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  1. Not as far as I know. Or at least not as widespread. They’ve been talking about it for quite awhile though. We’re all asking the same questions about a long term solution.
  2. What supplements do you guys take for joints? My knees have been complaining a little. I backed off of the higher impact class I was taking, so at this point it's all lowish impact. I am the WORST about taking vitamins. I take nothing currently. So what have you all found helpful?
  3. I spent 16 hours in the car over the weekend, so I’m dying to get to the gym today. It was a really long and unpleasant couple of days. Last weight was 146, which would mean a 5lb loss in September, but I ping-ponged so much last month that I think it’s likely that I’ll be up again when I weigh myself today. The weekend was stress, road food, and sitting in a car. Not a good combo. Goals this week: 4 gym workouts.... I don’t know what my food goals are. Maybe no snacks after dinner is a good one. That’s been a struggle lately. I would like to solidly break past 149 this month. That seems to be the weight my body retreats to. ETA: weigh in this morning was right at 146! I’m shocked. I mean, I did nothing but sit all weekend, I ate a chili burger and consoled myself with a bag of peanut m&m’s on the way home. But hey, I’ll take it!
  4. It’s ok, you can laugh. One day I’m sure I’ll laugh, too. I think she might be scarred from getting woken up to dh and I going to war with the ants. She had to help us move everything and then she got stuck cleaning up the aftermath. Natural consequences are the best, I just wish I didn’t have to deal with them! I, too, was a teenage slob. My poor mother!
  5. I would be pooping my pants if I was Aunt Becky.
  6. Like: No food in the bedroom. You will attract ants. And then they don’t listen, so on a Sunday morning, after 2 days of grueling travel, when you come home to a sick child, you get to wake up to a trail of ants headed straight toward said child’s room? You know that? Yeah, me too.
  7. Huneeus is from my county. The private school his kid went to is 45k per year. My son’s bf goes there and I’ll just say that no one has been surprised that the school has been caught up in this. I think there are 2 other families also involved.
  8. Do you know if this same judge is the one dealing with Lori whatshername?
  9. I applied to a nursing program last month. I am now waiting for an interview invitation, which would be the first hoop to get through. From what I’ve heard, those are usually sent out by email in mid October. So now I find myself checking my email excessively. What if the invites go out earlier? What if it goes into my junk mail? Will I even make it to this step or will I spend all of October obsessing for nothing. Blah.
  10. I had to really think about it but I think I use them interchangeably. I’ll try to listen to myself today.
  11. I would say nay either way, but especially not if it’s deck mounted.
  12. Don’t let that kid watch Inception! You’ll never get a full night’s sleep again.
  13. My husband adores turo. He’s used it for at least 2 or 3 years. His favorite it renting sports cars for less than he would pay for a small sedan at a regular rental place. It’s all gone off without a hitch (of course, it always does until it doesn’t).
  14. Jenny, I will hold you in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Thank you for keeping us in the loop on your treatment. You're certainly not obligated to you, but I feel honored that you do. Your WTM sisters are here for you!
  15. Back on track eating wise! I’ve figured out that a real key for me is eating a giant salad every afternoon. It really makes a difference in my cravings. Had a good exercise week. Piloxing on Tues and Thur, elliptical today. I might try to get to a pilates class tomorrow but we have friends coming into town so that’s a maybe. Down 4lbs for September so far! May be able to sneak another one in. This has been the most stressful week I’ve had in a long time (#parentingyoungadultproblems) but I’m pretty proud of how I’ve done. Went off the rails and ate a lot of pizza for a day but that’s ok.
  16. Just make sure you follow up with probiotics because GSE is an antibiotic (works great for bacterial infections but Not viral, ime).
  17. I wish there was a hug button. You made the right decision, but I know it's not one that you wanted to be forced to make. (((HUGS)))
  18. She's actually their only online teacher of this course. She only teaches online and I think she has 4 sections this semester. You are correct. Things are usually due on Saturday, so she completely takes away Sunday-Tuesday. It's maddening. I went into her office hours and mentioned that I find the page hard to navigate because of how much is up on it, and the way it's spread out in different sections. She proceeded to give me a lesson on how to navigate between all of the pages. I give up. Off to write my essay that has to be precisely 750-800 words, not including quotations!
  19. I have the same thoughts. Geez, is Georgetown really worth 400K? I think I must be showing my middle-class by thinking there are better ways to push your kid ahead in life...
  20. That's really special. I volunteer at a nearby hospital and my favorite part of the day is when I run into one of our groups of special needs volunteers. I love that they are welcomed to serve the community.
  21. Haven't checked in recently because it's been a sh*tty month stress wise, which has impacted my eating. Nothing dramatic, but not on plan. Still exercising on my schedule and I haven't gained any weight. It's just a bad cycle of eating crap and craving crap. This is pretty much the weight that I usually fall off the wagon, give up on healthy eating, and start slowly gaining everything back. That's my M.O. so I'm keenly aware that I need to right the ship.
  22. I don't know info on my Dad's parents. I should probably ask. My mom's parents were born in 1939 and 1941.
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