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  1. She for some reason hated how it looked. After thinking through my last post though and mentioning seeing how it works, I think that may be what we need to try. Wait, I remember what I was now. I wanted to do Gamma with her. She proceeded to Google and find out what grade level it was. The thought of doing what she saw as a 3rd grade program in 5th grade ticked her off to no end. She doesn’t like feeling like she is “behind.” She is definitely tricky to teach in general. 🙊
  2. She can now definitely. We watched so many videos about what We were actually doing. We’ve talked about it so many times. She’s finally getting there. There was a disconnect for sure though. Part of it was likely the gazing off into space though. A lot of her mistakes were forgetting to Carey in the addition part of the step. These kinds of things are actually very common for kids with ADHD. Hers is just more to the extreme with math than some. She is gifted In language-off the charts for vocab. Math is her nemesis though.
  3. We did that for a long while. She doesn’t require that as much. I just remind her if it happens now. Her working memory is so poor that it messes with remember procedural things as well. It took legit a year and a half to get multi digit multiplication down. It took 5 minutes for my younger girl. 🤦‍♀️ Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. 😂
  4. I added more to my post above if that helps any. She struggles with working memory from ADHD. are there any other visual programs that would help? I can use things here, but it’s more likely to get done if it’s already laid out and set up for me.
  5. yeah, I’ve heard varying reviews as well, which is why I’m hesitant to stick with it. She has a cone a long way. It took her a long time to get the procedure for multi digit multiplication down. Thankfully, we are through that stage. She’s great with long division. My focus right now is on fraction and decimal concepts. MUS is very tempting for her since it provides the visual. I’m just not 💯 certain on that yet either. Ideally, I would teach everything on my own from scratch-that’s just not where we are at this juncture. If it helps at all, she pretty solidly places in MUS Zeta. She needs more practice on multiplying and dividing fractions, but we have definitely covered it. I think what bugs her down is her ability to recall things from memory (like basic math facts). She is ADHD and it really affects her working memory. Also, in the middle of a problem, she will totally space out and forget where she was in the problem and leave something out. So I guess multi-step procedures are where she struggles. She’s very smart but her ADHD holds her back horribly. We’ve tried so many meds but she had some odd reactions to them. 😕 I honestly couldn’t tell you a single thing that interests her. 😂
  6. Yes, that’s also why I never suggested using anything at all-only that I thought there might be something better suited for his age. It’s definitely a hard road. I definitely know she has a better handle on her child I’ve seen so many homeschoolers struggle through CLE math (stupid facebook groups) because they thought it was the end all, be all of math curriculum. It’s a gut reaction when reading a post like this to suggest that maybe it isn’t the best fit in this type of instance. We can both have our own opinion though. That’s absolutely fine.
  7. Thankfully. I actually know and understand math quite well. I can pull numbers apart with ease. We actually already do math on the white board together. That helps a ton. Our main issue right now is time. I work from home 30 hours a week and help care for my mom with stage 5 chronic kidney disease She is in kidney failure, so there’s just a lot more behind what’s driving some of my issues with being able to teach everything every single day. It sucks, but it’s where we are. There’s no possibility of them going to school in our district either. It wouldn’t solve the issue anyway. Sigh, I don’t know what we’re going to do honestly. She’s doing grade level in TT, but having to deal with the workload is a whole other beast. My other child easily grasps math and has no issue with workloads-two totally different kids.
  8. Yes, I did read that It does not change my response. Outbursts in 2E kids are a real issue, and sometimes taking certain things out of the picture can help. I would touch CLE math with a 10-foot pole for a 2E kid ever again after doing it with my own child. You don’t have to agree with me at all, but this is my opinion. Obviously, I don’t know the OP’s child personally, but the picture that is painted by her post gives me the impression that there are better programs out there. Her hating it tells me that too.
  9. Yes, I realize that. I have a child with diagnoses as well who is also 2e. Math is not her gifted side though. 🤣 The multiple issues is why I clearly stated looking for something different. I do realize that she was commenting on the curriculum, but it also seemed like she was looking for suggestions. 🤷‍♀️
  10. This is very possible, but obviously there is something going on with the violent outbursts. I would much rather work on fixing that at 8 than stress over CLE. Out of curiosity, what math are you using for your child?
  11. 😂 Ha! Right? I work from home, but staring at the computer screen that long is horrid. Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday is awful. 😂
  12. No, I’m not saying that was the intent. I’m just saying that their program is very incremental and assumes you have already learned it. We don’t current,y use it. I’m only stating a fact of how it’s set up. We don’t use it for many reasons. For the OP, there’s one thing I feel should be said. You have an 8 year old in the 400’s. The workload in that is fairly dreadful and that level is known to be the beast in CLE. Just because your 8 year old is capable of this level of math does not mean it should be expected. There are more developmentally appropriate programs with proper output for that age. Just my 2 cents for the day. Is he your oldest?
  13. You’re right. I’m sorry. I could have sworn I saw it, but I had also just woken up after working 36 hours I. 3 days, so my bad. 😂 CLE does have a TM, but I’m not sure if that is in there or not. It’s been a while since we used it. Many math curricula assume that you have learned things in previous levels and leave out instruction used in lower levels. This isn’t just a CLE thing.
  14. Just an FYI everyone. CLE absolutely teaches to multiply both the top and bottom and why. It was in Light unit 307. The 400 level is assuming you have already even taught that or been through their program. See this sample from 307 to see how it was taught.
  15. Yes, we have started doing this actually. I’m just not certain that TT was the right decision for her. 😕
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