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  1. I'm sorry, Janeway. As others have said, it's normal to feel that you might bear some responsibility, but our feelings are not always aligned with what is true. You offered a gesture of love and support to your father not long before he died, and I hope you are able to reclaim that as a positive memory.
  2. I'm so sorry. I prayed for healing if possible, and for you to have a chance to see him. I just lost my Mom in November. I know how hard this news is to receive.
  3. I've been reading along and do have some thoughts. I'll return to this thread in a day or two; we have a big IEP meeting this week that has been sucking up my attention. (PeterPan tagged me, because my daughter with dyslexia had afterschool screaming/crying fits in fourth grade, and the teacher didn't understand, because DD was holding it together and seemed fine at school. )
  4. I have never stayed in an airbnb property. We did have one overnight stay in a hotel in November, when we were in my hometown for my mother's funeral, and I was uncomfortable the entire time that I was in the hotel, because I didn't know how well they had cleaned, and I was nervous about staying where strangers had been previously. DH arrived first and did spray everything with Lysol before anyone else went in the rooms, but that didn't make me feel comfortable enough to feel relaxed, while I was there. I am just not comfortable staying anywhere but my own home, right now. If I HAD to, an
  5. Making it wheelchair accessible will allow the possibility for your dad to stay there longer, in case his mobility decreases. If you are investing so much money, it seems worth it, to me. I would prioritize bathroom over closet, because you could buy cupboards to use for the closet from IKEA (or somewhere similar).
  6. Yeah, I get that. And his needs are likely to increase, so that he needs you more and more often. My dad (86) moved from a stand-alone condo to an apartment-style condo 2+ years ago, and now his place is not meeting his needs, and he is considering moving again. I wish he could move in with us, but it won't work where we are. I live two hours from him, but he is local to my siblings and sees them often. These things are hard.
  7. That's a very nice space. I imagine it would be nice for your dad to be living with you, rather than with the family friend. We just moved into this house about three years ago, and even though I hate the idea of moving again, it will not be our final home, because it does not have a first floor master. I am daydreaming about what I would like our next house to be like, and definitely ,an in-law apartment is part of the ideal plan. First, so that we can help our elderly parents -- both my dad and MIL and FIL could use extra help NOW, and we can't offer it -- and then for our own needs, a
  8. Thanks for sharing. What is interesting for me is that DS16 has always behaved with aggressive arguing and demand avoidance at home, but at school, he has always behaved like this (including the fact that DS loves humor): "What was interesting about his eventual re-entry into the group was that he remained completely silent. He didn’t actively participate in verbal discussions or humor, his hallmark. He wasn’t withdrawn; he was unusually quiet and hesitant to respond and without humor in the group. His silence was the indication of a student for whom the group dynamics were overwhelming."
  9. Oh, I agree with Peter Pan about a kind of rebound of behaviors later in the day, when the meds wear off. DS16 has a second small dose to take after school, to cover the hours when his main dose is wearing off. This is not uncommon, and you can discuss it with your doctor. But if the behaviors are extreme and hard to handle, trying a different med is probably the first step. Then, after you have a med that works well, you can consider whether an afternoon dose might be helpful.
  10. When DS16 first started on medication for his ADHD, it took trying several different medications at a variety of doses before we found what worked for him. For what it's worth (because everyone is different, so it may not be the same for your son), Adderall made DS aggressive -- not physically but verbally angry. So the pediatrician tried other things, until we found what worked for him. You can call your doctor and ask him or her what to do. For awhile, our doctor did phone calls with us and would call the new prescription in, so we didn't have to go to the office over and over again. Ritalin
  11. Check your local community college to see what training they offer for medical jobs. Phlebotomist, sonogram or ultrasound operator, PT or OT assistant, etc. They are jobs that would allow you to work with people and usually take only a year and a half or two years to complete the schooling, at a fairly low cost. I'm sorry you are having a tough time. I hope you find something that you will end up enjoying.
  12. I agree with Smith Brothers. I don't know the brands produced in NC. Personally, I would wait and buy the new furniture to fit the rooms in the new house, when you move. You may end up buying something that won't fit the space in your new place. Unless you think that your current things look so poor that they will negatively affect the staging/sale of your current house. I think that sectionals are popular now, instead of the sofa-loveseat combination, but sometimes a sectional will not work for your space. Sometimes a sectional is a perfect choice, and they come in more formal,
  13. Takenoko -- this is a fun and cute game with a panda theme. There are three main actions -- draw a "plot" and add to the garden; move the gardener figure to a plot space, in order to build onto stalks of bamboo; or move a cute panda figure to to a plot space to "eat" a piece of bamboo. Players draw objective cards, which contain goals of building bamboo, collecting the eaten pieces of bamboo, or placing plots of the garden in certain patterns, for points. The play is relatively simple, but there are so many choices of actions that it takes a bit of time to figure the game out. DD19 has especia
  14. I'm so sorry that things have continued to be hard for you. Although I know that many difficult things still have to be managed, I'm hoping that the new year will bring some better days for you and end up being a new beginning.
  15. I think it would be nicer to have a birthday further from Christmas, but it doesn't bother her. I'm glad that her birthday will always fall during her college winter break, so that she can be home to celebrate.
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