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  1. Well, I just finished grading all four assignments from my "interesting" section. Seriously the worst group I've taught in twenty years.
  2. My oldest is graduating from business school in December, and he had some people on group projects like that. I was helping him with his resume and suggested that he talk about his group project that he did in his capstone class, and he said he might not want to. He reminded me that he did about 80% of the work on the project and had to scramble and then put in long hours to get the final project whipped into shape. He got an "A" in the class, but suspected that the others did very poorly in the end. One class member never showed up for the group Zoom sessions and contributed nothing until the
  3. I teach web development and multimedia. The classes are based on creating progressively more complicated web pages and media. Both have weekly homework to create different web pages and media focusing on certain skills. Both classes develop parts of a project all semester that is graded at midterm as a draft and then final at the end. Both are freshman-level classes for information technology majors. This is a nationally-ranked community college with strong transfer agreements and guaranteed admission agreements. That said, I get all kinds of students. There is no average student. I get everyt
  4. I've taught a STEM field for over twenty years at the community college level, so I get a wide range of students. Some are thinking they want to major in my field because of the money, and it's really not their thing from my side of the gradebook. My classes that started in August have been fine. They really aren't any different from previous years and semesters. But oh, boy! I have one that started on Labor Day, and I predict that half of the class is either going to drop or fail. They just aren't getting it. I did notice this morning that eight had dropped out of thirty so far.
  5. I teach online for a large community college and a private K-12 school. Both strongly discourage fill-in-the blank. Students should not be penalized for a space in the wrong place. My oldest (a graduating senior) said he had a fill-in-the blank quiz this week in college. When they had their weekly Zoom session, the student were livid, and the professor said she wouldn't do that again.
  6. Excellent! It goes so very quickly. It will be twenty for me next summer. Not long ago, a homeschool mom I know asked me for curriculum recommendations for middle school writing curriculum. Gosh, other than IEW, I really don't know what's out there any more!
  7. FWIW, one of mine has been exposed multiple times, and thus far has always tested negative. In one situation, he also had to take off his mask in close quarters for quite awhile, but in general he's very careful to mask and washing his hands. I was around a friend midweek at a distance in her house with no mask, and she got it four days later. To be sure, I self-isolated, but I didn't test (very poor health insurance at the time). So thankfully exposure doesn't always mean sickness. Not downplaying, but I think this is our new normal.
  8. We rent a 1980's split level. I'm almost positive that the washer and dishwasher are either original or from the early 1990's. Both have some minor issues but are going strong. The dryer was the same age I'm guessing but had a catastrophic failure last fall. The landlord brought one from another rental house. It's not a very good dryer, but it works.
  9. I've had it for some forty years. I use the NeilMed sinus rinse system, antihistimines, Symbacort, Floanase, and allergy shots. I use a CPAP which I think has had a positive effect because of the moisturized air from that. We are renting a carpeted house, and I know that it's not good for me because we had wood floors and a whole house filter in our previous house that we sold. Still, I haven't had near as much coughing as I did say 5-6 years ago. When I go into significant allergy situations, I take an additional antihistamine. When I worked in receiving at Macy's I always took one
  10. Yes, I have something similar with my quilting supplies. I paid more than that but got it at Dick Blick.
  11. One of mine was tested by the driving instructor, a nice man who was very picky nonetheless (fine with me). I didn't have the money for the driving instructor the second time, so I taught her myself. I had been encouraging her to go get tested because driving her several times a week to the college and elsewhere was getting really hard for me. Then one afternoon she decided this was it. She got an older lady who barked at me, barked at her, and then off they went. DD said she was strict but nice and complementary at the end. When they came back in, the lady said that I had taught my
  12. I've taught online for over a decade now at the community college level and am currently also teaching younger students online through one of the online schools. I believe that both professors/teachers have to work harder when educating this way for the benefit of the students. We need to be available in online office hours and via message/email. We need to be more responsible than ever. I work very hard to respond within hours if at all possible, and certainly within 24 hours. That requires a lot of effort on my part, but I'm very motivated about keeping in contact with my online student
  13. Yes, this is very interesting to me. My small church seems to go back-and-forth with how compliant they are with the indoor mask mandate. It wasn't good this Sunday at mine despite a sign on the door since June that masks are required per the state and multiple emails from the elders. There masks at the back of the church where the programs and such are. It will be good for a week or two, and then it isn't. As the morning goes on, people in that church tend to take off their masks. Now the speakers in the teaching hour no longer wear masks in a small building with poor air circulation. It
  14. The other issue is that death certificates are notoriously inaccurate at times. Often they miss all of the diagnoses that contributed to the death. In one study they said that 10-50% of them were wrong and/or incomplete. My small sample from family members certainly confirms that. One family death certificate listed terminal cancer of the X when he actually died of a stroke. It wasn't on the death certificate at all. From medical records that I requested because of an insurance issue, they didn't do an autopsy either. I couldn't tell how they determined that he had a stroke other than he
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