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  1. It's about doing the wrong thing - replicating a narrow range of voices - for the 'right' reasons. Anyway. It doesn't matter much. Unlike schooling, poetry journals are not compulsory 😂
  2. Part of the reason my ex ('man of colour') started a literary journal. I read poetry submissions for it blind.
  3. It's just the fashion. I forgot they also ask age. It does its job, in weeding out the work of undesirables, who don't believe that the text is to be judged on one's identity characteristics.
  4. Ha, nothing to do with education, but some poetry journals in AU now require an identity statement before you can submit - racial identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability...it's wild.
  5. God, that's terrible 🙁 I honestly feel like I'm going a bit mad. Still v concerned about Covid infections + aftermath in much of the population, but I swear everyone else (except OzSage) thinks it's over.
  6. My worst allergy story: I'm allergic to nuts. My own mother forgot, and brought a pecan pie to celebrate one of my young adult birthdays.
  7. It would be instructive to explore, as a case study of where the left behaves as badly as the authoritarian right. Yes, of course, re government. But at a school level - I don't know why people don't get this and/or disagree with this - there ought to be no hierarchy of families. You don't look at the family coming in your door and put them into good and bad baskets depending on their politics or skin or bank balance or whatever. Each family is a support unit for their child, wanting what is in the best interests of their child. Sometimes you can't do what families want, but damn, you hear them out. Plenty of teachers speak on unskillful instruction and/or other issues - lots of them get sacked. So again, who gets to speak?
  8. Yes, Ds had to give up his goal of being a pastry chef because even if he were to work in a g/f bakery eventually, his training would take place in wheat-based kitchens, and it's just not worth the risk to his long term health.
  9. I'd be more swayed by this if I'd never experienced the whole TERF nonsense, where the most progressive of the progressives are absolutely A-OK with defining radical feminists as genocidal conservatives who deserve to be burnt at the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) stake. See also: allowing working class women to speak. Speck, own eye etc comes to mind. Lots of house tidying to do on the left before preaching to anyone else about 'listening'. ~ Separately, schools work best as a three way partnership - student, family, school. Telling families they have no (or an inferior) voice in education is far from best practice and risks backfiring on the most vulnerable families.
  10. 80 000 windows yet to be fixed. Greater Sydney schools go back in four days. P & C organisations to get discouraged from fundraising for HEPA air filters. 30 schools closed last week due to Covid with minimal staff/students on site.
  11. Ok, so ventilation audit/advice for schools here came out. No CO2 monitors to be used routinely. A small trial of monitors to be run. There will be some emergency HEPA air filters for use by schools when weather is bad. In the future - not yet purchased. Advice is windows open. Based on a large classroom with 24 students and one adult. In our school, only kindergarten is under 24 students. Normally at least 2 adults, sometimes 3 in the room. Sounds like density limits will apply to staff rooms and offices only.
  12. You probably need someone who also has experience with gifted kids. Is the gain required much? Is it possible? No need to answer here. If in a healthy range, though... Idk. A really good psych - you can ask them to explain their rationales and they will answer in a way that makes sense. If you can't ask and/or she doesn't answer - a sign to start looking again?
  13. Yeah, you're in a catch 22 🙁
  14. I can see reasons why weight needs to be X before there is much value in the psychological work. Does this person specialise in eating disorders? I'm sorry; finding good psychs is really hard. A lot of the best ones have their books closed ATM
  15. Why was the weight goal changed? You don't need to answer that, but I suppose if it were me, I'd need to know the reasoning there.
  16. I know, but I don't bake bread anymore because of celiac. Food is really $$ here. It would probably be more like $12 just to roast a tray of vegies for a party. Probably around $50 to do vegies, fruit salad and salad for 12+. That's why I normally just meet ppl for coffee, rather than do meals.
  17. Imagine if mothers were actually compensated for all their unpaid labour. I'm also in favour of UBI.
  18. That's actually what I'd consider a lot of prep work! Also $. Luckily I won't be attending any dinners soon 🙂 I'm sure it's incomprehensible to good cooks. Your events sound lovely, and I wish I had those skills. Before celiac disease, I baked bread and would often bring that and feel good about it.
  19. Um...idk? Because other people want other things? Because g/f is expensive for one but crazy for 12? Because I'm really, really bad at food? 😂 I can't even explain how much stress I feel cooking for anyone I didn't give birth to. I think good cooks don't get it. Even if I was asked to bring potato chips, I'd stand in the aisle for half an hour trying to decide which bag would make people less mad.
  20. Normally, I would make and bring gluten free food if ds will be there. I'll also make vegan or lactose free if dd2 or ds' girlfriend is attending. I guess this is why I get so flustered about bringing a sharing dish. Because before I get to that, I've already organised one or two meals, incl dessert.
  21. Some people clearly aren't aware of the vast amount of unpaid labour that upholds society, most of which is done by women. Way to throw families who don't fit the cookie cutter under the bus - off the top of my head I can think of more than ten families just in my local circle where one parent HAD to work very p/t or not at all because of their child's needs. Damn, but my own fell into that category for several years. As if women who 'don't work' are sitting around all day eating bon bons.
  22. It's not isolating yourself to take a temporary break from a situation that's causing stress. Idk. If I've misunderstood, and the benefit of the weekly get togethers outweighs the stress of your SIL not pulling her weight, I apologise for the suggestion.
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