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  1. Except for everyone “working from home.” 😘
  2. Maybe there will be a bunch of December Covid babies the same way we had all of our post 9/11 babies.
  3. Yes, capstones happen in the last semester. A few of the hospitals have closed to students, so it's not the school making that choice but the school and students are stuck dealing with the fallout. I would be devastated, honestly. These people have worked for years and you cannot graduate without those clinical hours. The clinical hours that I am missing will be able to be made up, either with simulations or by adding the hours in later on. I'm only missing a total of 4 shifts, so it's not a huge deal. ETA: I'm in SF ETA 2: my university just announced that in-person classes are suspended until 4/5 at the earliest.
  4. Aren't these students still living and eating together? How does not having class keep them from being together? I know some colleges are more commuter oriented, but not most! My college is still having classes but canceled events. The bigger issue with my nursing school is that a bunch of clinicals have been canceled and 22 people have had their capstone canceled. That's a very, very big deal. I feel sad for those people.
  5. My classmate is so excited because he got a 5-day spring break cruise for $150. Um... have fun with your quarantine!
  6. Yeah, I get that. We're labrador people for that reason. Predictable, lovely temperaments and we always know what we're getting (within a certain range). We purchase purebreds for that reason, too (even though I know that makes us terrible people to some). Best wishes in your decision!
  7. I don't have a lot to add about the breed, but I vote getting a puppy sooner rather than later. They're just so life-giving. Seriously, getting a puppy was one of the best things we've done in the last year (and a half, almost). Puppy= joy! Also, it's really helped to have teens around while making it through the puppy-puppy phase. They helped to lighten the burden.
  8. My debate is how much to skip to keep my high-risk son safe. I settled on arriving late, leaving early, and sitting in the lobby with him in the middle. And I’m the pastor’s wife!
  9. Yes!! ALWAYS. My gosh, love your neighbor, everyone!
  10. That’s how I feel about California. The Cluster F that has been our lack of testing pretty much guarantees that we have no clue how widespread it actually is.
  11. There are over 200 different viruses that cause the "common cold." I think about 50% are rhinovirus, there's much smaller proportion of coronavirus, and there are many other types of viruses that fall into the cold category. Last year my son caught a human meta pnuemovirus, another type of common cold virus. He ended up hospitalized and the doctor was so unfamiliar with it that he had to google it. Turned out it was exceedingly rare for anyone to end up as sick as my son did with it. Something like 90% of kids have had it before they reach 5 years old. Anyhow, all that to say, I don't think exposure is what is protecting young kids. I think it's something else about the virus' mechanism. The worst outcomes are people with impaired circulation, so that's got to be a factor. I also read that if the virus stays in the throat and nose, you get the mild version, if it makes its way to the lungs, you get the severe version. They think there might be a difference in the number of specific receptors associated with this virus within people's lungs. So is the number of receptors age related? maybe. There's a lot to be discovered. But I predict that it won't be related to the young immune system/exposure vs old immune system. I think it will be related to the physiology of young bodies vs old bodies (IE: age related receptors, non-worn out cilia, circulatory systems, etc).
  12. Clean bathroom and oven. Done homework. Working on it.
  13. The author is worried that the olympics may get canceled? I can’t think of a rational reason why anyone wouldn’t think that it should at least be strongly considered. But I agree, the hoarding of toilet paper has got to stop!!
  14. It’s about violence toward Turkish refugees.
  15. I forgot, we had the stomach disturbance too. I would guess this is the same virus that we had. Dd's temp went up and down and lingered. Mine didn't, but otherwise there's a lot of similarities here. I found my stress heightened by being sick at the same time as all the Covid stuff, even though intellectually I know this isn't Covid. ETA: I brought dd in and it's not the flu. Having had both, it's definitely not as bad as the flu. I think this is a garden variety winter virus.
  16. We just finished up a similar virus but it acted somewhat different for me vs dd. dd: day 1- high fever, chills, sore throat lasting until day 5. Very low energy through day 5. Started to feel much better day 6. Congestion started at about day 4 And is still lingering but not bad. She’s 13 days out from onset. me: terrible sore throat And ear discomfort days 1-6. Fever didn’t start until day 4. Fairly low grade, but with chills. Lasted through day 5. Woke up the morning of day 6 and felt dramatically better. Congestion started day 5. I would call it light and mostly upper. I’m still clearing my throat a lot. I’m 9 days out from onset.
  17. Not this year’s flu but high fever, body aches, chest congestion in previous years. About 2 weeks to recover. Other viruses can do the same. Flu felt like death. We caught 3 major respiratory viruses last year- none were the flu. The fever stayed lower with those and they cleared up more quickly.
  18. If I had to guess, I think you want warm water. Cold water might be too soft/slippery at Florida temps.
  19. Interesting article and graphic! Quote is from the article. I don't know that our current society or economy would tolerate shutting down for months. I just don't see that happening.
  20. Yes, none of this is news to me. Even reusable cloth masks would accomplish what I was thinking. My mom just sewed herself one. But none of it matters if it’s just one individual doing it.
  21. I’ve been thinking of this so much. I wish they would stop telling people not to wear masks and instead tell all of us TO wear masks. No, it won’t keep a virus from floating into your lungs but wouldn’t reduce the number of droplets in the air and also keep people from touching their faces?
  22. Gracious, it’s been a tough winter. We lost one of our own last week. I must admit I’m feeling shaken.
  23. If I could send my entire family, minus my special needs son, to a camp to catch this thing and get it over with, I would. I truly have no fear for anyone but him. Minor respiratory viruses hospitalize him. We just went through this last year with a virus that it is exceedingly rare to have complications with- he was in for 5 days with viral pneumonia. I wish we could be relaxed about it but we just can’t. (Not that I’m doing ANY “prep” for this other than stocking up on sanitizer and bleach wipes)
  24. I have no idea what this means for my degree. We just found out from our clinical instructor and haven’t heard from the school of nursing yet. Clinical hours are a mandatory part of licensing so I’m a little more than concerned about what this means for graduating on time. Blah.
  25. Grilled chicken sandwiches. Easy and everyone loves them.
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