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  1. I signed up for an Overcoming Clutter course with Joshua Becker who wrote Becoming Minimalist. I highly recommend it. It's a 12 week class with online webinars, articles, a Facebook group, etc. I am no where near a minimalist, but it has helped a lot. You can repeat it forever for no additional cost. Google for codes to save some $$$.
  2. One of my kids was in therapy at 9. We ended up seeing a therapist who was a great fit, because she was heavily into art and play therapy. What would usually happen is that she would spend 5-10 minutes with me asking about the previous week...then she'd be with my child. They would talk and draw or play...and then often she would give tht child some techniques to practice to help with either anxiety or depression. After words, she'd share the techniques with me.
  3. Interesting about the blood clots...I already know I have Prothrombin II gene mutation.
  4. Hmm...that's interesting because one of my kids just came back with an high ANA test. So, I picked up a copy of the full report and images to send to a family friend whose an interventional cardiologist. It says I have both mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation...and from the measurements, may also have pulmonary hypertension.
  5. I can see Muslims getting into this for halal meat. 😄
  6. So this year, as we're going to my cousin's house and she requested we bring the shrimp tray and cheesecake bites we bought last year (Sam's Club, although I saw similar ones at Costco a few days ago).... I decided to order the Schwan's frozen Thanksgiving dinner from Costco for $90. An article about it showed up on my Apple News...and after speaking with my Mom, we thought it would be perfect for our second Thanksgiving dinner that Saturday. We will probably only cook half (it comes with two breasts), one of the pies, etc. and keep the rest frozen for Christmas. One of my favorite side dishes is Turkish green beans. They're cooked in a tomato sauce--and are typically served room temperature (like all/most Turkish olive oil dishes). We usually do a can of tomato sauce vs. chopping fresh tomatoes, but that's just me. We also use frozen green beans (the steamable kind), and partially cook/dethaw in the microwave. This Emeril sausage-butternut squash soup is also a favorite. We use the fresh turkey Italian sausage that you can find near the fresh poultry.
  7. We had some lights go up for Diwali... but I realized last night that the lights still up were Christmas lights. (Snowflake projectors, red/green, Santa stuff.) In our house, we always put up lights the weekend after Thanksgiving. But honestly, if it's making some of my neighbors happier, I really don't care. The "tours" of lights and such start here around the 20th.
  8. Anybody have any experience with this? How were you treated? Did you need surgery? So a few months ago, I had an abnormal EKG. My PCP repeated it, still abnormal, and I as referred to a cardiologist. The way things work...I saw him six weeks later, took another month to get an echocardiogram , etc. Well, the results are back from the echo and they say "rheumatic disorders of both mitral and tricuspid valves." That's a shocker. Yes, I had strep throat a bunch as a kid--but I was always treated. I had an endocrinologist notice a murmur 7-8 years ago--and I was sent for a stress test, which was fine. I'll know more on Friday when I follow-up with the cardiologist. On a weird note, my STBX also had a mitral valve issue over the past year. Now, I'm wondering if they're sure that it's from rheumatic fever or if I (or we) could have passed something on to the kids. That actually is my biggest concern. The rest, I'm sure I can deal with.
  9. Last week, I somehow landed on "An Inspector Calls" on Amazon Prime. It was a BBC (and likely Masterpiece) production a few years back and is based on a famous play. I enjoyed it. I love cooking shows, and the kids and I loved "Britain's Best Home Cook" (Hulu), "The Big Family Cooking Show" (might have the word British in it) on Netflix, and Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat (Netflix). "North and South" is really good. I saw it years ago. Think it's on Netflix now. (If you like BBC period pieces.) If you want to try Turkish shows, my Aunt (non-Muslim, Christian lady in her 70s) loved "Kurt Seyit & Sura"....she watched it obsessively until she finished it. (I think it was a Ramadan 30 episodes!). "Resurrection Ertugrul" is super popular as well...and there are multiple seasons on Netflix. It's historical fiction in the Middle Ages regarding the father (I think) of the guy who eventually founded the Ottoman Empire.
  10. Title is pretty self-explanatory....but what are your favorite Christmas movies that are currently available on any of the major streaming services. Can be all ages, adults, kids, etc.
  11. The Dali museum is great. It's also engineered to resist a big hurricane. I also really liked the Ringling Museum/home, but that is maybe an hour to hour and half south. Still, I loved it. There's a nice spa (old time spa was known for its waters) in St. Pete called Safety Harbor. See if there are any Groupons. 🙂 Another thing is the Greek community in the area.... every Greek salad will have a scoop of hidden potato salad under it. The Columbia is a famous Spanish style restaurant that is there....and also in St. Augustine (other side of the state). I make their chicken and rice for our family.
  12. Are there any? Nine year old is a typical nine year old. Also have a 12, 14, and 16 year old.
  13. Tuesdays are always taco/Tex-Mex Tuesdays in our house (don't have to think). Burrito bowls are my new favorite I don't want to cook meals. I pre-make and freeze brown or white rice. Of course, if I don't have any I either cook or even buy some of the new nuke it kind at the store. So put in bowls....put shredded chicken (I buy one at Costo) on top, chopped avocado, salsa, shredded cheese, sour cream, etc. Wednesday is pasta. Recently kids have liked just frozen/refrigerated cheese ravioli. I boil, toss with butter, parmesan (optional), and throw in some frozen peas. You can also use cheese ravioli to make an easy sort of lasagna. I'm also a fan of the frozen Stouffer's lasagna and a bagged salad. We also really like this recipe for lo mein. I use the Sam's Club brand egg fettucine as our noodles. We do breakfast for dinner twice/month. Used to be weekly. I love my Instant Pot. It makes good Asian cuisine. Beef and broccoli is yummy. Great for butter chicken, too. :)
  14. So my eldest has zero desire to have anything to do with Islam or formal religion of any kind. Other kids go to Qur'an school, Sunday school, etc. The compromise we made was that there are certain books on different faiths I want him to read (I usually use The Dummies/Complete Idiot's Guide books), as well as videos and stuff (had him watch Joseph Campbell's "Power of Myth", etc. I told him, it's my job as his parent to make sure he at least knows about Islam, but belief is up to him. I also want him to know about other faiths so that hopefully he can find a place that fits him better, or at least have that knowledge. My one thing is that I want him to learn about other faiths from people who practice that faith/love that faith. This comes from so much of the Islamophobic literature that is out there and is completely some of the things I hear Muslims say about Christianity which I know are wrong based on being raised Christian and even taking some classes in seminary.
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