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  1. Yep. I always host Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have the biggest family and the most room so family singles and such just come here.
  2. Alabama doesn't count either. My grandma would say "I never heard of such of thing in all my born days!"
  3. Our local meat processing place smokes a bunch every year. They are a meat locker that butchers and dresses deer, cattle and chickens. Around the holidays they smoke turkeys, chickens, briskets and other yummy stuff. It's delicious and way better than anything I could every make. I order their biggest two and they run about $50 each. Well worth it, especially if you've ever eaten a turkey I cooked myself.
  4. this Thanksgiving if my sil says she is going to bring her dressing. There is no way I'm going to serve that mushy, sluicey, gooey goop this year. Last year son in law could barely stand the smell of it on the table. It's nasty, got oysters in it. Her mother made it too. Enough years of this. It reminds me of cat hairballs. "No, thanks but someone has already asked to make the dressing this year." I guess it won't really be a lie because I'm asking to make it myself!!!
  5. I cheat every year and buy two already smoked turkeys. This year I'm having 14 adults and 5 children. Frees up my oven for casseroles.
  6. We use a broker. I'm done with this crap.
  7. Quiet. Not a single trick or treater on the ranch. My grandkids did not go and we had our own party today. My sister hosted a neighborhood party and some parents came with young kids who ran wild in her house, jumped on furniture and actually invaded her bedroom.
  8. When I and all my friends had mid life crises (how the hell do you spell that???) we got puppies. No, I'm not kidding and not being funny. It was just what we needed. Friends got cute little puffy cuddly dogs. I got a heeler. Think about it.
  9. At least once a week the kids come over with their kids for dinner here. I make sphagetti, lasagne, tater tot casserole, brisket, hamburgers, chili, chips and dips, bagels, potato soup. Done to death. What are your favorite crowd pleasers? Gluten free and kid friendly are a plus. Beef best because we just butchered. Serving around 20 people.
  10. oooh, I forgot about Dixie Stampede, it's great. Practice your Rebel Yell.
  11. NO. I'm polite and tell them no thanks, esp when it's some poor student trying to make money. But it they won't leave and they're obnoxious I've set the dog on them. Jehovah witness comes to mind. Would. Not. Leave.
  12. Silver Dollar City is the best!! Might be too cold in Feb though.
  13. That is one of my boys. He and the horse have a very special bond, but he was willing for his cousin to take him since she didn't have her own horse. He is a fantastic guy.
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