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  1. A friend posted this today. I had no idea. An abnormal Pap thankfully caught some cells which eventually required a colposcopy and LEEP for me. "Van Kessel believes there was a "huge overreliance" on a Pap smear in her case, particularly since she had other symptoms. Dr. Joan Murphy, clinical lead of the Cancer Care Ontario Cervical Screening Program, said it can be difficult for family physicians or young clinicians to recognize cervical cancer, especially since some have never seen it. "The reality is, if a cervix is looking abnormal or if the patient has symptoms that could be arising from cervical cancer, a Pap smear is notoriously unreliable," said Murphy, a gynecologic oncologist. In those cases, doctors perform a thorough gynecological examination and often a colposcopy. It's a procedure that uses a lighted magnifying instrument that allows a more detailed look at the cervix and to get a biopsy. She stressed that while screening is not perfect, it is vital and saves many lives. The danger comes when physicians rely on screening too heavily and get complacent." And without starting a vaccine somebody who did go through a colposcopy which was the most painful thing I've ever experienced in my life...Please, please get the HPV vaccine if you or your children are eligible. It's the dream...a vaccine that actually prevents cancer. It is nearly 100% effective in preventing cancer for the strains it immunizes against.
  2. COBRA worked well for us. As others have said, you have 60 days. It's kind of retroactive. You end up paying for two months the first payment.
  3. Thanks everybody. So I called his psychiatrist's office and they will have something for me by Friday regarding his anxiety, etc. I will then drop off a formal letter for the principal on Monday regarding the 504. It seems like a lot of his teachers are trying to work with him informally, cut him some slack, etc... but I do want to get the formal 504 in place. I did actually write the school counselor in December asking for help with his executive function issues and anxiety--but never received a reply. I'll attach a copy of that email as well.
  4. We did 23andMe a few years back. Wonder if that's in there? I remember sending his raw data to Promethease... not sure if I still have it.
  5. So, he's been in and out of counseling for 3+ years, on various anti-anxiety meds, etc. He tried many meds, and unfortunately none worked. They actually exacerbated his depression. He hasn't been on meds for about a year. He has some OCD tendencies, which causes perfection issues. He is scary smart...usually scoring in the 99th percentile on any sort of standardized test without any prep. He will refuse to do something if he doesn't agree that it's a good use of time. He will refuse to turn something in, if it is not his best work. If he misses any work, it just snowballs to the point where is extremely overwhelmed. We dropped his AP research class in January, hoping that would help. Honestly, it did not. I've reached out to the school a few times, but so far, very little help. He does have one teacher who is championing him and has arranged a meeting with another person for the end of the month. Whenever I try to advise or offer help, he tells me has his own system and it's working. It isn't. He had a 31 in one class, and a 47 in another. He let his easy A in Spanish go to a D, because he was too overwhelmed with his failing classes to keep his A. He does not want to return to the psychiatrist, because he does not want more meds. He found counseling..."OK"...but has this "I can fix it myself" type attitude.
  6. One of my teens struggles with anxiety and executive function issues. He's about to fail more classes (in traditional school now) because he can't seem to manage his time, or deal with homework for more than one class. Was looking at Executive Function coaching for him?? Not sure what else to do at this point.
  7. We got one from Guardian. My Mom loves it. . She has the watch thing and a little transponder she takes with her outside of the house. It costs about $500/year, though. A lot of people do Apple Watches these days. The Series 4 or later have an app regarding fall detection if memory serves.
  8. Mini-Golden Doodle? I know a breeder in Casselberry, if you're interested. Her doods are sometimes mini sometimes medium.
  9. I grew up Presbyterian...I have no idea if we were PCA or PCUSA back then. Not sure if there was a difference/division. History goes back to John Knox, though. Our services were boring...old school, organ music. Nobody brought their own Bible. We would sing the doxology and such. My brother and I kind of thought as long as you avoided the "Big 10" you were fine. Nothing was ever said about abstinence, accepting Jesus (we were baptized as infants--and becoming confirmed was kind of automatic), etc. John 3:16? Not spoken about. I loved being in the bell choir, though. We had "reverands" or "Dr." (doctor of theology) not pastors. Church was about being social....seeing the other "right kind of people". Our church was looked like it came from Scotland. We dressed for church. Dresses, pantyhose, etc. Men wore suits and ties. Later, I moved down South and met much more religious Presbyterians. Totally different game. Francis Schaeffer was a big influence. People brought Bibles, had Bible studies, etc. Church dress was more casual, though...not sure if it's a Southern thing or not. AFAIK, church I grew up in hasn't changed.
