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  1. Well, I have about 100 sq ft of veggie garden space in my backyard. Right now there is garlic, kale and spinach in some state of dormancy before it takes off when the days get longer and warmer. There is volunteer lettuce and cilantro in there, but I don’t have much hope of it maturing before we get some serious winter weather. I have one grow light that I am impatiently waiting for lavender to germinate under. It’s week three and I have about six from a packet of 75ish seeds. Boo. I’m also germinating peppers, soon will be adding tomatoes. I want the lavender to hurry up so I can move it to the back porch/sunroom which is too cool for germination. At that point I’ll have the light for the tomatoes and peppers. I’ll need to wait until mid March to start anything else out on the back porch.
  2. I think you should try calling Fidelity. When I worked at our church as bookkeeper, we outsourced payroll, and those people (ADP) were quite conversant on all of it. They’re well trained.
  3. My dh sums up his attitude about HR departments thusly: Those who can, do. Those who can’t, work in HR.
  4. Can anyone recommend an online high school statistics course? Dh and I and Ds would like to supplement his math with stats next fall. I feel like we’ll need the accountability of an online (live or recorded) course. He will have all of the prerequisites I think, he will have completed math mostly through precalculus.
  5. I’m a fan of Red Star yeast. Also a flexible bench scraper and a lame is nice.
  6. Yes, if you do this, you’d have to claim the 3k as an exclusion, and the $250 per month deducted from your paycheck would be reported on your W2 (already excluded from taxable wages). The money should be available for you to use almost as soon as it hits your HSA account, and most HSAs these days give you a debit card to use at the doctor or pharmacy. The card draws directly from the account, so no paying cash and asking for an HSA reimbursement.
  7. You report your contribution on Schedule 2 of your 1040 as an exclusion from income.
  8. Our speech should set us apart, and anything meant to cheapen human dignity (F bomb, b***h, etc.) or cheapen our relationship with Christ should be off limits. Oaths should be taken seriously. However. The original Hebrew texts do contain some rather direct language. No mincing of words or being “delicate.” For example, in the account of Nabal refusing to aid David, David ended up wiping out his line by killing all of Nabal’s household that could, ahem, piss against a wall.
  9. I believe it’s true that we aren’t allowed to make meaningful adjustments to government policies and programs until the Boomers mostly die out. It’s frustrating to watch. Especially knowing that we will have spent our entire adult lives using everything trying to provide ourselves and our children decent healthcare and education, and will not have a financial safety net to fall back on when we are old. That generation dug us into a very deep hole.
  10. Rabbit trail, but my parents church has a secure box at the entry to the sanctuary in which to drop your offering. They present the offering with the singing of the doxology and prayer. There is no passing of a plate. I find this a better solution to the discomfort of having nothing to offer as the plate passes, simply because you give online or auto-draft.
  11. Does he have coverage on business interruption? Seems like this would be clear cut for him to get some payout on that.
  12. Yes.
  13. A statement of historical Presbyterian beliefs can be found in the Westminster Confession of Faith. Its an old document, full of theology, some of which has been modified in different ways and to a different extent by the various modern presbyterian denominations. In my church, elected leaders must be willing to uphold the Westminster Standards in order to continue in office. ETA: In all likelihood, the church you are showing started out as a congregation that was devoted to interpreting scripture a la Westminster, Heidelburg, Calvin, et al. It has probably evolved over the last 200 years to a congregation with a liberal "progressive" view of scripture.
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