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  1. Lanny Thank-you, he's looking at the program now.
  2. We're looking at commuting but the cost is around the same per year but that is an option.
  3. Frances after reading your post to him he's more determined to go. He wants to start with a 0 credit research project next semester if he can. He says he has no problem working in the field and volunteering and writing textbooks until a FT position opens up. As for foreign language I don't see him budging which is really where the extra time comes into play. I'm trying to look at this like it's once in a lifetime opportunity but I'm not thrilled with more debt on him then I can cover if he gets in a jam.
  4. It is unrealistic but he has opportunities to practice outside classes and opportunities to travel. He wants to use it as a jumping off point. I told him to take it at CC during the summer. He doesn't like that idea. He already has the required 2 years at high school level but he really didn't learn anything and still made good grades. I have no doubt he can become fluent with or without the 2 years of in class work.
  5. We're just going to go there. Talk to Financial aid, talk to his program adviser, the honors college, and the disability office. I'm getting shut down because I'm mom. We're going to have him clep his only in-person class, if he doesn't do honors. He's interested in doing honors because he'll be come fluent in 1 language or knowledgeable in 2 languages. He gets smaller classes (which doesn't matter if he goes online). He wants to build relationships with professors. All his IRL classes have been 97 or higher but he has unknowingly offended some online teachers which have affected his grade in some cases. So we're still working on e-mail/business etiquette. If he does on campus It'll be 2x a week so if need be he can come home for 3-4 days a week if he needs . He wants to create textbooks too but release them openly. So I count that as a hobby. Basically my son wants to be a professional volunteer/ low pay for educating low income adults but at the same time he likes the reward of money. So I don't know. That's why I'm having difficulty with paying extra. I'll tell him. He plans to work hard and keep up with technology. He doesn't think it's a simple job or that it's less hours. Yes that's why he wants a masters. If he was just going into the work force a bachelors is enough to start a career. . I'll have him look into it. Thanks.
  6. He wants no help from the disabilities office. I'm going to have him fill out the paperwork and go talk to them in person. There are single dorms but they're way more expensive and not in the halls he wants. Which sounds like he's being picky but he's trying to be courteous. I'm going to see what the disabilities office can offer. Can I ask what services the disabilities office has for your son? My son has built a series of rules in his head. He will only use his room to sleep. So he wants the smallest room with a roommate. He actually wants a roommate. I have my doubts he'll be a good roommate.
  7. I know it's impossible for everything to go smooth and I'm okay with that. I'm not going to be there to advocate for him as an adult and I'm good with that. I hope he has challenging classes. I'm paying for him to learn and to be honest CC is too easy for him. I want him to learn to handle conflict living with someone else. We know he'll take classes he doesn't like but we've reduced that with picking the best degree for him. He had to take classes he didn't like at CC too. I have not called the school myself but I have told him to call/email to ask x. I'm really not a hovering parent. I don't want him to get so overwhelmed he doesn't see a way out. I don't want him to leave his treatment team without good support and the idea that he'll have to pay $150+/month for the next 10 yrs kinda gets to me. Like someone said he can try for a semester taking 17 credits and drop down.
  8. Yes he does need more time to mature, people grow leaps and bounds at this age. He wants to help people and his idea is great. It's how to get paid for that enough that it makes college ROI okay and have him be able to afford managing a small space of his own.
  9. I assume we missed it because his FL status is still pending. We only found out he was in the honors program because HON showed up on his attributes.
  10. No he does not. Maybe he'll surprise me. He sucks at self advocating it's like pulling teeth to find out what he wants and he doesn't know what he needs. I'll look deeper into the requirements and have him ask. He thinks he'll teach 4 classes and survive. He's aiming for 360 take home a week to cover bills. I'm hoping he start at almost double that. Not as a teacher though. That's why loans for college have to be low. Currently No but that's why I want him to have the skills to pick up a second "side hustle" I'm not worried about class standing and taking a little longer but I do have to worry if 30 credits is required a year to keep his grants. He didn't receive a scholarship. BF hasn't been applied yet.
