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  1. I'm not surprised he didn't ask anything. It's so dodgy. I'd really work on getting his Medicare record, so you can see what he was given. If it's not in there, there's a big problem, and I'd take that to your MP's office.
  2. I'm pretty sure the protesters approve of this one 🙂
  3. All students to be back at school by the 25th, meaning the staggered return to school is pretty much gone. Time to pray to the weather gods, that summer weather protects the kids, because the Government sure isn't.
  4. Agreed. There's a big problem with the gap between metro and region vaccine coverage - I think rules/dates should be different for regions.
  5. The employer and the person giving the vax have also done the wrong thing, unfortunately.
  6. There is something similar in our family. I was happy with the Pfizer risk for ds. I guess something to remember that is that a Covid infection, god forbid, can also trigger major heart and other organ issues.
  7. The risks aren't global - I understand avoiding AZ but Pfizer, if he can get it, doesn't have the same issue. My ds had Pfizer - no issues. From a public health pov, exemptions do need to be narrow, but I understand how that impacts individuals.
  8. He needs to call Centrelink and get a linking code. That will allow him to link Medicare. I'd also consider reporting the employer. And whomever gave him the vaccination. Medical professionals HAVE to provide an opportunity for informed consent. If they don't, they are in strife.
  9. He can't get an appointment? I understand your family's worry about AZ. Is it that he can't get Pfizer? It's been very difficult to get Pfizer in VIC - that's why dd got AZ.
  10. Why can't he access his myGov record? Any vaccination he has had will be listed there, including type and date of vaccination. He would have had to give them his Medicare card before getting the jab. This sounds like a very dodgy employer.
  11. Masks in NSW to be scrapped sooner than planned 🙁
  12. This. Once you've lived o/s you learn that literally the only time AU comes to anyone's attention is when it's a. on fire or b. Steve Irwin dies. That's kind of what makes these 'protests' funny.
  13. Not likely, we are opening coal mines like there's no tomorrow.
  14. Tbf, we do want them to rescue us. Just not right now. Later. And not because of Covid. (It's a Taiwan thing.) Meanwhile, in New South Florida, we are about to get all the freedoms, so no need to worry about us! Well, do. But not because of the freedoms. ( About the Covid thing).
  15. It started about six weeks ago with comparisons of Howard Springs to Nazi concentration camps.
  16. Cos we've lost all our freedoms...
  17. Forgive the personal me-covid-job update. Talked to the principal and she was great. Option to take a mix of paid and unpaid leave if need be, but also some plans and thought re spaces/roles. Thinking it through, but it's nice to have options.
  18. Exactly! Surely those on government have had this drawn to their attention. I just don't get it.
  19. It's just so frustrating. So many good ideas to open up as safely as possible, so little will to implement. Just found out one of my kindy kids has Covid - her parents too 🙁
  20. NSW Premier looking at removing workplace mask mandates even earlier than Dec 1. I don't get it. Dumb little me on the interwebs can see what's happening in Singapore, and understand that high vaccination rates alone may not be enough to control Covid. Are they just gambling on NSW exceptionalism?
  21. Do NSW numbers make sense to you? It's such a drop..is it trustworthy?
  22. Another vote for therapy. I don't know that it's common but it's not uncommon. And if there's something unresolved that's triggering the anxiety, that's worth looking at.
  23. But it looks so bad when not double spaced!!
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