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  1. G5052

    Dang it! House selling glitch

    Yes, dealing with the contractors is part of the frustration. The painter we used was a bit free-form. He tried to change the times twice by calling me from the house, which was an issue because we had already moved. I had some set work hours from home too, so I couldn't just run over there like it was nothing. The realtor said to be there because he never writes anything down, and it was good to make sure he hit everything. In the end, he did a good job but did need two reminders of areas he needed to do. I was cleaning that day after some other work had been done, so it all worked out. He and his helper cleaned up nicely and were very polite. The septic contractor didn't smooth out the dirt as well as I liked, so I had to go over and pick out the rocks and use a shovel to make it flatter. Yes, we could have called him back, but it took me all of 15 minutes when I needed to mow that day anyway and needed it flat. The plumber was good, and I was already there waxing the cabinets. However, when I was checking a week later, I noticed that he hadn't vacuumed under the sink and stove where he worked. Good thing I still had the shop vac there. The general handyman was great. He used the lock box and cleaned up after himself each time. One time that he was there, I was getting ready to mow couldn't start the lawn tractor, and his helper jumped for me and didn't put that on the bill. I later found out that he was actually a licensed contractor and had built the realtor's home, but had stepped back to a handyman business because he didn't want to work as much. The countertop people were great too. They were a little late, but were very organized and finished on time. I was impressed with their efficiency and how they cleaned up. Oh, what a process though. At times I find renting so much easier because I'm not in charge of that type of thing. The house we're renting is worn and needs work, but mostly we just leave it as-is. One of my oldest's friends did come over to install more fire detectors and a new bathroom fan, but the landlord paid for the materials and gave me a break that month.
  2. G5052

    Gymboree is closing

    Ah, that's too bad. I never bought their stuff new, but received some as gifts and had some I found at used clothing sales. It was my favorite brand when mine were little. Traditional retail is just plain struggling.
  3. G5052

    Dang it! House selling glitch

    Here, the housing market is chilly in January and February, so I wouldn't stress about it. I know that once you decide to sell, you want to get it moving. I was that way. But some delays are inevitable, and you want the house to show as well as possible. Our buyers wrote a letter and said that they fell in love with it before seeing it from the pictures online. I was thankful that our realtor had suggestions on staging and knew how to direct the photographer for the best shots.
  4. G5052

    Dang it! House selling glitch

    These things always have hitches, don't they? I'd wait on the windows, if it was me. My realtor said that her goal is always to have the house 100% as soon as the listing hits because the best offers come in the first week. Our market last year was lukewarm. I wanted to get ours on the market last year in mid-April, but it took two weeks to get the last of the painting done (one bathroom and some touch-up) and a crack in the basement fixed. And yes, the best offer came in the first week. We had to wait on the septic inspection and then a septic repair, but closed seven weeks later.
  5. G5052

    What do you serve soup in?

    I have an aunt who is the ultimate hostess, and she owns a tureen that she always says will be mine one day. I will use because it was hers, but I've otherwise never owned one and don't plan to buy one. I usually do soup in the crockpot or Instant Pot, and just put those right on the table. LOL.
  6. Yes, call NOW. Years back I had a horrible time finding a site for an AP Latin exam when I called in January. I live in a major metropolitan area with public schools who teach Latin and a good number of private schools. The local public school offers Latin, but doesn't do the exam. The one public school system within 30 minutes that offered it actually had a December deadline that I missed. No other schools close by offered it. I called about a dozen private schools, and nearly all either didn't offer it or didn't offer it to outsiders. One Catholic school would for a $150 fee and a fee for a criminal background check if I would also sit outside the room for the entire time in case they had to stop the exam. I didn't feel good about their attitude, but I guess something bad happened to justify it. We ended up at a school over an hour away that I found because I emailed the director of a cottage school there. Mine was the only one. The next year they stopped offering exams to non-students outside the county. Otherwise we used the local high school. Registration was in February and payment was required then.
  7. G5052

    TA experiences? (updated in OP)

    I loved theoretical math and computer science and focused on that in graduate school. My dissertation (never finished) was on an algorithm for a "pretty good" solution to a mathematically unsolvable problem. I really did NOT like sitting in my office all day programming. Teaching is my thing.
  8. G5052

    Need chapstick recommendation

    Yes, my dermatologist recommends Cerave Healing as well and gave me a little jar for my purse that I refill from a tube. In many ways, her skin is just like mine, and we've found that what works for her works for me. I use it on my lips and rough spots all over. I've found it to be better than Vaseline.
  9. G5052

    RA experiences?

