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  1. I had my shot at a local grocery chain, and my kids had theirs at Walmart. We had to provide photo ID and health insurance card. No one asked for mother's maiden name. I would skip the maiden name and SS questions and just provide the driver's license and health insurance card, in your situation. Sometimes forms do ask for more information than they need. I was just at the dermatologist, and they asked for SS number on their form. I just left it blank, and they didn't call me back to the desk to fix it.
  2. @***** I can tell that you genuinely care about your niece and being able to relate better to her. Family dynamics are often tricky, and I agree with you that you shouldn't come right out and ask if there's been a diagnosis. It's natural to wonder. My DS got his ASD diagnosis at age 15, and we did not tell extended family, even grandparents. Not because it is a secret or something to hide, but because his diagnoses are not their business, even if they wonder. I know that sounds blunt, but it's just true. If he wants to share someday that he has autism, it's his decision. I'm sure my extended f
  3. Yay! I get it. I've put off dental and health care for years, since we moved here, and I'm finally tackling issues. I go to the dermatologist today (I admit, I am scared about this), and the dentist next week. When I went to the dentist for the first time in years, six months ago, I found out that I needed a crown. EEK!! But I got through it. I'm glad you got it done!
  4. We are staying home this year, but there will still be six of us. I'm making beef tenderloin, roast broccoli and carrots, mashed potatoes, and rolls made from frozen dough. I may saute some mushrooms to eat with the beef. We have half of a (homemade) chocolate chip cheesecake that we took out of the freezer for dessert. I prepared the beef for the oven yesterday, and I may make the potatoes today and reheat them. It should be fairly easy to pull together tomorrow, because I've spent time preparing ahead.
  5. You didn't mention this, but I wonder if you are wanting/needing to factor it in. Will your adult son continue to live with you indefinitely? Do you need to consider his commute and/or new job opportunities? I know this probably doesn't help, but if it were me, I would look for homes in all of the areas and pick the home that is the most affordable with the best layout. There are positive aspects to each of your options, so it seems you could be happy anywhere. Although I would agree with prioritizing living closer to your parents, I might make a mid distance the first choice, in ord
  6. "Rainbow Connection" -- The Muppet Movie
  7. "The Time of My Life" and "She's Like the Wind" -- Dirty Dancing "Stand by Me" - Stand by Me "Unchained Melody" -- Ghost
  8. We haven't had our second shots yet, but our fathers have. They are both in their 80s, and neither had side effects, other than a sore arm. My dad didn't even have a sore arm after the second one. I believe they both had Moderna.
  9. CVS has an option for scheduling just the second dose.
  10. We had ADHD meds prescribed for years by our pediatrician, but when we needed to add something else on for mood, the pediatrician wanted us to see a pediatric psychiatrist. There was a wait of several months, and then we were paired with a psychiatric nurse practitioner (instead of the psychiatrist). And working with her is awesome -- she explains how the drugs function in the body (sometimes drawing a diagram on a white board), talks through options, explains possible side effects, let us try new things at a pace that was comfortable for us, discusses ideas that we bring to her from our resea
  11. Welcome!! It's hard to feel lonely. I'm glad you found the forums. If you stick around, you will see that people here don't always agree, but there are so many threads to explore, on such a variety of topics, posted by such a large number of people, that you can find a community here.
  12. Do you have a Plato's Closet near you? When we were shopping for formal dresses for DD19, I would often look at what was available at the one near us, and they had a huge stock of dresses in various sizes and styles.
  13. Another thing we have done over the past year or so is setting up a way for DS to earn rewards by his compliance with schoolwork. I can write more about that, if you think it might help in your case. DS has gotten to choose his rewards. Sometimes (before the pandemic), he would choose to go out to eat at a favorite restaurant. Sometimes he would choose as his reward something that he wanted to buy on Amazon. Sometimes we would give small rewards along the way, when we knew it would take him a few weeks to earn a larger reward. DS balked at the reward system at first, but we worked our way
  14. https://www.amazon.com/Controlling-Difficult-Adolescent-Program-Economy/dp/0819178306/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=controlling+the+difficult+adolescent&qid=1616865319&sr=8-2 DS's therapist just recommended the system explained in this book to me this week, and I have not had time to get the book and read it for myself yet, but I'm going to share it here anyway, as something for you to look at, since you said you can't think of things that would be consequences for her. Not every idea will end up working for every family, and I'm not sure yet if this will be something that we w
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