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  1. Like I have said to the caller, no one has any idea what is happening in other people's houses. Perhaps they tested positive but have informed the people coming in and out. Perhaps the neighbor is wrong and no one in the next door house has COVID. Perhaps they are all family members and they are willing to mingle. I do NOT want to live in a world where someone calls about something I am doing in my house and all of a sudden someone is knocking on my door and questioning me. Can you imagine? "Ma'am, who have you had to your house today? Why were they here? We will need all their names for
  2. If it is an establishment that is flouting the protocols we can go in and work with them through education, etc. In the case of the law firm their website listed out a whole procedure for doing business (they handle real estate) .. you text when you get to the parking lot, they come out with a clipboard and clean pen, with masks, and handle paperwork that way. After speaking with them and hearing and reading their protocols we were satisfied. I don't think people would be able to make all that stuff up about fogging their offices and cleaning protocols without actually doing all of it. I
  3. I saw a commercial the other day for a local shop that will take your old videos and pictures and put them on a disk or flash drive for you. Only the commercial opens like this: "Do you have old pictures and videos of you at home that are degrading?" Ummmm just pictures from college .... I cleaned up my act after that I swear! Please don't let my Mom see those pictures! 🙂
  4. I work at a local health department. Since COVID everyone in the office has been working like crazy .... 80 hour weeks for some, no weekends off, that type of stuff. With most of the calls we get people are nice or at least understanding. Others .... not so much. One woman called today. She is 85 years old and wanted to know when she could get the vaccine shot. I told her the state regulations are for First Responders, Long Term Care Facilities and Healthcare Workers. She would fall into the next round of vaccines, which is from February to April. Her response? "Wow, you guys are sl
  5. I'll add my vent: I work for a local board of health department in town. COVID has obviously impacted our work schedule as we are front and center for everything. Mostly what we do is helping the community. But there are a few (lots) of people that call and make me crazy! Some examples: "My neighbor is using a leaf blower and sneezing. I think he is spreading COVID. Can you stop him?" No, that would be weird "I think the flight patterns of planes over my house has increased since COVID. Can you stop this?" No, we don't control air space over the town. "I have a dead bird
  6. She is pretty open with me so I am assuming that the waist touching was all it was. It was in a hallway when no one was around -- I am sure it was very intimidating and upsetting. He also spent the rest of the night saying things to all the men on their team "well, we know women take forever to do anything so that is why our projects are late" or something to that nature. He was obviously just a drunk ass. She wants to go to therapy for a variety of reasons, not just because of what happened above. She is having a terrible time finding someone that takes her insurance and is available wit
  7. We were discussing the two candidates for presidency. When she could not get me to vote her way, or to not vote at all, that is when she said she does not feel safe. So we were discussing things. It was because I would not agree with her. It was not a case of just telling her to shut up.
  8. Someone posted this on facebook and it just made me chuckle: "The Chick-fil-a drive through would have had the votes counted by now" For anyone who has sat in a Chick-fil-a drive through knows how efficiently they run things!
  9. Believe me, I immediately said to her "If you don't feel safe in my home then please, pack up and leave!" She stopped saying she didn't feel safe after that.
  10. This is where I think their generation is being led astray. When their is bad behavior by others they are not told how to deal with it or how to move on from it .... it is all about declaring that you don't feel safe and expecting everyone to stop and move the earth so that you feel better. When do they learn inner strenght?
  11. This makes me feel so much better because that is EXACTLY what I am thinking!
  12. I agree with this. Words have power. I remember watching Dr. Phil once and there was a divorced woman who was spending the first Christmas without her children. She said she was devastated. Dr. Phil helped her put words to it that didn't imply life-ending. I always try to remember that . Yes, when I went to college it was much cheaper. But, the cafeteria was gross and only open for very limited hours, the library closed at 10;00 pm so good luck finding somewhere to study and when finals came the only accommodation made was quiet hours in the dorms. When my daughters went to college
  13. We are and I am sure he is contributing to it. He has NO tolerance for women as bosses, gays, alternate lifestyles, etc. When he used to start raving about stuff I would say "Oh, let's hear from the white, middle class, college educated Catholic man's view on how people are not oppressed and sexual harassment does not exist in the workplace anymore or that women cannot handle positions of power!"
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