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  1. His scholarship pays for half tuition for one semester of grad studies. So I would like that to be a full grad course load vs. 2 classes. So the extra classes would be 400 level courses.
  2. His degree will be in information. They do accept spring semester. I don't feel he's competitive . He may do research last semester if things calm down. Beyond GPA and personal projects he doesn't have a lot. He gets along well with professors and has multiple classes with the same professors. So his LOR should be strong if he does that and research. His major doesn't allow for a double major but may allow for extra class. However his scholarships may not. We need to find out. He wants to have a list of questions before he talks to his advisor again. I have no idea how different the prog
  3. Would you encourage your child to graduate a semester early? He wants to go on to graduate school. It would cost him about $1,000 more to graduate a semester early. Internship isn't happening this summer. After this semester he'll have 18 credit to graduate. 1. If he goes to school this summer he'll only have 12 credits his last semester. What are the pro/con of getting into a graduate program in the spring semester? 2.He can take 2 extra electives and make 18 credits last two semesters. I think he has to still talk to his advisor. He may not be able to take classes that are no
  4. Thank you everyone it is in a STEM program. He's just unsure he wants to take out loans for the program. He's torn between wanting to stay around this area or get the degree he wants. He wants to work with Databases in AI field but being a phd @22 with debt he's weary of. He's thinking a masters certificate then working part time or on stand by. At this point any education he decides is just icing on the cake.
  5. We choose between Community College and a local University because of scholarships and living at home we didn't have to take out loan. However most students have loans. I'm lucky enough to live in a state that has low tuition. If you are low enough income there are grants and work study as well as loans, and scholarships. You want to apply to schools that he's a top student. Then apply to all scholarships possible. I like the book debt free degree and podcast borrowed future. If he's a junior he may be able to get his associates degree before graduating high school. Hopefully that
  6. I couldn't read the article. My son's University is closing down some full colleges, combining schools, slashing ~37 mil from their budget. My son is 100% online and home for his full degree. I'm worried they'll cut his program so I'm watching this closely. It sucks this took away his chance to have a college experience but I'm hoping they let their juniors finish their degrees. I'm worried about what this means for education in the future. Their plan will be released by the end of the week and I'm concerned both for the students and teachers.
  7. Is there any downside to doing a combined degree besides or should he do graduate certificate to MS degree to a PHD based on what he can fund out of pocket?
  8. Look at interdisciplinary degrees also. They may be able to substitute the class with a different class with approval. He'll have some hoops to jump through. Does he by chance have his work from the D class he may be able to dispute it for a higher grade. Is he taking it with the same teacher?
  9. What state are you in? Does your son have an AA or AS degree? What year is your son in? My son was looking into FAU, and FSU. He ended up going elsewhere in a non CS but tech related field also online. Does he plan on getting a MS degree?
  10. Would the next step from Beast academy to Life of Fred be Algebra? Or is there another higher level math book that's comic style?
  11. We got very little done 8-1st 10th grade. What subjects don't cause his stress? What does he love?
  12. hat can we do to begin laying foundation for success? Schedules? Considerations? We moved to a 6 hour productivity schedule for school vs. a regular scheduled day. That way she can manage her work load on her own. We had my son volunteer 20 hrs a week vs. work because volunteering is more flexible. Will she have to work while at school or can she just focus on school and work in the summer? If she does then help her find a job (maybe vet clinic or draftsman?) How do we discern whether or not the U is a good idea compared to CC for her freshman year of college? Apply to al
  13. Look at the local Tech school, and udemy. Mess around with Adobe Suite.
  14. My son graduated in May. Our goal was to get him job ready. So he went after an AS degree. He decided to continue on after looking at availability of his profession. If he does not do the special program he'll transfer 42 credits in. If he gets into the special program they will take at least 60 credits. Either way he'll finish early.
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