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  1. I haven't seen it yet. We've been watching a lot of baseball with cut-outs of people in the stands. I think that's kind of fun.
  2. Right, but to be clear, this is the beginning of the reporting period. We have no idea what the final number will be (or the spread beyond the attendees).
  3. CA has an anti anything and everything law. We’re not big business friendly, we’re not small business friendly, we seem to be hell bent on crippling our farmers... It’s a wonder our economy runs at all.
  4. I cried just reading that quote.
  5. This is why I like Shipt. My shopper texts me about substitutions so I can coach them. ETA: responded before I read the whole thread and I now see that the shipt suggestion is redundant!
  6. That age group is going to mostly use Venmo.
  7. Really? I think those are very different from each other. One is peeing in a bathtub, the other is peeing in the ocean. Get enough people in that bathtub and it's gonna be gross, but in the ocean I'm not even worried.
  8. There will always be someone (especially here) that thinks anything social is irresponsible. It's become the new form of mom-shaming. Time, proximity, environment. I say yes to almost everything my kids want to do, but we work to do it in ways that mitigate exposure. For my kids, environment is key. Outdoors- as much as you want. Indoors- only with a select few people (one friend for each kid), but I'm allowing as much time as they want with those people. Proximity I've had to let go a few times. My son went boating with friends and they rode in the same car together but with windows down
  9. Not COVID related but made me laugh
  10. After some of the chaos I’ve heard about in distance learning, I’m ok with uniforms. Masks are idiotic and I would be seriously questioning the intelligence of my administration.
  11. Truth. Forget small children, having the teens home all the time is the real problem. They never go to sleep before us and you can’t exactly just crank the music up. We tried not to scar our kids during the quarantine but I have needs, dang it.
  12. Yes, our church is in the midst of a baby boom but they are all pre-Covid babies. It’s actually pretty sad that the babies born right now don’t get the usual community involvement around them. Though I got very lucky and met a 4 weeker and even got to HOLD him (swoon) because I had a fresh negative swab for clinicals.
  13. We had friends who were employed by San Quentin and lived in the most adorable historic cottage on the grounds. They have a whole village of employee housing, which is a huge employment bonus because it’s waterfront property overlooking the bay. We went there many times and I generally felt very comfortable but you could sometimes hear officers practicing at the shooting range. She called it a very exclusive gated community 😂.
  14. My bonus daughter had to evacuate in the SC mountains last night. Things really blew up last night.
  15. Same in California. It's an all or nothing thing if you start the high school years privately homeschooling. The workarounds are to go through a charter or private umbrella.
  16. Don't bend over backwards for her. Just let her know that you're sorry she missed your earlier offers but you're no longer able to accommodate missed lessons from the spring.
  17. Probably only in research settings. T-cell tests are WAY more complicated than antibody.
  18. Do you have any gyms that have gone outdoors? My friend owns a CrossFit gym that is in a warehouse. That's been hugely helpful because they have those giant garage doors all down the side, so it's basically become an open air gym. Or maybe one of those park bootcamp programs? I would do outdoor things but under no circumstances would I do indoor. This seems like something that would exist in your neck of the woods!
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