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  1. Get her in. If she is bad enough that you can see she is "off" she could be really sick. Last Sunday dh and I were walking out the door to church, glanced at one of our cats and called the vet. He was "off". Just off. Turned out he had a high fever and we thought we were going to lose him. If we had waited we might have.
  2. Whoo Hooo! I am beyond thrilled for you. My sister's ex is like this. Judge finally told him he was a fool. Took years though.
  3. As a grandma I'd say this was completely out of line.
  4. I can't believe the cost!!! I went when my sister worked there, stayed at her apartment, free admission and huge discount on food and souvenirs. Otherwise I wouldn't have gone.
  5. I'm with all the posters that say to tell them it's not in the budget, but I do not have an aspie. So... I can not imagine how that would impact/destroy/ruin a day/week/month. In my mind going along with the idea that you were going could set a precedence. But aspie here.
  6. She's cute but looks just like a Boston to me. Maybe Frenchie ears?
  7. Woo! Kitchen makeovers are my fav.
  8. Oh dear. My first thought on seeing the title was "yeah, me too. Chicken poop, cat poop etc etc" This is so much worse. Poor kiddo and poor you. Hopefully you'll get through it soon.
  9. I've never heard of Friendly's. I'm off to google.
  10. This is all helpful. I'll have sister read this. I do know that sis and another woman were going to sit down with this girl and try to help her see what she was getting into. I think the parents don't care. Unbelievable.
  11. My sister as a (dh) abuse survivor lets it be known at work and in all her circles that she is a safe haven. She's helped a lot of women. Her dds are now teens, and one of their friends is in an abusive situation with a boy. She displays all the classic symptoms. My question is has anyone ever helped a teen as opposed to a woman getting out of abuse? Nothing seems to get through to this child. Does she just have to reach a certain point? Do some teens enjoy the attention? We just don't get it. Any insight?
  12. Time to broaden your horizons. Dexter AHS Walking Dead Justified X Files Fringe Doctor Who
  13. My sister got it for her cats but it didn't work out well. My dh built her a catio and we traded! These kinds of coops are really cute but they aren't very sturdy. I've got three of this kind, two coops and one catio.
  14. I have a big chicken coop, a small one and one that I refer to as the Duplex. Tonight while trying to round up some chicks I inserted myself into a doorway that no sane person would ever even think about entering. No one was home, I didn't have my phone (wouldn't have been able to reach my pocket anyway) and I did not react calmly. Finally I realized that if I got in I should be able to get out. Tomorrow the chicks move to a coop with a bigger door. Door on the right.
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