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  1. Thank you so much -- I really, really appreciate it. It makes me think of that old quote, "If you need something done, give it to a homeschool parent." Ok, I changed it a little but I'm so right! 😂 Alley
  2. You guys are THE BEST! I love homeschooling parents so much. Thank you for commenting! Alley
  3. I know! When I saw horror stories, I've heard about so many tragedies that could have been avoided if someone knew to read, read, read on the destination. I really believe that knowing a ton in advance makes for a better trip. Thank! Alley
  4. Hi Everyone, I can only get my sister to do this and she's tired of being asked! 😄 I just wrote a post for my blog and I'm wondering if you'll read it -- it's short -- and then comment on it? (Commenting gives me zero info. that I would keep and use later.) I started the blog after a decade of travel writing and hearing/reading family travel horror stories. (But don't worry, I don't share the horror stories. I know you don't want them in your brains either.) The post is here: What My Dog Park Pal Was Afraid to Tell Me. A million thank yous! Alley
  5. Just my .02 -- feel free to ignore. When I've helped friends and family job hunt I began to understand that if the job asked for a load of experience, they were likely paying. And vice-versa. I know job hunting is hard. I just always looked at it like a numbers game and tried to keep my heart out of it. Alley
  6. Oh, Stacey, I'm so very, very sorry. He's moved on to the next big adventure, but you guys are left with the grief. Tell your husband: remember he went through this one time. You guys will run it through your minds again and again. My heart truly goes out to your family. Alley
  7. Hi Meadowlark!

    Long story, short: I'm a travel writer and -- finally -- have started my own blog. I use questions from readers like this one: and I'd like to write a post on your question -- except no identifying info at all!

    Let me know if this sounds good!


    1. Alicia64


      One more question: can you tell me what state you're in? That really determines so much. Again, I won't use your real name or your state -- I'll just call it the Midwest.

      Also, I grew up in San Fran, and it has changed drastically re: crime. It was a beautiful place to visit at one time, but I would not recommend going now. If you want more info., just let me know.

      Please don't think I'm charging for anything, this is totally free.


  8. Thanks Seasider! How long did it take eating gluten-free to see a health change. Can you share what changed?
  9. I'm finally joining the gluten-free folks. I have a health issue that might get better if I eliminate gluten. If you have great recipes or a podcast or a helpful site, I'm all ears. Thank you! Alley
  10. Here's what I said to an acquaintance who lost a lot of weight, "Omg! You look awesome. Of course I thought you looked beautiful before!" And it was well received. Some people look great with weight on, like Oprah. But I don't wear weight well at all -- it goes to my face and my tummy. So, yeah, when people noticed I could tell what they weren't adding. Alley
  11. Hi Everyone, My best friend moved from CA to Nashville (Bellevue) and still hasn't found a GP, a great dentist, etc. Do you have great service people to recommend? TIA!! Alley
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