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  1. Joker

    Aggressive men

    Are you talking about in anger or just play? I am often the one here to pretend karate kick or gut punch dh. It's usually when we're joking around or having a silly argument where we're both laughing. He will usually catch my foot or hand and play back with me but it's nothing aggressive from either of us. I don't view it as aggressive anyway and we're usually both always laughing. I think I need more information.
  2. Joker

    What's your house salad?

    Arugula, roma tomatoes, and avocado tossed with olive oil, salt, and lemon juice. Dh and I usually eat this 5-6 days a week with breakfast and often a few lunches.
  3. I don't think any of it is a big deal. Of course, I'm scratching my head over some of the comments regarding the idea of the pjs being inappropriate and icky. They're just pjs! I know many families who like having fun matching Christmas pjs and it's not my thing but whatever. My mom always gives us all Christmas pjs early in December (they don't match, though) and she's always included bf/gs/and spouses. My SIL has been in my life since I was 12 and she was 15 and there was nothing weird about having her at holidays, in pictures, or my mom including her with the pjs gift giving. Neither dh or I would feel weird if our dc were given pjs by a gf/bf and/or their families for holiday photos either. It's just a picture. I just always make sure to also get photos without bf/gf and it's never been an issue.
  4. Joker

    Genealogy and very old secrets

    You would be insensitive by the very action of just calling her up with your questions. It's mind boggling to me that you don't see that. If someone called me up at this moment with those types of questions and dialogue, I would actually just hang up and not answer repeat calls because I would think they're crazy or awful. I feel bad if someone is too old or doesn't have someone looking out for them that can help them do the same.
  5. Joker

    Dog Euthanasia Q - Was this Normal?

    Thanks, everyone. I do think after some time I will send feedback regarding how they could have made it a little easier on us and been more informative. The worst part wasn't him falling over. It was his wide open eyes and tongue. It was so unexpected and he looked so scared. His eyes weren't just open but very wide like when he is scared or really happy. Right now we just really miss him. We had him almost 11 years and it seems such a small amount of time but he really wormed his way into every part. We're giving a lot of extra love to our other doggie who seems lost without him.
  6. Joker

    Dog Euthanasia Q - Was this Normal?

    Thank you! It helps to hear others say it can be normal. I've been worrying he suffered more because of it all and blaming myself.
  7. We lost our dog yesterday. We scheduled the euthanasia appointment because he had cancer and yesterday morning it was obvious it was time. We've never done this before and it was so much worse than I expected and I'm wondering if they screwed up. I've always heard people say it was peaceful but this was very far from that. They gave him an injection of a sedative and told us it would take 5-10 minutes to settle him down. It was immediate though and within a minute he was stumbling. He then fell to his side unable to move, except for his mouth, and his eyes were wide open and unblinking, and he couldn't get his tongue back in his mouth - he kept trying. I called the tech back in and she said it was normal and left. We were all a mess at this point watching it. Several, long minutes later the vet came in to administer the final drug and he finally quit breathing. She actually ended up having to shave both front paws because the first time she tried the final injection she said his vein was swollen so she had to try the other one. I was a mess last night and I'm not any better this morning because I actually feel like they screwed up (maybe too much sedative?) and I didn't know any better to stop it. I've talked with one other person who has been through it and they said it was not normal. I'm wanting some other feedback before I say anything because I don't want to accuse them of something if this is actually more the norm.
  8. I have never understood a teacher trying to keep students from using the bathroom and thankfully I've never encountered it. My dc were homeschooled 1st-5th, so they attended ps for K and middle school on up. The high school, that youngest still attends, has a block schedule so no teacher has a no restroom policy because classes are 90 minutes each. They have six minutes between classes but they have never used that time to use the bathroom. The school is several floors and super crowded so it usually takes up the passing time just getting to the next class. Their middle schools, in two different states without a block schedule, never had this policy either though. The high school currently has a big problem with students vaping in the bathrooms but they still don't try to institute a no bathroom policy for classes. They take measures to try and curb it by having more hall monitoring and adding detectors that are supposed to go off if students are vaping. Yes, teachers have to write passes for anyone that has to go but that hasn't ever interfered with my dc's education. So, maybe teachers find it distracting and annoying but students seem to be still learning. Most of my family are all teachers and why they sometimes can't go as soon as they need to they also have not really ever had a problem having the teacher next door keep an eye on their class so they can go if they need. It's just never been some big deal. I also volunteered a lot in my dc's classes when they were in K and it was the same way and a non issue. I don't think being told you can't use the bathroom in high school prepares you for any part of life as an adult. I actually have found very little done in high school mimics adult life. OP, I would push for my dc to be allowed to use the bathroom when they needed to.
  9. Joker

