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  1. The title of this thread sounds like a great book title. Well, we did a cruise before Covid. And we've been to Savannah twice to see family, but stayed in fun hotels. My sister, though, is flying from Tucson to NJ and then leaving out of NJ for a cruise around Iceland. She goes w/ her mother-in-law!!
  2. My kids loved Great Courses. I just wanted to put in a plug for the library. Libraries in the both of the states we've been in had a great selection of Great Courses! Have fun!!
  3. The plant-based protein powders are fantastic. Very tasty. I get the plant-based pp at Costco. Comes in chocolate or vanilla.
  4. We homeschooled in CA and and people were exactly as you say: "but you're in a great school district," and "I heard you're homeschooling, are you crazy?" Then when my kids were six we moved to VA where homeschooling was just business as usual, but homeschooling high school wasn't as common. My two are 18 now. We homeschooled through high school. Best. decision. ever. But I have to disclose, we're in Atlanta now and did a really cool Dual Enrollment deal where they were half homeschooled and have in a community college. I highly recommend home schooling high school and Dual Enrollment. 🙂
  5. I'm sure there's a Facebook group that'll have a lot of ideas. I'm not a big user of FB at all. But when I was diagnosed w/ a rare thing it was comforting to "talk" to others on FB. Also, just sharing. I follow a blogger who has EDS. She's a fashion blogger but very open about having EDS. Hang in there. ♥
  6. Narcissists are weird about gifts. The ones they give. The ones they get. They ones they have to return. The ones that will only clutter their home. It's a narcissist thing.
  7. I do actually think it covers gray well. I must have a lot of gray by now. I haven't stopped long enough to know.
  8. I can't imagine how exciting that is for everyone!! I wouldn't be able to stop smiling!! Have fun!!
  9. Here's what I do: I color my whole head at home and then get highlights at the salon (which I only do twice a year). My hair person taught me how to cover grey without messing up my highlights. 🥰 But here's the problem: the "at-home box" hair color permanent dye was seriously drying my hair. So I went back to using what is called semi-permanent (which means it may only last 10 to 20 shampoos.) It's gentle on hair. Also, because it's semi-permanent -- and doesn't contain anything harsh, you can save what you don't use. The bottle has lasted two months. There's a lot in there. Plus if you don't like the color, you can wash it out. This is what I've been using: Clairol Semi-Permanent in Chai Brown (I'm brunette too). Actually the color I want is called Toasted Almond but they're out right now, so I used the Chai. For some reason they just send a packaged bottle. No directions. No gloves. I googled the directions and just bought a small box of disposable gloves. Good luck!
  10. Just bumping in case anyone else is into it. 🙂
  11. I saw this fun opportunity and thought of you guys. Or if it's not your thing, maybe for a friend? -- Wendy Good Morning!! If there’s anything that 2020 taught us, it’s that life is too short to not do what makes you happy! That’s why HighSpeedInternet.com is scouting the nation to find the best candidate to fill the role of CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) on our team. The job? We’ll pay our CHO $5,000 to do anything that makes them happy - so long as they use an internet connection to do it! The perks? Our Chief Happiness Officer will set their own schedule, work from home, and get a year’s worth of internet on us. == Job Description: We want to know how you use the internet to pursue your passion, and how a faster internet connection could improve your experience. Whether that’s decorating islands in Animal Crossing or setting trends on TikTok, the day-to-day is up to you. We just want to make sure you’re doing something you love. Responsibilities and Requirements: The job is as easy as 1-2-3! Our CHO will work with us to (1) upgrade their home internet connection (2) take speed tests before and during the dream job (3) spend a week pursuing their passion online, and then tell us how it went! Eligibility: Our Chief Happiness Officer must be at least 18 years old and eligible to work in the United States. Compensation: Our CHO will receive $5,000 for pursuing their passion online, plus they’ll get a year’s worth of upgraded internet on us. Dates and Deadlines: Applications are open now until July 30, 2021, at 5:00 pm MST. We’ll be announcing our new CHO on August 2, 2021, on our website and social media accounts so be sure to follow us or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date! What is HighSpeedInternet.com? We are a group of internet & tech experts working to help consumers find the best internet options in their area. If you're interested in covering this dream job opportunity, you can find graphics, a video, and a press release in our media kit If you need anything else for your coverage, please feel free to reach out to me. Have a great day, Whether you’re an online entrepreneur, a connoisseur of Netflix’s most binge-worthy shows, an online shopping maven, Soundcloud’s next hit artist, a true-crime podcast junkie, or an avid social media scroller, this job was made for you! You can find the application form and all the information needed to share this with your readers on our website: https://www.highspeedinternet.com/
  12. I totally think he would. He's a really nice guy.
  13. I'm a dog fanatic! Your babies are all ADORABLE! ♥♥♥ This is my River. He turned 10 at the end of May. No health problems yet (knock wood).
  14. I agree: opposite sex. I once had two females. I had NO idea that gender mattered. They'd be fine together, but every six months or so they'd have a truly frightening dog fight. It was scary and awful. Thankfully nobody was ever seriously ever hurt. I"m not sure about two males though.
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