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  1. I'm looking too. I tend to make biscuits or cornbread.
  2. I've always been pro-vax, although we saw a ped doc when mine were babies who offered doing only one at a time. It was more office visits, but I was fine with that. I understand that the practice no longer does that though. When I started homeschooling, I thought that everyone should homeschool all the way through. How naive of me. Among those we knew when we started, only a few went to the end (we did). I homeschooled for both religious and academic reasons. My college kids have thanked me over and over. They are both excelling in college, thankfully. Both have faith-based observations on their studies that encourage me that it was all worth it. Theologically, I've grown more appreciative of other viewpoints and traditions. I'm part of an informal group of ladies who are mostly older than me who go to different churches who have expanded my thinking. They have a level of hard-won experience that I've needed at this point in life.
  3. Yes, that was my assessment too. In many ways, CC demotivated my oldest. He knew how little the tutor really knew, and his peers weren't into it. The tutor didn't care if the kids did their work, and so mine said he didn't care either. I had to really ride him. I didn't care if no one read the assigned book but him or that the Latin tests were open book. He had different standards. After that we did online classes and classes where I wrote custom curriculum for him, and he had to work his tail off. He's not in a STEM field, but he's majoring in accounting with a minor in business analytics at a top-20 school. It's a tough program. I can't imagine where he'd be if we had stayed. We quit after my younger one did Challenge A. It was a good bridge for her, but we decided to accelerate her at that point and graduate early. She also did tougher, deeper work that CC assigned. She's a sophomore in liberal arts now and has thanked me over and over for taking her out of CC. It really wasn't advancing her writing skills and the Latin wasn't challenging. She graduated with four credits of hard, memorization-based Latin and has done beautifully with college-level Spanish, which is memorization-based too. In our experience at least, the CC program we were in wasn't a good path towards liberal arts either.
  4. Yes, this is very important. My older one is in the Army National Guard while going to college, so he needs a card where he handle an emergency when he is away with drill or training. His laptop has a warranty through the college which includes a loaner, but they require a $500 deposit to fix the computer which they refund when you bring the loaner back and pick up yours. There are times that his bank account has less than that, believe me. As they start going further afield, they need to be able to cover larger purchases if necessary.
  5. Mine are in college now, but Classical Conversations came to our area when the youngest was in 1st grade. We enjoyed it for grade school, but phased out after that beyond Challenge A. And one-by-one, we watched the local activities dwindle and some homeschool groups shut down. It was really discouraging. I understand that one group that we were in is still going on as an email networking group, but the others are no more. Mine got by with friends from church but did better in college where you have a broader group of people available.
  6. Yes, I've learned the same. Last month I messed up on the date of an appointment at my allergy doctor, and they just rescheduled it. I'm there almost weekly and always pay my bills on time, so they forgave it. The local ortho doc/PT office is very understanding about weather cancellations. Once they told me, "Yes, cancel. We don't need more business, and the roads are very icy." I once had to cancel one of DH's appointments with them because he was in the ER. No problem.
  7. This has been around for awhile. I remember reading about it about five years ago. We went overseas two different summers where we had to buy a lot of gear that had to fit perfectly, and I returned probably a dozen things each time. Then a few years later, we moved and put in curtains from Amazon at the rental house. This house has all different-sized windows, and we need more privacy. So only one set was moved. We did pretty well, but I returned probably ten sets of curtains for color and quality issues. Since then I've returned a sweater and a skirt for size issues, and a trash can because they sent it without the lid. Nothing from them. I'm still on Prime.
  8. Mine did Sonlight through 6th grade, then Classical Conversations, and then Omnibus. My older one did the online classes and the younger did them locally with one of the Veritas teachers. They did Omnibus 1-4 for high school. My older one took the CLEP Western Civ exams and got out of two semesters of history. They loved it and still talk about certain books they read. My older one is a senior accounting major, and my younger one is a sophomore English major. They were well-prepared for college.
  9. I hear you. My younger one is transferring under a guaranteed admission agreement, but I'm watching it. All of the transcripts are in, thankfully. We had all kinds of issues with my oldest when we did that. April came and went, and it wasn't on my radar because of an ongoing family crises, and then summer came. Then we both realized that he hadn't been admitted! So we had to beg and plead and finally got him admitted in late July. Ultimately it was a glitch in their system. Needless to say, his course schedule was pretty bad. He could only get 12 hours in his major, so he took another 3-hour fluff class so he would have 15 hours for his program. This time we're going to jump on it as soon as she's admitted.
  10. In our area, the shelters are actually quite good, and they have an excellent transitional housing program where they work with them as a group on budgeting, job training, local resources for health/counselling, etc. I have a friend who volunteers quite a bit with the transitional housing program.
  11. I like the way it looks. I work for a major department store, and I love how it is displayed there. Too heavy though. I replaced a 1970's Corelle set with more Corelle. I like it.
  12. I had a bachelor uncle who was a hoarder. We had to hire someone to clean out his house when he died. There were rooms stacked to the ceiling. I think a lot of it was that he grew up very poor. He saved everything and anything. He also battled depression his whole life. He was a hard worker and successful in his profession, but struggled away from work.
  13. My first was a summer baby, and it was so tough those last months. I worked in the city in building with poor air conditioning. I actually begged the doctor for a medical excuse in the end because I couldn't take it any more. So I went out on maternity leave two weeks before my due date. The only concern with my winter baby was weather. It was a high risk pregnancy, and I worried about a bad storm that might make it hard to get to the hospital. It all worked out though.
  14. One of mine was leaning that way, but I said that a 4-year degree had to be practical in our family because of the time and money involved. He didn't want to teach, so that was that. My younger one is an English major, but she's focused on professional writing and rhetoric and will have intern opportunities.
  15. Yes, my vet likes them, but we didn't buy again once the season was over for that reason. I had to user pliers to pull the end through again while my son held the dog still. My beagle loves the mud, and then she frets over her fur. So we have to put her in the bath. It's not issue in the winter, but here comes March...
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