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  1. 4 of us got the 2nd Pfizer shot this week. Other than being really tired that evening and a slight arm soreness -- we are fine. Even my allergy girl with asthma had no other side effects; they did make her wait 30 min. before coming home and her sister drove because allergy girl had taken benadryl just in case. The rest of us had no pre-medication. SO GLAD THAT'S DONE!!!!
  2. Our experience was that art colleges generally look at a portfolio for scholarships and worry less about transcript. My oldest attended one and she just had to *take* the SAT/ACT, not present a particular score; she didn't even have 2 years of foreign language on her transcript. (We'd planned for dual enrollment for that and then missed the boat.) She did a BFA studio art, but then went back to the CC to study graphic design and make her skills saleable. She's working in a print/sign shop now. So my advice there is to make sure that if you pursue an art degree you also think about how to make
  3. I heard Gene Vieth talk about TWTM at our homeschool convention the first year it came out -- and I was sold! First I tweaked my Sonlight and then I went entirely eclectically classical. I think I've been on these boards since they started, though I'm more of a reader and less of a chatter. I actually wrote an article on our mom-run mini-co-op, which met for 4-5 years at a park (or crammed into my house) for an Academy Day, and that was up on the web site for awhile. Not sure if it still is. All those kids are grown and busy adulting now and my last is a senior in high school. Time flies!
  4. 4 of us got the first Pfizer shot this week, one with *multiple* allergies. She had to wait 30 min. under observation, got a bit of itching in her throat and was otherwise fine. Benadryl took care of it. We will pre-dose benadryl for 2nd shot and have epipen handy. The rest of us have mild soreness in the arm, nothing else. One of my kids who's a healthcare student got Moderna and she had 3-4 fluish days with the 2nd shot, stayed in bed with ice pack (she gets migraines anyway, but they were worse), but never had breathing issues, etc., even though she has shellfish and other allergies.
  5. This week I read Driving the Deep by Susanne Palmer, sequel to Finder. Enjoyed this just as much as the first one and was happy to find the main character DID find belonging for himself...more than just a repo job. I highly recommend both books in the series. I wonder if there will be more to come? Also read Jacqueline Winspear's memoir, This Time Next Year We'll be Laughing. And now I know why her WW1 and WW2 mysteries feel so real. Story-telling is in her blood. Really enjoyed the read, as I have really enjoyed her mysteries. And nice to find out she's friends with Rhys Bowen, who I als
  6. Taking a break from library books on Overdrive to read the Star Kingdom series by Lindsay Buroker on Kindle Unlimited. I really enjoyed her Emperor's Blade series, which is fantasy, and am finding her equally enjoyable with technie space opera. Her characters are fun! Two of them are clones of an ancient military hero....who grow up and turn out very, very differently. And that's just for starters. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/45353889-shockwave?from_search=true&from_srp=true&qid=ZsDjMJp0oJ&rank=1
  7. We're already in our mid-60s and our last kiddo graduates high school this year. DH will probably work until she finishes her BA -- 3 to 4 years. By that time, hopefully the two 20-somethings still house-sharing will be on their own too. We plan to move to a cheaper state but would like to be near family -- which would mean not that much savings in housing costs. Otherwise, it's start over somewhere newer, cheaper, and probably much more expensive for our kids to come visit. DH will probably survive me as I have more "conditions" than he does, LOL. Right now we think that if we can cover housi
  8. Your comments about the fitness difference between you and your dh are spot on. In our case, I'm the less fit one but we've started walking together at lunch and then he goes out evenings to play ping pong for a couple hours with friends. I work on not feeling abandoned -- after all, it's not that I *like* ping pong. We've recently added pickleball doubles once/week and there he can play against friends and if need be I can sit out a game. My brother is fiercely fit @ 60 and his wife has rheumatoid arthritis. They go to a local park where he runs while she walks and they chat whenever he
  9. I chose to pull all my homeschool years under one heading as Writing coach/tutor. I did teach co-op classes during that time, even designing my own curriculum for some, and that is relevant to my area of expertise. I was also told to take off the dates of my degrees, as that's a dead giveaway as to age. My resume includes only my current work (freelancing), my homeschool "work related" tasks, and my Before-Kids corporate job. I left off the other stuff before that. I have been told to use the cover letter to explain my detour into home education...or at least the reason I was working p/t for
  10. I will add that our county has a FB page for gardeners and there are always exchanges of seeds/suggestions on there. NextDoor also lists overabundances of fresh produce to be shared/traded.
  11. This happened to us last February, right before the shutdown started....after 10 years on the job and completely out of the blue, living in a very expensive part of the country. We did have severance but not COBRA and I had been out of the work force for 15-plus years. Our kids are a bit older, but you are right, yours are old enough to notice and old enough to be told, in fact, old enough to help you plan for possibilities as a family. In our case, we were very open, which helped all of our anxiety. Because of the shutdown, I feel, the job hunt was twice as long as it would otherwise have bee
  12. Been off a couple of weeks. Just finished this: The Ten Thousand Doors of January. Though it has a winter month in the title, that is actually the name of the main character/narrator. This one would get 5 stars from me! The author has won a bunch of SF awards. In the early 1900s, a young woman embarks on a fantastical journey of self-discovery after finding a mysterious book in this captivating and lyrical debut.In a sprawling mansion filled with peculiar treasures, January Scaller is a curiosity herself. As the ward of the wealthy Mr. Locke, she feels little different from the artifact
  13. I just finished Finder - recommended here. Quite enjoyable, though I have trouble with keeping all those habitats in my head and which goes where. I have the next book on hold at the library. Read the Art of Detection (Det. Kate Martinelli) for a change of pace from Laurie King. Did not like it as well as the Mary Russell series. On to Rivera Gold next week.
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