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  1. Everything else I mentioned is secular. They now do offer flex (one course or more) with FLVS for elementary. I would keep that as a last minute option. I have no idea how the classes are, though...although there are some sample lessons. Most districts have an option to do Connections Academy and a K12 option, but those are full-time AFAIK. Oak Meadow is secular and pretty complete. It's very gentle for those ages, too.... which may/may not appeal if they're planning to return the next year. I really enjoyed Torchlight. Many of the books you can get at the library and it works well for multi-age groups. There's also Build Your Library which is like a secular Sonlight. (Sonlight has their own secular version called Bookshark). Rainbow Resources has "secular" kits which may appeal...both a cheap/basic version and more normal one. The "economy" packages are not completely secular as far as I can tell...but might give some good ideas. Math Mammoth is a great, affordable math curriculum, but it doesn't start until first grade.
  2. Six and eight are great ages to combine. :). Torchlight is one curriculum she might enjoy. Honestly, the main focus is going to be math and reading as I'm sure you know. Not much has changed there. All About Reading and Logic of English are two programs to look at. Both are phonics-based. LOE also provides handwriting. For math, RightStart might work. Although it's teacher intensive (all math is at that age), it's also scripted which can help for new homeschooling Moms. Singapore is another favorite for early grades as is Miquon (but IMHO more difficult to teach.) There's always Saxon, too, which is scripted. If she's fine with Christian content, CLE (Christian Light Education) sells those light units which are an easy low cost way to see if you like their approach. Handwriting....I like Handwriting without Tears, but I don't think one needs all of the manipulatives and such. One thing she can do in Florida, is enroll part-time in FLVS. You can do as many or few courses you want as a homeschooler.
  3. Have any of you used Beowulf's Grammar from Guest Hollow? What did you think of it? Thinking of trying it for my 10 year old.
  4. My first dish washer lasted 17 years. It was the standard builder nothing fancy. My second dishwasher is on its last legs at three. One problem is that repairs are so expensive--that the cost of a new one is quite comparable. I do not buy the expensive models, though. So that could be part of the issue.
  5. I also found EIW...the secular IEW as best I can tell. 🙂
  6. I'm so sorry about the loss of your grandmother :(. . Covid is making a horrible situation even worse. Sending prayers and wishes for things to go as well as they can.
  7. For both of our sakes, I need to outsource language arts this year. It is just not my forte...and I hate teaching it. I have the IEW Level B course (and videos) which I think I could adapt, but I think it might be a little beyond my 5th grader's ability. So I'm looking to outsource. Two online options I've found are through BJU and Abeka. I'm not adverse to faith based programs if the teaching is good. From what I can tell online, Abeka is very classroom looking and BJU is rather babyish/old school videos with bunnies? Once again, if they do a good job, I don't care. Help!
  8. Not sure what I'm going to do. Homeschooled this kid for 3rd, he was back in school for 4th, now back with me. Need to figure out math--as he needs a spiral program, and his school got way behind last year during Covid. Math Mammoth has been my go-to, but not the right curriculum for him as not spiral. Horizon? Saxon 5/4? Christian Light (used in 3rd grade). I have no idea. English. Will continue with Sequential Spelling. May start him with IEW, but also looking at The Paragraph Book Series. Have IEW's Fix It Grammar and Shurley. Not sure if I'm up for Shurley this year. We will read. What? I'm not sure yet. 🙂 History Have Oak Meadow 5th grade history, so for now, that's what I'm planning. Could easily change. Science Have Apologia Astronomy and most of supplies for labs from elder siblings. May use. Not sure. Handwriting Will continue with HWOT's cursive program Music Taking violin. Will continue with Webelos. Troop meeting online right now.
  9. Yes, it's good! We buy it when we need a kunafah fix. 🙂
  10. Glad that you have a dx and a treatment plan. Wishing and praying for the best possible outcome for you. ❤️ One of the original uses of the keto diet was to treat seizures in children. You might want to ask your neuro if there's any indication/research that shows if that could be helpful in adults.
  11. Yes, I was baptized as a baby (Presbyterian) and it was just a sprinkling...not full immersion. We were confirmed around 8th grade, I want to say.
  12. Oh thanks for this. This might work. We kind of have similar colors as well.
  13. It looks like this. This might not be the exact model, but it was around $300. The top can retract down revealing a screen.
  14. Was curious if anybody knows the origins of baptism. I know that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist...but where did that come from?? Is this a take on the mikvah that Jewish women partake in?? Just curious on a Wednesday morning.
  15. I love my storm door. Didn't have one for 18 years, but put one in two years ago. It's clear glass (so the purple door shows through), and the top bit retracts down so there's a screen. So nice to open the front door, put that down, and have a breeze.
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