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  1. Also I like the flow of the kitchen in this home (if stove were on the opposite wall.)
  2. I like galley kitchens. Spacious ones, but not so much so that people feel the need to install an island that breaks the function. Also a window or pantry at the far end, not wrap around cabinets and counters, because I hate corner cabinets and countertops.
  3. Is it possible that they were fundraising cookies for a cause she loved?
  4. DH got me a pretty pink bible and asked for me to learn scalp massage. I took the kids for valentine donuts this morning and gave them each a chocolate owl (It’s a play on our last name). My mil has been having a rough time since spinal surgery in October, and went in for a heart cath today. Kids made valentine cards and I made soup. Went over to walk thier dog and laid out the cards, soup tureen and some cheese, crackers and olives for when they returned.
  5. I know someone who went into contracting that makes me think there is truth in this. He is a friend, and a bit too unreliable as far as not missing days of work to hold an hourly job for long. He likes contracting because he can “set his own schedule.” Except that schedule barely makes him enough to survive. I so want him to grow up and get a job with a boss.
  6. This is mostly what I saw. I do have some sympathy toward non-Vaxxers. But the ones I’ve known have been more the delayed vax types. I do think we do too much too fast with babies, and a few unneccesary ones.
  7. Probably not super high protein, but this red lentil soup is delicious.
  8. I don’t find it surprising that there are people with no exposure to adoption. It’s not like people advertise it. In fact, it’s probably not healthy to bring it up at every opportunity. I only bring up my brothers adoption to explain the shocking age gap, or in conversations specifically about adoption. I’m willing to bet that if the woman in the supermarket started asking around with friends and family, she would find it nearer than she knows.
  9. My brother is adopted, as far as my dh goes, I don’t know of a single person in his extended family who has apopted, so his only real exposure is my brother (and a couple of kids at church).
  10. Huh. I thought this because my FB is not terribly active since it’s just family members and groups in involved in. I have no idea why it would shut someone out of newsfeed if there was constant activity!
  11. It happens when there’s nothing new since last time you checked. To Facebook, that surely means you don’t have enough friends! Whatever, Facebook.
  12. I did know that our pertussis vax is no good in adulthood. I’m glad you got a proper diagnosis. I switched docs after my last straw was depression/anxiety sent home as “your thyroid is normal, you’re just a tired mom of three kids, perfectly normal.” ☹️ Please switch, don’t reward sloppy work with loyalty.
  13. Back when we had a rental, I used TurboTax. Now that our taxes are simple, I just use the free fillable forms.
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