  10. I'm surprised that this was kept secret for so long! Fascinating story. "For more than half a century, governments all over the world trusted a single company to keep the communications of their spies, soldiers and diplomats secret. The company, Crypto AG, got its first break with a contract to build code-making machines for U.S. troops during World War II. Flush with cash, it became a dominant maker of encryption devices for decades, navigating waves of technology from mechanical gears to electronic circuits and, finally, silicon chips and software. The Swiss firm made millions of dollars selling equipment to more than 120 countries well into the 21st century. Its clients included Iran, military juntas in Latin America, nuclear rivals India and Pakistan, and even the Vatican. But what none of its customers ever knew was that Crypto AG was secretly owned by the CIA in a highly classified partnership with West German intelligence. These spy agencies rigged the company’s devices so they could easily break the codes that countries used to send encrypted messages."
  11. This is just what our Zoey would do. 😄 She's a Golden who is on a kibble-only diet right now, trying to lose some weight. Today, she ate half of a Jersey Mike's sub off of the stove. It was pushed way back. My daughter said she probably thought it was Jersey Mike's kibble. She also has a fondness for stealing entire sticks of butter to the point where we thought about renaming her Julia (after Julia Child).
  12. I'm not sure how long cooked meat can safely last in the I would look for things that can be frozen, but easily reheated. (Not sure it can make it a week.) Meatloaf--either in a small mini-tin or in muffin pans. Beef stew. Easy-peasy to make in an Instant Pot. Roasted chicken quarters...Pioneer Woman used to do a recipe for drumsticks which involved basting them with butter and Lowry's Seasoning Salt. Surprisingly Good. Actually, what if you bought him a Costco/Sam's Club Rotisserie Chicken? Or bought one yourself and used it to make things with...such as pasta alfredo with chicken, chicken fajitas, etc.
  13. Planning a bday party for a 9 year old at our local park. It's one of those places where you rent a covered area with picnic tables and such. The park is a great kid friendly park--with two fabulous playgrounds, trees for climbing, splash pad, etc. We have the only pavilion (area) reserved for that day. Best part is, it only costs $10 to reserve it. This kid is in school, so we have to invite the entire class--and this seemed like the easiest way to do so. My older kids usually had parties at places like Chuck E Cheese or trampoline parks--where the standard food is two slices of pizza plus a drink. As it's a giant park, and we'll have plenty of space, I'm fine with siblings and such attending--in that, they can participate in games and have cake and such. I'm not sure I can afford to feed everybody, if people bring their entire families. (20 kids + 1-3 siblings each=a lot more food). Is it fine to say I'll have cake for siblings and they're welcome to any leftovers? How do I plan the amount of food for kids in the 9-10 age? It's sort of Muslim culture to always have way too much food. 😄' I was going to do a plate of subs from Publix (local grocery store known for good subs), maybe a plate of their chicken tenders as well, chips, fruit salad, normal salad, etc. May have some Uncrustables as well. Gamewise, I'm thinking traditional bday three legged race, sack race, egg on a spoon, etc. Most parties we attend do not have games and such, they are usually at the aforementioned type places. Craftwise...make a light saber/sword from foam perhaps we can figure out a game to do with those.
  14. So I'm going to share what I found. This is a nicely formatted one for a cell phone: Here is another more general one: Family Media Contract: I'm not so sure about asking for all passwords for devices (in most of these). When they are teens, I kind of feel that they should have privacy. We may use something like Bark or may simply say that if I ask to see it, you need to let me. Still thinking about that.
  15. If your family does technology contracts, what are some of the things you've included for different ages? Or are they the same for all?
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