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  1. I have had an extremely adversarial summer with Ds's special ed director, so I'm in a bit of a fighting mood. I would first, as others have said, look over the documents and make sure that's all good. I would then give her a call to talk about it. I would probably start off nice and say something like, "Hey, I just wanted to touch base with you. When DS came home he shared that you seemed annoyed with me. Unfortunately, without the camera on, I have no idea what your non-verbal reactions were to what I was saying, but it was enough that ds felt very uncomfortable." and I'd go from there. She'd
  2. I use natural instincts because semi permanent looks less dramatic at the root line as it grows out. I hate getting that skunk line that comes with permanent. Semi doesn’t completely wash out so you end up with an ombré look at the roots. I’ve used natural instincts for at least 8 years. It’s good stuff.
  3. I’ve heard of hs groups like that (on here) but have never experienced one irl. You would definitely be welcome to the local Christian hs group (which already has Catholic participants).
  4. I don’t think you started the exodus but there has definitely been one.
  5. We did Quiplash on Jackbox tv over zoom. It requires a device for each person plus a device to zoom over, but it's a lot of fun. It can be a little saucy but it's super funny.
  6. 🤔 I'm not sure what I said to warrant this comment? It sounds like Brightspace is an LMS. I'm sure there's a million different kinds out there.
  7. It's wild to me that you haven't encountered these. The 2 colleges I have attended in the last 4 years (and my kids' high school) have had online platforms, even for in-person classes. It's a place to see your grades, retrieve files, receive communication, etc. My current school uses iLearn. My previous school and the high school use Canvas. How does your university handle communication with students?
  8. Can you access weekly testing? I know not every place is like where I live but I’m in healthcare and can get tested weekly. In one sense, your dh is right in that you will be overexposed, even compared to most healthcare workers. In the other sense, I don’t think quitting or forever distancing are reasonable options. He can’t make you quit and you can’t make him be ok with your exposure, so it sounds like you’re going to have to live with the distancing for as long as he needs you to.
  9. Online has been a mixed bag for me. I have one class that has a rock star instructor who is so thorough. She does multiple small group discussions in addition to her recorded lectures and really holds our feet to the fire. I’m learning a ton. I have another class and the instructor is lazy, only has prerecorded lectures, and we’re basically having to teach ourselves. These instructors would probably be the same in person but being online really turns up the volume.
  10. I noticed your absence. Thank you for sharing your life with us. The longer this goes on, the more my decisions have been emotionally based. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, honestly. It feels more human. We all know that 100% protection would be to never leave our houses and have no human contact. Anything we do beyond that is on the sliding scale of risk and the only reason to slide that button over is emotional. So I'm leaning into it, even though I am still cautious. Example: When people come over, we're almost exclusively outdoors with them. Well dd has a frie
  11. Ragu, always. This is STILL the only spaghetti sauce dh will eat.
  12. Child of the 80’s here, raised on Hamburger Helper and Shake and Bake. I had to learn how to cook from the ground up when I got married.
  13. It would be a huge can of worms. <edited out possibly too political bits> Once we start adding justices every time the power switches, I think we’re headed down a very dangerous path in the court, and one that I think will have no end.
  14. I think it's 100% because LA has a really high population, high density, high number of low-income households living in crowded conditions, and it was seeded early. Once it took off there, it was really hard to get a handle on.
  15. This doesn’t sound like tough love so much as it does that your rescuing capabilities have run dry. Tough love is when you let people face the consequences of their life choices even though you could bail them out. Usually in the hope that they learn not to get themselves into unsalvagable situations, like right now.
  16. I had seriously vivid dreams at the beginning. Not nightmares but much more vivid than usual. That’s tapered off recently.
  17. I need to replace my bedroom blinds. It’s a bay window, north facing room that’s on the dark side. My knee jerk is wood blinds but are those dated? I still kind of like the functionality of blinds, but I’m willing to explore other options.
  18. I've ordered from Rugs USA, Overstock, and Wayfair. Also got an unbelievable deal at Tuesday Mornings once. The best advice I've heard and followed is to buy the biggest rug you can fit into the space. Do not put a 5' x 7' rug in a 15' by 20' living room. I like buying online because you get reviews and can often learn how the rug will age.
  19. TBH, other than being intrigued by that teaching, I didn't give much thought to the mechanics of it all. If someone insisted that I choose an explanation, I would probably say that God works outside of time, so geological changes did happen over the course of long periods of time and how that played out vs how we explain it isn't of great consequence to me. I'm comfortable working in timelines of millions of years. What I absolutely do not believe is that life evolved randomly, without any influence of a creator. I've sat through many a secular biology class and I have yet to find a prof
  20. These threads are cracking me up @Terabith
  21. I once heard someone teach that when Jesus created the wine out of water, he didn’t create new wine, he created fine, aged wine. So therefore, the creation of the earth, even if young earth, does not eliminate the idea of creating an aged earth. That was a novel thought to me. Personally, I am utterly convinced that the earth and everyone and everything on it was created and designed. I believe Adam and Eve were real people, and the garden of Eden was a real place. I am unattached to a timeline as it translates into my perception of time.
  22. Ugh, I didn't even think of that. Dh just sold his motorcycle to pay for some home fixes. Yeah, I think I will need to wait to file also.
  23. I've done flu shots for as long as ds has been alive- so 20 years. The last time I got the flu was 22 years ago.
  24. I’ve loosened up quite a bit from my first to my last daughter and yet the youngest still finds ways to cross into uncomfortable territory for me. I RARELY make her change her clothes but the other day she came out in a romper that was a hair’s breadth below her butt cheek and I had to draw the line. And she thought I was being dumb. My conclusion is that there is no escaping these moments.
  25. Haha, same! I’ll try again next weekend.
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