  11. Just that he has to be full time.
  12. Yes, 75% of his AS degree was online classes. He could take everything on line or he could be a transient student at the local CC for his GE classes. He could take classes at their other campuses. He wouldn't have a whole extra year of Spanish. If he's to take the classes on their campuses non-honors he'd have classes of over 200+ people. It doesn't but I'm trying to figure out finances. Yes he can Yes, he could, I'll talk to him about that.
  13. Please don't let it be your last post you guys are helping me think this through a ton. Web developer is more of a programmer then a web designer. He knows web design programs because of personal use but has more interest in the programming side. Now he could get a CS degree but that would be starting over (with 4 years to go instead of 2.) and get paid about the same because he'd be competing for the same jobs. Instead he could have his MSIT degree in 4 years. If he chooses to go on. However this is the cheapest fastest path to get a bachelors for him. I'm more concerned about getting him through with classes he likes/tolerates because if he doesn't he wont finish and then that's a ton of money. I've been asking what if you do X, what if you do Y and keep getting shot down. I want to be like what if I don't help you figure this out and you do it but that's a lot of $$ to waste because I'm frustrated. My goal is to get him out the cheapest fastest way possible with job perspectives. He wants the college experience as seen on comedy TV. If we do go down the route of taking out extra for that then EVERYTHING gets more complicated. I want him to have the best experience without massive debt. This would have been so much easier if he listened to his adviser and got both the AA and AS at the same time. I got his permission to add: He has ASD, sensory issues, ADHD, Depression, and other mental illnesses. So it's important this goes as smooth as possible. If he does go to the dorms he has to find and start treatment with a whole different treatment team. He doesn't do well with change, even good change. So he has to be 1000% on board.
  14. So I reminded him of the drop policy. That he'd have to take 15-17 credits if he wanted the option to drop a course due to bad grades or differences between him and the professor. He accepted my reasoning. So I guess it's just down to cost, and maybe a summer semester.
  15. I don't feel they are going to be any harder then regular university classes and I have my doubts they'll be much harder then the DE classes he took. I think they will be more engaging because there's less students and it's in person. I would rather him take GE classes that are easy A's so he can focus on his major and keep his scholarship. Honors college gives him what I was looking for: Small classes and what he's looking for good food, big school and clubs but he wants to know his professors. I don't feel I'm overestimating but I know he is. He has this idea of what it would be like to go away to college that I can't shake him of. It doesn't help that he's heard horror stories of how much more difficult Universities are then CC's from his cousin. Digging deeper it's not just honors college thing that he wants less classes. He just wants to take less classes in general to focus and get A's. So I think that added year unless I can talk him into trying 5 classes at this point the extra year is there regardless of honors or not. 😞 As for the money we're trying to figure that out. It's unrealistic that he would take the bus even 2 days a week, commuting costs about the same as dorms first semester then drops in price, then there's the dorms (off campus housing isn't an option for him.) Web development is a wide field. What he wants to do with it is not but with this degree he can get any web development job that requires a BS. It's not as specialized as it seems. He wants his MSIT though. I agree he should speed through. I wanted him to go this summer and next summer then just be done. He's not a kid that particularly likes "unnecessary" classes so that's why the BSAS program. That degree is not really in question. It throws programming in with web technologies. So he will know a lot of the programs CS students do, with databases, and web stuff. So he can be a programmer, or a web developer. He would have to learn C++, and C#. Even these classes seem like the 300-400 level of classes he's already taken. It's the closest degree we could find. Other degrees you could get into web development and it's broader but those degrees don't pay nearly as well or include lots of science and math which he has deemed unnecessary for his goals. He's really backed me into a corner as in what advise I can give him but I am bringing everyone's points to him. I'm not ignoring anyone's advise. My favorite option: Commute 2x/week to honors college and do transient student for the "global culture" requirement. Take 15 credits/semester + 6-9 in the summer and be done in a year and a half. Then if he wants do the MSIT or NCCC. That gives him 1.5 more years to figure stuff out.
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