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  1. If you are doing this entirely at camp: Pre-cut kits - all the same, wedge is fine. Sandpaper Acrylic paint - kids love paint. For your sanity limit the color choices. (Alternate option: permanent markers) Paint brushes Lots of paper towels or rags Buckets of water Dish soap Stickers Optional - stick on weights. You do not want to mess with glue guns, drills, or carving knives at a summer camp. The stick on weights work best with the wedge shape. You put them on the top not the bottom of the cars. I say optional because if everyone is using the same kit with no modifications, the fastest car will be the one with the best wheel alignment (the axle cuts in the kits are often not square, plus kids have a hard time attaching the wheels.). A track - see if you can borrow one from a local Cub Scout pack. Official tracks are designed so that each car starts at the same time and stays in its lane. Replicating one would be expensive and/or time consuming. If the race is just for fun, consider using a piece of plywood set on an incline. Put pillows or other cushioning at the bottom to avoid damaging the cars on landing Sand and paint the cars one day. Possibly allow a second day for additional decorating, then attach wheels and axles. Expect campers to need help with attaching them. Have some extra wheels and axles on hand. ETA: Hammers and unless you have a policy of whomever wields the hammer holds the nail, needle nose pliers
  2. We track using Excel spreadsheets. Dh doesn't like to keep a lot of excess money in checking, so some funds are immediately transferred to savings. They are transferred back to checking when needed. Some banks allow you to set up sub-accounts to earmark funds for specific purposes. See SmartyPig for an example.
  3. My sons' troop currently has 35 scouts on the roster. It is one of the smaller troops. There are several troops in the area with more than 60 scouts. Scouting is very popular here.
  4. In our area so many of the LDS scouts have flocked to other troops that troops are starting to talk about capping. It isn't that they don't want new scouts, it is that they don't have the resources to double or triple the size of their troops. Finding meeting places for new troops would also be difficult. One of the local Cub Packs pays to meet in a school building as there are no free meeting places that can hold all the scouts, let alone their families.
  5. If your children were interested in scouts, I'd recommend looking for a pack that meets at a more convenient time and location, or try lone scouting. But if you aren't a scouting family, find a different activity for your 10 year old. Does your public library have after school or weekend programming that would interest her? If your older son was able to watch the other children during this time you could run errands or write while you waited for her. Otherwise, the other children could have library time during her activity. Is there a choir or youth group at your church? Are there any activities she would like to try? I do think age and interest-cohort activities are important for tweens and teens but there must be a balance. I would drop the Tuesday morning gym class for the remainder of this school year. Plan your lessons for a four day week. Go to Wild and Free on Friday mornings, then use the afternoon for housework and errands. The children help you, have self-directed learning, or extra playtime. Fit in writing whenever it works for you - get up early and do it before school or during quiet time in the afternoons. Schedule a midmorning break for outside time. Follow this by a snack to get everyone back indoors. Take/send everyone outside again when afternoon lessons are done.
  6. Are you sure you need to take the GRE? Some schools accept the MAT. Life experiences and recent standardized test scores are likely to count more than a GPA from 40 years ago. Many schools will allow you to take one or two classes at a time without being formally admitted to a program. Do that for a couple of semesters and then apply for a degree program.
  7. We used the self-paced version last year for the Integrated Explorations book. The videos for the physics and chemistry units were good. The remaining units were disappointing. There were very few videos and most of those were very elementary. Ds also had issues with some of the quizzes.
  8. She can save money by not getting married on a Saturday. Many venues are less expensive on other days of the week. If it must be a Saturday, a morning ceremony with a brunch reception or an early afternoon ceremony with a punch reception are both less expensive than a dinner reception. Hotels and reception halls usually require that you use their caterers. Consider an hors-d'oeuvres buffet instead of a sit-down meal. Depending on the venue and time of day, this may be a less expensive option. Would the couple be open to a lodge or park pavilion? A tent in your backyard?
  9. This may be obvious, but she needs to toss her toothbrush and get a new one. She might want two. One for now and another new one for after she finishes her course of antibiotics.
  10. If he thinks he would like Meals on Wheels, I'd try that first. Give him a nice meal on Sundays with enough leftovers for snacking on Monday and Tuesday. For his remaining meals get prepackaged items. Look in the produce section of Walmart for salad bowls. Most of these include a small portion of meat - chicken, turkey, or ham. You could pick up a couple to see if he likes them. There is also a section of pre-portioned snacks - apples and nuts or cheese for example. Get individual serving-sized shelf-stable tuna salad or chicken salad if he likes those. Add in some canned soups, sliced cheese, bread or crackers and any items he fancies that week.
  11. We spend a lot more than $500 per child per year for activities. Scouts alone is more than $500 per child and that does not include uniforms or gear.
  12. Maude Hart Lovelace James Herriot Miss Read Joyce Stranger Agatha Christie
  13. I agree that asking for receipts to be included is rude, but I would assume good intentions on the part of the sender. In my experience gifts bought on a registry are easily returned for store credit with or without a receipt. If an item not bought from a registry needs to be returned, a receipt is needed. The person sending the invitation may have been trying to spare the honoree the awkwardness of having to contact gift-giver and asking for receipts in the event of duplicate items. I created a gift registry when I was expecting my oldest because relatives kept asking my mother what we needed. I told my mother that the items on the list were categories rather than specifics. For example, we had to select select farm animal, or Noah's ark, or blue, or ... crib sheets. We really didn't care which sheets or even if they were new sheets, we just needed something to cover the crib mattress. We received a mix of items from the registry, homemade items, and items people thought we would want. I gladly accepted used baby items and passed most of them on when my children outgrew them. ( I kept some of the 1970s era cloth diapers because those things make excellent window cleaning cloths.) I only returned a few items. One I felt bad about it since it was from a good friend. She bought a fancy baby spa tub that was larger than our table. We had a small house with no place to use or store the tub. I bathed the baby in the kitchen sink. When I give a purchased gift, I include a gift receipt. I would rather the recipient return the item for something they will use than keep something just because it was a gift.
  14. If you decide against staining or painting, does decoupage appeal? Here are some examples. My grandmother had a piece of glass cut to fit over her old dining table. She arranged photos and mementos under it. I've also seen glass used over cloth tablecloths.
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