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  1. I would look to Asia for inspiration: Middle Eastern - steamed rice with lentils, stuffed grape leaves, falafel, hummus, baba ganoush, and a wheat-free flatbread Indian - vegetable biryani, sambar, and rice flour roti or steamed rice cakes OR steamed rice with dal and/or a vegetable dish Chinese or Thai-inspired stir fry with rice paper spring rolls
  2. Schoolbooks are shelved on bookcases in the living room. Each morning before lessons I pull the books needed for the morning's seatwork and pile them on the end of the table. The children put them away at the end of morning lessons. After lunch I do the same with materials needed for afternoon lessons. These are put away at the end of schoolday.
  3. If he wants to sell them, I'd let him. If he just wants them out of his room, do you have ample storage space? Yes - box them up and save them for future grandchildren (or until your nostalgia wanes). No - keep the special Harry Potter set and find new homes for the remaining sets.
  4. Obviously, you could. I would be more inclined to do geography in 7th grade and cover American history in 8th and 9th grades. The study could be stretched over three years, especially if goverrnment were added to it. If you really want to cover American history in 7th grade, look at the course you are planning for 9th grade. For 7th grade focus on a theme not well-covered in the course - Native American history, European exploration and colonization of the Americas, westward expansion, the Harlem Rennaissance, civics, etc. If you don't want to do a full year of a theme, select 3 or 4 themes for unit studies.
  5. A year of geography sounds good. Some other ideas: State and local history and geography. Incorporate as many field trips as you can handle. Visit historic sites, museums, parks, and festivals. Go to see Tecumseh. Explore your family tree. History of science using Joy Hakim's three volume Story of Science as the spine History of art History of music - consider Yale University's Coursera course on the history of classical music History of transportation (or a subset such as the history of flight or the history of space exploration) Ask you son to choose his favorite period in history and do an indepth study of that time period/culture Paleontology or natural history Religion (your own or comparative)
  6. Here are a few: Reading Group Guides Scholastic Discussion Guide for The Hunger Games Trilogy / Other Scholastic grades 9-12 discussion guides SparkNotes "book club" and the title of book.
  7. I am pleased with the amount of grammar my children have learned this year. But, while they do fine when completing targeted exercises, they do not seem to be able to apply rules of capitalization to their own writing. We are using both GWTM and WWS.
  8. I would make book baskets for each child. Ask grandpa to read aloud one selection from each basket daily. Older children read aloud to grandpa and/or 3-year old plus 30 minutes silent reading or audiobooks daily. Do the older two children have copywork books? If not, pick up some in the style your sister teaches. One page per day for each of the older two children. For math, if the current program is not one your dad can easily teach, I'd consider Critical Thinking Company's Mathematical Reasoning. It is as open and go as you can get. Does grandpa have a hobby or passion he can share with the children? Fishing, woodworking, needlework, bird watching? I would get whatever gear is needed for him to share this with the children. Consider it an intensive. Otherwise, get some simple science or craft kits, puzzles, dvds (I know your sister doesn't like them, but this is an emergency), or toys for grandpa to pull out as needed. If grandpa is comfortable taking the children on outings, a grandparent membership at a local zoo or museum would give them a place to go.
  9. Dh has mobility issues, we have to have a downstairs master. If he didn't have those issues, location of the master wouldn't be a primary concern. Even if all bedrooms were on the second floor, I would want a full bathroom on the first floor.
  10. I reupholstered a sleeper sofa once. It was time consuming but looked good from the front and sides when done. I had a hard time with the back. Although the seams and joins on the other sides were hidden, the back was the final piece of fabric and had to be attached with tacks. My sewing skills are better than my carpentry skills. I kept the back of the sofa facing the wall. If you can get the fabric off without tearing it too badly you can use it to make paper patterns. Also, buy muslin or other other inexpensive fabric for practicing. You can reuse the muslin pieces as lining for your finish fabric.
  11. As the parent of a picky eater, as long as you don't get upset when all my son eats is a hotdog bun, I'm happy. If the children are very picky, the parents will probably bring some food for them.
  12. My children need to review language mechanics. GWTM covers this topic in week 33. We are currently part way through week 25. If we complete weeks 25-28, could we skip to week 33 or are weeks 29-32 essential for completing the exercises in week 33? Week 33 would be our last grammar unit for the school year. I also have Editor in Chief. Would finishing week 25 and then switching to this resource be a better option? It would have to be one resource or the other. While I would like to cover as much grammar as we can for the next two months, we already spend 45 minutes to an hour per day on grammar and cannot devote more time than that to grammar. Extending grammar study into the summer is not a realistic option.
  13. I understand. Well, actually, I don't - 30 hours in the car each way? Ten plus hours of driving per day? I'd fly.
  14. You are more likely to get responses if you repost on the K-8 Curriculum or High School board.
  15. If you are taking 40 from Memphis, you'll be passing through Little Rock. You should be able to find something of interest there. Hot Springs isn't too far from Little Rock. Fort Smith (see Scarlett's link) is just across the river from Van Buren. You will travel between the Ozark and Ouachita National Forests, if the scenic outdoors is your thing, visit one or both forests. How far from 40 are you willing to roam? Also what do you like to do? Within 2-3 hours north, you have Fayetteville, Bentonville, and Rogers, Arkansas and Branson, Missouri.
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