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  1. That was really interesting to read. I'm wondering about this a little with my dd. She seems to have a natural understanding of math that she doesn't understand some times and I'm wondering about the whole showing her work thing. How did you go about teaching him to do this?
  2. TCB

    Ignore this thread!

    Try a coat or jacket pocket. DH's was in his coat pocket one time when we were looking all over for it. Don't usually get on this thread but saw your question on the main page so had to suggest it. Hope you find it.
  3. TCB

    Advantages to college honors program?

    That is true and one of the big reasons my dd decided to apply and go with the honors college at her big university, however, so far it has not been a great benefit. The honors college at this university is huge too, and she still can't always get in to the classes she wants. I should add that this is her first year and she will gain more seniority as she goes on, so it may improve. Honors classes so far, again limited experience, have been ok but not great, and unfortunately there are very limited upper level honors classes in her major, so meeting the requirements may prove tricky. She tried to get 3 honors classes this semester, to try and front load them, but could only get into 2. Not sure how this will all pan out for her. She did get an extra honors college scholarship, which does have a few other benefits too, but we're not necessarily feeling the love at the moment.
  4. That's funny because I was just coming on here to recommend Asus! Well not funny for your dd- sorry her computer died! My dd got an Asus with a SSD and it has been really good for her so far. We did buy the extended warranty which will cover her until she finishes college. My nephew had done a lot of research just before we were looking and he recommended it.
  5. Wow just looked at WH fees and they're pretty steep! Do you know what the $250 enrollment fee covers?
  6. So sorry you are going through all this Stella! Will be praying for you and your son.
  7. Thanks! Great information!
  8. TCB

    RNY: Surgery Update

    I just watched a speaker who said being a nurse and an attorney was the best possible combination lol! She said that if you called a dr to come see a patient and they knew you were an attorney as well they'd come right up lol!
  9. She didn't quite finish the level 3 book. She did have an hour conversation class a week with a Spanish speaker for 2 years also.
  10. I have found that what is covered in a Spanish 1 class varies so much. My dd did Spanish 1 at the high school and they only covered the present and present progressive tenses in the year. We then switched to BTB and it covers a lot. Spanish was one of the classes that I really wasn't sure how we had done, but my dd was easily able to test into level 3 college Spanish when she started there this year - probably could have even gone into level 4 as she could have retaken the placement test, and only just missed 80% the first time, but decided to start at 3. She did great, got an A in the class and back credit for the previous levels, and is doing a Spnish minor along with her degree. I think BTB is a great course.
  11. TCB

    Dr. Hive- Quick First Aid question

    You really need to apply direct pressure to stop it bleeding. Just press hard, may take a while. I sliced my knuckle on a cling wrap cutting thing and wow did that hurt!
  12. I don't know about Whole 30 but just wanted to say that I gave up having sugar in coffee and hot tea by going cold turkey and stopping adding sugar one day - I still put milk in - and after about 2 weeks I tried it with sugar again and hated it. I now cannot drink either with any kind of sweetener in them. I think the key was that I carried on drinking without sugar for the 2 weeks and that allowed my taste to change. If you just give up drinking it for a few weeks you will not change your taste.
  13. I don't know what the problem is but as a nurse if someone's behavior has changed like that I would say that they need a brain scan at the least to see if there is anything going on. Once you know that is not the case the other options can be considered. It's probably unlikely to be something like a tumor and he certainly seems to have a fair number of other possible causes, given his history, but that to me would be the first step. I'm sorry, it must be very difficult seeing him go through this.
  14. If I were her I would put in the housing application for college 1. It seems like it would be worth risking $25 if there are so few acceptable options there. To me it doesn't sound like it's really necessary to do the other 2 now. We waited to submit dd's and she didn't get the dorm she requested but is very happy with the one she ended up with.
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