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  1. Why people care? Because there are children like my youngest. He completed AOPS Pre-Algebra in 5th grade. Had we continued to homeschool, he would have started AOPS Intro to Algebra in 6th grade and taken as long as necessary to work through it. Several factors led us to enroll him in public school 6th grade. Our school district is supposedly one of the best in the state. Algebra I in 6th grade was not an option. 6th grade math was a review of concepts he had mastered in 3rd grade. His teacher ended up assigning him work on Dreambox and when he demonstrated that he really needed hi
  2. Joann.com has a free pattern for a basic felt doll.
  3. Does your father need a private entrance and suite? The most economical change would be to convert the study to a bed-sitting room and the laundry room (and if needed the adjacent closet) to a bathroom. You could install a stacked washer-dryer unit in the closet across the hall from the laundry room . If you do not want to share your father's laundry facilities, find a space upstairs for a second washer-dryer unit. If/when your father can no longer handle stairs, add a ramp to the front entrance and to the family room. Install them in such a way that they can be removed when no
  4. Building and remodeling is expensive right now. Get additional quotes for gutting the bar area and installing a 7x9 or 7x10 foot accessible bathroom in that area. You can also get quotes for removing the laundry room, but lowering a floor is a structural change. It is likely to be much more expensive than working within the existing space. Consider a pre-fab kitchenette unit. You could include an apartment-sized stacking washer and dryer in the kitchenette design.
  5. Restaurant meals are high in fat. Fat can trigger diarrhea. So can stress, so perhaps you could kindly suggest that non-helpful family members butt out.
  6. Physical science is the typical high school level intro to physics and chemistry.
  7. Have you ever read Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron? "THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren't only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General. ..." To have equitable schools, first you need agreement on what equitable means. Equa
  8. Sometimes it is nice not to have to think too hard. Tiles is also good for tired brains, but there isn't much variety. I do go to other sites Logic puzzles (Puzzle Baron's grid style puzzles - there are also printables) Sudoku Crosswords - easier than NYT
  9. I rarely do the crypto, acrostic, or anagram puzzles but have been having a lot of fun with the old daily and mini crosswords. If you sign up for the free morning briefing, you will get the Mini and the grids for the Monday-Friday for Spelling Bee. Periodically, you will be offered a reduced price subscription to the News part of NYT (not puzzles or recipes) for $4 per month for the first year. You can also subscribe to just the puzzles for $4 per month (slightly less if you also do the news subscription). The entertainment and escapism offered by the daily puzzles are worth $4 a mo
  10. My vote is push her. Has she considered a smaller LAC? They often have a more nurturing environment than larger schools. Plus with a smaller student body it is harder for more timid students to get lost in the crowd. Also, yes to living in a dorm for at least freshman year. Not all dorms are chaotic, she can apply for a 'quiet' dorm. Although she might be tempted to apply for a single, encourage her to try roommates for at least two years. Whether or not they become lasting friends, roommates will ensure that she doesn't spend all of her non-class time in her room.
  11. Unless I truly loved the job and saw a future for myself in that company, I would start looking for something else. If nothing came up, I would try the drive for a while, but would need to take an honest look at costs versus benefits. Factoring in additional time and all transportation costs does the job pay enough to cover expenses plus a bit more or would you essentially be working for free? Could a volunteer position closer to home fill your needs for intellectual stimulation and resume-building?
  12. Since you don't want soup, is chili also out? Great Northern Beans are very good in white bean chili. Otherwise, baked beans, falafel (usually made with chickpeas but you can substitute virtually any bean), or bean burgers.
  13. Yes, but which tests vary by school and grade. My sons' school usually does PSAT in the fall and ACT Aspire in the spring. 7th grade will take no standardized tests this school year. 11th grade took the PSAT in person as originally scheduled. 8th-10th grades will take it virtually in the spring. The school cancelled the ACT Aspire tests. 9th, 10th, and 12th graders must take either the ACT or SAT, 11th grade must take the ACT. Students enrolled in n AP course must take the corresponding AP exam to get credit for the course.
  14. ACT Aspire is available for 3rd through 10th grades. In the past it was only available through schools but it looks like this year there is a home testing option.
  15. My sons's school requires that all 9th-12th students take either the ACT or SAT annually. My 9th grader took the ACT in December. He did zero prep, had not taken geometry (his school does Algebra II first), and still managed a respectable math score. There were questions about current grade and high school courses completed on the registration form. I hope ACT considers the responses to those questions when looking at jumps in scores.
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