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  1. Yeah, I actually just spent some time on Google and Southwest has no official policy and even seems to suggest saving seats for those boarding later. So, I would doubt the flight attendants would be much help.
  2. No, we didn't purchase late. It happened when both dc flew alone together too. It was on their return flight and I was worried they wouldn't get to sit together but they did. I've heard others complain of the same thing. Southwest even states it doesn't guarantee you A boarding group.
  3. I don't really have any advice on what one should do in those scenarios, but I would like to point out that so many people pay to board early now that it often exceeds the A boarding group. So I wouldn't assume those in B or C didn't pay also. Last time dh flew Southwest (which he hates because of no reserved seats) I paid extra but he was still at the end of B boarding. 🤷‍♀️
  4. Is there some secret to getting a reasonably priced one way ticket from the US to London??? Ds will be studying abroad this summer and we were wanting to do a one way ticket there because dh was going to fly to Ireland and meet up with him at the end of his term. So, they were going to spend a few days and fly home from there. The flights seem to more than double for a one way ticket though. I really don't want ds to have to fly back to London and them each fly home separately. Are there lesser known airlines I may be missing that have better deals? The departure city can be Chicago or NYC. Chicago is close to us but we were already planning a NYC trip around the time he will be leaving so that's doable as well.
  5. The benefits for us are that money is taken, pre taxes, out of dh's paychecks and his employer also deposits an amount equivalent to half of our deductible as long as dh gets a physical each year. I don't really get how it would work if you are funding it all yourself but I would assume it's something you mention when doing taxes to get a benefit.
  6. In the Catholic and Episcopal churches I've been a part of name tags would seem out of place. There isn't really talking before or during. Most come in and prepare themselves for Mass and so it is quiet because many are kneeling and praying. Then, there is Mass, so no conversing. There is usually a fellowship time after with coffee and donuts so I guess I could see wearing name tags then but they would be truly unnecessary in the ones I've been in.
  7. Yeah, I know no one here is doing it, but so much of the "criticism" I've personally been seeing is seriously racist. I unfriended some on social media for sharing awful memes. One of which stated something about wishing they could press 2 for English during the performance. I've seen much less criticism over much worse, so I'm just having a hard time not thinking for many the issue is who these two ladies were and not really so much about a pole.
  8. Didn't your dh just have a scare too with his blood pressure? I would try really hard to make at least one night away alone happen in the near (not a year from now) future since it seems he wants it. It doesn't need to be your birthday if it's not what you want, but I would start planning to make it work.
  9. The cell phone ones don't usually bother me. The SOTU, TV show ones, and big sporting events ones usually do though because it seems to be about more than the actual reunion and does seem staged.
  10. I didn't think it was that bad. Definitely doesn't deserve all the hate it seems to be getting. I've never gone to a strip club either though. Dh's family has lived in Vegas since right after we were married and they pretty much hate me cause I refused to go to a Chippendales show they had already bought tickets for. I've never needed to go to know I wouldn't like it and I don't see this performance in that same way at all.
  11. I haven't had it this year, but the one and only time I had the flu it was a B strain. It was about six years ago and it was awful. I actually permanently lost my taste and smell and it took me about two months to feel normal again. Prior to that we never had flu shots (and obviously never had the flu either). We now get them every year and haven't had the flu again. I'm not sure if it truly makes a difference since we seem to never get it anyway, but I'm hoping if I ever do that the shot will stop it from being as awful as that one time.
  12. Joker

    deleted topic

    Also, often times it is other people making that identity a big deal and not the person themselves. Youngest didn't have any big coming out moment. We knew since she was about 14 that she liked girls and it was no big deal. It was certain family who would constantly ask about boys when they would see her. Finally, she told them she liked girls to get them to stop asking why she wasn't dating any cute boys. She's 18 and has never even dated but certain people still think it's a big fat deal (sin) that if/when she does date it will be girls. That's on them, not on her. Oldest didn't make a big deal either. Family was simply told he was transgender and had a new name. Then, he went on with his life. They, again, are the ones that made it such a huge issue.
  13. Joker

