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  1. We are in AU. To cover medical in a country without reciprocal universal health care, we need travel insurance. Covid is excluded.
  2. Sending good thoughts for the a/bs to do their thing quickly!
  3. They could go at a later date. They just want to go this Christmas.
  4. I don't think we can get insurance that covers Covid in the US, that's the problem. Everywhere we've rung so far excludes it.
  5. One of my children has been invited to spend Christmas in California. I'm pretty sure they will not be able to get travel insurance that covers Covid. They are double jabbed with Pfizer. Would you tell them to stay home, due to the risk, not so much of Covid, but of needing Covid related treatment while there and it being $$$$? I can't cover any major medical bills and neither can they.
  6. Wow. Or just don't get a big dog that might forget it's training when it sees a squirrel if you can't physically contain the dog to your own property ? Why should other people have to cope with it? And then be surveilled on top of that? I know people love their dogs, but other people are not obliged to make allowances for them in public or on their own property I see good owners all the time, and as a person with a dog phobia I've had to work hard on, I appreciate them more than I can say. I am rarely afraid of them or their dogs. They would be mortified if their dog entered another property, unleashed, and started running towards a person*. I see how much work and effort goes into being a good dog owning neighbour. I'm much more likely to choose to make allowances for these owners. *In fact, even incompetent owners can show good neighbour behaviours. This happened here a few weeks ago. A German Shepherd, leashed, was in our front yard as we were leaving - the owners couldn't control it and it clearly was poorly trained. It wasn't aggressive but we went inside anyway. Not before I very strongly suggested that they remove the dog from the property immediately. It took them maybe five minutes to do so. About half an hour later, a knock at the door and the man was there to apologise, with a note from the wife. No minimising, just 'we are very sorry we let the dog in your yard and couldn't get it out. It won't happen again.' I suspect they've changed their walk route to make sure it doesn't. Just...enjoy your dog, but understand your dog, running towards a person on their own property, not an adult in sight to control it, can be frightening to others and they may react out of a fear response. No, you don't have to put up with cursing, but you do need to understand you were in the wrong.
  7. A dog can't he kept in a basement, btw. You need adequate fencing, or you need a very well trained dog that isn't left under the supervision of the kids. It's not acceptable to swear at and threaten your neighbour. It's also not acceptable to allow your dog into other people's yards without an invitation.
  8. Same. Was bitten twice by big unrestrained dogs. The adrenaline rush when I'd see similar dogs near me after that was crazy. If a big, unrestrained dog were in my yard, I'd yell. I wouldn't swear but I would be loud - Fear + adrenaline. OP doesn't need to rehome the dog. She does need to ensure it can't get into the neighbours yard ever again. No excuses.
  9. https://www.statnews.com/2021/10/19/sex-of-the-fetus-influences-the-mothers-response-to-covid-19-infection-new-research-shows/
  10. Marry that to the open secrets around big name male actors getting away with sexual abuse/assault of female actors...what an industry! Knowing how many coverups take place has really changed my ability to enjoy film, theatre etc.
  11. Back at school today (I'm only planning on going this week). Will be interesting to see how things are being managed. I've heard from other teachers/staff that even open windows aren't happening a lot of the time due to rain/wind/noise. Got my P2 mask on. I'm expecting minimal mask use among students. I'll be surprised if it's more than one or two in each class.
  12. I'm so glad to hear from you. I'm happy you got to go and see your family.
  13. I honestly don't see much, if any difference between the mindset that sees a natural miscarriage as a criminal act, and the mindset that sees surgical miscarriage as a criminal act.
  14. Yes, this happened here too. Plenty of young people still waiting for their second Pfizer because they were given appointments 9-10 weeks from first dose.
  15. Drugs in this case are a distraction. It was not possible to establish a causal link between drugs and miscarriage, and other causes of miscarriage were present.
  16. There are fewer AZ deaths over the last little while, for sure. Likely to be because of increased use of Pfizer + better treatment of AZ-illness. Lots and lots of Pfizer in Sydney - no reports of deaths or even hospitalizations. The most common complaint is from women re change in periods (early/late/longer) and being told by GPs it's all in their heads or because if 'stress'.
  17. Serious side effects are extremely rare. I forget what the rates are - much less than the same risk of blood clotting due to Covid. There was an article a little while ago talking about how we're doing better than the UK in dealing with severe AZ-related side effects, mostly just to do with patient and health care education. People come in earlier with headache/abdominal pain; potential complications recognized/treated earlier. Reports, though, have probably dropped off due to greater use of Pfizer. People definitely have died as a result of their AZ vaccination.
  18. Jailing a Native American woman for having a miscarriage IS political. The feelings of anti-abortion posters don't really matter in this context. This situation is unjustifiable, and people shouldn't be trying to hedge a justification of it. It's got nothing to do with abortion so why that was brought into the conversation, I've no idea. The utterly involuntary act of having a miscarriage - something only women can experience - has been criminalized. If you're not outraged about that, you should be.
  19. Ok, but it's intensely frustrating when a good journalist fact checks the nonsense, and surprise! There's truth mixed in with the hyperbole and fibs. Yes, that ugly white man really did get arrested after kicking off because the board did not acknowledge an inconvenient sexual assault at school! And your own side of politics sticks their fingers in their ears and goes la la la about the true bits, because they are inconvenient facts. If journalists would do their damn job, they could cool things down immensely.
  20. The frustrating thing is that in some ways, I think privilege walking your 4th graders isn't radical enough! There are real, huge problems in K-12 education and it needs radical transformation. This is like keeping the box, redecorating, and calling the job done. Money + imagination. More of both!
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