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  1. Okay, cool. Thank you! I’ll go back and look at how many problems are missing.
  2. So I bought the BA 3A Guide and Practice books from a homeschooler a couple of years ago, and the first seven pages of the practice book are missing. I don’t know why I didn’t look when I bought it...I mean I did flip through to verify it hadn’t been written in. Anyway, now that my DD is finally ready for BA, I need to figure out if the missing pages are important enough that I need to buy a new practice book. So should we just read the guide, or should I buy a new workbook?
  3. I'm looking for support from fellow iPhone homeschoolers who use Siri shortcuts. I have a shortcut I'm trying to create that I'm stuck on, and I wanted to bounce ideas off someone who is familiar with creating shortcuts. I know that I can go to reddit or another forum. I will if I absolutely have to, but I prefer not to have to do that, because I'm very new to this, and all those people intimidate me quite frankly. So, can anyone help me?
  4. Quick question. Are they accredited? My daughter is most likely staying home this year, and when she goes back, I’d like for most of her homeschool classes to transfer to public school.
  5. I second popsugar. One of the trainers/participants in many of the videos annoys me (my issue, not hers), so I avoid them for that reason. But they’re decent workouts. One more thing I just remembered is that a lot of the videos are short. I remember having to stack a couple of videos to get a complete workout. They may have more options now.
  6. How do you download YouTube videos? Do you need to have the paid version of YouTube?
  7. I’m not familiar with those classes, but YouTube has so many videos. Also check out fitnessblender.com. They have free videos and programs (for a small fee). If it wasn’t for the bad WiFi connection in my workout space, aka garage, I’d be a loyal customer of theirs.
  8. They’re plastic, about 2 inches in length. Yes, but while the kids have “cleaned” that room for the past 7 years, it is the first time I’ve gone through, it thoroughly organizing it. So they could be from as long as seven years ago. Good idea! I mounted an extra command clip from Christmas on my nightstand to keep my phone charger within reach. I could use it to keep cords together if I never figure out where they belong. This is what I was thinking. My daughter’s cork board came with similar brackets. I just can’t figure what it would hang.
  9. Cleaning out the kids game room, I found these. I’m not sure if they’re important or can be tossed out. I’d love to chuck them, but I know as soon as I do, I’ll realize what they’re for and will regret it. The picture uploaded sideways. I’m on my phone and don’t know how to fix this. Sorry!
  10. I keep coming back to Math Mammoth after getting lured away by other programs. I used it when my oldest three were homeschooled 10+ years ago.
  11. II was just telling my husband that I can’t wait for the farmhouse fad to be over with. The market is over saturated. I do think it’s a good look, but it doesn’t work with the style of my house, and its popularity make shopping for other styles more difficult. My friend refurbishes pieces of furniture into the farmhouse-style and makes a pretty penny.
  12. They are ours. Mom is getting spayed as soon as possible. The white one is changing a little. It looks like she’s going to have grey ears and tail.
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