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  1. In the last month DH has stocked up on disaster food, ammo, water, and cash. I think it's all a bit dramatic but I see he's not alone. I really have no clue. Maybe it'll be like 2000? If one party wins we'll have riots, for sure (which is not a credit to the rioting party).
  2. Half of my family is from Fall River so I completely get this. We love Mookie. Also, that's pretty cool!
  3. I haven't heard. I'm sure that there will be a lot more coming out about this in the coming days. I may still eat my words!
  4. Meanwhile my teens still haven't gone back to school. I wish school reopening hadn't been politicized.
  5. (This is full bias mode) I DO NOT trust the MLB. They are all about optics and I do not believe that this is the way it happened just because they say so. They will need to show me proof of this interaction in order for me to believe it. I fully believe that they will throw any player under the bus in order to preserve their reputation. 100% In other comments, did you notice how absolutely drunk Manfred was? Like fully slurring. I thought he was having a stroke for a second.
  6. LOL stuck his foot out. That's his wind up. He was legit hit by that pitch. I also stand by what I said. I don't think he put anyone in danger with his actions last night. I think it's an over-hyped reaction based on everyone's feelings of hysteria about Covid rather than the actual calculation of risk of what he did.
  7. We are a Dodger's family, so there's my upfront confession of bias. He did not hug his teammates. He did not come out for the big celebration. He did kiss his wife. That's their choice to make. He did take his mask off while taking a distanced picture with the trophy. I don't see a problem with that. He did take his mask off momentarily for the team picture. If you watch the video of this moment, you will see that he was sitting in front, very stationary, with his mask on until the moment they shot the photo and then he put his mask back on. Dave Roberts (the manager) sat
  8. Firstly, I absolutely understand your position. When your full energy is going into caring for the child, there is not a whole lot left to navigate the maze of government benefits. Here's what's available where I am: SSI: Incredible pain in the arse to set up but from the sound of it, I imagine your ds qualifies. This income helped us to offset the cost of a desperately needed wheelchair van Respite: for us this comes from our state disability department and we can either hire someone through the agency or hire an over 18yo of our choice. Siblings can be hired through this. We'v
  9. That's what I was thinking. If you get home care set up, that might open up a lot of out of the home possibilities for you.
  10. I also have a 20yo disabled child. Have you explored home care? I know this is highly dependent on what your state offers but I learned that ds actually qualified for completely free home care. He had probably qualified for a full decade before I came to that knowledge, and I consider myself to be pretty aware of the services available. Somehow, I had just never connected with the right people. Hint: the right people are the home care agencies- if there is a funding source, they know about it. I also had not wanted home care up until that point (about 3 years ago). The thought of having someon
  11. Ok, so help me out. Did I misread something? Wasn't one of your challenges with her that she isn't engaging with the curriculum the way you want? That she's getting sloppy and not trying (jam jar)? So what I'm saying is that you can't control her reaction to your curriculum, even if you have created it with her in mind. Even if it's custom to her likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, you cannot, and I would say SHOULD NOT, look to her reaction as something she owes you. If she's sloppy, it's not because she's willfully coming up against your carefully designed curriculum. It's because
  12. Ooh, don't do that. So here's the thing- you can't make her care about your carefully designed curriculum. Actually, the big lesson of parenting is you can't make them care about anything. You need to decide what is a reasonable amount of progress (and since you have a precocious child, be sure to double check whether it's reasonable against a typical 8yo), and let the rest go. I agree that hair brushing is reasonable. So if she's literally just digging in and refusing to obey a very simple standard of hygiene, then maybe you go to battle. But I'll tell you, from here until you are d
  13. Always, if I’m alone. I think everyone in my family does, too. Dh doesn’t even wait to be alone.
  14. Yes totally. And I was even specifically speaking to doctors seeing worse cases. I bet they are. If you have 5 people in your ICU, you’ll have 1 on a vent, a few on heavy support, and maybe one with DM who is there as a precaution. If you have 20 ICU patients, you’ll have 5 on vents (using my ratio), 15 with heavy support that you’re trying to keep off vents and those “precaution” patients won’t be sent to ICU. It’s going to feel like the virus is worse but it’s the total numbers that are worse. I do feel for those areas that got it later. Even now I have sympathy for them but I
  15. My husband has PF and wears orthopedic flip flops in the house. Barefoot definitely aggravates the issue. He also slept with braces that kept his feet flexed overnight when it was at its worse.
  16. As a Christian, it's never been my understanding that things will trend up. I believe we're told the opposite, that it'll get harder and harder and that we will suffer. So maybe it's the middle class (American) part that sells us that line? My hope is not in things going well in this life. But I still have a lot of joy, even through the hard stuff. And that's a grace.
  17. My armchair theory is that when people say the severity is getting worse, what they're really seeing is increased spread is leading to a higher number of severe cases. I don't think what's happening in Wisconsin is a more virulent virus than what they had before (or than what NY and CA had) it's just that the numbers are reaching critical mass for the first time. This pattern seems to be the same- it's just all about the timing of when the virus seeds in the area and finally hits that threshold where community spread picks up speed (exponential). That's when the virus is perceived as worse tha
  18. Depends on who you ask and which county you're in. Most people around here are fine with mask mandates but pretty fed up with seeing business shuttered. Even his supporters are pretty tired of how he keeps moving the goal posts.
  19. Much improved in Ca. New cases are flat, hovering around 3k a day, which is where we were in early June for a very short time before we spiked to 10-12k a day. Deaths are trending down and sitting in the 60's, which is also where we were in June. My county looks good. Really, outside of the prison outbreak and some serious nursing home outbreaks, our community spread has been good all along.
  20. My personal behavior would stay close to what it is but my desire for my state would be to open up. We've been floating on fake money and it's drying up. I would want our economy and schools to open. Five years is too long to do this. We would have a generation of seriously under-educated kids. I'm in CA. We're still living with pretty heavy restrictions. Tons, TONS of businesses are closing. The economic consequences are just starting to be unveiled. It's going to be bad. The academic/mental health consequences are already becoming quite evident. If we did this for 5 years, I don't even
  21. Lol, about the temp range. I was just talking with someone about the pool we had when we lived in Florida and I said something about our solar heating and she looked at me funny and was like, “why would you need to heat the pool in that weather?” And all I could do was shrug and say, “we were pretty cold sensitive when we lived there.”
  22. I could go for a blackout starting now.
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