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  1. Ok, but it's intensely frustrating when a good journalist fact checks the nonsense, and surprise! There's truth mixed in with the hyperbole and fibs. Yes, that ugly white man really did get arrested after kicking off because the board did not acknowledge an inconvenient sexual assault at school! And your own side of politics sticks their fingers in their ears and goes la la la about the true bits, because they are inconvenient facts. If journalists would do their damn job, they could cool things down immensely.
  2. The frustrating thing is that in some ways, I think privilege walking your 4th graders isn't radical enough! There are real, huge problems in K-12 education and it needs radical transformation. This is like keeping the box, redecorating, and calling the job done. Money + imagination. More of both!
  3. Handily, I had reason to write it in a message just now, so I can confirm I write 'grey'. Not sure why. Assuming I was taught to spell it that way.
  4. I've never watched Fox and I know about all the above from centre-left US journalists and commentators. Not because they're allowed to publish, but because they're not. So they discuss/investigate/commentate/write on their own time. All of them are anti bans and vote Dem 😯 The broader point they all seem to make is that when schools/boards squander trust, it's unsurprising trouble follows.
  5. There's a grudging note somewhere on the Depts info that if your child doesn't return to school, some basic resources might be provided for them - I think they know some families are not going to send their children back next week.
  6. That hasn't been my IRL experience. When I sat I don't fit in, it's an internal experience of not sitting right in my skin/group. Generally, most groups I've been in IRL are welcoming. I think there is a complex feedback relationship between social feedback, our self perception and then our social success.
  7. Isn't the link 'just' not every story of parents being pissed with the school/school board is about mobbing for racism/against masks? See, this kind of thing is just adding fuel to the fire. Left/mainstream press - 'Man arrested at school meeting for disorderly behaviour' - no mention of the two rapes, or of the other 'righteous' parent who kicked things off by telling the father "I don't believe your daughter" Remember when that was a bad thing?! Sexual assault of child as context for safeguarding concerns. Leaves a wide open goal for the right to swoop in and claim to be more trustworthy by....crazy idea...reporting the context. It just sucks. If journalism would get its act together, that would be a very calming action. Re you have to know about male privilege to understand rape, sure. Still not gonna make elementary males do privilege walks, or read stories where maleness is represented as a devil. I would, in my imaginary school, include female narratives and perspectives in elementary and middle, and offer feminist readings and perspectives as one among several high school lenses. And I would offer a feminist elective at high school level. Of course, in no universe would this actually be allowed to happen 😂 I think it's a little disingenuous to claim zero links between CRT and Queer Theory. They are not the same, but they are not entirely (historically, socially, philosophically ) different. Unfortunately, they also tend to come as a package DEI deal.
  8. To double vaccinated travellers from NSW, I heard, but once in VIC, subject to local health orders.
  9. Ok, so NSW border will open to international travellers without quarantine in just two weeks time? The same time we ditch any mask mandates. Also..what? I can go to Melbourne from Sydney, but I can't visit DD in her home, but I could stay in a motel near them, and see them outdoors, but they can't come here? I'm so confused. Covid is over in NSW, that's what every newspaper is telling me. Am I the crazy one still being cautious?
  10. Team Misfit here - though that's more my perception myself than it is of others IRL. Am pretty good at masking Also Team Hibernate. Just out of a four month lockdown where my mental wellbeing improved so much. Kept in touch with a handful of True Friends. WFH, did yoga, went to therapy, sat on the verandah sewing otherwise. That's actually the speed I'm capable of.
  11. Last of my kids is now fully vaccinated; bonus kid is also fully vaccinated.
  12. It seems to me that spacing in AU depends on supply. Polish Pfizer was stretched out to nine weeks; ds' girlfriend had a normal three week schedule. Two of my kids ended up with a five week gap between doses.
  13. Not all vulnerable people. Only people with severe immune problems - and for them it's not a booster but a third dose of their first course of vaccination. Anecdotally, that's also a mess with many eligible people so far unable to access the 3rd dose (being turned away at hubs, GPs). Vulnerable people ( the old 1a category - healthcare, elderly) are already 6 months out or rapidly approaching, and there's zero word on boosters. In fact, disabled 1a people are not fully covered for their first vaccinations yet.
  14. Two suggestions: Let's get more radical and do away with schools as they are. Because right now they please no-one. It's unclear what they are for - there's no consensus. And we could model a way of resolving current conflicts here by taking on, and arguing, our opponents pov.
  15. There's no word on boosters.. Third doses only for extremely immunocompromised people.
  16. Really nicely put. ~ One thing many proponents of 'get mom back to work asap' plans forget is that the whole approach is predicated on the underpaid labour of other women. So middle class families get to be 'wise', but rarely acknowledge on whose backs that wisdom accrues.
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