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  1. I live in a very red state where a wrong turn can take me to a confederate flag lined road (and it's not even the South!). It's not easy knowing my vote doesn't really count at all. I usually just keep my thoughts to myself and only share with dh and dc. Thankfully, the four of us are all in agreement so it makes it a bit easier. The worst part at the moment though is our country's stance on prescription drugs, the elderly, and marijuana. My step dad is 80 and suffers every single day with pain. His doctor just cut him off from the only medicine that works and marijuana is not legal here. My 70 year old mother is now talking about trying to find it illegally and/or getting it from a border state where it's legal. It's so ridiculous this is where we're at. The CBD stuff allowed here does absolutely nothing for him. It has definitely made dh and I think harder about where we want to be settled in a few years. We definitely want it to be a state where access to something to alleviate pain in our old age is easily accessible.
  2. This is a physician located within a hospital so the hospital billing department handles it. I have reached out to the doctor's office and they said they made sure the billing department understood they were routine vaccines. They billed the other two charges differently and this one they billed through the hospital side of things and then didn't code it right. It seems everyone admits to it being inaccurate but now the billing department is saying they aren't going to resubmit again to correct it. I did reach out to the Director of Operations at the hospital and she got right back with me that she is going to sit down with the head of billing to go over it and will get back with me by end of week, so I'm feeling better. At one point they told me that this was actually a hospital services facility fee. I know they can charge me for one but I would assume they just couldn't pick the most expensive bill and call that the fee. I would assume they would still need to code the vaccines correctly and then also bill for that fee. They haven't claimed that the last few times I've spoken with anyone, though. I also contacted the insurance company again and asked about a formal appeal. So, now I have the paperwork for that if this isn't sorted out by next week. The insurance rep I spoke with today did seem a bit stunned that I was told they refused to submit again to get it correct. The fact they tried to resubmit once already with a new code shows they got it wrong the first time.
  3. My son had a routine appointment last November and there were three separate EOBs. One was for vaccinations and it has been coded wrong twice. The first time the insurance company approved it with the wrong code and said we owe $500. They denied the resubmitted claim. The first time it was coded as pain management and the second as iron deficiency. The insurance company can see it was for vaccines but because of the code all they keep saying is they have to coordinate with the provider to get them to submit a correct claim. The provider's billing called me this morning to say they were done and I owe the money. Now, they're just saying over and over it isn't preventative. I feel like I'm losing my mind going round and round in circles and everyone is being an idiot. I have all the paperwork from dealing with this over the past six months including the itemized statement that clearly shows it was for two vaccines that are listed as covered by my insurance. Where can I go from here?
  4. So, we've decided to go ahead and pull out of the high school for senior year. Dd seems happy and relieved that she won't be going back. She's actually making plans on what she will be able to work on for her art portfolio with some of her extra time. DE deadlines here look to be the same as regular registration so no issue there. It's full pay here unless you take the classes at your high school and our high school doesn't allow homeschoolers that option. The French class is actually only French 2. That's a whole other issue that, now knowing her diagnosis, ticks me off. For the Honors Diploma you need three years of one foreign language or two years of two different ones. She was in Spanish 3 her sophomore year but her therapist said we needed to pull her when the school wouldn't help. She was acing her tests/quizzes and homework but the teacher was giving her a 0 every class for participation. I thought she had developed some selective mutism and panic attacks but the teacher just had her completely shutting down. When she would answer a question, he would ask her to expand and she had no idea what to do. Now I know she needed clearer instructions of what he wanted from her. He also liked to blow a loud whistle when some students would start talking in class. It completely freaked her out and she started struggling physically with having to go to his class. He was unwilling to offer any accommodation so we had to pull her at the end of first semester and she gets no credit for that class and had to start over with another language. So, she has said she's fine with doing a program for French 2 at home to the honors designation for her diploma. Of course, I have no idea if that even matters if the diploma isn't from a public school so maybe I can't designate as an Honors diploma anyway? She would have all the credits listed for it by the state so maybe? Now I just have to figure out what I need to do for her transcript for this final year and how to do all the college application stuff for that. I also need to figure out classes. I don't know if I should have her take all of them through the local CC and just do a mix of online and in class or do a mix of that but also do some at home on our own. I'm thinking all through the local CC would be too much while trying to work on the other social stuff so I have to search curricula again - it's been a while.
  5. Thanks for your thoughts, everyone. The school is already pushing back on a 504 because she's done well thus far. Also, they let her know yesterday that she has a schedule conflict for next year with her AP Art and her math, so they want her to drop art. The only reason she even likes school right now is because of her two art classes. The only other option is switching her math to one we all feel would be too difficult. It's very frustrating. I was also told the only hybrid schedule they allow is if there is a dual credit class a student wants that they don't offer on their campus. So, no leaving early and no option to take electives on campus if she comes home for next year. The only hesitation she is having is she doesn't want others to view her as a quitter. I don't view it that way at all since she's not quitting so much as adjusting her schedule to allow for other things that are just as important. She wouldn't be taking all classes online. She would definitely be taking one or two at the local CC. We wouldn't be getting any services through the school. All that we are doing is private so we're not losing anything there.
