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  1. Results are coming out for that first round of the Stanford study. Here's the study. @Arcadia @mathnerd
  2. Go to the cdc Covid site and they have a page for death rates with a bunch of data tables. This isn’t based on any statistical analysis, just me eyeballing the data and spinning hypotheses. I imagine this will all be analyzed at some point in the future. Considering that auto death is a major killer in the US, it makes perfect sense to me. Kind of like the reverse of the 9/11 effect.
  3. What I noticed in the US data is that overall deaths are down compared to an average year. I think sheltering is probably preventing auto deaths, flu deaths, and maybe even heart attack deaths because of all the additional sleep (there are less heart attacks after the fall time change, for example).
  4. I was at Safeway today and the produce was plentiful except for salad greens. They almost completely wiped out (I did manage to get a large spring mix). Otherwise everything was fresh and abundant. The store felt much less chaotic than the last time I shopped there, which was 2-3 weeks ago. I wipe down and wash every single thing I bring home.
  5. I think grandparents are a great idea. I would not pick up extra hours (unless you really need the money) and just stay home and do your school work.
  6. I've owned both of those breeds and can confirm it was a huge issue with both.
  7. Wow, so many votes for beagles. We had one about 20 years ago and ours dug holes, ran away, and was hard to train. Definitely not my favorite dog.
  8. We are a Labrador family, all the way. They are just the best, loviest, very trainable dog. All the labradoodles I know have more of a poodle personality, which I really don’t care for. Goldens are good dogs, too.
  9. See, when we lived in Clermont they did tons of construction on SR 50 and the 408 and it all got finished in a timely manner. At least to my California eyes!
  10. All I have are the memes...
  11. My daughter works in professional theatre and I really wonder if she will have an industry to return to.
  12. Right, but it takes 3-4 days to cross the country so what happens in Idaho does not need to be the same as what happens in New York. I do agree that regions might need to be on the same page.
  13. I wasn’t saying that this is how it currently is. I completely understand the differences. I was saying that without a vaccine, I could see this being how society would treat it in the future.
  14. I can’t imagine making a rural area with 2 cases do the exact same thing as New York. We’re a huge country, with radically different situations from one state to the next.
  15. My friend and I were talking about how this is like the new chicken pox. Really bad the older you are, so in the absence of a vaccine, I could totally see parents just “getting it over with.” Chicken pox occasionally went really badly for a child, but parents were much more concerned about what would happen if we didn’t get it young.
  16. The medical community is keenly aware of this. There has been a lot of talk about the use of “hero” as a way of minimizing the preventable deaths of hundreds of healthcare workers. They don’t want to be “heros,” they want to do their jobs with the equipment that is necessary to stay well.
  17. I did. I didn’t get the impression that he understood why that was a big deal. Their official response is : What does it mean that other versions of coronavirus can cause a positive result? Coronavirus is a very old virus with lots of forms. In fact, one of the reasons we theorize that kids have better immunity to this disease than adults, is that they’ve probably had ‘regular colds’, of the coronavirus type, more recently, which have some cross-immunity potential. (Kids routinely build immunity to coronavirus strains through unhygienic behavior like sneezing/coughing on each other and spotty hand-washing.) If a person gets a positive result on this test, and it’s because of another strain of coronavirus, our current scientific theory is that their immunity will still be better than the average person because of cross-immunity.
  18. My disappointing update is that I canceled the test based on this info. Thank you for flagging this for me! I booked it through the direct website for my local lab which didn't mention any of these issues on the booking page. I'm super bummed. I think I put too much hope in this being the answer. I am hopeful that a more accurate antibody test is forthcoming and I look forward to taking that one. I just need to be more patient.
  19. Hmm, I didn’t notice that. If so, that’s a problem.
  20. One of the things that we found amazing about Florida was that road projects were actually completed. In California, they go on for decades. Literally. There is still work going on on a stretch of highway that was under construction for my entire childhood. In Florida, they start a project and then they complete it. What a concept.
  21. for anyone interested. I'm paying $125. @mathnerd
  22. CA. I’m paying for it at a lab. I have a fragile child AND I’m in nursing school, so the information heavily impacts my decision making process.
  23. Strange to say, but I really, really hope I’m positive! Results are in 10 minutes so I’ll know right away. Dd and I were very sick with many of the symptoms in February, before they were testing anyone who hadn’t traveled from China. I’m still thinking of it as a long shot but I’m so hopeful.
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