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  1. MaBelle

    Humor me... cold-weather houses

    Wood heat is great but if you haven't done that before be prepared for a lot of work. Cutting wood, hauling wood, stacking wood, carrying to stove, tending fire, cleaning out ashes, carrying out ashes, dumping somewhere ashes.
  2. MaBelle

    A lot of you have cats...

    We've always had lots of cats but now with all the kids out is seems to have gotten out of control! We have two indoor cats, several "have to be in at night cats", some "come in and out as they please cats", one cat who will never come in and I feed a colony on the ranch. So with nine cats in the house a LOT because it's winter I have FIVE damn cat boxes. My first question to anyone who comes over is "Do you smell cats? TELL THE TRUTH!!!" I clean my carpets a lot, use bleach everywhere. For the cat who lives in my room I have a litter genie next to her box, in another room I have one of those "roll and dump" boxes but the others have to be scooped. What do you use? How do you control odor? Litter? What kind of boxes? Does your house stink? If I skip any of my cat ritual I can smell pee or worse. It's exhausting but the cats are here to stay.
  3. MaBelle

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    Ugh. Mop the Lodge after a Saturday night party. (I hate calling it the Lodge because of Pioneer Woman but that's what it is) Clean filthy car in prep for road trip. Those are the biggies for today.
  4. I found a video with another guy who claims he also read the text and switched seats with the shamer. Which is nice if it's true, I have trouble believing someone across the aisle could read the text? People suck. You have to deal.
  5. She's so exotic, looks like a Nala to me.
  6. MaBelle

    OTC sleeping aids

    Ooooh, I like Tequila. I guess it'll have to be shots because the margueritas do have sugar!!!!
  7. MaBelle

    OTC sleeping aids

    Crap. Maybe I should up the rum dosage.
  8. My ds and dil are reopening our lodge and cabin wedding venue. Dil has lots of great ideas but wants to make sure she's covered everything. Here's her post on the site this morning. Morning coffee thoughts! What’s something extraordinary you want from your wedding venue? What is something that happened or didn’t happen at your wedding venue that you wish would have or wouldn’t have happened? Help us make our venue stand out from the rest! What are my young beautiful brides to be looking for? So speak up! The little cabin is the "Bridal Cabin" with upstairs for the men and down for the women to change. It has a separate entrance to the upstairs. Lodge has kitchen, bathrooms and a big empty room.
  9. MaBelle

    OTC sleeping aids

    Bwahaha! I have used rum. Makes my blood sugar high though.
  10. MaBelle

    Grand Canyon Trip - Any Tips?

    I haven't been but if you ride a donkey pictures will be required.
  11. Add to that any suggestion from me to this dd is automatically the Kiss of Death. There actually is a friend of the family that I think would be great, but I know what would happen if I said anything.
  12. Oh, dear. Sounds like a lot of stress. It's the worst when we want to help and there's nothing you can really do. My youngest dd was married for six weeks before an annulment. The guy is local and I want to vomit every time I see him. Dd moved an hour away, got a job and an apartment, spends tons of time with big sister and her family and comes home on Sundays. I'm worried that she isn't meeting/making friends, is lonely etc. etc. We don't have a close relationship, we're too much alike, I feel like I try and she doesn't...oh well. All that to say it sucks when you can't fix things. Maybe we could introduce our youngest.......LOL Does your son like cattle???
  13. MaBelle

    OTC sleeping aids

    I am a horrible sleeper even in my own quiet dark room. Anyone here use OTC sleeping pills? What kind? How many? How often?
  14. MaBelle

    Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

    Cat routine (clean boxes, visit with older cat, feed feral colony down the road) Turn chickens out. Check everyone's water, it's cold here. Laundry started. Straighten house. Vac everything. Make beef/veg soup for anyone showing up for lunch. Need to make three appointments, including mamogram that's about two years overdue. Get dinner ready for everyone that shows up tonight, hopefully four kids, three spouses, five grandkids. Two have to work.