  6. I don't know of any students doing half days here. They offer a lot of dual credit through IU and a local community college but the classes are at the high school. They usually have a fair number graduating a year or semester early once credits were fulfilled. I'm not really sure if only going half a day is an option here as it is definitely not mentioned in the academic guide, handbook, or by anyone I know here. Dd would probably take some dual credit and she prefers online. She hates being lectured to as she zones out. We have therapy and they are working on the attention issues. They didn't feel that her issues are caused by ADHD but they agree there are definite issues there. She learns best by doing herself and once she knows something, it usually sticks. She's taking an AP English class this year and has straight A's but she zones out during lectures. She does well because she can do the reading on her own and she's good at interpreting the literature and writing, so she's done well. AP Bio is where she is barely passing because she needs to be able to pay attention to lectures and take notes and that is where she's struggling the most right now. Honestly, a big part of it I think is that if she isn't really interested in it, she just doesn't get it or care to. She has often talked of giving up during standardized tests. Once she gets to a certain point, she's just done and guesses completely on the rest. Surprisingly, she's still always done well on them. She also really wants to find a part time job and I think that would be good for her but it would be difficult right now for her to do that and go to school full time. I think she really wants to go to the same school as ds which is less than an hour from home. She wants a private room as she doesn't want to live on campus if she has to have a roommate. She's also seriously thinking of just living at home and going to a local university that's just about 20 minutes away.
  7. I homeschooled dd through elementary school but she has been in ps since 6th grade. She's wanting to homeschool her senior year that starts this fall. She was recently diagnosed with ASD (level 1, so high functioning) and social anxiety disorder. The psychologist really wants her to do group social skills classes but dd has stated she is so exhausted at the end of school that she doesn't want to add more. I think she's exhausted just from working so hard on all the social stuff while in school and she needs time to decompress. So, it makes some sense. She will need a math (was supposed to be Finite), English (was going to be AP ), government/microeconomics, and another year of French to continue with the track she was on for an Honors Diploma. The rest of her schedule for senior year was electives because she has everything else she needs. She wants to go to college and has good grades so far. She's struggled more this year because she has quite a few lecture based classes and paying attention enough to take good notes is not something she's good at right now. But she has 3.9 GPA at her school. She did well on the PSAT and is about to take the SAT. So, I don't want to screw it up for her and make it more difficult to get in somewhere. Would colleges accept that she had a recent diagnosis and wanted to take this year to work on things so she would be better prepared or would they think bad of that decision? Do you guys here think it's a good idea or think we should do something else? This is all new for me and I'm not at all sure what to do.
  8. My dd was just diagnosed this past week at 16 and this thread kind of makes me sad. I suddenly very clearly get why she doesn't want most people to know - not even those in school who could help her. She needs accommodations. She needs clearly, written notes for her lecture based classes because her auditory processing sucks and she is failing them despite being very bright. We're trying to get her to accept that she needs the help and it's ok to ask but I'm not sure how it's all going to go. She is far from a crappy or mean person. She just says very little to most people. She really struggles making friends because she lives inside her head a lot and she's hoping this therapist can help her with the daydreaming. I don't think most who meet dd think she has ASD as not one single person ever mentioned the possibility until this therapist but it makes her no less a person on the spectrum who needs some help in a few areas.
  9. Interesting! I'm going to see what I can find on this. My dd who was just diagnosed was a fast labor - only 90 minutes from first contraction to holding her. No one ever mentioned worrying about anything other than her lungs at the time and nothing since.
  10. Yeah, my teen was just diagnosed with ASD this week. We've only been in this state 2 years and the first decent therapist here picked up on it. We lived in a different state the previous 14 years of their life and not one doctor, therapist, or teacher noticed anything. It's almost been a relief getting the diagnosis because it helps explain so many things. Also, it seems professionals have only recently realized females present very differently than males with ASD.
  11. I've never heard of curfews at college dorms. Ds is a freshman living in a dorm this year and has no curfew (doesn't have one at home either). They do have quiet hours but that doesn't include normal coming and going noise.
  12. I think the poster was just pointing out that you can also get tetanus from animal bites, not just wounds related to objects. I've had to get a tetanus shot in the ER after an animal bite as has my mom. It's not unusual.
  13. I used to pack lunches for him at night when he worked outside the home. Now he works from home and I make enough breakfast and lunch for him (it's whatever I'm already having). He's always appreciative and definitely knows how to take care of himself. Dh may not remember the last time he had to cook his own food but I don't remember the last time I had to wash dishes because he always does them rather quickly since I do the cooking. It works for us and I'm happy with how things are.
  14. Dh is a director for a large, well known company. He doesn't care at all about hours worked. He cares about the work getting done. So, for instance, he's very lenient with new parents. He tells them, once they return to work, that they can have whatever schedules they need. Most do a mix of office and from home and he doesn't care about hours as long as they get their work done. Many do this for 6 months to a year after having a new baby. No one higher up or in HR has a problem with it and it is an attitude many in the company adopt. Yesterday, dh didn't take a half day of time but he only worked from 1-5pm. He did have a few texts in the morning but that was it. He often puts in time here and there at night and on the weekends though. Basically, dh only takes time when he needs the whole day and that is usually due to illness or vacation.
  15. Thanks so much! It makes me feel better to know being diagnosed in the teen years isn't that uncommon and that there may be accommodations for college. Dd has become really worried about going since she has been struggling a bit these past two years. I do know the biggest area of concern is that her social anxiety has become really bad lately and even her teachers have commented about her being withdrawn. Dd has never cared that many of her peers find her weird or awkward but her anxiety in social situations across the board is becoming an issue. My biggest concern with her has always been her lack of emotion regarding things that are painful or upsetting. She laughs and jokes a lot but she never cries. Ever. I have only seen her cry once since she was about 18 months old. She was actually bit in the face by a dog at age 8 and required an ER visit but she acted like it was any other day. No doctor or therapist seemed to care that much about it until now though. So many of the things in Stella's post ring true though, especially the escape into fantasy parts. She daydreams a lot. It's actually something she has asked the therapist for help with because she seems to be having trouble controlling how often she slips away - especially in class. She even has binders of stories and pictures about her make believe world of animals. I honestly thought she was just a quirky kid.
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