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  1. Haha I love the phrase "deferred justice benefit"! I has been such a slog through these last 4 years, but living with my sister has been such a blessing. I am happier now on a daily basis because I no longer have him judging or criticizing me. Overall, though, having this over my head has taken a toll on me. I used to wake up in the middle of the night shaking all over like a convulsion almost. It didn't hurt but I would just shake and shake. I also have been on medication for anxiety which helps. If I get alimony under the old tax laws I will be fine with paying taxes, I will just have to make sure that the weekly amount reflects that.
  2. Any suggestions on how to handle this? Because the lawyers are already talking about lower alimony payments
  3. If I file "married filing separately" then the IRS can make me pay on the alimony payments I did receive. If we just file as "married" then I will not have to claim the alimony payments as income.
  4. Yes, he wants to file "married filing separately" which would make me file the same way, and then I would get slammed with taxes. We need to file joint in order for me not to get a huge tax bill
  5. If we file "married but filing separately" he would not be able to claim deductions on his alimony payments and I would not have to pay taxes on them. I also just realized, due to the change in the tax laws if we had settled this divorce anytime before 2019 he would have been grandfathered in to claim his alimony payments as deductions. Now that we will not settle until 2019, he will not be able to claim payments as deductions, and I will not have to claim them as income! So, the new tax law creates a financial loss for him and a benefit for me 🙂
  6. My soon-to-be divorced albatross around my neck! It's a good thing we are only 6 weeks away from a judge trial. After 4 years of this maybe it will finally end! In the past my STBX has always handled doing the taxes for us. About 2 months ago I forwarded him, through our lawyers, my 2018 tax paperwork. I received a letter from his attorney on Friday, April 12th (3 days before the filing deadline), informing me that my STBX has decided to file taxes "single". In the past he has always done the taxes, and has continued to do so throughout our drawn out divorce. Except, he didn't file yet for 2017, and now he wants me to file "single" for 2017 - can you say late charges?- and 2018. I think he just figured out that he gets to claim the alimony payments and I have to pay taxes on those payments. If I file single I will have to pay upwards of $30,000 in taxes. When we sold our house in 2017 we put the profit from the house in an IOLTA account with the lawyer. He then used up his half of the profits of the house to grudgingly pay me alimony, and now he HATES the idea that I still have money left over from the sale of the house and he doesn't, so he would rather see that money go to the government than go to me. So even though none of his alimony payments actually came from his weekly salary he still wants to claim them and screw me over. And he still owes me over 16 weeks of alimony! My attorney shot back a letter basically saying "no way, no how", but it will probably be another issue for the judge to decide. If he does decide against me in this tax situation I will just have to deal with the consequences. I just want to know where Hell ends and my new life begins so I can start to rebuild and plan, etc. According to my attorney, as of next year alimony payments will not be taxed (nor will they be deductions) so I shouldn't be facing a bill like this again. He also has been stalling in informing me how much of a bonus he got in March. It probably was between $70,000 and $100,000 so I will fight like a wet cat for a piece of that if he makes me pay those taxes.
  7. When I was at my 8th grade dance they had a dance competition to the song "Dancing Queen" by ABBA. My girlfriend and I did this choreography that had "the bump" (remember that dance move?) in it. We actually won haha. I got a copy of ABBA's album, and then a kid I had a huge crush on asked me to dance right afterwards. When I was in college we were pre-gaming (drinking and such while getting dressed) on Halloween, and the song "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night came on. We started singing it at the top of our lungs, and I remember looking around at my circle of friends and thinking how happy I was in that moment.
  8. Thank you Thank you Thank you for clearing that up for me!! You guys are the best
  9. Okay, so this is where I am confused ...... I am trying to figure out some details on my divorce settlement. I would like to say that my husband makes X% more than me, but somehow saying he makes 567% more than me doesn't seem to make sense? I also wanted to use that figure to divide up debt, so if he makes 75% more than me he should take on 75% of the debt. That type of thing.
  10. I am trying to figure out the how much more one number is from another, in percentage. So, if I want to know how much more 300,000 is than 45,000 in percentage, what is the answer? I keep getting all kinds of weird numbers and I know I am doing it wrong! I am having a bad hormone day and I just cannot get my mind to work. TIA!! 🙂
  11. My goodness that sounds like an adventure for sure! Best of luck!
  12. Sorry, didn't mean to be confusing. The school doesn't provide the limos, but are paid by the students individually. They usually pitch in. The last prom my daughter went to was held in a venue about 45 minutes from the school and yes, they put them on school buses! If you did not get off a bus you could not get into prom. Then the buses would come back for the overnight party at the school. Again, you could not get into the overnight party unless you were on the bus.
  13. Mine is a play on the word homeschool. Glance at it quickly and it just say Homeschool, but if you look closer the little apostrophe makes the word into "Home's cool"!
  14. Can they take a limo? I am surprised that driving themselves is even an option. Most schools now require that they either go on buses that the school provides or use limos to cut down on drinking. Maybe they could Uber?
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