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  1. I work for a local Board of Health and I my town has been reluctant to open the schools for a few reasons: In the last two weeks the # of cases has increased. This is due to an increase in the number of people being tested (i.e.- college kids going back to school, people wanting to travel out of the state, etc.) Our data is showing that the most vulnerable population, the nursing homes and schools, are NOT where the spikes are coming from. It's from people quarantining with their family and then other family members getting sick. But people see numbers rising, see our town change threat
  2. Just my two cents but I think some of the unrest we are seeing is being stirred up (created?) by the media. It used to be that you could catch the news in the morning or in the evening. And they just reported the news. Just the facts ma'am. Now they have multiple stations running 24 hours. It's almost like watching a home shopping show. By the time they have spent 30 minutes explaining why some new useless gadget is the best thing you are on the phone buying it. It gets your riled up and bought in. The news knows the best way to get people to tune in is to have something bad or
  3. I don't want everyone to think that the boyfriend leaning over to talk only to her is the only issue I saw. I was just using that as an example. I could lay out more, and they all could probably be listed under him being shy or awkward or intimidated. But I don't think it is just that. There is a vibe around him that makes me uncomfortable. I guess that is just the best way to describe it.
  4. and all the news reports lately of missing children being found? For example, the authorities just rescued 72 missing children across 3 states and 39 missing children were found in Georgia. I wonder if she is giving up some information to cover herself. Horrible to think that she would be involved in something like that, but a miracle that now these children are being rescued.
  5. To tell the truth I really can't remember what we were talking about. Nothing too controversial .... I actually think it was something about her doing her taxes and what she could claim, etc. Pretty boring stuff. But when he leaned over and whispered "that's not true" I wasn't bothered so much by the rudeness of it, that I could chalk up to just being awkward. It was the fact that he seems to keep himself completely separated from the rest of us. It's almost like he does not want to engage with anyone and not just in a "shy" way, As far as my gut feelings, I have learned over the years to
  6. haha No, my daughter is not an heiress so I know he is not after her money. I am trying to not let past experiences with people cloud my judgement. I also worry that the divorce and all the horrible results of that may have affected who my daughter picked to get involved with. I will apply some of the advice here if and when I do speak with her. I will try to keep it as general as possible. I want to be clear; I'm not bashing him because he is quiet or shy. That I can deal with. I just get a bad vibe from this guy. I think he would be very happy if my daughter split from the family a
  7. Disclaimer: I do not work for the company, I do not make any money promoting the company. This is just my experience I tried Stitch Fix and love it! I HATE clothes shopping. There are a lot of reasons, the fluorescent lights in the fitting room only being one, but I truly hate clothes shopping. And now that I am older I have a harder time finding things. I have a long torso and am tall so most things fit "short" on me. Plus, what I used to not mind being emphasized, like my butt or boobs or hips, I now mind! When I signed up I filled out a general questionnaire like height, wei
  8. I know if I talk to her about it it could be like walking through a minefield. The last thing I want is to alienate her so if I did speak with her I would probably take a roundabout approach. I am going to try to spend more time with him to see if I can get him to warm up a bit. It was just the gut feeling that I had. Not like a "boy, he is quiet I wish he would talk more" but more like "Something just isn't right here".
  9. I have really tried to like my daughter's boyfriend but I just don't. They have been dating for over 2 years now. I don't see him all that often because she has her own apartment about an hour from me, and when she comes to visit she does not always bring him. On the surface he seems nice, maybe just a bit quiet. But then after a while I realized he is not just quiet, he literally does not engage at all in any conversation! My family can be rambunctious and loud so maybe that intimidates him, but even when it is a quiet, small group he doesn't engage. I do notice, though, that sometimes w
  10. Sending good vibes that he aces the interview!
  11. Hereafter with Matt Damon. It was the first movie I have ever fallen asleep in. So bad! The only movie I ever walked out on was Purple Rain.
  12. I don't know WHY this is so large but I can't make it any smaller! I don't have a good picture with my daughters so they get their own separate pic!
  13. sweetsndchance: thank you for your heartfelt post. It took me a long time to realize that he was constantly trying to convince me that black was white. And for a long time I went along with it either to keep the peace or because I had been browbeaten enough to be convinced he was right. That's what they do, 24/7. It's like breathing to them. Thankfully our children are grown and they choose to have nothing to do with him.
  14. Bingo! This is exactly it! One time when we were in counseling my ex was trying to impress the counselor with all the things he does and plans to do and she flat out told him he would never be happy because he set this standard of "nothing is ever good enough". Of course he just ignored her advice. I was just thinking this morning how much I wanted to avoid any unpleasantness because deep down inside I knew he was going to be a very nasty adversary. And at the time, I thought that would be the worst thing to go through. It turned out that I had to go through it anyways and it w
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