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  1. I remember reading here there was some advice about taking this - take before symptoms and then stop? - I can't remember. I take it for colds, and it is very helpful for stopping inflammation.
  2. Btw, I knew he'd completed this task and resumed normal 'other people exist' service the day he made me a cup of tea after work 🙂
  3. Yes, this. And sometimes I think the closer the relationship between child and mom, the more frustrating the child needs to be to differentiate. That's how it worked for us. Ds and I were very close and didn't have arguments ever. Then - bang! - he found the things that would push my buttons most, and we spent a good year being at odds to the point I did not recognize my sweet child at all. And once I got to the point of realizing that was because he was growing up, and that Garden of Eden mom-child relationship was gone, and we renegotiated our positions in regard to each other, things got better. My good natured, kind boy is back, but it's different ( and developmentally, appropriately so). I see it all now as a success. We successfully navigated his need to differentiate. Talk about a rough ride, though. Sometimes I felt we were squaring off in the boxing ring.
  4. No, they are in a flat, and both of them are supposed to be isolating so going to the park or something isn't an option. She's taking Vit D though. G/friend doesn't have her test back yet. I'm hoping that's just random. I am worried about DD if she gets Covid. She's a tiny thing, and not incredibly robust. Plus she is in the last three weeks of her honours year, and getting sick will be a major derail 🙁
  5. Dd's test came back negative. Waiting on her g/friends test. G/friend has to isolate 14 days anyway, and test again on day 13. At least they are now in separate rooms and masked.
  6. Us, last year. This year is better.
  7. This was me on the phone to DD last night. You have to stay calm AND authoritative. Don't go down the anxiety sinkhole with them. Show them that you back your decision/statement of 'it is OK.' So hard! But yes, the loving thing to do.
  8. I do a week's shopping at a time. I'd say I spend between 30-40 min. It is what it is.
  9. You also don't have to answer, but is he medicated? Some anxiety needs a meds + therapy approach.
  10. I think his psychologist is right. Kids who have plenty of food to eat before and after school won't starve. The protein drink is a good idea for something he can drink at lunchtime. Avoidance really reinforces anxiety (and tbh it doesn't really matter what the cause is). You do risk undermining your own message of 'school is safe' if you intervene here. Realistically, distanced outdoor eating is not a high risk activity. I'd hold the line on this one - you feel lunchtime is safe, food is available, a drink is there if he feels he can't eat. The crazy, impulsive stuff - what does his psych say? Is there psychological support at school?
  11. The overwhelmingly common context in which an anxious, confused woman will retaliate, for those interested: https://speakoutloud.net/helping-victims-survivors/crazymaking-gaslighting/coping-strategies Scroll down to 'victims may become angry/abusive'. I hope Gabby is found alive.
  12. You guys know how DV works, right? Psychological torture until you snap and suddenly, you're the bad one? It was me, not my ex, who (on a single occasion, slapped) in an incident so painful I literally can't recall it. That slap was held over me for a loooong time and was used to coerce me to stay. Maybe cool it on the 'what about his safety?' She's the one who is missing, right? He's the one safe at home with Mom and Dad?
  13. Her g/friend has had one vax also. I'm pretty sure they should both quarantine. Unfortunately, we can't buy home tests here. They have surgical masks. Ugh, I hardly slept at all last night.
  14. I haven't been on site, thank goodness. So many schools have had to close over lockdown, I've got no idea how we are going to stay open in Term 4 with all the kids back. I just wish dd could have gotten her second shot. Thank you, fingers crossed. It's just rotten knowing I can't get to dd nor her to us.
  15. Nope. Mine just arrived; I can express post it to her. She's...well...she has health anxiety at the best of times. Long phone call, much sobbing. They are so careful, but partner works in a childcare centre, and they are not allowed to mask at work. My school just closed due to Covid - email just now - member of staff tested positive. I'm scared and trying not to be.
  16. Yes, they are both getting tested. Idk about isolating - it's a one bedroom flat. Dd could sleep on the sofa, I guess. I can get a fan delivered to them, and I talked to dd about viral load, and masking indoors. I'm kicking myself that I didn't get them an air purifier earlier.
  17. Her partner has been exposed at work - unmasked close contact tested positive. Obviously she will be getting tested tomorrow. She takes Vit C, B12, D and zinc already. Small flat, limited ability to isolate from partner at home. What, if anything, can I suggest? She's had one jab, second isn't due for a month (AZ). My brain is freaking out a bit, though I'm being super calm on the phone to her (she is in another state).
  18. I wonder if they figured things are so bad with China it's irredeemable, and so we may as well throw our lot in definitively with the Anglosphere, after the brief Rudd flirtation with Asia. Depressing how many ppl thing a nuclear powered sub is the same as a nuclear armed sub! Fella from down under can't pronounce nuclear... Just a really odd group of three.
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