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  1. If he is a youth large or extra large, try a men's small. Once he is in men's sizing, Land's End has a decent selection of tall shirts. Oldest ds grew 3 inches between May and August. He is rotating through three pair of school pants. I am afraid that as soon as I break down and buy more, he'll grow again. Younger ds can wear shorts for another month or so. He will probably need a completely new winter wardrobe.
  2. My experience with JoAnn has been no stacking. Excepting the occasional % off everything, JoAnn coupons specifically exclude sale items and are labeled one coupon or discount per item. When the coupon would give a deeper discount than the sale price, I have been successful in asking that the clerk ring it up at regular price and then apply the coupon. Doing that with BOGO, I'd expect to get 60% off the first item and pay full price for the second. You can always ask the clerk though.
  3. If your sons' school provide email accounts, your sons may be able to sign-up for free access to Office 365. You can purchase Office Home and Student for $149.99 per computer. It only includes Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Outlook, Access, and Publisher are only available through subscription. Does the school require that they use Microsoft products?
  4. My children hated the Bumbo but loved the baby swing. I found a nursery rocker to be essential, actually I had two, one in the living room and one in the nursery. My children found rocking soothing. Baby gates or a pack and play become essential when baby reaches the crawling stage. Eventually she'll want a high chair or a strap on booster seat. Diapers and wipes/soft washcloths, burp rags. Something to use as a diaper bag.
  5. You should expect lessons to take longer each year, especially in the elementary grades. When your 10 year-old started violin lessons, she practiced just a few minutes a day and over time built up to an hour. The same is true for academic subjects. She should be spending more time on math and language arts this year than she did last year. Latin is also going to ramp up. GSWL lessons were designed to take just a few minutes a day. LFC lessons are longer. Either non-core subjects get looped, some get dropped or school days get longer. Think of progression in academic subjects in the same light as you do music instruction. You guide your children through their practice sessions correcting little mistakes as they play. You correct the mistakes immediately to prevent them from becoming ingrained. Your child finds some pieces more difficult than others and needs to spend more time on those pieces. She may need to spend days or even weeks focusing on a few especially troublesome measures. The same is true for academic subjects, especially the skill subjects. Expect elementary mathematics to be teacher-intensive. By sitting beside the child while she does her math exercises you can provide immediate feedback and correction. You can see when she needs extra instruction or practice and when she has a solid grasp of the material. Beast Academy has 4 books per grade level with 3 chapters per book. In a 36-week school year, that averages to 3 weeks per chapter. The first chapter of 3A is especially tough so if you are gauging progress by that chapter, don't lose hope. BA may not be the best program for your family. It wasn't for our family. My children loved the guidebooks, but preferred the format of MEP Primary for actual math lessons. I read aloud the 3-5 guidebooks and we worked through the problems in the guidebook together. Since I had the level 3 workbooks I used them as supplementary lesson material assigning selected pages when a child needed extra practice (multiplication facts) or the child had finished a math unit and I wanted to hold off on starting the next unit. Similarly, we read aloud Island, Town, one of the poetry books, and the Mud trilogy, but did not use them as our language arts program. My children preferred Town to Island.
  6. I think the problem is not so much that you are trying to do too much in a day as it is that you are trying to do too much at once. Multi-tasking isn't always the best strategy. What if instead of having your children do other lessons during music lessons, you had the 10 year old do silent reading during that time? The 7 and 4 year olds could listen to audiobooks or engage in play-based learning (pattern blocks or other puzzles, for example). If you want the children to complete workbooks, take a look at Critical Thinking Company's offerings. These colorful workbooks are intended to be completed with minimal adult guidance. The Language Smarts series could be a stand-alone Language Arts course. Prufrock Press's logic series, Kumon Cutting and Art books, dot-to-dot, and mazes are also fun ways for children to build on skills. Then after music lessons and a 10 to 15 minute break, start in on your core subjects. Rotate through the children. Music, math, and language arts may be all you can fit in the morning. That is fine. Read aloud during lunch or snuggle up on the sofa after lunch before moving on to content subjects. Accept that doing 2 hours of music in the morning is going to make your school days seem longer. Just remember to include some breaks during the day.
  7. A Crow Doesn't Need a Shadow: A Guide to Writing Poetry from Nature, by Lorraine Ferra.
  8. All of these can be considered electives and counted as part of his school day. Piano lesson and practice time are music, jiu jitsu and archery are P.E., etc. He may be able to some of the extras you are assigning your DD. Otherwise, what science do you intend to cover this year? Chemistry - The Periodic Videos are fun. Physics - see if your library has The Way Things Work DVDs (they are too $$$ for home purchase). My sons loved Eureka Physics at that age. Klutz LEGO Crazy Contraptions tie into physics as well. Biology - bird watching, nature journal, growing a garden ... He's in 4-H, encourage him to do a science-themed project. If he reads well enought to follow written directions, buy some science kits. (Alka-Seltzer and film canisters can occupy a boy for quite a while.)
