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  1. We do not currently live in an area with high volume TOT, but when we did, porch light out worked as long as front rooms of house were dark. So either curtains/blinds closed in street-facing windows or no lights (including TV glow). Putting a sign on the door saying "sorry, out of candy," also helped. (We did participate, but our neighborhood would be mobbed and several years we were out of treats within the first hour.) Parents traveling with TOTing children usually direct them to houses with porch lights on, but some TOTers think visible light=people home=treats.
  2. The jacks can be removed and holes patched. But it sounds like you don't like the look of painted paneling. You could fill the grooves and holes with a spackling compound. You might need to use mesh tape over larger holes. After sanding you would have a flat wall surface ready for priming and painting. DIY this is inexpensive although time consuming and messy. Hiring out, labor is expensive. Are you sure there isn't drywall under the paneling? If there is, you could price skim coating the walls versus replacing the drywall. The obvious benefits of using 1/4" drywall ov
  3. I am glad we hired professional movers and packers. That made a long distance move less stressful than our previous within the same state move. I do wish I had been more vigilant with small parts. We had a 'bits' box for screws and other small parts, but somehow the bookshelf pegs did not make into that box. I found them buried in a box of books after I had gone out and bought new pegs. I am glad we decluttered prior to our move. I wish we had decluttered more. Prior to our move we made one last visit to favorite places and also as many in-state places on wishlists as possible
  4. What color will the trim be? I would be inclined to paint the bookcases in that color. I would use the same color as the walls only if I wanted to make the bookcases less of a focal point. If you want the back wall a different color than the shelves - paint the back wall first. While you still have to be careful with edging, you will not have to worry about dripping paint onto the freshly painted body of the case. Instead of painting the back wall, you could install wallpaper. If you like the idea of wall paper but want to be able to change out the backs more easily, cut foam core t
  5. My children are on the older end for TOT and this seemed like a good year to change traditions. We will be renting a movie and having treats at home.
  6. We got ours in September. We usually wait for dh's employer to offer a clinic but this year got them at the pharmacy as soon as availability was announced. My normally needle-phobic son didn't even whimper.
  7. I went a few weeks ago. Temperature check and COVID questions at door, everyone masked. It appointments were staggered so that only one patient was in a given area at time - one in waiting room, one in glasses showroom, etc. Glasses were tried on over mask then placed in a bin for cleaning.
  8. I love my enameled cast iron farmhouse sink. Bootsie - both aesthetics and function. First the practical - baking trays, pots, and pans fit in the sink. I do not have dirty pans full of water soaking on my countertop. Nor do I have to try to balance them across the central divider when scrubbing them. The front of my sink is slightly lower than the height of my countertop. I am short, the lower front and the fact that the front edge of the sink is closer to me means the sink is a more comfortable height for me to use. I also experience less splashing over the front lip. I fi
  9. Send the letter and maybe a card. If you feel more is necessary send a gift card for their preferred grocery store. If you live nearby, could you make a meal or special treat and drop it off? That would be far more meaningful than coffee mugs. Which by the way, I would skip. Cute or not, most adults already have far more mugs than they need.
  10. Even at low altitudes dried beans can take hours to cook. One trick that helps with hard water and older beans is to add a pinch of baking soda to the soaking water. Soak the beans for at least 24 hours, changing the soaking water daily. Drain and rinse the beans before putting in a cooking pot with fresh water. Add a pinch of baking soda to the cooking water. Although lentils and split peas do require presoaking, presoaking will lessen cooking time. You may find that if you cook them in your cast iron pan, you can turn off the heat once they come to a boil. You seem to have a
  11. Does the line have to be buried? Our cable line runs overhead from the street to the side of the house and then under the sofit to the back of the house.
  12. I have had vinyl, wood, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and carpet. From a practicality perspective my preference is vinyl. It is comfortable underfoot and easy to clean. For a slab foundation kitchen porcelain tile or higher-end ceramic tile would be my second choice. Tile is durable and if grouted correctly impervious to water. Choose a patterned tile and colored grout. Porcelain is more durable than ceramic and since the color goes through the tile when chipping occurs, it is less noticeable. Ceramic comes in more styles. I currently have porcelain tile. I like the look and
  13. My teens dressed as men in black last year. We bought black suit coats at Goodwill and black ties on Amazon. They already had white shirts, black pants, and sunglasses.
  14. 7.5 acres for 6 million. A 1/3 acre lot starts at about $275,000. If you are willing to go 30 or so minutes out of town, you could get 20 acres of farmland for $250,000.
  15. Let the carpet dry thoroughly. Meanwhile find a throw rug you like. When the carpet is dry cover the stained area with the rug.
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