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  1. I'm 56. For some reason, I never had a single hot flash. I once read that vegetarians don't get them, but an OB told me that wasn't true. It seems like we'd need a study to know for sure if being vegetarian does anything. Maybe it's just part of my genetics. Hang in there -- I've heard it's very difficult. W.
  2. No, we moved to VA in 2010 and ended up in Atlanta. No ski mountains out here like Tahoe. W.
  3. I don't ski either as an adult. I was never that in love with it. My parents just used lessons as a way to get us out of the house. My mom really loved it, so I think she assumed that we would too. I never skied Kirkwood, but I was stunned by how beautiful Heavenly is. Where are you in CA? You must miss VT. I've never been, but friends rave. W.
  4. Just nosy: where did you ski? I grew up partially in Reno and then outside SF, so I learned to ski at Northstar (it wasn't snooty back then). I love your LLBEan idea of silk long johns. Thank you!! W.
  5. Wow, that is beautiful!! I didn't even know they made these! Wendy
  6. The brand is MaxKare. This is the one I bought over a month ago for $52. I bought a red one, but now it only comes in gray for $63. Not sure why. I think the brand is excellent. I'm so happy with my blanket that I'm spending a lot more time in bed!! Like you, it's super confusing to read five-star reviews along with one-star reviews. I don't get that. (I guess it's possible that people are trolling.) Wendy
  7. I'd love to hear what you are thrilled to have bought. Share links!! I'll go first: a twin-size electric blanket that goes on my side of the bed only so it doesn't bother DH. I should have bought one years ago! 🙃 W.
  8. I'm so happy with you!! That's incredibly exciting! 🍾💐💖 I was thrilled when really awesome girlfriends merely showed up, so I can only imagine how ecstatic you must be!! What a fun way to go into the Christmas season! Wendy
  9. 22?! You should be so proud. (And I agree with you re: not leaving her outside). I would wonder if her activity has more to do with dementia rather than she's being a brat. Seriously, if I were in your shoes I would take her back to the vet and ask what dementia meds are out there for cats (I've never needed this med for a cat, but they definitely have dementia meds for dogs). Hang in there, being a pet-parent to an elderly animal is painful in so many different ways. Hugs to you, Wendy
  10. One more food gift for those who take watching their weight super seriously: peppermint meringue cookies at Trader Joes. (They also come in chocolate and vanilla). The peppermints come in a small tub and two tubs would make a fantastic gift. And trust me: omg-good!! I ate the small tub the first day they were home. Wendy
  11. If anyone is looking for an elegant gift -- from Costco -- to give someone, you might like this. My husband's boss gave him a gift (for personal stuff he did for her) the Gudrun chocolates that are at Costco right now. It sounds pricey at $60 but you get four of these packages to give, so $15 each. I'm not sure if you can buy the packages individually at the stores. They come in a beautiful gift package and 36 chocolates are layered. It's a beautiful gift. Wendy
  12. Oh, I'm so sorry. Yes, with a 90 year old, you can't be too careful. I was thinking of these things being good once spring arrives. I love that someone suggested the Gorilla gym. I think my kids would love it. W.
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