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  1. It is about 15 minutes from home vs 50 minutes now. I love the idea of the summer off but I have no idea how it would all work.
  2. Well, I must not have insulted them too much ..... I have an interview next week! So, can anyone give any insight on working for a school system? This position is for the secretary at the main office in the middle school. In reading their handbook I had some questions: I think I will have to join a union? How much are dues usually? Under vacation it says that I will get 2 vacation days a year. The work year is 220 days. How does that work? Do I have the summer off and then 2 additional days? What don't I know .... fill me in. I have never worked in a union or for a school. Educate me!
  3. I have been applying for jobs closer to home but have not had any results yet. I saw a job posting for a school secretary. I have the experience they are looking for and it would only be 15 minutes away instead of 45. Twice in the job listing it listed "sense of humor" in the requirements. It was definitely a prominent requirement. So when I was doing my cover letter I thought I would take a chance and inject some humor. In the opening paragraph of the cover letter I wrote this: "I am interested applying for the job of Office Secretary. I am very excited about this job opening as I believe my experience as an Administrative Assistant along with my personality make me a great fit for this job. At least, I think I am funny. My kids …. not so much!" I don't know...... I was feeling confident that day and thought that perhaps this would make me stand out for the other applicants. But so far I have not heard anything back. So now I am second-guessing myself. I come from the old--school teachings of how to format a cover letter and resume, but everything I have read talks about ramping it up with personality and how today's world is not so formal when applying for jobs. ugh. So much for trying to be hip haha
  4. My sister suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and some nights she would be awake all night with the pain. I finally got her to try some marijuana and the relief has been immense for her. She says that knowing she will be going to bed and not have to deal with such pain is a miracle for her.
  5. I have used Blue Apron for about a year now and absolutely love it. Their deliveries come on time, every time. Their meat is very high quality. It has definitely made me eat better/healthier than something I would throw together myself after work! My subscription is for two meals, three times a week. For that I pay about $60 per week ($10 per meal per person -- seems reasonable to me.) I get it for my sister and I and the portions are perfect. If someone was a big eater they may find there is not enough food. I like that you can put a hold on your subscription for however long your want (like over the holidays or if you are going on vacation.) The few times they have made a mistake and left an ingredient out they have immediately credited me money towards my next order. Just my .02!
  6. Ok, I'm going to put this out there and then duck, cuz I know it will shock some people. You know what really really really bugs me? COFFEE!! Now, I don't like the taste of coffee and am a tea drinker, but that is not the extent of it. (BTW, I take my tea black. I love it with some lemon but would never just expect that to always be available.) A typical conversation with a coffee drinker at my house goes like this: "Would you like some coffee?" (because it has to be offered - even if no one in my house drinks it .... it HAS to be there for people) "What time is it" (because now the drinker has to decide between caffeinated and decaffeinated) "It's 3:00 pm" "Ok, I'll take caffeinated please" "Milk, cream, or half and half?" "Oh, cream please" "Sugar? Sweet-n-low?" And on and on it goes........ All that work for one freakin' drink! And if you have multiple people over, some want milk and sugar, some want cream and Sweet-n-Low, some want decaf only, some want iced. This SNL take on coffee captures some of my frustration ..... a typical New England morning at Dunkin Donuts My mother used to yell at me because I didn't always have all the ingredients needed when she came over. She always would say "You love ginger ale, so I make sure I have ginger ale for you, you should have coffee for me!" But, ginger ale is a drink in a glass. That's it. No multiple additives that make the 100's of combinations!! And then there are the people who HAVE TO have their coffee first thing in the morning. If you live with them or are on vacation with them a large chunk of the morning revolves around getting coffee, making sure it's hot (or iced or blended), making sure they have all the ingredients they need because nothing else can happen until they have their coffee. And there is also the "I only like coffee from ABC place, but Susie only likes it from XYZ" so we have to make multiple stops. If I am the one doing the driving and have to order for people at the drive-thru, it's all "A hot carmel mocha coffeeata with two creams and extra sugar, a double iced mocha with milk and extra extra sugar, and a cafe mocha with steamed milk" -- I feel like I have to learn a whole new language AND take a course on memorization because the orders are so convoluted! When I am driving to work I pass a bunch of coffee shops like Dunkin Donuts, and half the time the traffic is backed up into the street because the drive through line is so long, or there are so many people trying to pull back out while slurping their coffee that is too hot so they aren't paying attention. People literally cannot function or think or even muster up the will to live until they have their coffee. It Makes. Me. Crazy. My family bought me a t-shirt that says "F*ckin Go Nuts" in the same logo style as Dunkin Donuts" (Are you getting how much I hate coffee? Haha)
