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  1. I think you’re right that this is narcism but I don’t think it’s gaslighting. At least not my understanding of gaslighting.
  2. Make sure you keep up with electrolytes. Keto, especially induction, will throw them off and make you feel really ill. I’ve toyed around with keto but I like fruit too much.
  3. Yes, I’ve seen a few people talk about them curling after being washed. I follow one lady on IG and hers was never the same after the first wash.
  4. IKEA has the best garlic press I’ve ever owned. I buy pre-peeled whole cloves from the refrigerated section in the produce department.
  5. I think you’ll enjoy him much more after boot camp. in the meantime, I’m finding that we’ve turned a corner at 17. I’m enjoying ds more than I have in years. Hang in there!
  6. I’m an English tutor at the community college tutoring center and this EXACT thing happens all the time. The WiFi unexpectedly goes out and it’s panic. 9/10 of my job is scaffolding and EF coaching.
  7. Such a bummer. It's my very favorite of all the services. They're only going to sell their meal kits in stores now. I wonder if the home delivery meal kit model is approaching its end.
  8. See, and I’m the opposite, so it doesn’t bother me if there’s not enough main dishes. It is what it is!
  9. I’ve been taking a glucosamine/chondritin/turmeric/msm supplement and I can’t tell if it’s working. I think maybe but it also might be placebo or the fact that I’m avoiding the things that make me hurt. I’ve found that I cannot do any sort of jumping exercise and nightshades flare me up badly.
  10. sassenach


    About Time is my forever recommendation.
  11. 89% I thought I would do well, but for the last part I was going completely off gut.
  12. Oh gosh, a week would be more than enough to conquer Disney California. Four days would probably do it. Yes, the crowd calendar sites work for DL. Also, since they switched to flex pricing you can get a good idea from their one day ticket calendar. It won’t disappoint!
  13. Disney California is smaller as a whole but I believe Disneyland is bigger than Magic Kingdom. I don’t know that it would feel any better for your son but proximity to the hotel, especially if you stayed at a resort hotel, would be much closer, which may allow for easier back and forth. Disneyland at Christmas time is magical. Absolutely gorgeous. However, it’s also a super popular time to visit so managing to find a low crowd day will be tricky. Also, Star Wars Land just opened and I think crowds are up overall.
  14. This week: eating was mostly ok. Winning against sugar, struggling against grain. Also just feeling hungry and probably over eating. Got to the gym 3 days. I am going to try to get an at-home session in today but I also have a monster essay that I’m working on and no time. Weight is at 143, down a pound. next week goals: eating= no grains exercise= 4 days
  15. Atypical on Netflix. It’s a little naughty but the characters are soooo good. The new season just came out and I laughed out loud about 15 times in the first episode.
  16. That has to be in my top 5 movies of all time. It’s such a special movie. I cry at the beach scene every time.
  17. I empathize with this. My dad seems to be incapable of making future plans. Last time he came to visit, he gave a vague range of dates and I honestly didn't know when he was going to arrive until HE ARRIVED. Like, he called me from the bus stop (from the airport) and said he was here. I was at school and had to make him wait for hours. After that experience I told him that he MUST give me notice. It's too stressful (and honestly makes me feel unimportant) when he refuses to just choose a few days ahead of time. He hasn't been here since. He gives me vague promises of future trips, but when I press him for dates, he can't commit. But this same man drove 4 hours one way to see my son play a baseball game. It's maddening.
  18. Here's the original story that broke this all open. Very detailed and very well-reported.
  19. My perspective is that of a person in church leadership who has walked through a great number of situations where someone in long-term, protracted sin gets "found out." First, it's an absolute grace of God that this all came out. John's career has exploded in the last few years and the fact that this all came out on the eve of his Netflix special is no accident. I believe that we're seeing the Lord's good discipline at work here. Strongholds cannot be conquered in the dark. I can imagine how someone who is trying to protect a public image could get mired in sin that they're afraid to confess to. I've seen it time and time again with non-famous people, so John's situation and that he's been fighting this for 7 years with no victory, doesn't surprise me. Trying hard not to sin while keeping your sin a secret always ends in defeat. I hope he is experiencing the relief of no longer protecting a false image. No, I don't think his career will be the same. But I hope that by the time Jesus gets done with him, he wouldn't want his old life back. As for the "open secret" thing, without being part of that community, it's hard to know what that means or whether he has been confronted. It's possible that people knew he was having sex, but who knows if anyone understood the coercive nature of these encounters. It's possible that people did confront him. Is it possible that everyone knew everything and turned a completely blind eye? Yes, but in my experience that's not how it usually goes down. It's sad. Sin is always sad.
  20. I saw him for $25 a ticket over the summer. ETA: after reading the original report, the cost of the tickets was completely irrelevant. He basically used the fan's desire for a free ticket to shame them into coming up to his hotel room.
  21. Maybe this is just your heart telling you that it’s time to actually get something on the calendar and make the trip. Or if you have more money than time, fly them out to you. ETA- it sounds like your mom has been juggling spousal surgery, ailing parents, and who knows what else. I don’t think she has the capacity to be the organized person she once was. You will have to fill that void. (((Hugs)))
  22. It wouldn’t be worth it to me. I have convection and never use it/don’t understand it. I never use self clean features.
  23. I'd prefer to stay on standard time. If we stayed on DST, sunrise in January wouldn't be until after 8am here.
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