    deleted topic

    Thanks for the bold. I kept trying to comment and it never came out right. I remember the first time my own brother spoke to me after I told him my ds was transgender. He had ignored me for six months and then called because he was coming to visit family. He wanted to make sure I knew that while he was here there was to be no talking about ds being transgender. It led to quite the conversation but he didn't believe we don't talk about it all the time or that it isn't a huge part of our daily conversations. Both of my dc are part of the LGBTQ community and it is definitely just one aspect of their lives but isn't some all consuming thing they, and those around them, think about or talk about all the time. One of mine has never even dated and the other had just one short relationship. That isn't where their focus is but they still get condemned just for admitting they are who they are. They're both just normal young adults trying to get through college so their sexuality is definitely not some big focus point for them.
  14. Yeah, I thought I read the first wave wasn't a good match but we have a second wave that is.
  15. Could you get it at the drug or grocery store instead? I get mine at Kroger. I would say get it, but the one and only time I've ever had the flu was in the summer, so not even flu season. I had never had the shot before then but it was so awful I get one every year now.
  16. Joker

    deleted topic

    That's awesome but I don't think it's the norm unfortunately. My own conservative religious family was fine with many steps outside the bounds of our family faith - until LGBTQ issues. That was the line and it's one I find common in many religious circles and families I know. IDK, this topic gets to me because I've met so many LGBTQ teens and young adults whose faith is very important to them and they have felt they had to walk away, pretend to be something they're not, or be celibate for the rest of their lives. My own dc were those kids but fortunately we found our way from the Catholic church to the Episcopal church and they still get to practice their faith but in a more affirming, loving, and welcoming environment. I really feel for those kids who aren't shown other options besides keep strictly to our faith / be celibate or walk away.
  17. Joker

    deleted topic

    I was thinking about a 10 year old and how you have no idea how they would truly take that idea. It could be they are thankful you put it out there but it could also be they come away feeling like that is what is expected to stay a part of the family and faith so they have to follow. I think it would be much wiser, and less damaging, to hold off on that line of discussion until older.
  18. Joker

    deleted topic

    Yeah, I understood her comment to be about this situation and in regards to other LGBTQ kids. I can't imagine it being healthy to tell a ten year old, "It's fine if your gay because you can just be celibate your whole life". I would think that could be quite damaging.
  19. You can also give apple slices a quick dip in sprite/7up (or whatever generic lemon lime soda) and it keeps them from browning. That's what I do and then put them in snack size ziplock bags for an easy grab.
  20. Thanks, all. It's honestly been a while since I've cared what people thought so I'm trying to figure that part out. I do think I'll get one because I know my dog would love it and it will make things much easier for all of us. She usually just tucks up/carries her paw but recently she's been sticking her whole leg straight out so I know it's getting worse and it must hurt to bend the leg at all at moments. I have a vet appointment later this week so we'll see what they say as well.
  21. I have been someone who always found them super ridiculous, but I've spent time today looking at them. 🤦‍♀️ Our doggie is only five but has developed arthritis in a paw that was broken before we rescued her (we've had her four years). She's a 20 pound chihuahua mix and doesn't last long on walks anyway because everything and everyone scares her. I'm planning on traveling more with dh when both dc are off at college and we would like to take her. So, I'm here actually thinking of buying one. This may be the only thing in a long time that has bothered me in regards to what people will think. 🙃
  22. I think most foreign language instruction here isn't going to do much because students don't get the chance to use it often. A lot of that has to do with who's teaching it as well. I learned really nothing from my high school Spanish but my older siblings did because their teacher was a native Spanish speaker. They were given so many opportunities to truly use the language that I wasn't given. My ds took four years of high school German and got very little out of it. He chose to take ASL as his language in college and all his ASL professors have been deaf, so he actually uses it often. He runs into one professor often on campus and is able to have conversations. It's much more exciting and easier to learn another language if one is given lots of opportunity to truly use it. Most of just aren't given that opportunity here.
  23. I'm sorry but I find the bold to be a bunch of bs and I'm American. I feel like I see "if you don't like it, leave" on almost a daily basis and it isn't because the people being told to leave find multiculturalism intolerable. My mouth actually flew open when I read this. It's just so far from the truth.
  24. We lived in FL for 10 years and have been to Disney several times but we only ate quick service food. We would usually just drive in for the day and food was never high on our list of things to do. Dd and I are tagging along on a work trip with dh in early March and the three of us decided we wanted to do Epcot and we would like to try out some of the better restaurants this time around. We usually just enjoy eating small bites here and there through Epcot but I thought one restaurant on site would be nice. Also, is the Spirit of Aloha luau worth it? I booked us for the night before Epcot but some of the reviews have me second guessing. So, what's your favorite sit down places inside Epcot? Where would be a nice place for dinner the night before Epcot (so not inside of one of the parks)? Also, dd's preference for food would be Asian or seafood.
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