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  1. I got 3 months of Kindle Unlimited with my replacement Kindle, so I am spoiled for choice, yet still trying to get my library stuff done. This week I read two of a series by Michael Mammay that were fun: Planetside and Spaceside (the 2nd one was more of a novella). Will have to wait for the third, which is Colonyside. They are detective novels dressed in military space opera uniform, although the detective is more of a plodder and "disturb things and see what comes up" than a brilliant deducer. Kind of fun. Polyhymnia was my romance style muse...yes, I do prefer not to feel obliged to ski
  2. I am coming to this discussion late but thought I would contribute anyway. 8-) We were able to save, but only a bit. 529s for each kid amounted to about a year's worth of tuition (only) at a state school, so that had to be spread out carefully. My oldest wanted art college, and her portfolio earned her a partial scholarship there plus we chose the lower cost alternative, a non-for-profit school. The rest was made up with a CalGrant plus Stafford loan each year, plus some of her 529 plus legacy $ from her grandparents. As we moved her freshman year, she was going to be stuck with hous
  3. Late checking in for the new year! I am mainly a serendipity reader. Once I find an author, I try to read his/her books in order of publication. So I am still working on Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes, partly because they are pretty popular at my local library and I am not the only one to have them on hold. I also started a new series by Susan Elia MacNeal about a woman spy (Maggie Hope) in WW II who started out as Churchill's secretary (first book), saved a kidnapped princess (book 2), and via Berlin exposed the Reich's program for eliminating defective children (book 3). Now she's back i
  4. My oldest has really severe nut allergies. She has to avoid anything that *may have been processed* at a facility that also processes tree nuts or peanuts. As a result, most sunflower seeds/seed butters are off-limits for her too. Check labels carefully!! But she's OK with coconut products as long as there's no cross-contamination from tree nuts (or soy, she's allergic to that too). Can you use dried or roasted unsweeted coconut for crunch?
  5. @Dreamergal - your royal-watching and your recommendation inspired me to watch the latest season of the Crown, which I am now re-watching with my 20-something and almost-18er. It's given us some really good times, so thank you for that. Now I would like to find something a bit more in depth on Ms. Thatcher. And the girls are interested in finding out more about Mr. Churchill. Good outcome!!! I too am a read-posts but seldom-post - though I've done a bit more posting in this challenging year. I don't usually do the Bingo stuff, but as I read the posts I open up my library's overdrive and a
  6. When I was working f/t we ordered these by the box. Extra Fine. I love them!!
  7. Still enjoying the Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes novels....while crocheting a cancer hat for a friend who's dealing with chem....3rd woman this year in my age group who's faced with this crap. As long as the pattern is simple and repetitive and I have the book on my kindle, I'm good. The other reason I am FOCUSED on crocheting is that my husband has attacked my bookshelves. Yes, they needed clearing the dusting....but he is making a HUGE mess, insists on single-shelving (I am the opposite on that one!) and can't understand why I still hold onto picture books. If I go in there, I won't be
  8. My husband is a bit of a table tennis (well, ok, ping pong) aficianado. We have to watch game videos. He used to teach TT classes through our local parks & rec dept. He has our table outside on the back deck....automatic social distancing when his friends come over! And during our unemployment, I seriously think TT has kept him sane. He plays 4-5 times/week and sometimes (like today) twice in one day. Once he starts back to work in January he'll have to find some other form of distraction!! Meanwhile he is setting up his office and checking out the cost of flights to Virginia (for training
  9. Great idea! And for me (last kiddo is doing all online community college for senior year) it's grown kids moving back in, with dh and I both working from home....so polar fleece pants with business shirts, LOL. And yes, we may have to pay for faster internet access with 3 of us online all the day long.
  10. Sounds like you can find a more pleasant work situation, for sure. DH got the professional membership to LinkedIn and has used it extensively, especially the past 3 months or so, getting up the nerve to contact people he worked with 20-30 years ago and ask if there were opportunities at their present firms, checking companies with job listings to see if he knew anyone there, etc. I hope you do find something better!! My daughter lost her job due to Covid shutdown and moved back in with us last May. She's found a much better job at a much more pleasant place where she is much appreciated..
  11. The coaching on how to use LinkedIn really helped -- it's a whole new approach since dh was job hunting the last time. So thankful for friends who helped and encouraged and prayed!!
  12. I am thinking of divesting myself of books, not purchasing more, but I couldn't resist this one for Thanksgiving (see below) since I love poetry and I have two out of four who love watercolors. AND SINCE DH HAS A JOB OFFER in hand, I can now shop for books for Christmas, LOL. And can be most heartily thankful this Thanksgiving Day!! I am currently reading Sally Clarkson's "The Life-Giving Table," which fits right in with the theme of thankfulness and valuing family connections. For dragons, two suggestions. Naomi Novik's series beginning with His Majesty's Dragon, and also Rachel Aaron's
  13. WE HAVE AN OFFER LETTER!!!! On Monday dh will call with a few questions/clarifications, schedule a drug test and (hopefully) sign on the dotted line!! Hurrah, and the best Thanksgiving EVER! Working from home, almost the same salary, a field dh is familiar with, a family-owned and solidly established company. Now we need to set up a home office for dh. LinkedIn is the bomb. Friends who coach you on LinkedIn are super, and we've had an amazing prayer team and generous friends (y'all included) with us through this 10-month (!!) job search.
  14. Nope. This is a work from home job, field applications support engineer. His manager is in Irvine.
  15. We are *cautiously* hopeful that there will be an offer letter before Thanksgiving. WHAT a blessing this would be! This is a company where dh applied and then found through linkedin that a former co-worker was a manager there; when he reached out to his friend, it turned out he was the hiring manager for the position! We know they've been calling dh's references, and then the hiring manager called to let us know they'd heard good things and were putting together an offer. We expect it to start in January, but are so hoping for something to bolster our spirits this week!!
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