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  1. My teen wants to read the series, but apparently a lot of kids want to read the series. Do you have any you want to sell? Wendy
  2. I'd never heard of this book!! Thank you for the name! Is it strictly for novel writers? I'm currently writing a non-fiction e-book and would love some inspiration. Would it work for me? And congratulations on going for it! (And I have a story for you, but I won't know until next Tuesday if the happy ending I'm hoping for will really happen.) Thank you again!! W.
  3. I was having a really bad time too and then somehow found this (free) podcast. This woman's -- Brooke Castillo -- podcast totally turned my life around and I haven't paid her a dime. I highly recommend listening. Start with her first podcast and work your forward. (I've had some amazing results b/c I re-listened to many again and again in the car, when I'm cleaning the house etc.) My sister and I -- who struggled to get along -- are going on 20 months of not one argument. I'm sure my sister is perplexed. And my husband I are doing so, so much better -- really well, in fact. I would defini
  4. I agree. The Netflix documentary was way, way better than I thought it would be. W.
  5. Please feel free to ignore me, I could easily be projecting. What you describe sounds a bit like Aspergers to me. Very quiet, doesn't engage, very attentive to your daughter, gives off an "odd" feeling. Again, I could be completely off. W.
  6. Thanks for the kind words about my job coming back. Here are the articles, I hope they help: The Family Went Down to Georgia Have a Sapphire Christmas -- (Lake Tahoe) 10 Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts for Families The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe -- click on the windows to see the entire article. A Date with Delaware -- (Rehoboth Beach) When it's Carolina Time -- (Hilton Head) Let me know if you need anything else! Wendy
  7. Omg, your oatmeal sounds delicious. I usually do oatmeal and one cup blueberries over 1/2 cup up honeycrisp and 1/2 vanilla yogurt. It's really good. But I'm going to try your idea minus the pecans (calories). I might try a smiden of maple syrup. I love your idea of putting in pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon! Yum! Thanks for this great recipe! W.
  8. Which Soda Stream brand do you recommend? Great idea for water!! W.
  9. Wow, will you adopt me? You guys sound fun! I'm a -- or I was a (before covid) -- family travel writer. I'm not sure where you're traveling from. I've been travel writing for 15 years now (I sure hope my job returns). All of these locations would allow you to social distance. Here are my suggestions Lake Tahoe. This place is insanely awesome. I think it's a don't-miss if you're a resident of Earth. Tahoe is just phenomenal. Sometimes there's snow for Christmas, sometimes not. Let me know if you want the article I wrote for families flying into Reno to visit Tahoe -- it appeared
  10. Caraway: You were so nice to offer so many awesome suggestions! Thank you again!! W.
  11. Hi Caraway! I need a photography class like you would not believe!! I'm interested in taking better pictures of small items in the home: food, items we use for cooking, purses, things like that. It's for my website. And I know zero. I have a stand-alone camera and an okay camera on my Samsung phone. Would you allow a 16 year old plus forty years into your class? 😊 Also, how will it work in terms of . . . watching videos? Or. . .? Also, are you a hard grader? 🙃 Feel free to email me at Wendy (at) the Inspired Eater (dot) com. And a million thank yous! W.
  12. Costco sells a huge bag of stir-fry veggies that are really good. They're kept in Costco's frozen section next to frozen strawberries and frozen blueberries. it's called Stir Frye Vegetable Blend and has sugar peas, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms. Now I need to get some. W.
  13. I just looked into these and they look fantastic -- thank you!! W.
  14. Awesome -- thank you!! I'm ordering now. I should have said: South Korea; I can't take the horrors of modern North. 😞 I loved reading in Pachinko how North and South came to be. Thank you again! W.
  15. Plum beat me to the punch. My two 16 year olds got a lot out of How to Become a Superstar Student from Great Courses. I watched it w/ them and thought it was great. And. . . just adding: there's a point in one of SWB's (man) lessons that teaches kids how to listen and remember during a lecture which means your guy is doing great. 🙂 W.
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