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  1. Ha! We were the ones to buy this unit and find tons of incorrect and poorly worded statements. Granted, my 12 year old knows more than most on the subject of marine biology, but these mistakes would have been easy to catch with half a brain. They were the kind of things that would stop you in your tracks and make you really think for a moment about what you just read (and not in a good way). I’m glad I bought the one unit for one reason entirely. I no longer have to wonder if the grass is greener. Unit studies very much intrigue me, but my work schedule truly prevents me from executing one well. We’ll stick with our tried and true programs.
  2. I really don’t even know what to say in regards to this. I read this to my husband, and he is equally appalled. It’s almost scary to see so many people falling in line behind this lady. Their poor children!
  3. Her Facebook group has over 7,000 members. So many people are being pulled in to this new, shiny program. I can’t lie. I bought the oceans unit. I could use it as an amazing jumping off point. No way would I use it as a stand alone with only math added. I also wouldn’t use the majority of her student pages. It does make me feel more competent in designing my own unit studies. 😂 If you search Youtube, there are tons of people reviewing her program and singing its praises. I wonder how many of those people are “writers” that Submitted units to her. 🧐
  4. Thanks, this is good to know. I'm planning to try to do math year round with them just so they don't forget things.
  5. Thank you! This is good to know. I could see her moving through certain lessons much quicker than others. I probably should have started her in Zeta, but I felt like Epsilon would help her with truly understanding math more, so here we are. She's learning a ton from it though and I'm seeing some number sense kicking in finally. She'll be doing pre-algebra by 8th at the very least I plan to have her finish Epsilon before 7th.
  6. Can I hear some reviews from using MUS with high schoolers? My oldest really struggles with math. Spiral is just overwhelming for her. We have finally found our groove with MUS now that she is halfway through 6th grade. Is this enough?? I'm hoping it is because neither of my girls want to switch now. I just want to be sure that we are doing the right thing.
  7. I’m not sure how I missed this! Probably stupid Facebook algorithms.
  8. You sound like me. It’s also year 8 or us. I don’t need a box either, but I work from home and it makes my life easier. It helps me not have to plan and helps them know exactly what is expected of them. Win, win for us. Lol!
  9. Wait, there’s a new version of level 2 HO coming out???
  10. It’s that time of year! I didn’t see a thread, so I’ll get it started for us. I can’t believe my baby will be in 5th. These years can seem long, but they truly do fly by. Here are our plans! History/Bible/Science/Art/Poetry: Heart of Dakota- She’ll finish up Preparing and move into Creation to Christ (likely near Christmas-we switched mid year). Math: MUS Epsilon (maybe even Zeta depending on how quickly she works through this) Grammar: IEW Fix it Book 2 (maybe EIW 5 as well) Writing: Either Essentials in Writing or an IEW topical book (haven’t decided yet) Literature: Working through HOD DITHOR (either just the booklist or the actual program) PE: Lots of dance ( I think she’ll have about 5-6 hours a week next year as she moves into Pointe Typing: No clue yet but we need to get on this for sure That’s what we have planned so far. We’ll see how much changes come August.
  11. It sounds like it’s exactly what I’m looking for then. I don’t want heavy grammar. I prefer it being learned in the context of learning to write. Thank you! They have both done some grammar. I’m not a fan of super intense grammar, but they’ve done mostly Growing with Grammar over the years. This is my plan! Thanks!
  12. Any reviews on this program? Do you find it to be enough? My girls are in 4th and 6th.
  13. Are there any HOD users here anymore? If so, how long have you used it and what are your thoughts?
  14. I’ve not tried to before. If you private message me your email, I can probably get them for you. 😃
  15. Sound like a plan! We just started CTC for a Jan-Dec year. 🙂 if you use an old guide, there are mom made Notebooking pages on the Facebook group-or there used to be at least. It’s worth a look. 🙂
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