    I did this before cell phones, and we didn't have pagers. We didn't have a reception area in the dorms that was manned. We had one person on-call from 6pm-8am during the week after the housing office closed and then weekends. Each RA had to spend a certain number of hours in the housing each week. Our schedule took into account evening labs and weekend field trips/labs. I had to stay in my room when I was on call and call security if I was going to be at all unavailable by phone. I had to call them if I went to eat or took a shower and got 30 minutes for meals. But I didn't have to stay awake. It was normally quiet during the week and then crazy on the weekend, but we shared the load. No one was on call for more than 24 hours during the weekend.
  10. G5052

    RA experiences?

    I was an RA a million years ago and then was the head RA at my undergraduate school. For me, it was a great job. I got a free room and a monthly stipend that covered nearly everything else when added to my summer job. I took on additional work editing papers and doing security guard work at campus events and graduated with no debt. That likely wouldn't happen now because high education is more expensive than ever. I am a people person and am not afraid of dealing with difficult people. The RA training was thorough, and I had been a summer protection officer with the National Park Service, so I had some law enforcement background. The tough part is of course the work. The school I went to was a "party all weekend" school, so the students were wild at times and hard to deal with. There were students who committed suicide and who attacked me with no provocation. There was an RA who was fired after the students in his dorm did $10,000+ damage while he partied with them. There were rapes in dorms and some other things I wish that I could unsee. The majority of interactions were positive though, and the Dean of Housing was very experienced and competent.
  11. G5052

    TA experiences? (updated in OP)

    FWIW, math is one of the few fields that community colleges in my area always are looking for full-time professors for. They want college or high school math teaching experience and at least a master's degree. The math department head at the community college my kids attend was a high school department head who taught calculus and such, so she was well-qualified of course. My undergraduate degrees were in math and computer science, and I teach web design at the community college level. I love that type of teaching, but full-time jobs are few and far between here. I've been part-time for twenty years. It was good supplemental income for a long time, but we are barely getting by now on that and other work that I have. You really can't support yourself being an adjunct. When I was an undergraduate, they gave me an undergrad TA job where I graded and tutored in the math department on an as-needed basis. No tuition break, but it did pay well for 10-15 hours a week. I did junior-level classes that only math and computer science majors took.
  12. I work for a major bricks-and-mortar department store with an online presence, and this is completely within their policies. At times I pick internet orders for them, and probably 15% of the orders involve ordering multiple items with the intent of returning things. Yesterday I had an order of three evening dresses of the same size. Likely the customer is planning to return two of them. When I pick something, I am supposed to do a thorough inspection to make sure that it is clean and complete. Then the packing people do the same process. There has to be some integrity on the side of the store. The store is picky about returns. Everything must have tags on and be unused and clean. You have to use their credit card or have a receipt. I've seen them refuse things that were clearly worn or were missing the tags and turn away people who used a different credit card and didn't have a receipt. They have to draw a line that works for them. When I've returned things in person, they take their time examining them. Even though I work there, they follow the policies, and I understand that.
  13. G5052

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    I also went sleep deprived for years because of the snoring and moving around at night. Even when he finally got a CPAP, the moving around meant that I got maybe 4-5 hours of sleep a night. When we went on vacation and had to share a bed, I knew that I wouldn't sleep much. Eventually I also got a CPAP because my asthma was affecting my nighttime breathing. Weight loss didn't resolve it for me. The husband of a friend commented that he got a CPAP for his wife when I got mine. It came up because he commented that I looked more rested. That's when I realized the truth of what EKS said. I should not have been the one to suffer for so long.
  14. G5052

    Go Fund Me and taxes

    Yes, that's what they do. They have a benevolence fund that people give to. Whether they designate it or not, the church decides in the end.
  15. G5052

    Go Fund Me and taxes

    This: Our church encourages people who want to give people financial gifts to designate the funds and write a check to the church. Then the church treasurer writes a check to the individual. That prevents all kinds of tax issues, apparently.
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