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  1. My teens were vaccinated at Walgreens. They have state-issued ID cards but were not asked for ID. The only ID the pharmacy tech wanted to see was our insurance card. If you are concerned that you might be turned away for lack of ID, take your children's birth certificates as their IDs. Chances are, however, they won't be needed.
  2. No appointments are necessary at many of the sites in my area. Last week when I was at the local Walmart Supercenter, there were annoyingly frequent announcements that customers could just walk over to the pharmacy for free COVID vaccines.
  3. Immediately after the vaccination mine stated that compared to the HPV vaccine, the COVID vaccine was practically painless. Waiting to get the injection was the most painful part. This morning, they said their arms were sore, but both declined offers of Tylenol.
  4. Appointments for this afternoon. I could not get two same time appointments, so we'll be hanging out at Walgreens for an hour plus.
  5. Regarding patio versus deck - I would keep at least part of the deck. That way you aren't exiting the sliding door directly onto a flight of stairs. At a minimum, you want enough room so you aren't balancing on a step while turning around to close the door. A deck large enough for a table would be better, that way you have place to set items when you open or close the slider. I would not make drastic changes to the yard this year. I would remove or trim the shrubs threatening the house and maybe try to transplant some of them. Otherwise, I would observe the yard and gardens, takin
  6. Stuart Murphy's MathStart series covers pre-school through 3rd/4th grade math topics.
  7. You could vary the gravies - brown gravy, mushroom gravy, cream of mushroom, red sauce ... Substitute the steak for the burger patties in any of these 11 ideas for leftover hamburgers.
  8. MLA's 9th edition was released last month. Search his college library's website. Many provide links to online style guides. The library will also have up to date copies of most style guides. It is a good idea to have your own copy of the one you use most frequently, but he should be aware that professors usually expect papers to be formatted in the style used in their disciplines.
  9. One child did independent work while I did math with the other, then they switched. Independent work for a 5 year old could include Kumon cutting book, puzzles, and other fine motor skills activities; reading or listening to an audiobook. Basically practicing not interrupting sibling's lesson while waiting for his turn.
  10. I usually give diapers or a gift card and a couple of board books. Diapers aren't exciting, but every baby needs them.
  11. Offer them to a rising senior. Otherwise, offer to a child for dress-up - witch/wizard, judge, plague doctor, professor.
  12. Doesn't COBRA only apply when a person previously insured on any employer-plan has lost eligibility within the past 60 days? Under COBRA the person remains on the employer sponsored plan for up to 18 months by paying both the employee and employer portions of the premium.
  13. Not a program, but my children really liked the Max Axiom graphic novel series. For human anatomy, the three volume Survive Inside the Human Body series is a fun supplemental read. My oldest also liked The Manga Guide to Biochemistry. This may sound odd, but for basic science, BSA's merit badge pamphlets are resources worth considering. There are several that relate to life sciences.
  14. Is the team doing the selling or the team's parents' organization? The booster club asking member parents to sell raffle tickets for alcohol is within the realm of normal. Wine and beer baskets are popular items at basket raffles, so why not a wagonload of assorted alcohols? But, when the prizes are alcohol or other 'adult-only' items, the ticket sellers should also be adults. If the team members are doing the selling, I agree with Happy Smiley Lady. If an underage cashier can't be the intermediary in my purchase of alcohol at the grocery store, minors selling raffle tickets
  15. Yes, pre-read. At least you are forewarned. My children really liked The Elements. I remember being blindsighted by the anti-evolution paragraph in Carbon Chemistry. I skimmed the unit in advance but more for where to insert supplemental materials and hands-on activities than for content. Had I pre-read, I would have blacked out that paragraph. I did black-out selected sentences in some of the other units we completed. All of them seemed to be asides rather than integral parts of the chapter. I think secular homeschoolers recommended Ellen McHenry's units because it was difficu
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