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  1. I have a 16 year old. I'd love to send him to board with one of you more experienced Moms if you don't mind. 😄
  2. I think they're called "Roz and Ali" where I live. SO re-branded, but not closed?
  3. I used to do that. We called it Mom-Donalds. Sometimes, I'd even give them $1 for the Dollar Tree as their toy. :)
  4. There are agents who will do all the legwork for you, if you don't live near an office or can't get an appointment. They charge a few hundred dollars. For us, that was easier than going and doing all the waiting ourselves. They will need proof of travel in the next two weeks, though.
  5. They're all probably using the same branding consultant and don't realize that s/he's telling everyone how edgy and cool they'll look with all lowercase. 😄
  6. So I found this...and it kind of looks like what she made. I'll just add chicken to it. :)
  7. No, it was souffle and pouffy like. Although...I could do the same and make a quiche. :)
  8. FYI...shredded wheat is kind of like Wheetabix (although Wheetabix taste better IMHO).
  9. My kids could easily go #2 or #3. I would probably have to offer some cash on my own, if I say...."While I can't give you the $100 that you should have won, here's $20 or $25 cash as I know how unfair this all seems."
  10. Oh yeah! Glad the horse is coming home to you. ❤️
  11. In high school, I spent some time living with a French family in the south of France. The Mom was an amazing cook--and had the ability to take leftovers and turn them into a delicious omelette, souffle, etc. One dish I remember her making was made from leftover rice, chicken, and cheese. I want to say she pureed leftover rice, chicken, cheese, eggs...maybe some dijon mustard, salt and pepper...and baked it all and it turned out like a souffle. She served this with a green salad and it was delicious. Does anybody know of a recipe like that? She may have beaten egg whites like with a traditional souffle...I honestly don't remember. It's been 35 or so years.
  12. Oh what a cutie. ❤️ I'm sorry the birth wasn't what you planned, but so happy that you and your little guy are doing well. ❤️
  13. In my experience with p*rn, it was sought out because of curiosity and such. Having to tell kids that "no, this is not the way to learn how to kiss or be a good lover or a good future spouse" was actually eye opening to them. I then provided them with other resources for the topics they wanted to know about.
  14. Right Start is scripted. This is the one that uses an Abacus. If you go for Saxon K-3, you may want to consider jumping to 3 if your son gets things easily. We liked CLE a lot, but spiral worked really well for two of my kids. My other two did great with Math Mammoth. The only thing I would add is to consider skipping every other problem as there can be a lot. It's not as scripted as Saxon, but still I found it easy to teach.
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