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  1. Why do male drivers have to back into parking spaces? I get that it is easier to pull out, but it seems so hard to back into a space it would be easier to pull nose in, and then have the whole parking lot to back out into! I find this especially with men with HUGE trucks. It's annoying tho, when you are behind someone in a parking lot and they drive past a spot, and then reverse, causing all types of jam ups, and then take forever to back into a space
  2. Arrggg I didn't see the post from Jenn500! Thank you for helping me find it! I downloaded it to my Kindle last night and I think I am already halfway through. It's light but good reading!
  3. Finally found it! It's called "Vertical Run" by Joseph Garber. I kept putting different descriptions into Google Books until finally it popped up! Thank you for all your help 🙂
  4. Nope, definitely not a John Grisham. Damn! It was a good book and I would love to re-read it
  5. I read it about 20 years ago. A man works for a big corporation in a white collar job, but suddenly one day everyone is pursuing him to try and catch him. They literally lock down the office building and even his wife is there yelling "there he is, get him!" Basically the story is him trying to escape from everyone and trying to figure out why they are after him. Any ideas?
  6. I believe (and hope) we have the same judge. And I do worry he will have a complete tantrum. This is the guy who showed up at my attorney's office and wouldn't leave until they threatened to call 911. I live with my sister and two very strong, very tall and military trained nephews, so he can come there at his own peril haha. Dang it woman, you made me cry! 🙂 To all of you that have supported me through this, I cannot thank you enough. You have saved me a lot of my mental sanity, kept me grounded when my STBX was trying to tell me black was white, and probably saved me thousands on therapists! Sometimes I will be spinning around and around in my head, and someone will respond with something insightful, or calm, or just plain good old advice and I breath easier. I wish I could invite you all to the huge divorce party blowout that I am planning!
  7. Thank you for the advice 🙂 . I do know that strictly "drama" events are not what the judge is looking for, but the affair was a reason I moved out of the home, evidence of how much money he was throwing around while claiming he was broke, stuff like that.
  8. I was hoping to have it all done in one day, but unfortunately we have to go two days. So the next scheduled date is June 21st. The first day was all his testimony and June 21st will be all my testimony. He looks a lot better. Before he was super skinny and grey looking before. I guess he had some health problems for a while. I think you can't hold that much hate and resentment inside and not have it come out on you in some way. He wouldn't acknowledge me in any way. At one point he was walking into the courtroom in front of me and wouldn't hold open the door, he just let it swing in my face. Petty, childish stuff like that. According to my lawyer, his new lawyer (his 4th) hates him. He will not provide her with any paperwork, etc., and just made it really hard for her to put together a case and I think it showed. His testimony was just dry, boring stuff about his expenses, etc. Some highlights: My attorney: "So, are you planning on buying another car?" Him: "yes" My Attorney: "Another BMW?" Him: "Or better" ---> yet he has no money ..... ummmmmmmmmmmm........... Or this one: My attorney : "Where are you living now" Him: "An apartment right near a homeless shelter. I have to push my way through crowds of homeless people to get to work, and someone was beaten on the front stoop of my building." My attorney: "Do you know that the apartment you are renting is valued at $1.5 million?" Him: ...... crickets ..... Some other things that came out is that he borrowed money from his father to meet expenses, but also took a ski trip in March. When questioned if he used any of his $98,000 bonus on paying off any of his obligations, including sending me any money, his answer was no. The judge actually scowled at that one. The only time he really showed any emotion is when the subject of his bonuses came up. He became really animated and said that the bonuses should be "his and his alone" because of all the work he does to get them. I don't think that went over well. I am actually looking forward to testifying, and I think it will be good that is a whole new day, and only I will be testifying. I have all the juicy stuff like details about his affairs, his spending thousands on his girlfriends from our shared checking account, his complete lack of any support for me or our daughters, etc. I am betting that his new lawyer is not even aware of his affairs ... when they come up I think she will be shocked. All in all though it was a very hard day. I spent 3 years building a new life that is protected from him and then he invaded it for a day. All his nasty comments, his bad attitude, his complete disdain for me ...... it brought me back to when I was under his thumb and felt helpless. I took me a whole day to recover. When I got home I did not feel safe. I don't worry about my physical safety, but it brought up all the anxiety I had when he literally pulled the rug out from under me. I had to get back into the mindset that he cannot touch me where I live and that even if I receive nothing from him, I will still be okay.
  9. It was a case where at first I moved down three seats, then a few seats more, then was up against a wall. The only way out was back down the row over 7 people, but I did move haha. It was just so silly being squished in a row when the rest of the theater was empty.