  7. So i have been officially divorced for one month. For the last 5 years I kept saying "When will this be over?!" and now (most) of it is. It feels weird even though I haven't seen or spoken to my ex in months. It's still an odd concept to me that I am no longer his wife, no longer a part of the couple that started when I was 18. I also went through a tough time around November because, as much as I thought I was working through things, I was spending too much time saying I was okay, joking that I wasn't getting divorced but was just "between husbands" and declaring that I have never been happier. That last part is true, I have never felt free-er or happier, but I still had work to do. I still had to finish mourning the death of my marriage. Holding things in is like squeezing toothpaste with the cap on. Thank goodness I have a great therapist who showed me that the cracks that were showing was really just the hard shell I had put up finally cracking under the stress and beneath that shell I would find a more peaceful mind. Up until that point I thought any cracks just showed that I was collapsing under the pressure. Technically I am not yet out of the woods. My ex has been sending the alimony payments regularly, which has been a miracle. However, he hasn't done anything else that was directed in the divorce decree though. He was supposed to handle transferring the 401K money, coordinate delivery of a grandfather clock that should go to me, and transfer the title of my car and payment information so that I can take over paying the monthly car payment. He hasn't done anything towards that. I tried to text him, and my sister (who was very close to him) texted and called him but we got no response. So now I have to file a contempt charge again. At least this time I have the power of the divorce decree behind me. I am also trying to figure out what to do job wise. Right now I love my job but it's about an hour commute. I would love to go down to a part-time job close to home but then I lose the health insurance that my company helps pay for. I would love some been there/done that advice from people who get their health insurance privately. I can afford the monthly payment and live comfortably just on the alimony, but I don't know if giving up a group health insurance is a wise move. Our two daughters still do not speak with him. He texts them on Christmas or their birthdays but they aren't really interested in trying with him right now. He has SOOOOO much lying to answer for and so many bad decisions to take responsibility for that I don't know if they will ever get back on the same path. My co-workers keep encouraging me to start to date, but I cannot even imagine ever trusting anyone, or answering to anyone, again. Right now I live with my sister and we are very compatible so I have company to go to the movies, go out to eat, vacation, etc. So, 2020 is a new year for me in a lot of ways. Good ways. Life is too short to be married to Satan.
  8. Blasphemy!! Haha if I was to list out my favorite books these would certainly be in the top 10! I used to devour anything Stephen King wrote. Lately though his books have been bad so I don't even read him anymore. But the other two are just heaven for me. I think it really is just different strokes for different folks. I tried reading Ahab's Wife when I was in a bookclub and I felt like I was being pranked. Everyone else RAVED about it and I found it so annoying I couldn't even get through 1/3 of it. It's just the way it goes sometimes!
  9. Yup, that was me! But I am thinking a *quiet* vacation might not make me as anxious. One of the problems I have with traveling with someone is that I don't want to disappoint my travel companion if I decide to take a day slow.
  10. ^^^ This is one of my worries. Sometimes I think I should just do a "stay-cation" and make it my own. I live with my sister but in an in-law apartment so I could literally say I need 3 days of just me. But then that might be awkward ..... sigh .... I guess I do have companions ..... Overthinking and Fretting.
  11. I am thinking I may like to try travelling solo. Now that I am newly divorced I am open to branching out (but not too much!) and trying something new. I live with my sister and we have always vacationed together, but there are always compromises that have to be made no matter who you travel with. I would like to take a trip that I can do what I want - which is mostly just relax. I met my ex when I was 18. Since then I have been part of a couple, and he was the one who called the shots. Now I get to decide. I don't think I am up for doing a city by myself, plus that is not what I am really looking for. I feel like a quiet, older crowd cruise may have what I want. I picture myself reading on deck, napping, finding a quiet corner to knit, napping again ..... lame, I know, but I basically have never been alone since I was 18 and I would like some time to have peace and quiet and literally do what I please. Any advice? Would a cruise be the best way to achieve that?
  12. I agree with this. Once I found out my ex was cheating, and therefore capable of doing it, I started reviewing past instances which now looked very suspicious. I do not think the affair I found out about was the only one. In some ways, though, it drove home the point that it wasn't me, it was him. BTW my ex went on to cheat on the woman he was having an affair with.
  13. I'm sorry that you have to go through this. No one ever thinks this will happen to their marriage. Before I found a text on my ex-husband's phone indicating cheating I would have sworn that he was a decent man with enough character to stop him from ever cheating. I also assumed that if I ever did find him cheating I would handle it in a way that was, shall we say, memorable. But all that happened was I confronted him there and then but felt like I was in another place watching it all unfold. Then, after he confirmed it all, I had to leave the house to go to jury duty! Very surreal. I hope you know that his cheating is about HIM. It has nothing to do with you. There was nothing you could have done to have him not cheat. He will have reasons and justifications and all sorts of excuses ..... let him waste his breath. I also am glad that I did not make a "memorable" scene. It is beneath you to do that. I even kept my cool when his girlfriend came to my work and confronted me, although I did firmly escort her out of my office. You will feel better again. You will get on the other side of this. And you will know that you deserved better.
  14. ON the other side of this, I can't stand being hounded when I am trying to shop! I found this to be the case at Bath & Body Works. As soon as I walk in someone is there to tell me what is on sale. Ok, fine, thank you. But then if I mention to my sister that something smells nice, the salesclerk will start telling me what else smells good, or that it is available in candles, or whatever. I find myself not saying anything once I am in there because I feel like they will swoop down on me.
  15. A cover for a mug, maybe put a straw through the hole? That's a weird one!
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