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  1. Meh. He's old enough to do it himself and he should have. Mommy shouldn't have to hold his hand and give him a ride for this.
  2. Yep. Floaters and sinkers. But still crack them in a separate bowl so you don't ruin what you're making.
  3. Your poor dds. That had to be hard on all of you. Shake the comments from the friend off. She's clueless.
  4. Well, I'd remind them who pays for the groceries, their phones, their insurance and puts a roof over their head. We had a small rebellion from one child once. When talking it over, trying to reason with them and listening to their complaints did not work we told said child to hand over phone and car keys and pack their bags. It got the point across. Just stated that if that was what the child (17) wanted to do that these were the consequences. After our ultimatum the attitude was gone. Of course this only works if your kids know you will follow through with circumstances. Follow through on the little things and you don't have to worry about the big things because they know you mean what they say. A relative will not do this with her children. They run the house, (17 and 19) she does all the work, pays the bills, cleans up after them and does all their laundry. And works three jobs. She yells and threatens and never follows through. They don't even listen to her. ETA- We gave our children a lot of responsibility and a lot of freedom to make choices. Aside from our one little bump in the road our kids were doing their own things when the parents of most teens we knew were reining them in and having to curtail privileges.
  5. My brother and his wife just married off their only dd. They threw a huge engagement party with the future son in law proposing on the front step and then walking into the house full of surprise guests. My other brother's son proposed at the beach. Supposedly surprise to the bride, but somehow with both families flown down to the beach, a large group of friends and a house completely decorated for a surprise weekend with a theme of engagement the bride would have to be an idiot not to suspect something. Who doesn't get suspicious when they notice photographers lurking about and following you on the beach? This is all down South. In addition to engagement parties the bride will have several showers and other parties where a friend of mom and dad's will "sponsor" the party and get up to 60 other friends to help. They all pitch in maybe $200-$300. My sister and I, who live in the midwest did not attend the latest family wedding down there. I would have needed to buy three dresses for the bridesmaid's luncheon held on the day of the wedding, one for the rehearsal dinner and one for the actual wedding. I would have worn the dresses once. So yeah, engagement parties are a thing.
  6. If one of mine said they weren't going to ever help with anything again it would hit the fan. I do not get picking up and cleaning up after kids.
  7. I tried out my heeler's shock collar. In our schoolroom in front of the kids. I was sitting in an office chair and flew backwards after my "test run". The children laughed hysterically and wanted a repeat performance. When I used it on the dog she'd blink, look at me and say "What??"
  8. I didn't read the other responses and I don't know what kind of dog you have, but with my ACD who was very aggressive this is what worked for her. I'd grab the ruff on each side of her face and make her look me straight in the eye and then give her a shake and say "NO, stop it!", sometimes lifting her off her front feet. If I had done this with other dogs we had it would have destroyed them. With a bull headed heeler this was the only way to get her attention and it only worked if I did it because I was her person. Last resort thing, kept her from killing my kittens.
  9. You are going to be murdered in your sleep!!
  10. Two kittens are better than one. They keep each other occupied. We have pairs of kittens/cats.
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