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  1. So what's he lying to you about? Or will in the future? Liars suck. I wouldn't do it.
  2. I am blessed with the three best dils and the one best son il.
  3. Dil relationships can be tricky. My standard response to anything my three dils request is "Absolutely!"
  4. I just got flea/tick/ear mite stuff for my nine cats today, (actually 10 now, some @$$hole dumped a poor frightened cat in my feral colony). Anyway, I was going around dosing everyone and needed another hand so I took the cap off the syringe with my teeth, spit it out and dosed the cat. Now I can taste a very nasty residue. There are certain cattle diseases I have also been inoculated against. Farm life.
  5. Ham, corn casserole, green beans, scalloped potatoes, polish salad, some type of cake and rolls.
  6. Take him. I've moved countless cats with no problem.
  7. I'm going with a parallel universe. Maybe a black hole in reverse.
  8. Both. We have a master suite upstairs and a master bedroom down. Due to the fact that we are both dysfunctional sleepers we each have our own. Downstairs was best with babies. Upstairs was best when they were bigger. Both is best for empty nest.
  9. I've messed with it a very tiny bit, I've got a friend who does it for a living. I show up at her shop and help from time to time. She thinks it's easy. Lots of good videos on youtube. What kind of chair? Post a picture.
  10. Doggone it. Poor kiddo. Once when oldest was an infant I had him and my grandmother at a mall. A man obviously was following us, I watched him wait as we went in and out of stores. I was so stressed I walked up to him and asked him very loudly "Why are you following us??" He turned and ran. Hope your dd feels better soon.
  11. I'm in Fayetteville a lot and I love it. Cute little college town with lots of quirky shops, but probably more a girl/sister weekend place than a family destination.
  12. What's not happening is that my asparagus is not coming up. Sil's is thick and mine is non existent. It's been a dependable patch for years. I'll start stuff on Monday or Tuesday after my sister weekend in Arkansas! That means my darling little silkie chickens will be grounded to their pen instead of free ranging until everything is up enough that they can't destroy it. I've got an herb garden and several big raised beds that I put flowers in. I've given up on veggies except tomatoes. I'll have marigolds, zinnias, chrysanthemums, coneflowers and this year I'm planting some indoor hibiscus outdoors. They won't last the winter but I don't care, they'll be gorgeous through the summer.
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