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  1. Yes I would push for another evaluation. Sit down and document all your concerns from newborn to now. The more information the dr has the better.
  2. We do 6 hrs productive work. Which can be almost anything. It's broken up into 3 hrs school/ 3 hrs internship. After that he has 3 hrs screen / computer time. He's in dual enrollment. My son picked up enough grammar to get an A in college English. We did daily grams when he was younger.
  3. I'll have him call around tomorrow. He would be getting on on campus job to pay for books, gas, food, extras already. He would not be able to live on campus working 10 extra hours a week. That's only $85/week. He can't do food service. We are hoping he gets an internship this summer that leads to a part-time job during the year. We just can't swing living on campus.
  4. Sorry I wasn't clear. College 1 does include bus University 2 is Just tuition and fees x credits needed to complete the degree. So a car, gas, expenses would have to be worked in but he'll eventually need those things anyway.
  5. City driving He would commute with his dad and/or take the bus he wouldn't be able to afford $600+ a month. I would assume so just to be safe. he is but not full that's how much it would cost for credits he has left to take not our cost. Yes Yes, he's not interested in any of the club's offered except 1. I'm not sure. They each do have placement services. It's really nice except the rainy session.
  6. I would say yes because he wanted dorms but they're unaffordable.
  7. My son wants to be a web developer but all the jobs in the area require a Bachelor's degree. He already has his AS degree in web development. We can only afford 1 of 2 Schools. College 1: Estimated time to complete 3 years. Program: Programming sub plan. Skills: broad Commute time: 30 min each way Road type: local Student life:less active Car: not required Cost: $11k University 2: Estimated time to complete 2.5 years. Program: Information Architecture Skills: specialized Commute time: 1 hr each way Road type: highway Student life: More Active Car: Required Cost: $15k
  8. Can you get a neuropsychology exam for him? A good therapist can help with relationships.
  9. I just read the OP. My son is/was like this. We took a list of highest paid Associates degree and what our local Community college had to offer. We gave him a list of possible majors and told him to pick one. Then we paid him $40 for an A and $30 for a B per 3-4 credit course. He did not pick a major, so we took him into account when we picked Web Development for him. We explained that just because he doesn’t like school doesn’t mean he doesn’t need training for a field. He starts his final semester next spring and he’s a 3.19. He’s a senior now going back and forth on whether he wants to continue on after he graduates high school. He would have about 2.5-3 years to do for a Bachelors and only 2 years if we had chosen an AA degree. The reason we chose an AS degree is we were / are unsure about whether he would continue on after high school and he needed a career. You also have the option of a trade school if they do dual enrollment. As far as his day is structured he has 6 hrs of productive work, meaning almost anything and 3 hrs of computer/screen time a day.
  10. Will she agree to therapy? Even online therapy?
  11. Look into a partial hospitalization program. That way She will not be able to isolate. Thank-you for posting this, there are families going through the same thing.
  12. Is there a community center, art museum, Co-ops that have art classes? I really think she needs to be taken out for the year. Maybe ask her favorite teachers if they'll tutor after school. Let her focus on her art. Remind her she can sit for the AP tests. Remind her she is important and her future will be there when she reaches it. That you can help her reach her goals. That taking time off to heal and self care is a strong adult thing to do.
  13. Can I be invited? I have a 17 yr old dipping his toe into adulthood.
  14. All my son's major classes are online and 8 weeks. He hates it. That's how all the upper level BA classes are too. Even though staying would be the most cost effective solution he's planning his escape after getting his AS degree. He's failed a class because he was lost after the first week and by the time office hours were available he was too lost to catch up. He has to retake the class but it's the last 8 weeks, same teacher, still online and the tutors we have found do not know the language well. So he's still in the same position as the first time,
  15. 5 credits * 3 hours outside class per credit * 16 weeks= 240 hours outside class time then divided by numbers of weeks in class. That's the average time they expect a student to spend a week on class.
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