  9. Teen girls do not shop at Eddie Bauer. Even when the style is right, the brand is wrong. So long as the jeans she wants do not violate her school's dress code, get the style and brand she prefers.
  10. I would expect a 5th grader to be averaging 5 hours of school per day: Math - 45-60 minutes per day (If he is averaging less than 30 minutes per day I would suspect that he needs a higher level in his math program) Language arts - 45-60 minutes per day (I suspect that Fix-It-Grammar plus IEW will ramp up to average this) Literature - 60 minutes per day minimum. This includes silent reading, read aloud, and audiobooks. (If all he is doing for religion is listening to an audio-Bible, I would include it as part of literature, otherwise I'd consider it an elective) History/Science - 30 minutes each. If only doing one per semester, I would expect to add in videos, hands-on activities, extra readings, and field trips to average 45-60 minutes per day. If Seterra is geography games, include the time he spends on that as part of history/social sciences. You could rotate in other learning games (Presidents versus Aliens, as an example) for variety. Electives - art, music, health, P.E., logic, religious studies, and/or self-study topics/hobbies of student's interest PLUS vision therapy exercises - 60 minutes per day minimum (You could select electives on a monthly, quarterly, or semester basis; weekly rotation; or loop) Breaks - as needed
  11. Businesses who want experienced, reliable workers need to pay more than $15 an hour for a 40 hour a week job. There is too much competition for employees meeting those criteria. On the other hand, there are people looking for part-time work. These include students, senior citizens, and stay at home parents looking to return to the workforce but who need to work around school schedules. Businesses offering part-time positions with flexible scheduling are attractive to these job seekers.
  12. Wood laminate or a plastic laminate over wood? I have renewed the former type of furniture by striping off the finish and then applying poly. It is time consuming. You have to be careful not to sand too hard or you will sand through the laminate layer. If you like painted furniture, it is much less work to fill gashes with wood putty then lightly sand and paint the entire piece. The finish lasts longer if you apply two coats of paint and then poly.
  13. Well, toys are more fun than lessons. One thing that helps is making doing lessons non-negotatible. Toys before breakfast, then they are clean up or put behind a closed door until after morning lessons are done. Have boxes of special toys for 5 year old and baby. These are toys that are only available when older children are doing school work. Move directly from breakfast to breakfast cleanup/grooming to schoolwork. Supervise grooming as needed to get them moving quickly. Morning/circle time: Song, devotion, SOTW, any other group work Wiggle time - play Ring around the Rosy, Teddy Bear, London Bridge or other action song Seatwork Work with one child at a time on math, when you are working with 9 year old, 7 year old does copywork, coloring, a puzzle, silent reading, or anything else she can do without your assistance, 5 year old works on fine motor skills activities Switch to working with 7 year old, 9 year old does independent work, 5 year old switches to a new activity Work with 5 year old, both older children do tasks that do not require your assistance. Break - go outside for 15 to 30 minutes when possible, if not possible play Simon Says or other action games Seatwork part 2 - continue rotating through children. If 5 year old is too noisy when playing, would he listen to an audiobook while older children are doing seatwork? Break for playtime followed by lunch Quiet time for 5 year old and baby - if 5 year old doesn't nap he may look at picture books or play quietly in bed for 1 hour. One-on-one with older children, child you are not working with does silent reading or audio book - if you are able to finish lessons before lunch, this can be one hour of quiet time for older children as well.
  14. My sons are scouts. Summer camp is a priority for our family. My younger son went to resident camp for the first time this year. He was apprehensive about being away from dh and me for a week, but went with the promise that if he hated it, he would not have to go next year. He loved it. He came back bubbling with plans for next summer. My oldest has always loved summer camp and wants to be on staff as soon as he is old enough. If either of my children hated camp, I would not require him to go again. But, I did want each of them to experience resident camp. Research the opportunities in your area - sports camps, church camps, scout camps, Rotary, 4-H ... Are there any that interest your children? Perhaps you and your husband could agree that interested children get the option of attending camp once they reach a certain age. If your family is open to scouting, your children would have the opportunity to do one and two night campouts throughout the year. That would help prepare them (and you) for summer camp. If you are really opposed to the idea of your children attending camp without you, investigate family camps.
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