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  1. Ah thanks. Tripe is one of those foods that is considered a treat (along with kidneys, liver, brains) in my husband's culture. I've only seen the bleached supermarket kind.
  2. Our Walmart carries tripe. Your local butcher may be able to get it for you if you request it.
  3. So we picked up a small bag of Bil-Jac at PetSmart today. OMG, it's like doggy crack. We measured out half of her normal portion and used it for training this afternoon. She would do anything for this stuff. 😄
  4. I have the same issue...only one dog. I've been thinking of all of what you've mentioned as well as flowering peanut. Have you looked into that? It's supposed to be quite hardy as a ground cover and is drought resistant.
  5. So, being Southern, we make this as a treat....but use the rolled turkey sausage. I don't really measure much....and even though turkey sausage is close to chicken broth, I only use milk and a roux in mine. I cook the sausage in a little bit of olive oil (as turkey sausage is leaner than pork).... If I have it, I'll add 1/2 of a finely chopped onion to the mix while cooking.... Then I stir in about 1/4 cup of flour (all purpose).....and cook it for a bit.... Then I slowly add in 2 cups or so of milk. I usually heat the milk a little in the microwave. I almost always use 2% or whole milk. Key is to add a bit at a time...incorporate....a little more. Then I taste, and add salt, pepper, and sometimes a bit of cayenne pepper if my youngest isn't eating it. A local restaurant makes a veggie gravy for biscuits using shitake mushrooms and I'm thinking of adding some the next time. Will brown them well with the onions and turkey sausage.
  6. It was in my "normal" Walmart....although not in the pet food area, just in the freezer area. Was on a bottom shelf. It's in a yellow bag, if memory serves. This should tell you if it's near you in a store:
  7. @Ktgrok Have you tried the frozen Bil-Jac? I saw it at Walmart by chance a few weeks ago, and then promptly forgot about it. Is it more of a real food vs. kibble?
  8. Pioneer Woman's recipe is good. I enjoyed it. Made it for Christmas at my Mom's house a few years ago. Sadlly, I somehow gave birth to three kids who don't like French toast. (Thankfully, one does.) Not sure what I ate during pregnancy to cause that to happen as I love it! 🙂
  9. This thread has made me nervous regarding our flat Golden Doodle, who appears just to be a small Golden Retriever. She typically eats Kirkland's grain free salmon/sweet potato dog food...and has done well. In the past she's eaten Taste of the Wild and Nature's Recipe (also both grain free). We almost always do some kind of egg, boiled chicken, some mixed veggies, canned dog food, etc. Might be time to buy a new bag of food and mix it in with what we have left. Almost all of the Doodle Moms I know use Fromm, Merrick, Orijen, or Acana. Wondering what to switch to. I was leaning towards Bil-Jac, but maybe I'll just go Purina Pro Plan or even Purina One or Blue Buffalo (Weren't they bought by a big guy?) ? Really torn right now.
  10. That is a really snarky and cruel comment. I'm guessing you have zero idea about the causes of morbid obesity. You realize that there is no diet out there that has been proven in any long term study to lead to significant weight loss not only in the morbidly obese, but the obese category? Weight loss drugs are considered a success if they cause a 10% weight loss... and usually one looks at a 6 month to 12 month period. Not a lifetime. Your FIL would be 360 pounds and considered a "success". The only thing likely to help somebody of that size is a bariatric operation known as the duodenal switch, which can be difficult to get insurance approval for and has its own complications. The duodenal switch means that he will permanently remove 70-90% of his stomach as well as bypass at least 2/3rds of his small intestine.
  11. This is such a wonderful gesture. A NZ Montessori teacher is offering her World Religions curriculum for free for the next seven days to honor the victims of Christchurch. ❤️ Fighting ignorance and hate with knowledge...what a great tribute.
  12. Absolutely. Those things help a lot and are especially useful to show to children so that they feel safer. ❤️
  13. Going to add a request from the Muslim community. Please do not watch the video/livestream. Please do not share his name. Please do not read his manifesto. Give him as little publicity as possible. Mourn the victims. Publicize their names and their stories. Give the shooter zero publicity. No need to promote copycat crimes. Going to Friday prayer tomorrow will be tough enough.
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