  10. I get what you all are saying .... if a person has a reserved seat and then sit somewhere else then they could get bumped. And I am thinking that maybe the kiosk is not set up yet for picking seats because it is a new system? IDK. It just struck me as so ridiculous that we were all squished in the same row and the rest of the theater was empty. It's very likely I am just getting old and crotchety! This reminds me of a somewhat similar situation: When my girls were little we had to endure those 4 hour recitals at the end of the year. Of course everyone brought friends and grandparents and whatnot, and getting good seats (general admission) was always a crush. One recital we had great seats, middle center, and 10 minutes into the recital the fire alarm went off. Everyone had to leave the building, and when we came back in ..... you guessed it! Everyone grabbed for new seats causing a lot of bickering and bitching. Crowds of people just never do well together.😁
  11. I love movies. I especially love action, adventure and sci-fi movies, which are great to watch on a big screen at the theater. But .... I just can't handle people anymore. Being out in the general public means that you take your chances you will run into someone obnoxious. My local movie theater has instituted a new system where you have to choose a seat when you buy your ticket. I usually go to the self-serve kiosk instead of the long line at the ticket counter to buy my tickets, and the kiosk does not require you to pick a seat. I did not think it would be a problem because I never go to the movies during peak times. I am always the one going on a random Thursday at 1:00 when there will be only a few people. So I am sitting in the row and seat I want in a COMPLETELY EMPTY theater. Two people come in and say "that is my seat" to me. Ugh. Okay I will move down a few. Then 4 more people came in, same thing. So I move down again, and then realize that we are now 7 people squished in the same row, and all the other rows are empty! Ridiculous, but once people had those tickets in their hand they were NOT going to sit in a seat right next to the assigned. I know, I know, I am the one who doesn't have a reserved seat. But, really?! Your ticket says Seat 8A and you can't sit in 10A? Then I went to the movies this Saturday to see the Avengers. Again, no matter where I sat, one of the 8 other people who came in behind me claimed my seat. After shuffling around a bit I ended up near some man who proceeded to burp loudly. I finally moved to the furthest corner of the theater with the worst view just to get away from people. I'm just going to save up for a HUGE tv and stay home to watch movies. 😞
  12. The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. Hate means you are still emotionally attached to the person and are still expending energy on them. There have been people in my life that I have felt hate for but I always know in the back of my mind that if I hold onto that hate for too long it will start to corrupt me. I wait for the time when I can think of that person with indifference. Then I know that they can no longer hurt me. For an situation like the one with my STBX, and where I am still embroiled in the drama with him, I feel hate. There are many times in the car, when I am alone, that I will say out loud through tears "I HATE you". Because right now I do. But once this is over I will work toward indifference.
  13. I have two tattoos -- One that is a sketch of a sleeping cat on my inner forearm. To me, nothing is more relaxing that watching a cat who is snoozing. If cat is sleeping it means everything is calm, peaceful and warm. So when I look at my sleeping cat it helps calm me down! The other tattoo refers to my divorce. It runs up my other arm and says "She had not know the weight until she felt the freedom". I just love that one. My daughter graduated with a degree in Biology, so she got the chemical composition for adrenaline tattooed on her ribs. She is a real adventure seeker so it fits her. She also has a compass tattooed on her with the saying "Explore, Dream, Discover" to remind her of her Outward Bound experience. Her take on tattoos is this: "I have my body for anywhere from 0-100 years. When I die and before my body is returned, I want it to be representative of me, what I have gone through, who I am." My youngest daughter has tattooed, in Italian, "God is within her, she will not fall"
  14. Home'scool


    It is an assumption on my part, just hearing about how much he gives to Jewish charities and the such. I do know that he has talked extensively about this late wife and how much of his charitable work is in her honor. Personally I think it is a huge dishonor to the memory of his wife to pay for sex from a sketchy place. Maybe I am just annoyed by his situation as I am deep in Patriots territory here and everyone here is offering excuses for him.
  15. Home'scool


    For me, when I raised my children I saw instructing them in our faith and instructing them in moral behaviors, as kind of a Venn diagram. Some things overlapped, but most of the moral lessons stood alone; lessons on being a good person, on treating others kindly, etc. I never really tied it into "because God is watching" or anything else like that. Both my children are spiritual but not church-going. But if they came to be atheists I would still know that they would be good people because they want to be good people, because that is how they were raised, because they have set standards for themselves, because it makes them feel good to help, because they were instilled with the concept of empathy, etc. Religion or beliefs in a higher power do not a kind person make.
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