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  1. Is there anything besides WWE that could help prep her for WWS since she is likely in between?
  2. How hard is it to jump into Writing with Skill without having done WWE? My daughter is going into 6th and i’m Looking into this for her. Not a lot of formal writing instruction, but she enjoys writing and understands the basics.
  3. Can you help me understand this program some more? I'm looking for something that doesn't have a lot of busywork. I have a 4th and 6th grader next year and have no clue where I would even begin to put them in this program. What does a typical day look like with MCT? I can't seem to get a feel for it from the samples.
  4. I’ve never heard of Draw the USA! Thanks! I’m going to have to give BYL a look too. We are doing American history as well.
  5. How have I never heard of the Discover 4 Yourself studies?? Thanks for mentioning it!
  6. Masterbooks took and combined the smaller books into 4 volumes of full year science course. They changed the format some and also added a TG with worksheets that accompany the text. They have samples on their website of both the text and TG.
  7. Yes, I didn't realize that it could be used with middle school. I'll have to look at it. I don't think my rising 6th grader would be ready for it yet though.
  8. These are only for the high school courses.
  9. We are using it right now and enjoying it so far. The conversational writing seems to help them retain so much more than they were with other things. We plan to finish out the series and then move on to World's Story whenever we finish. I thought about moving my oldest on already, but I spoke to the author and she is in the process of writing a plan to utilize World's Story for high school with added resources.
  10. I have a 4th and 6th grader coming up for the new school year. I feel like we really need to work on writing. Help me choose please. I like Write Shop, but their level is too teacher intensive for me. I don’t like IEW. They have done some Winning with Writing this year. It’s okay but the way it’s set up get’s o,d after a while. I’ve been looking at EIW and Writing & Rhetoric lately. I have also looked at Treasured Conversations some for my 4th grader. Would it be too young for my 6th grader?? Anything else I need to look at?
  11. My youngest will be starting 4th. Math: Acellus 4th/5th and MLFLE 4th/5th LA: Writing & Rhetoric, not sure on Grammar, Soaring with Spelling, good books History: America’s Story 2 Science: Masterbooks Elementary Anatomy Coding: Acellus Coding PE: Dance i’m sure I have forgotten something. 🤷‍♀️
  12. I couldn’t find a 4th Grade thread, so let’s start one. What are you using for 4th in the new school year!
  13. My oldest is gong into 6th. 😢 She can’t handle a heavy workload so I have to be careful to not overload her. Math: We’re doing a mix of math on Acellus and Math Lessons for a Living Education. I may end up picking just one for 6th. 🤷‍♀️ LA: Writing & Rhetoric, Good Books and undecided on grammar History: America’s Story 2 (with younger sister) along with good books to read Geography: Masterbooks Elementary Geography Science: Masterbooks Elementary Anatomy and Acellus (the girls picked the anatomy course) Coding: Intro to Coding on Acellus we discovered Acellus during a horrible health crisis of mine. The math has been amazing for my oldest. They teach many different methods for one concept. MLFLE is shirt and sweet enough that she has no issue doing both. I guess we’ll see how this year goes.
  14. I have talked to her some. Her advice was to keep plugging away. I’m afraid she will just her further behind at this point though.
  15. What about the issues with remembering the processes for larger problems? I can definitely work on the times tables, but we have been doing that for two years now.
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