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  1. DD15 is dyslexic; when she was in fourth grade, her writing was pretty much illegible, due to her inability to spell. Last week, in 9th grade, she wrote an opinion essay for her English class. She had to write it out by hand, because the school's ChomeBook delivery is delayed, and her spelling errors were pretty minimal. She did choose to dictate it into our home computer and then print a copy, because the teacher was going to have them read them aloud the next day. After everyone shared their essay, the class voted on whose was the best, and that person got extra credit. DD won!!
  2. I think the clothes that you already have will be fine for the girls. Wear the dresses that are winter-weight, with tights. Or wear the lighter weight dresses, but layer a sweater on top and wear tights. Don't worry about doing the same thing for all of the girls -- some might wear summer dresses, and some might wear winter ones. I think it's okay for you to wear pants and a nice sweater or top. I'm sure your relatives would rather you be there and be bundled up, instead of having to skip it. I agree that it's an awkward weather situation. I always would feel that way around Easter -
  3. Cookie Because she is sweet and looks like an Oreo.
  4. I agree with this, but in a somewhat opposite way. My son with ASD is still living home as a teen, but he has trouble with money and financial concepts. For him, I might have him contribute, as a way of learning something about budgeting, as well as learning about how to receive hospitality by offering to pay a share; I don't think it would occur to my son to offer, and I think learning to offer is a good social lesson. But I would likely save the money and gift it back to him, because we really don't need his contribution. DS is likely to live with us as a young adult, and I do think abo
  5. Oh, I can relate! My dining room table has been covered with piles of papers for a few weeks now, because we are trying to sort and discard and create new filing systems. And then when we are done with this group of papers, I have a bunch more in my basement. It seems to be never ending.
  6. This won't help for tomorrow, but you can request a new copy of the card. You would have to change your date for getting your new ID and wait for it to arrive. Also, if you just can't find it, look through the documents that are allowed to be used to get a REAL ID and see if there is an alternate document that you can take. Our state has several choices that they will accept to prove identity.
  7. Not much. I live in the same state, but in the suburbs of a major city now, instead of in a small town. I'm about two hours away from where I grew up, so the climate and so on are very similar, but the amenities here are better. When I go back to visit family, we always like to eat at a local hamburger place that is special. Other than that, the only special thing about visiting is seeing my family members.
  8. Maybe you can look at it this way: As your mom ages and needs more help, it's actually a good idea for her to have services provided by people other than you or other family members. Think about having her linked to outside help and social services as a positive thing, for her and, by extension, for you. I know it seems like she is bilking the system, and perhaps she is in some ways. But if she qualified, she qualified, and it's not up to you whether she qualified or not. I'm looking at this from the perspective of having a child who receives county funding from our developmental boa
  9. I ordered something from Amazon to be delivered to DD18 at college. It got lost along the way, and I had to ask for a refund. That is the first time it's happened. Oh, the glasses store had to reorder DD18's glasses, because they got lost somehow in transit. And DS15's glasses frames got lost or delayed somehow, and the store just got the lenses alone and had to track down frames on their own locally. That was all annoying and has never happened in the past. I think that was all related to either the post office or other delivery systems. It has made me decide that I need to order Ch
  10. Thanks for sharing the recipes!! Those meals look good to me, but, alas, I have a son who doesn't like cheese. Maybe I can make it sometime when he is not around. Or just make him some plain tacos. Now I'm going to have to be on the lookout to see if I can find the cheese soup here LOL.
  11. I'm curious now. Do you use the soup for nachos (or something), or do you eat it as soup?
  12. It might help you to get the Sherwin Williams Color Snap app (or something similar from another brand). You can take a photo of your room and see how it would look with different colors of paint. You would still want to get samples yourself, but looking at it digitally might help you narrow down what you want. SW also used to have a free service, where they would come to your home to give a color consultation. I never used it, but the previous owners of my house did (the left the documents in our home binder). You can call a SW store and ask them if they still do this.
  13. I was at Costco yesterday and found canned tomato sauce and canned crushed tomatoes, so I got a crate of each. They also had TP, paper towels, and napkins, and I got one of each. No canned fruit to be found there (I need canned fruit to give to a church food drive) and no canned pumpkin. I was at the grocery today and scored Lysol spray and wipes (one of each). Was tempted to go back later today or send DH, but I didn't and probably missed my chance to get more. I am spraying the kids' backpacks each day after school, so the Lysol spray was a big deal, and I would like to have more. I don
  14. I agree with choosing gray for the walls and using red as the accent color in the decor. We did have a red stripe around the wall of one son's room in a different house, and it was a striking look (navy on bottom, deep red stripe all around the middle of the wall, and tan on top). But it was a pain to paint it that way. When we moved in this house, my boys wanted their room to be black!!! I said no and painted the room gray, and they have black comforters and accents. I recommend going to the paint store and getting a handful of as many gray paint chips as you can, because paint can real
  15. I missed it, too at first, but I highlighted the comment in bold, below. I think at first I interpreted it as being late blooming physically. But then she says "brain maturity," so I thought she must mean speech delay. I could be wrong?
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