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  1. Before we had children I avoided calling MIL by any title. She became grandma when oldest ds was born.
  2. I am in the midst of cleaning out my sons' rooms. At the moment, my thought is no LEGO, no NERF, no remote control vehicles ... My children rarely want to play board games, they prefer D&D or video games, but when they were younger they liked Animal upon Animal, Parcheesi, dominoes, and cooperative games. They also liked puzzles. My tentative plans are camping hammocks, a couple of books, something dh chooses, and something from their wish lists.
  3. Unless the bathrooms are unusable in their present condition, the house you are describing is not a fixer-upper. It's finishings just aren't to your taste. Would I buy a fixer-upper? Well, we did, twice. We bought our current house for its location and layout. We looked at new houses but didn't want to pay a premium for 'new' with trendy finishes but poorly constructed. Be aware that things don't always go as planned. We are currently on month four of a two week kitchen renovation. I have told dh that I am too old for this. If/when we move again, I have to like the kitchen - I don't have to love it, but I don't want to do another major renovation. We painted our dated bathrooms and replaced the 1980s big bulbs with fixtures that better matched the age of the house. They will need attention at a future date but for now, they are functional. I have no desire to buy another fixer-upper, but would consider a well-maintained house with dated finishes. Paint and flooring are easy and relatively inexpensive fixes. Ditto for replacing existing light fixtures. Kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms to renovate, especially if moving plumbing, electric, or walls.
  4. Visiting a troop is not a commitment to join. It is a chance for you and your son to get a feel for how the troop operates. Don't feel bad about wanting to move to a new troop, many scouts change troops, some multiple times. The goal is the best fit for the scout and family. Also, keep in mind that although male role models are important, the troop doesn't need only male leaders to be a good troop. Many excellent boy troops have female scoutmasters. Your husband doesn't want to be an involved scouting parent, that means that if scouting is important to you, you need to be the active scout parent. Encourage your son to work on advancement or merit badges on his own. Take photos to document his progress. Bryan on Scouting's Merit Badges for Social Distancing, and other lists can be found online. There are also virtual bootcamps.
  5. If you wanted to disguise the cart more you could put a front on the cart to match your cabinet doors, Instead of a platform, build a wagon with shallow sides and back that way you don't have to glue the trash can down.
  6. My local school district is pushing its virtual school model. The other option will be blended school. Students attend school. There will be greater emphasis on digital content in preparation for remote learning in the event of school closures. Regardless of the model chosen, the school district will provide a Chromebook to each student. Students may transfer from one model to the other between semesters. My son's charter school is making contingency plans both to have all the students in the school and some or all students doing remote learning. All schools are waiting for state guidelines regarding masks and social distancing requirements.
  7. We hear them almost every night. I have seen them several times. Once one was perched relatively low in a tree near our property line. He looked straight down at me with a rather disgruntled look. More often I see them perched high in trees. They are easier to spot in the winter when trees are bare.
  8. What was wrong with the painted tile? Was it peeling or hard to clean? I ask because that is something I have been considering. O.P. Unless the tile floor is damaged or you absolutely hate it, my vote is keep it. But ... I am in the midst of a nightmare kitchen remodel including removal of improperly laid tile from a concrete slab. It most definitely did not come up easily. I wanted LVT, we are getting porcelain because of the costs and time needed to grind down the old setting compound and then skim coat the rough slab. Installing LVT over our tile wasn't feasible because (1) the exterior door threshold would then be below the floor risking water getting under the tile and (2) the original tile was not level (hence the need to replace it). When we considered installing new flooring over the tile we were told that the installer would need to use leveler to bring the grout up to the level of the tile. Otherwise over time the floor would indent around the tiles. I do not know whether or not this is true but is what a flooring contractor told us I have decided that as much as I dislike foyer and bathroom tiles they will be staying indefinitely. Painting or decals maybe, but not removal.
  9. Do you have a basement, crawl space, or slab foundation? If you have a basement, running plumbing would be relatively easy and you could install an actual bathroom - toilet, sink, walk-in shower. If you have a slab foundation, where does the water enter your house and where is your water heater? The locations of these would affect the feasibility of installing a bathroom. If you cannot install a traditional bathroom, would you be installing a fixed-in place incinerating or composting toilet or a camp-style emergency toilet? If the later, consider a bedside commode chair instead. It would be more comfortable and safer for him to use. Of course, someone would have to carry the waste through the house to a bathroom to dispose of it and clean the basin.
  10. So long as the pain is under control I would not go to the ER. You would get an x-ray at the ER and if the x-ray indicated a fracture you would get a referral to an orthopedic specialist for treatment. Otherwise, they would do nothing that Urgent Care hasn't already done. ( If your health insurance is anything like mine, you would also have a hefty co-pay.) Instead of going to the ER, call your insurance company to get the names of covered orthopedics. If you need a referral to see an orthopedic, call your primary care doctor's triage line tomorrow morning, otherwise call the orthopedic yourself to schedule an appointment.
  11. We have been using I had each child stand on a sheet of paper while I traced around his foot. I drew parallel lines at the heel and longest toe and then measured between the lines. We stuck with the same brands as their previous shoes, going one size larger than the foot measurement indicated.
  12. When I think of upside down houses I think of houses with the entrance and main living area on the upstairs floor and bedrooms on the lower level. I spent a week in a condo built like this. It was disconcerting the first couple of nights to go downstairs to bed but by the end of the week seemed normal. Many older townhouses were built with the kitchen on the ground or basement level and living space above. Newer townhouses in my area have a garage and bonus room at ground level, the main living area up a flight of stairs and the bedrooms on the third (and sometimes fourth) levels. Raised ranch houses and some split levels also require one to go upstairs to the main living level. If the idea of an upstairs sitting room appeals to you, try it. If it doesn't work, you can always move the furniture to one of the downstairs rooms. It isn't as if you are talking about taking down walls or moving plumbing.
  13. HPV is not always sexually transmitted. Even when sexually transmitted, fondling, sodomy, and oral sex do not cause pregnancy. Facts: 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually assaulted before the age of 18 29% of all forcible rapes involve a victim under the age of 11 Nearly half of all forcible fondling and sodomy victims are under the age of 12 60% of girls who have sex before age 15 were coerced by males more than 6 years older Most child sexual abuse is never reported to authorities Source: Statistics Child Sexual Abuse While females ages 12 to 34 are the highest risk years for rape and sexual assault, 34 percent of victims under the age of 18 are also under the age of 12 In 2016 an estimated 57,329 children were victims of sexual assault Source: Rainn
  14. HPV can be transmitted through non-sexual skin to skin contact such as occur between playmates or between a caregiver and child. There is evidence that children can be infected as early as conception. Some studies also suggest that unsterilized reusable medical equipment can be a method of transmission. Per the vaccine information statement, the CDC recommends vaccination at age 11 or 12, but it can be given as early as age 9. The fact sheet also indicates that although the vaccination can be given as late as age 45, there is no benefit for most people over the age of 26. By that age, most adults have already been infected. In your initial post you state that your brother is not in the U.S.A. The vaccination schedule in his country may differ from the in the U.S. for any number of reasons.
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