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  1. Sil #1 came from money and is very territorial about her social standing. Sil #2 came from the poor side of town and quite frankly married up. She is #1's minion. Deep South. The pecking order is vicious. These are women who spend their days in the beauty parlors and manicure places. They both look like runway models. Living examples that beauty is only skin deep. Sis could kowtow and really, I think she will. The other choice is to be ostracized from the social scene. Not a popular choice for women in their circle. ETA- this whole thing came to a head when sister tried to
  2. Boundaries for bullies. IOW, sis will have to decline to be part of the family because of mean girls. Say what you will, she loses either way and it sucks. These two are relentless and masters at misinformation and manipulation.
  3. Yes, these bitches are married to my brothers. Bro #1 is so neutral, I think being married to his wife is so stressful he just does his own thing and tunes her crap out. Bro #2 thinks his wife is faultless in everything and backs/believes everything she says.
  4. Perhaps, but IME men ain't got nothing on nasty cattiness over women. One brother of mine might take sides and try to justify his wife, but the other will just ignore the whole thing.
  5. Well unfortunately sis is dealing with fallout from something I said, which (considering it's me) was very mild. I simply said to one sil that if I had been treated as my sister had been treated I would have reacted the same way. That was it, no blame, no naming names. She wanted me to join in dissing sister and didn't like it when I called her on the bullying. So she took it to a whole 'nother level. I don't live there and even if I did I don't play these games. But it's important to little sis.
  6. Well, one sil I have always said was one of the sweetest people I've known, but her dd and her grandmother were pure bitch. I never got it until just last year she started showing her true colors. Mean girls are taught by their mothers.
  7. Why, for Pete's sake, do a lot of women choose to be mean girls instead of supporting each other. Really, you could at least not be mean. My sisters in law are ruthlessly and mercilessly digging on my poor baby sister. Granted, baby sis can be overly dramatic and annoying but that is no reason to be hateful. I am just so mad for her sake, and other sis and I don't live in the same town so that we could support her. (I did what I could last week when I was there, but now I'm not there) Both sils are social big sh!t$ in that town and making little sis miserable. I can only support h
  8. 1. Pick up darling grand girls 4, 6 and 7. 2. Amuse them all day inside because of weather, and feed them gluten free food. 3. Collapse after their mom picks them up. This is my favorite type of day.
  9. Mean girls suck. I just had it out with my two sis in laws about being mean to my sister. Grown women acting like they are 14. Likely we won't be speaking for a very long time.
  10. My mom uses one to take her two dachshunds down the hall, down the elevator through the building to get outside to potty. She can't carry them and that way they hold it until they are outside.
  11. Our vet told us. She says do not feed it.
  12. We have sadly discovered that we probably caused the death of two of our cats by feeding this treat. It causes kidney failure. Beware.
  13. If an older person starts getting more aggressive with habits that were only annoying when they were younger can this be the beginning of something? I'm not talking about OCD stuff, just like snarky remarks getting more frequent and snarkier, or pouting about petty things more frequently? Playing the martyr card? Starting to wonder/worry about mom.
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