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  1. Yes, I hear you. Most of the local groups in my area have shut down. I do have female friends that I talk to a lot during the week, but I wouldn't mind having a more mixed group to do things with. I think if it ever happens for me, it will be because of a long, slow association. My young adults live with me, but I need my own friends and adult conversation. I also know people who have married through the apps, but I also know people who did it for awhile and said NEVER again. Too many weirdos and people trying to hide things!
  2. We did Embark for our mutt two years ago. We were really tight that Christmas, and my kids said to make it a priority, so that was our family gift for 2018. The rescue said she was a beagle/German shorthair pointer. Nope. She's a spotty mostly beagle/boxer which makes a lot more sense. She has the neck and shoulders of a boxer and is bigger than a beagle, but her face and scent hound behavior is very beagle. She's more compliant than most beagles. I took the results to our vet, and he said that the science is still developing, but he had the tech scan the results for her record. Th
  3. We're ordering smoked turkey breast from a barbeque place, and then we're doing just a few of our favorite sides and one pie. Several people invited us, but I'm wary of group situations because of raging COVID in our area. I have two friends who are sick right now with it. We've done the big Thanksgiving with friends, and a small family celebration like we are this year with just immediate family.
  4. We had some money put aside but ended up having them start at the community college. In my state the community colleges are very well thought of and have solid guaranteed admission agreements with competitive four-year schools. My older one got scholarships at the community college that paid most of his tuition. My younger one did not get scholarships, but it was very affordable. Then they transferred to a competitive four year that they were commuting to when COVID hit. Both went Guaranteed Admission, one into a very selective field that would have been hard to transfer into without tha
  5. I'm not going to share the details here, but I've had occasion to hire multiple lawyers in the last few years for family issues. All told I've worked seven in the last five years including four who were nationally ranked attorneys in major metropolitan areas. All were complete professionals and had good paralegals, FWIW. But GOSH, they are assertive, speak-their-mind people. I'm a professional educator, and it's a different set of skills to work with an attorney, particularly a high-powered one. They want quick responses and decisions. They have strong opinions and need to be argued with
  6. A consideration for those looking at colleges now and those of us with kids in college. https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2020/11/17/higher-ed-job-loss/ Mine are home, 100% online. They drastically cut back operations at the placement office, and my graduating senior has largely been on his own for job hunting. My younger one has a job with the college writing center that seamlessly moved online. Otherwise we haven't observed any changes. I'm an adjunct at a different college with higher priority than many because I have 20+ years in the state system. Before the pandemic,
  7. It really varies a lot. In my cohort in graduate school, most were going for an M.S. and a few for a PhD. I decided to get just an M.S. after a major showdown with my dissertation advisor. The head of the graduate program tried to convince me to switch to him, but I just took my degree and went off on a paid sabbatical that I lined up. I ended up staying there and never went back to my original employer. Everyone else going for a PhD finished. All of the M.S. people finished, and one who got their M.S. took off a few years and then went back and got their PhD. For me, getting an M.S
  8. I was looking for an update and glad to see that he's at least getting interviews. I aggressively looked for over a year, using mostly LinkedIn and Ziprecruiter. I had some good interviews, but no final offers. In every case where I was in the top 2-3, they hired someone who had previously worked for them. In one case they gave me a verbal offer, and then hired someone who applied the very day I got a verbal offer. It was someone who had interned with them some years before. What can you do? I ended up doing mostly contract work like you are which has it's downsides, but it's income
  9. I'm sorry that you lost your mother and are having to make these tough decisions. I agree with others that you have to look at this as a big picture decision, not just what you would do in pre-COVID days. We went to a funeral last week, figuring that they were not going to be careful. They were not. My younger one and I both have asthma. We went masked to the visitation only and then left at the same time as a family friend was headed out because they also were uncomfortable. None of the family members of the deceased were masked at all. My oldest stayed for the service and then was a pal
  10. Yes, we've been looking. I told the realtor "around" 2000 sq ft. My college kids live with me in a rental house that size, and I don't anything bigger. I also want my bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen all on one floor. I'm figuring that one or both will be gone in the next 1-3 years. There are houses like that in my area, but they don't come up on the market that much. So we're waiting. This is likely the last house I'll ever buy, so we want to do it right.
  11. I offered that at 12. She initially did fine keeping them clean but then got an infection. Certain piercing techniques are more prone to infection (gun versus a needle with a trained professional). She had a second piercing done on her ear with a professional in January, and it healed perfectly. We went to a piercing studio.
  12. I wear earrings on Sundays, and not at all during the week. I teach live online, and earrings and headphones aren't a good mix for me. I've tried. No sign at all of them closing up. I actually went a year without wearing them at all, and it made no difference.
  13. I don't know that there is really one best program out there. I used IEW through middle school until they were writing fluently and correctly. Then in high school they mostly wrote a LOT, and I critiqued a LOT. One of mine took AP English Composition from PA Homeschoolers with Mrs. Inspektor her junior year and then was one of her T.A.'s the following year. She's an English major with a focus on rhetoric and professional writing and plans a career in proposal writing or technical writing. She works at the college writing center. The other did the research paper class through Lukeio
  14. Wow! I'm sooo impressed. LOL.
  15. When my kids were applying for scholarships and such, I actually gave them a scrubbed recommendation letter that I wrote for a college student of mine. I took out the names and reworked parts of it of course. Basically I explained where and how I knew them, and then gave some positives I saw in them. I closed with something positive. I made sure to include my name and how to contact me if they had questions. If a college student asks me for a recommendation, and I don't feel good about that, I refuse. I've had a few ask who were frankly less-than-stellar students with bad attitudes
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