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  1. Hi all! I think we are going to go with Mr. D Math for my 8th grader. I wish we would have tried it this past year. I’m going to start her in pre-algebra. Based on the prerequisites listed, it looks like she could move through it quickly. That makes me think we should try the self paced option. If you’ve used his program, do you suggest live or self paced?
  2. Has anyone used this program? I would love to hear what others things. We love lit based programs for history here. I haven’t finished going through it to see what the assignments are like. I’ll probably add some writing across the curriculum into it. I’ll be using it with my 8th grader and modified for my 6th grader.
  3. DD13: Heart of Dakota Missions to Modern Marvels, Cover Story and Principles of Mathematics 2. DD11: Heart of Dakota Res to Reformation and MLFLE 6.
  4. I’m not ready to admit that my oldest is going into 8th, but here we go I guess. Here’s the current plan: History/Bible/Science/Nature Study/Etc...: Heart of Dakota Missions to Modern Marvels (she is actually getting a jump start on this now) Writing: Cover Story Grammar: IEW Fix it Book 2 Literature: Heart of Dakota DITHOR w/ their level 7/8 book list. Math: Principles of Mathematics Book 2 (possibly over 1 semester-she’ll likely go into Jacob’s Algebra after that unless we do something like Videotext) Thankfully, HOD is working well for her. Having e
  5. Thanks! I might keep my eye out for some old workbooks/textbooks to have a variety of options on hand.
  6. Thank you! I actually just purchased the Singapore Fan Math Process Skills for Problem Solving books (levels 3–6) to start working through with both my girls. Is there anything else you would recommend from Singapore just to do on the side for problem solving? We’ve actually been playing around with this app lately. Thanks for your thoughts!
  7. Can someone help reassure me that doing Math U See long term for one of my kiddos is fine? Just tell me she'll learn what she needs to. She's in 7th now and is truly math phobic. Math U See has given her some confidence after so many years. She's in 7th and zooming through Zeta. I'm guessing she'll do their pre-algebra come next semester at some point. We move through it at her pace. Any other families used MUS for upper level math long term? She is against changing it at this point. I wasn't planning to even try until she was solid enough for another pre-algebra or algebra anyway.
  8. I’ve honestly wondered the same thing, but for my particular child in this situation I just can’t seem to find a better fit math wise. I have thought about trying Mr. D next year though. My daughter is also flying through Zeta. I just ordered the Singapore Fan Math books to add in some problem solving. I might even get some of the geometry books mentioned above as well. We may still stick with MUS as our core ,though, unless she changes drastically.
  9. I have a 6th grader and a 4th grader. They are both using MUS after multiple curriculum switches to find one that my oldest meshed with. I know, I know. Should have stuck with Singapore a long time ago. I’m not sure if I could even jump in there at all at this point, but I am desiring to work on their problem solving skills. I’m not sure I would want to switch them now back to Singapore. My youngest might could. What could I use to help work on problem solving skills alongside MUS? Or is MUS not enough? My oldest seems to have hit a sweet spot lately. She’s flying through. We did a quick run t
  10. I keep hearing varying reviews about this. It definitely worries me about Pre algebra and up. I’m not sure what else to look into though.
  11. I have a 4th and 6th grader. We switched both mid-year. My oldest needed it the most as she has struggled for years. She finally feels like she is accomplishing math and without tears. She probably could have started in Zeta, but we started in Epsilon to make sure she was strong in fractions. It has gone really well. She is almost done with the whole book now after switching in January. My youngest was a little harder. She already knew long multiplication and had just started long division. We jumped in with Delta. I just have her use the algorithm for long multiplication problems. We wi
  12. I would rather not get into it too much. Basically, they have blocked admins of several unofficial resale and discussion groups that have their name in the title or description (despite it being clear that the groups are unofficial). They did this with no warning or request for us to change the group names. I spent a lot of money on their products. The least they could have done was message us and let us know it was an issue. Instead, they are standing on one post made in 2019 saying they repeatedly asked people to not use their name. One time is not repeatedly-especially since they have hundr
  13. Their programs have their purpose. I will no longer support or recommend them though due to some disturbing policies they have going on right now.
  14. Ha! We were the ones to buy this unit and find tons of incorrect and poorly worded statements. Granted, my 12 year old knows more than most on the subject of marine biology, but these mistakes would have been easy to catch with half a brain. They were the kind of things that would stop you in your tracks and make you really think for a moment about what you just read (and not in a good way). I’m glad I bought the one unit for one reason entirely. I no longer have to wonder if the grass is greener. Unit studies very much intrigue me, but my work schedule truly prevents me from executing on
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