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  1. My son graduated in May. Our goal was to get him job ready. So he went after an AS degree. He decided to continue on after looking at availability of his profession. If he does not do the special program he'll transfer 42 credits in. If he gets into the special program they will take at least 60 credits. Either way he'll finish early.
  2. thin drinks (ovaltine with 1% milk), pedialyte as juice, gatorade, danamals, juicy juice, v-8 splash (If you can get him to drink 8 oz he'll have a full serving of veg. and a half serving of fruit). He may drink more if it's thin. Home made mac and cheese with vegetable pasta. Offer food all day welches fruit snacks, gram cracker bears, dry cheerios. I would first focus on expanding his drink list and then expand his food list. child between ages 1 and 3 years needs about 40 calories for every inch of height.
  3. I would not have done FLVS. I would add financial class. I would not have done AP classes before 16. I would have done more math. I would have done more math. I would have kept the only structured classes as math and English.
  4. Match the course descriptions and take it to the department head of each section. Bring the highlighted course description from the old school and the new schools course description with his transcript. You may get some put in as (subject)1999 elective. This may count for anything from 1-3 credits.
  5. My teen has mood disorder, anxiety, asd and other issues. I have some mental health issues as well. Our secret to a happy / healthy life is a good support team for the whole family. Ours consist of an individual psychiatrist and therapist for each of us that share notes. General dr and pediatrician and case workers that all work together.
  6. I dropped out of school. School failed both myself and my husband. Preschool made it clear that public school would not work for my child. Later we tried virtual school and that just cemented my beliefs. I’m good with a portfolio review for progress but that’s it. Having an option to opt into reading or math interventions, occupational, physical and speech therapy would be great. However I think that would cause more people to homeschool. Most homeschoolers that I know can not afford to hire intervention if needed. So they work within their means.
  7. I'm on 2 medications and a prn for BP+, & GAD. I would say talk to your dr because for me when my ED flares more my BP+ or GAD is not under control.
  8. This is going to sound scary and I'm sorry. I made no progress on my eating disorder until I was on viibryd. I needed a low dose antipsychotic to get rid of the pesky ED voice and make me hungry. I still don't eat "regularly" but I maintain body weight. I eat 2 meals a day + snacks. All my therapist I've told I do not want to work on my ED issues. So we work on other issues as they resolve I get better.
  9. I ask what do you want to do first? If you made $200/day what would you do as a job? Tell me about your life when your 25? When my son first had no idea what he wanted to do we looked at the top paying AS degrees cross referenced them with what our local school had and picked one that combined art and computer. Check but I think if he goes to a trade school for a year he's still a first time in college. Our trade school has programming, and accounting. Our local college has music production certification. Can you pay out of pocket for either of those? You also have some options at job corp I would do a gap year in a trade. He'll be in a classroom with people he can investigate what he likes only use a computer when necessary. usually it's a couple of hours a day the rest of his time he can investigate what job(s) he wants. I spent a lot of time explaining the difference between a hobby and career. It's excellent your son has so many interests. Take a look at his interests as a whole and evaluate them as far as a career would go, Example: My son likes writing, computers, art, puzzles, helping, teaching, video games, Dislikes but is good at math. Hobbies: Game jams, RPG game master, modding, Computer art, instructional book writer Job: Programmer, Teacher, Text book writer, manager Current Degree path Programming certificate (+2 classes), Web development AS, Mathematics AA (+3 classes), software development BAS, Computer science MS. +5 extra classes gets an extra degree and certificate Hobby fixes: Art classes at community art center, Game jams, Writing clubs, RPG games There is also the option of an INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES DEGREE if he can think of a career that will use most of the skills he wants to learn. It's not uncommon to want to change your major after you have great, passionate teachers or some that suck but having the student realize that it was the quality of the teacher not the material is key. I also had my son take all the core classes before the GE when he could to keep him excited and in his major. ETA: My local public college has several scholarships that pay tuition, & books. They also have an honors college.
  10. My son has an echo and it has a 7 min workout that he does every 2-4 hours. He's about her size. He just started so we'll see.
  11. My parents are less then pleased and showing it.
  12. He did a 180 this week. He's decided to (most likely) go to our local college. Maybe their honors college. We're talking to his adviser tomorrow again. His new plan will take 2.5 years and prepare him for a masters in computer science if all goes right. I think in the end with the virus, giving his treatment team up, giving up friends, and all the change stressed him out. There will be no extra loans or anything because he will be living at home. He's been very vague on the why he made such a sharp change but we're supporting his decision.
  13. I've always done 30 min. per grade as a senior he's up to 6 hours of productive work a day be it personal projects or school work, year round. Most of his friends don't do close to that much work.
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