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  1. Look at interdisciplinary degrees also. They may be able to substitute the class with a different class with approval. He'll have some hoops to jump through. Does he by chance have his work from the D class he may be able to dispute it for a higher grade. Is he taking it with the same teacher?
  2. What state are you in? Does your son have an AA or AS degree? What year is your son in? My son was looking into FAU, and FSU. He ended up going elsewhere in a non CS but tech related field also online. Does he plan on getting a MS degree?
  3. My son did an Associate of science in highschool. He had some high school credits in middle school and he did at least 1 block scheduling class at home every semester and 2 in the summer. He also took classes during break and summer classes at the college. It sounds like a lot but we stuck to 6 hrs a day/4-5 days a week year round. I would see what classes you want them to take and work them into the schedule. College classes for my son didn't take nearly as long as his highschool courses. Though we did carve out enough time for the weeks that did.
  4. Would the next step from Beast academy to Life of Fred be Algebra? Or is there another higher level math book that's comic style?
  5. We got very little done 8-1st 10th grade. What subjects don't cause his stress? What does he love?
  6. hat can we do to begin laying foundation for success? Schedules? Considerations? We moved to a 6 hour productivity schedule for school vs. a regular scheduled day. That way she can manage her work load on her own. We had my son volunteer 20 hrs a week vs. work because volunteering is more flexible. Will she have to work while at school or can she just focus on school and work in the summer? If she does then help her find a job (maybe vet clinic or draftsman?) How do we discern whether or not the U is a good idea compared to CC for her freshman year of college? Apply to al
  7. Look at the local Tech school, and udemy. Mess around with Adobe Suite.
  8. My son graduated in May. Our goal was to get him job ready. So he went after an AS degree. He decided to continue on after looking at availability of his profession. If he does not do the special program he'll transfer 42 credits in. If he gets into the special program they will take at least 60 credits. Either way he'll finish early.
  9. thin drinks (ovaltine with 1% milk), pedialyte as juice, gatorade, danamals, juicy juice, v-8 splash (If you can get him to drink 8 oz he'll have a full serving of veg. and a half serving of fruit). He may drink more if it's thin. Home made mac and cheese with vegetable pasta. Offer food all day welches fruit snacks, gram cracker bears, dry cheerios. I would first focus on expanding his drink list and then expand his food list. child between ages 1 and 3 years needs about 40 calories for every inch of height.
  10. I would not have done FLVS. I would add financial class. I would not have done AP classes before 16. I would have done more math. I would have done more math. I would have kept the only structured classes as math and English.
  11. Match the course descriptions and take it to the department head of each section. Bring the highlighted course description from the old school and the new schools course description with his transcript. You may get some put in as (subject)1999 elective. This may count for anything from 1-3 credits.
  12. My teen has mood disorder, anxiety, asd and other issues. I have some mental health issues as well. Our secret to a happy / healthy life is a good support team for the whole family. Ours consist of an individual psychiatrist and therapist for each of us that share notes. General dr and pediatrician and case workers that all work together.
  13. I dropped out of school. School failed both myself and my husband. Preschool made it clear that public school would not work for my child. Later we tried virtual school and that just cemented my beliefs. I’m good with a portfolio review for progress but that’s it. Having an option to opt into reading or math interventions, occupational, physical and speech therapy would be great. However I think that would cause more people to homeschool. Most homeschoolers that I know can not afford to hire intervention if needed. So they work within their means.
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