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  1. We all voted today! We went during school pick up times and the line wasn’t bad at all. It took us about half an hour. We were going to vote a few days ago but the lines were crazy. Social distancing was great until it was actually time to vote but they had the machines right next to each other and no curtains or shields. It was honestly weird as it felt way more open than usual. I didn’t like it at all.
  2. We’ll be watching! This is Us is one of the few current shows all four of us love here and we’re super excited to watch tomorrow. I’m one who finds it strange to watch tv/movies without Covid restrictions so I’m fine with it. It’s still feels like an escape to me.
  3. I sing in the car almost all the time no matter who is in there with me (and I’m a horrible singer). All four of us have jammed out together numerous times as well. I remember doing the same growing up with my parents and siblings, and dh’s family sings often at home and in the car. We just really like music here and talk about new artists/songs often and have music playing a lot of the time.
  4. I’m way more optimistic about things than my dc. They have both stated they will not have biological kids but they both do want to adopt as they are aware of how many kids need homes. I’m perfectly happy if that’s what they choose.
  5. Another weird thing about them coming for Chrissy Tiegen is that she has repeatedly pointed out if those fake flight logs were true then she was a victim because she would have been a minor. Those crazy conspiracy people don’t care and keep coming for her though. It’s the weirdest thing. I don’t know anyone in my circles that believe that stuff but I with have a hard time remaining friends with someone who did. It’s so strange.
  6. It was known within the family and my grandmother told my mom, and my mom told me. ETA: It was always obvious that my grandmother and her siblings despised their dad but I never really understood why until my mom told me the story.
  7. The only abortion I know of out of everyone I’ve ever come into contact with is actually my great grandmother. She couldn’t handle any more kids but my POS great grandfather insisted. So, she tried to abort the baby herself since it wasn’t legal or easy and both her and the baby died (don’t really get what’s so pro life about that option and it will happen again if abortion is illegal). My grandmother’s life was hell until she could marry out from under her fathers thumb and thankfully the blame has always been on him and not her poor mother. I hope we finally do make abortion safe and le
  8. We’ve always eaten early. When the kids were little, dh kept his work schedule 7a-3:30p so we would eat around 4:30pm and we’ve just always kept close to that. These days it’s usually 5-5:30pm. I don’t like eating later because I usually go to bed around 10 and I sleep much better having those hours of no food.
  9. Yeah, we ended up buying and installing Ring cameras with lights because people kept stealing our Biden signs. Things are interesting right now for sure.
  10. Yes. All of my comments in here speak to the unfortunate reality of our situation. Justices should be apolitical but they are definitely not. I really like the idea of a bipartisan committee that has to come to an agreement for nominees to go forward.
  11. If we truly did live in LaLa Land and the justices were completely apolitical, then the current administration wouldn’t be pushing through the current nominee while giddily discussing Roe v Wade and marriage equality. But they are and that should tell us all we need to know.
  12. I feel like this administration has shined a light on the many, many gaping holes we do have. I wasn’t happy about the last election night but I remember thinking it would be ok because we have checks and balances. I was such a f***ing sucker! Never again, though.
  13. I think something has to be done because one President, who didn’t even get the majority of votes, placing three judges in his first term shouldn’t be something that is allowed. The court, after she is confirmed, won’t in any way represent all the people of this country well.
  14. Did anyone see the debate last night? I know Pence has said he’s tested negative but he really looked like he had pink eye. We know pink eye can be a symptom of Covid and we know many in his inner circle have tested positive the past week. I would have been very uncomfortable being anywhere near that place.
  15. https://www.wthr.com/mobile/article/news/nation-world/lilly-seeks-emergency-use-of-its-antibody-drug-for-covid-19/507-cefa26c1-beac-4f03-9da1-309d4818b138 Eli Lilly has been working on the same type of antibody drug Trump was given and is seeking approval now to use it.
  16. @Pen Here’s an article about the Gold Star family event and it states the Coast Guard official who tested positive was in attendance. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/2020/10/06/joint-chiefs-isolation-after-coast-guard-admiral-tests-positive-coronavirus-pentagon-says/%3foutputType=amp
  17. I’ve read there was an event INSIDE the White House (no masks and no distancing) the day AFTER the super spreader event for Gold Star families, so many military personnel were involved. It sounds like an absolute mess!
  18. I’m so happy to this thread! We gave up around episode four or five, so we’ll keep going and see what happens. Something new to watch!!!🥳
  19. I’ve only had the flu once, six years ago, but it was so awful that we get the shot every year now. We never had one prior to that. I permanently lost my taste and smell because of it so I’m not in a hurry to see what happens if I get it again.
  20. I do find it interesting that after all the noise he raised about HCQ it doesn’t appear he’s using it as part of his treatment. Maybe now all that conspiracy bs surrounding it can disappear.
  21. There’s also videos from the event and there was lots of hugging and cheek kissing - without masks, of course. I was honestly shocked. This was unlike any outdoor event I’ve been a part of or seen.
  22. Bagels and I agree on pretty much nothing on this board but even I think there are several people here who jump on her constantly, especially in regards to Covid. She has reached out to me when it was obvious I was going through something and seems genuinely kind. This board is weird these days and I’ve been here a while. In regards to Covid and Trump - I’m struggling. He’s had zero compassion for what his policies and words have done to my family and I’m trying hard to find compassion now. I never wished illness on him but I’m pretty “meh” about him having it. I can not want anythin
  23. In my dc’s college town there hasn’t been an issue of spread within dorms. The issue has been Greek houses. Most have already had it run through and the entire house was quarantined for two weeks. They’re doing random testing every week (youngest has been tested twice already). The positivity rate has fallen the past two weeks thankfully. Positivity rate within Greek houses is now down to just over 3%. The university has their own dashboard that they update weekly. The county positivity rate also has started dropping again. I honestly thought things were going to be much wor
  24. I always hear stories but I’ve honestly never had a single issue with the post office! Now, FedEx and I have had words multiple times but the post office has been non problematic for me (and I’ve lived all over in multiple states).
  25. Yes, in that we never really had any so there weren’t many discussions. I’ve worried that because of that I wouldn’t do a good job with my dc but they are both so frugal! I hear them both often say they have a purchase waiting but are going to sleep on it to see if they still want to spend the money tomorrow. They definitely seem more aware when it’s their own money (even if it’s money we’ve given them).
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