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  1. Based on your post, I was prepared for a cring-y "maybe you went too far" sort of letter, but your letter is cute. Nothing to be concerned about at all. I think injecting some personality into a cover letter is a kindness given how many bland cover letters they have to wade through! Alley
  2. I haven't read all the comments. My sister lives in AZ and has hiked rim-to-rim four times. Her dh goes every year and one time went rim-to-rim and back again. (She called him a weirdo.) Here's the thing: my sister says most people are terribly unprepared b/c they just don't understand what the heat in the Grand Canyon can do to people. (My sister trains for over six months in Tucson heat before she did the rim-to-rim. Plus she had her dh -- an experienced Grand Canyon hiker -- by her side. She actually practices eating and drinking when she's hiking even if she doesn't feel like it. She says that it's important to know what you'll eat when you're stressing your body like that. And she says it's different for everyone. They do it in a day -- sort of -- she says they start at 2 a.m. Have you seen this story? An amazing Boston Marathoner died in the Grand Canyon three months after she did the Boston Marathon. I don't mean to be a downer, but the stories my sister has told me through the years are scary. Alley
  3. If you like Gilmore Girls, you might really like the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (it's from the same creator: Amy Sherman-Palladino). Alley
  4. I think they're all pretty, but the Dillards one is beautiful. Also, have you heard of Rent the Runway? You know how men have been renting tuxedos forever, finally we can rent the good stuff too. Also if you really, really love something you pay a "use" price instead of new price. Alley
  5. You get the coolest mom ever award. I have a booklet on travel savings. PM me if you'd like it. Alley
  6. Hi Everyone, I want to share with you the best motivational podcast for people facing disease challenges. It's called Two Disabled Dudes podcast. (And you don't need to start at the first podcast, they don't build on each other.) I cannot recommend this podcast highly enough. It's a total upper. Their tagline is, "We believe life is how we react." And the show always finishes with a positive, "Live life with urgency." The two guys -- Kyle and Sean -- are absolutely fantastic (and I listen to a lot of podcasts) and talk about their lives. They're so cute and they once on Mother's Day interviewed their moms. 💖 And the moms talked about how they handled their son's diagnosis. Kyle was just 17 when he was finally diagnosed and Sean was 25. They're in their late 30's now with incredible senses of humor and a very cool outlook on life. They have Friedreich's ataxia (or FA), but they interview experts on many various diseases, their show is not limited to FA at all. This is the podcast that just came out yesterday (2-11-20). They put out a new show every Monday (which makes Monday more fun). I hope you'll share this info. with anyone who would love to listen in!! Alley
  7. Thank you!! Thank you both so much -- still embarrassed! Alley
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm embarrassed, I went to change my signature but can't remember how. And can't figure it out. Any suggestions are very appreciated. Alley
  9. I don't think you've gone overboard at all. You went from a medium house to a large house. 3300 feet is large. If it were me, my dh would say exactly the same thing. He wouldn't see the point of curtains, rods, furniture. Plus I think you did amazingly well with $2000. I don't think there's one person is right/one is wrong. You just don't match up in exactly the same way when it comes to turning a house into a home. See, to maintain the peace I would have decorated the house over many months and years. It was just how I decided to handle things. But getting it all done at once seriously appeals to me. Alley
  10. Which line are you going on? 🙂 Alley
  11. I was sick yesterday which is why I didn't read your post originally. I'm so sorry. I'll just give the hours for AP for future readers: to get 95 %, ds says four hours a day/five days a week. To basically get a "C" -- 3 hours a day/six days a week (which is how he's doing). He's struggled, but likes the challenge. I wished I'd put him in regular Chem. He wants me to tell you that "the class is fun and well taught." I'm sorry I didn't catch that you wanted Regular Chem only. I wasn't me yesterday. Alley
  12. Yes my optometrist as sent me to the ophthalmologist before. In fact she just asked me, "How's your dry eyes." Well the problem hadn't started so I just said, "fine." Your dog is so, so cute! And I love her cute little haircut. What a doll. Alley
  13. I was thinking of this very thing. Dh's is going to freak because "mold!" but I need to at least try. I think he sees how miserable I am. Thank you! Alley
  14. I've already started to be gluten-free. I started in late July so I'm just plant-based now. My dry eyes just seem to show up in the winter. It's not all year, just a month every winter. Alley
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