    Male Teacher Punished for Refusing to Watch

    First, do we actually know if he is in trouble? The local article has the school spokesperson stating they have absolutely not threatened their jobs so I'm confused on what's stated in their OP's original linked source. Second, often when these cases go further legally it comes out the locker rooms, like most I'm familiar with lately, have actual lockable bathrooms within the locker rooms that the transgender student/s or any other student using the locker room may use if they want. I don't know any transgender student who wishes to change in front of anyone, of either sex, due to their body issues. They usually just want access to the rooms with which they identify. At my son's school he was originally told he had use the ONE single sex bathroom that was located in the nurse's office. His high school is huge and we pointed out that just wasn't going to work. He always used the boys rooms and had zero issues. The locker rooms for PE here all had at least one lockable bathroom and no teachers were watching any students change. They usually hovered at the door to listen for any trouble and to tell students to hurry up. I also don't agree that middle and high school students should need permission slips to join a GSA club. Many kids can't tell their parents about their LGBT status and I don't see it helping anything to take away maybe the one place they feel accepted. I could see telling them to stop referring them out but without more information I don't know what that really looks like at this school. I also am 100% against the teachers in the OP thinking they should have a right to out a transgender student to other students and parents. WTH? Not okay and the school is right to enforce a police not to disclose personal information about students. I know many think they can always tell but with people transitioning earlier now I don't believe it's going to always be that way and it would be so wrong to suddenly out someone who's been living that way since they were single digits. Heck, my son went through puberty and didn't start hormones until he was 17 but within a year he had developed facial hair, an adam's apple, and his voice was most definitely male sounding. We're only two years in now and it's a remarkable difference. I can't imagine what he might look like if he had started the process as early as some are now.
  10. I just wanted to point out that we shouldn't jump to the conclusion there were no males at all in the office. I honestly don't know how I feel about it. My youngest, almost 17, considers themselves non binary but not transgender. They prefer they / them pronouns and it's not a big deal for us to honor those wishes. They also use a neutral name. They have no problem with their born sex though and consider themselves a lesbian since they are attracted to girls. They like when they see gender neutral bathrooms but they have zero issue using a women's room. I don't know how all other non binary people feel about the bathrooms though. I'm still working through it and figuring stuff out as I go along.
  11. I wouldn't assume no males were using the men's room simply because one department is mentioned as all females and Brewer. It only mentions the accounting department but I would assume there are others and that those have some males. As far as the issue as a whole, I don't think I have enough info to really say anything.
  12. Joker

    Volunteers holding signs at polls?

    This year one particular group that had signs for a few locals running for school board caused me to vote for the other school board candidates instead. The group was promoting a side I completely disagree with so if they were also promoting those three candidates, it helped me decide who not to vote for. It's never had any impact prior to this one time though.
  13. Joker

    US people: Who has voted?

    We voted early this past weekend. We had to wait about an hour but every polling location I've driven by today has lines well out past the door. Prior to this year we've never had more than a 5-10 minute wait even on election day.
  14. Joker

    Did you show ID to vote today?

    We have to show photo ID and they look us up on an iPad. Then, they print off a piece of paper we sign and hand over to the person who shows us to the machines. We can also vote anywhere in the county instead of just one specific place. ETA: We also had to sign on the iPad.
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