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  1. You're wonderful for taking in your dad's pup. What kind of dog? Everybody gave great ideas, so I'll just add: lots of walks and exercise. Cool that the kids are taking him out. (They won't accidentally lose him, right? I'm paranoid). The walks will absolutely help his mood. I agree that having something that smells like your dad would help. Hugs.
  2. I'd start with Zillow -- it's not just for those buying a house, it's also for those looking for rentals. You can search apartments, townhomes, condos, houses etc.
  3. You would so interesting to have coffee with!! Thank you!
  4. Wow! You know your stuff. Now I'm looking up the Duke and Duchess meeting Hitler. Thank you!!
  5. I wash my blankets when a poster asks on WTM, "How often do you wash your blankets?" 😀 I washed them last night!! But I usually wash them about four times a year.
  6. Alicia64


    Story number one is wowza!! I'm 56. I read once that really big events offer people the opportunity to change for better or worse. I made a giant change in my life when I had my babies. I cleaned up my act so that the kids wouldn't have a goofball for a mom (I learned to get along better w/ others, I learned to chill, I learned to sleep when the babies slept!!) And I left my job as a social worker to be home w/ the kids. At that point I started writing. I also had to make gargantuan changes in order to lose weight. (Where's the trudging up the mountain emoji?)
  7. Wow, so many awesome podcasts -- thank you everybody. I'm a podcast nut. I really like the Tim Ferris show. He only interviews people who've had incredible success and tries to deconstruct what made them so successful. There are a billion shows but my favorites: Hugh Jackman Jerry Seinfeld Steven Pressfield Katie Haun -- my favorite of all time, she is so interesting!! Every show is different so I hope you won't judge him by just one show. Also he does "long form" so they're 1.5 hours to two hours long. I don't usually listen all at once. I love the Life c
  8. I was off and on my inside recumbent in Feb. I'm using March to recommit to getting back to Level 7 for 50 minutes. (I'm at Level 6 for 26 minutes + cool down right now.) I'm also going to add some serious walking into my week. Not for weight loss, I just want a strong body. I also do stomach "bicycles", arm exercises and a minute plank. I'd love to get up to a three minute plank. I've noticed that after taking a rest day, I feel really great at my next workout. Have you all noticed this too?
  9. Originally when I first started watching, I saw this episode. I agree that it makes total sense that the locals weren't welcoming of Princess Alice. She sounds amazing.
  10. Now I'm wondering why the Queen Mum and Mounbatten hated each other?? Do you know? This list is awesome!! Thank you!!
  11. I'd heard the the Crown was not historically accurate, so I didn't want to watch it. But seeing now how long it's been running and all of the awards it receives, I'm wondering: did I get bad info? So what do you think: is the Crown accurate or not? If you want to share any shows you love, I'm all ears!
  12. Thank you everyone!! You've given me a great list for the year!!
  13. We have family night every Sunday evening. Do you have movie suggestions for kids who are 17? They love the Avengers -- one loves Wandavision the other, but the other doesn't. They love Star Wars. They loved all of the Torturo movies (Ponyo, Kiki's Delivery Service etc.) They really dislike super sad endings where everyone dies (a recurrent theme in movies from the 70s). One movie we all loved that was somewhat "out of the box" -- Secondhand Lions. Great movie. They loved Big Hero Six. Really enjoyed first Wonder Woman, we haven't seen the second one. Any suggesti
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