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  1. Way higher. Our life was good-busy before and I miss it. I wake up every day now and wonder how I’m going to keep my special needs son from catching this. At least right now we’re all on minimal contact but at some point (fall?) we will have to circulate out in the world again.
  2. We're in a holding pattern. DS has a lot of summer baseball that we still hope will happen. Our July trip to my mom's is probably still a go. Church family camp in early July I imagine will be canceled. My husband will probably still go on his annual bike trip. But everything is held with an open hand.
  3. Yes, the coyotes and lots of neighborhood dogs join in. Sometimes I sit here trying to figure out if a particular howl is a dog or a person with a gift.
  4. I really expected this to be Berkeley’s fault.
  5. This started in Mill Valley. It's just the weirdest.
  6. I don't know if this is just a NorCal thing (cuz we're weird and we've been stuck in our houses for weeks) but someone in our county started this thing where he goes out every night at 8pm and howls. Pretty soon his whole neighborhood was in on it, and now it seems that the whole frickin' county is howling at 8. In one way it's fun and connects everyone. In another, it's just weird. So tell me, are people howling in your neighborhood?
  7. Don't worry. I've already seen the lists of homeopathic remedies to use if you catch the rona.
  8. I think 14 days is pretty standard. Even for awhile after that, I think I would throw a mask on to protect others.
  9. I thought the point was to get money to all the people who are not making money right now (or very soon). Without a doubt, our income is going down in the next few months. So we save it now to pay bills later.
  10. I think if it as a mental illness, honestly.
  11. Absolutely. I need the comfort of it. Plus, I’m bored.
  12. Honestly, that you went to this being a complimentarian issue kind of flags for me that you may be in defensive mode. As the *wife* in a complimentarian marriage, I would be upset if dh adjusted mental health meds without bringing me into the decision. For a marriage to survive, let alone thrive, through mental illness there needs to be partnership in managing the illness. I see a lot of flags here- your choice to do this now, your choice to leave dh out of the decision, your choice to focus on this being a marriage authority issue rather than a legit concern from a husband who wants the best for your family (btw, when I started reading this, I thought you were going to say that he wanted you to go off the meds because of the sexual side effects and I was prepared to riot)... As someone who doesn’t know you at all, I am concerned. I implore you to trust your dh. This isn’t about a man trying to “control your body.” This is about knowing that you have to trust those who love you to have input on mental health issues because you can’t rely on only your perspective. Lastly, I highly doubt your doctor would have signed off on you starting this right now. It’s one thing to be in agreement with the idea a month ago. A month ago we weren’t living with the stress we are today.
  13. They are. This is not a friendly gathering to discuss all sides of homeschooling. It’s an anti-homeschooling gathering focused on how to regulate homeschooling.
  14. We’ve been playing a ton of Jackbox tv. My husband bought a 3-pack of games. Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be much help in the technical aspects. He starts the game from the laptop and projects it into our tv using Apple TV. We all access it by logging on with our phones and using the 4-letter code that the game gives us when we launch a new round. Quiplash is our fav but it can get a little saucy. The numbers game is fun, too.
  15. I froze our Y for the month of April and I will cancel after that. We are going to lose income.
  16. I've been hosting Zooms for people in our church (and now others are joining in). I think these parents need to hear homeschoolers to say things like: As the parent, you absolutely have the authority to not do the 25 things your kid's teacher thinks they should do today. No, it's not worth everyone crying to keep up with that ridiculous list of assignments. No, do not make your kid work until 8pm (true story) to finish what the school sent home. The parent sets the tone. If you are frustrated, your kid will be, too. The most important thing is supporting the emotional well-being of your kids. They will not fall behind. I repeat, they will not fall behind if you do not do everything the school is telling you to. Fifteen minute lessons, then let your 6 year old play for awhile. No, this isn't normal. You are not failing. Other people aren't better at this than you are. Even people who choose to homeschool have loooong adjustment periods. I think that the seasoned homeschoolers in this country can be of great service and comfort to those who have been thrown into this position. These parents have never lived from the paradigm of having more authority than the schools. Think about that. That's a major difference between the perspective of the homeschooler vs the non-homeschooler. They're drowning because they're letting the schools dictate their days and they desperately need someone to give them permission to take the wheel. I've gotten such wonderful feedback from my Zooms.
  17. This is such a welcome update in a sea of hard things. I'm thrilled for you. Stay well and please update us as you are able.
  18. My athletes are struggling. And sad.
  19. Hour reduction= more deep cleaning and restocking time My stores are still doing delivery and pick up but it’s hard when so much is out of stock. Our stores are hiring like crazy. The workers are REALLY worn out.
  20. I went to a wedding that did food trucks for the rehearsal dinner and it took sooooooooooo long to stand in line and place our order. Food trucks are not great for feeding a crowd all at once. Feeding that many people is a make ahead process, not a make to order. So unless these trucks are pre-making everything so it's all instant service (and even then), I think it will not go well. It was 1 truck for about 50 people.
  21. When the shelter in place is over: go to church When we are sure that the curve isn't flying back up after the shelter in place is over: Go to a restaurant When this thing is fully done (post-vaccine, I guess): Go to Disneyland
  22. Oh man, those look good. I’ve been gluten indulging and paying for it so bad. I’ve got to stop.
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