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  1. USF is the other University he's trying after. Our local college (community college that have BS degrees) is mostly online. He wants to live in the dorms whatever university he goes to.
  2. Yes, that's why he wants to go there. The other school is USF- information Architecture BSAS. So a well know school but an obscure degree. He wants to be a unicorn in the web development field working with making databases currently. Most likely freelance but I don't want to make it so he HAS to be a freelancer. Either school is very flexible classes wise so either would fit his goals. All the jobs he has looked at require a bachelors degree in a computer related field. Currently he has a mix of computer programming, art, and web development classes. He wanted a school that would continue to let him develop this way. So he's very limited in schools. He also has the ability to get an interdisciplinary studies BS from other schools but I think it'd be harder getting a job with an IDS degree. There's not a lot of students in the CS degree but that's a plus for us. Unless they're unable to find jobs. At this point he's wavering between just wanting to get it done and going for graduate school. It'll come down to whether he likes college and debt. He doesn't want to be in supervisor role currently. He's not a fan of the local college because it's mostly on-line. So he needs in person classes.
  3. How would we do this?
  4. NCF has computer science under their Natural Science. He doesn't want the excess courses in science and math that ABET require. He wants to finish in 2, maybe 3 years and not have to restart like he would have to do with an ABET degree. He plans to go into database programming and/or web development. Cost wise it's about the same for the ABET degree as non-ABET degree. I think the ABET degree will open up more doors but the format and size of NCF is tempting.
  5. Computer Aided drafting: Industrial design Product design Classes in solid works, revit, inventor free software
  6. What does she need to finish an AA? We did a subject based transcript also. AP English and English 101 are redundant because if she scores well on the AP she'll get credit for 101.
  7. It's probably to late for the fall but he can get ready for the spring.
  8. There's only UCF and FSU are both ABET accredited and "Best Undergraduate Teaching". Neither school my son is interested in but I will talk to him.
  9. I didn't see that. I saw the LAC rank. it's not ranked under "Best Undergraduate Teaching". Programs and living learning communities cost more on top of tuition. If he does get into and goes to the big university he'll look for a professional club. Currently he's leaning towards NCF.
  10. It's not ABET accredited, why would that end your interest?
  11. He will get bright futures but because he's enrolling with an AS instead of an AA it will take him longer to complete then his other school he's applied to.
  12. Miguelsmom


    Does anyone have experience with New College of Florida? My son’s now looking into it as it’s untraditional and he thinks that maybe where he wants to go even if it could take him 4 more years. He’d be going for a concentration in computer science possibly with a slash in game art. He likes that it’s small (before that was a negative thing), we like that it’s a pass/fail system, he worries about the food as the reviews are negative, he likes there’s 3 people to a small room, and he likes that you take 5 classes but only have to pass 3. I worry about job prospects with such a small school, that even though it’s SACS accredited it’s a liberal arts school so transferring would be difficult, the difficulty of an honors college, doubling the amount in loans, having no GPA at the end of schooling. I also have a problem that Programming and Database analytics is offered at our local college so he could go there with no debt. So NCF has 800 students vs. the University with over 30k students. He wants the college experience both will give him a vastly different one. How do you choose it’s like comparing apples to oranges? Both will cost about the same per year so either is doable. He won’t get his acceptance/rejection letters until October.
  13. Yes, he has to do an addendum. They said because it is now it it shouldn't negatively effect his application.
  14. I didn't know this. That helps a lot.
  15. They said they will but nothing is in writing. It's a transfer degree so it wasn't an option to select originally. They have no extra entrance requirements accept having an AS. I just asked him and he has no idea. He'll probably stay with his current major (if he likes the school) or transfer back to our local college for his BS. If he does not get in he will continue to try to get in while staying at our local college.
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