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  1. Yes, dh really likes the job, it’s been good for him in several ways. He’s going to update his LinkedIn profile and set it to an “available” status. But not actively look yet. It’s a small company with very recent tragedy with a boss (car accident resulting in her paralysis and loss of her dear friend in the passengers seat.). Dh understandably doesn’t really want to feel like he’s abandoning them all. On the positive side, DHs boss put together that DH has never contributed to 401k because we’re barely making it. No other reason. So he can think on that.
  2. No raises until February. No promise of one. Lots of good, positive affirmation of great work and being well-liked by co-workers, but that doesn't buy anything.
  3. Dh will be asking for a raise today. Since finding employment almost two years ago, we’ve been living on 20% less from pre-unemployment. It’s not sustainable. The delayed necessary expenses are coming due. Our kids have very little in terms of physical things and experiences. We have each other, but amid stress, shame, and delaying real needs, that’s not quite enough. Please pray for a raise. I’ll pray for the rest of you facing similar circumstances.
  4. Maybe you just need a mother’s helper? Sounds like you can swing it financially?
  5. What rug? I’ve been looking for something nice-ish, cheapish, 7x9ish.
  6. Word of warning, this tip organizer is junk. You are much better served with an embroidery floss organizer from the craft section.
  7. You want a turntable, a leveler, a scraper, and more featherweight bags than you think you need with an equal number of couplers. You need pictures of the first few cakes you want to try so that you can buy all of the tips you’ll need for those. I’m not a fan of starter kits, because they add unnecessary items and leave out better choices, I think so that you’ll still have to buy some individual items.
  8. We have the same in-laws. Well, mine are not as much dollar store givers as random tourist trinkets from their travels junk. (Probably made in China anyway!). Now that the kids have ideas about what’s a well chosen gift and dropped a few unguarded comments, My in-laws now give them $20 cash for their birthday. They’ve GOT to know how little that buys, right? I wish they’d ask me. They never do.
  9. I can’t speak to new Speed Queens, but I hope my old one NEVER DIES.
  10. One apple, one blueberry and one layered pumpkin cheesecake pie.
  11. Would if I could. I do plan on getting a warm winter coat in the after Christmas sales. Mine was a two piece outer layer and inner fleece layer. I somehow lost the inner layer so now I’m wearing a sweater and the shell. Not ideal.
  12. This is a fantastic argument. No one I know hasn’t heard about the devastating effects European diseases had on the Native American population. And most normal people are saddened by it. This is the same thing.
  13. This is bad news. I have a circa 2004 Cuisinart food processor. I use it a ton. Don’t die you Cuisinart! You’re irreplaceable!
  14. I’m enjoying this thread, but I wanted to address this question. We do get our children one Christmas gift per year, plus consumable stocking stuffers. They still get plenty. They have two sets of grandparents, one set gets them each a single gift, the other set a boatload random stuff, almost like they divided their budget per child amongst a variety of things, in hopes of something being a home run. They have a great aunt that gets them each a nice gift. And they have six aunts and uncles that will, at times, give Christmas gifts. They get plenty. If we tried to do 4 or 5 gifts per child, we’d be broke and overwhelmed. I am thankful for our extended family, and understand the 4 or 5 gift per kid thing in a situation where there wasn’t extended family like ours. Plus birthdays, don’t forget they get gifts at that day too, so it’s not like our children only ever get one gift from their parents per year.....
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