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  1. My dad is your fil. My mom has Alzheimers. I don't have any advice b/c my dad won't accept help either. Re: talking on the phone and getting the real scoop. My mom takes two naps a day: one in the morning and one after lunch. Neurological diseases make you really tired. If your mil is taking daily naps, that's the time to call him. My mom has Tourette syndrome that I've learned happens w/ Alzheimers. She cusses a lot and is really hard on my dad. Hang in there.
  2. Love the hilarious title!! We ought to have an emoji for crunchy people. 😊
  3. Even though I don't homeschool anymore -- mine are in college -- I want to share a "win." This recommendation -- after the TWTM's forums -- is my very top homeschooling love: The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease. I'm a hardcore library user, but I bought this great book and used it constantly when ordering library books. The first half of the book Trelease explains the whys to reading aloud (and there are way more than you'd guess). In the second half he lists hundreds of recommended books for the right ages starting at preschool and going up from there. For example: Lil
  4. Sorry about all the typos in my post! I am so jealous!! I miss the read-alouds. Somehow I came across a book that became like a best friend through the years: The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease. I actually bought two of these, both used. I'm a heavy library user, but I can't recommend buying this book enough. Really great. I'll make a larger post about it so more hopefully will see it! 😊
  5. @Plum I am so, so sorry you guys are going through this. I don't mean this question to be rude at all, I've lived in both places. Are you in or near a large city? I didn't get properly diagnosed w/ something until I saw a doctor at Emory in Atlanta. Again, that sounds so awful.
  6. Hi Everyone, My babies now shave, but I was organizing their books and found three true stories that wowed us. I gave these books as gifts because they're so cool. I started my kids on these books when they were four, but they're good for any age because they're so interesting. The Bear That Heard Crying by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock and Helen Kinsey. This first story took place in the late 1700s, and was researched and written by a great, great, great (and so forth) niece. Unforgettable sounds cheesy, but this unforgettable. Owen & Mzee -- The True Story of a Remarkable Fr
  7. I'm sending virtual support too. I'm so sorry. Is there a reason she wants to check out? Or has she always acted like this about doctors? My dad is 80 and my mom is 77. Both with serious health issues. They're stubborn and won't listen to the kids at all. You're not alone. I hope you get some answers.
  8. Your kitty is beautiful!! What a doll!! ♥♥♥
  9. Alicia64


    Wanda Vision is great. The first two or three episodes are kind of weird, but it gets traction. So far, Wanda has been my favorite.
  10. I paid for a month even though the show I watch seems to have nosedived. (Shrill. Some of it is really good, the acting is mostly really good, but it's still meh.) Do you have any Hulu suggestions or should I just sign up for Netflix and call it good? TIA!!
  11. My dog has two Costco dog beds. One in our bedroom and one in the living room. I like them because you can easily take the covers off and wash. A friend of mine who did rescue work and who was very particular about everything involving her animals, used Costco beds too.
  12. Thank you for clearing me up. Back in the 70s a relative became an RN -- only having two years of college. So when I read something recently about the two-year deal, I just assumed it was right. But in the back of my mind, I've always wondered how she was an RN without four years of college? Has something changed?
  13. First of all, your yarn avatar is adorable. Just a thought, I know this isn't in the subjects you mentioned. Did you know that you can do two-years at a tech school, and then take the nursing certification? You'd be an RN. Of course getting a four-year degree -- and then sitting for the cert -- sets you up for a higher degree when you're ready. Also some hospitals (states) are so hungry for nurses that they pay for the nursing degree as long as you work for them after you get your degree. Re: can you handle the course work? There's not a doubt in my mind that you'll be
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