling back. Ppl need to keep up with the very rapidly changing advice.
  4. It isn't love, and trying to help, when posters are scolding the person in front of them for their feelings. Not their behaviour - their emotions. Just an anecdote, but my first step towards TERFery came when LBGT parenting group members here insisted on reacting to similar grief and confusion with scolding, dire warnings about suicide and family breakdown (emotional blackmail) and an immediate (and ideological) enforcement of opposite sex language for my (just diagnosed with GD) daughter. It's not kind, but more than that, it's not effective. Allow people to have their emoti
  5. Just to address your last point. Statistically, we know very little, but it appears from the little data we have that over the long term, transition doesn't 'fix' suicidality. Anecdotally, some people do well, and some don't. But you don't need to go there right now, because actually, your job is to process your feelings. That's the responsible thing to do. You don't need to second guess for your relative's future at all, or get dragged into defending your feelings or worries. It's ok to remain with your own experience, emotions and reality till you feel resolved in some way.
  6. This is the right response when someone tells us they are struggling. Thank you to the handful of posters who have responded to the person in front of them - Quill - with empathy.
  7. I'm sorry. Your feelings are understandable. An elective double mastectomy on healthy tissue is a lot to take in. Happy to PM but not to discuss more on thread.
  8. And an update: the belief in question (that sex is binary and immutable) has been found to be 'worthy of respect in a democratic society' on appeal.
  9. https://www.jkrowling.com/opinions/j-k-rowling-writes-about-her-reasons-for-speaking-out-on-sex-and-gender-issues/
  10. That's so exciting you got to ask your question! Yes, she's right. One of the reasons I'd be wary about replacing literature with more didactic texts in the classroom.
  11. Moral panics are a human trait.. Having said that, I'm not sure how anyone can consider as righteous the destruction of books and not stop to consider if they've perhaps lost their way! Has book burning ever been an indication of being on the right side of history?! You should have told her to hand sharpie out the entire text of all the books.
  12. I'm so sorry it is all on you. That sounds very hard 🙁 I wonder if you could reframe your responsibility for MIL with a focus on your boundaries, assuming she either dies suddenly, dies after an illness in hospital care, or needs nursing care during a longer decline - all of which are likely at her age regardless of her CKD or other illnesses. Because ultimately, she is entitled to choose medical inaction which may result in her death. She's also entitled to medical privacy, and does not need to share details about prognosis etc.* Boundaries about what you will and won't do in
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