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  1. I wonder how they explain the fact that so many unvaccinated people are suffering from the delta variant then. That ones even more bizarre than usual.
  2. Someone brought me a homemade lasagna and salad so I didn’t have to cook and that was wonderful. To be honest it didn’t really matter what it was, it was just so nice to know they were thinking of me. It’s lovely of you to do that for your friend! I’m sure it will bring her joy!
  3. I’m so hoping that these indicators mean the worst is over in the UK! It’s making me tearful just thinking it might be true. I will be so happy if it continues!
  4. In my opinion I think a large part of the problem is that we don’t value unbiased truth anymore. There used to be a tradition of the press bravely exposing the truth, even in difficult or dangerous circumstances. I know there have always been exceptions to this, but actually seeking the unvarnished truth was part of the expectations of investigative journalists. Now it seems all about agenda on both sides of the political spectrum - even in the press. It’s all about what spin you can put on the information or facts. We look to our politicians for leadership but almost without exception they aren’t interested in leading but rather spend their time watching the polls and adjusting to what their supporters want. We have that going on in my state. My biggest disappointment is how many people have chosen not to act in the best interests of others, but rather in the best interests of themselves only. I don’t think mandates should be necessary, because if we value our community we should be choosing those actions that help our community. I realize that there is a balance, but I’m talking about the things that are not too difficult to do, even though inconvenient. But I guess self denial and delayed gratification are not commonly practiced and are not so valued. These are simple, fairly uncomplicated things to be concerned about I guess. I’m sure there are also the more complex things at play, as mentioned in the posts above, but, for me, the sting is in people I know’s unwillingness to do those simple things.
  5. I’m not into a blame campaign but I am into the truth. People who have been vaccinated are so protected from serious illness and death. I guess it depends on how much you value that. To me, seeing the sharp end of this, it seems massively important. It is incredibly frustrating see people die in this fashion, when it is almost certainly preventable with vaccination. Carry on arguing over the finer points, but I want the suffering and death to stop.
  6. I’m sorry, I hope they can figure out what is going on.
  7. Just wanted to say that I did go on there and created a practice account, and I looked at several of the tabs. I had to stop then for now. I know I sound really pathetic about all this. I really appreciate the support you guys are giving me!
  8. Thank you for this! We haven't started applications yet and she does not know where and what to do, but she has been looking at colleges and degree options for months. She has a list of possible options and I think we need to think seriously about focusing on places with a wider range of options so she has the opportunity to change majors if she wants. I have been thinking about the possibility of hiring someone to help. Do you have any idea how much that kind of service costs, and what they do? My dd has got good exam scores, ACT 35, and NM selection index score of 221. I don't think she is the type to enjoy and do well far from home, so I don't think we will be applying to very selective schools. She has recently been looking at colleges in our state and 2 neighboring states. One thing that is playing on my mind is that, although I have some course descriptions written, I have a number still to be done. When my dd applied we ended up not needing to submit course descriptions, so I don't have that experience under my belt. Sorry this is all a bit rambly. I really appreciate all the advice. I'm going to grit my teeth right now and try and make an account for the Common App in case.
  9. @Melissa in Australia do you have any news about your brother yet? I hope he’s doing ok.
  10. Thank you! Those are some great suggestions and some good information. We are trying to narrow down a list of colleges to decide on whether to do the common app. We’re both intimidated by it. I haven’t said anything to her about being intimidated, unless she’s just picking up vibes, but she said she was nervous. I’m going to get on there anyway and sign up as you suggested.
  11. It’s interesting to hear how many people with Covid are being put on antibiotics. Of course it’s a virus and on TWIV they have said many times that only a minority of people with Covid end up with a secondary bacterial infection. Maybe it’s the usual thing about going to a dr and being given an antibiotic as a matter of course.
  12. I watched a video of John Campbell talking about the Israeli study, and he had a breakdown of the % of infections for people who were vaccinated in January, February etc. The % was much worse for January and better for more recent months. The figure they are quoting for symptomatic infection is an average of all months. He thought the better UK figures were because of the increased time between doses, however the timeline for 2 doses in many people in the UK is so much more recent that I don’t see how you can say that for sure, until sufficient time has passed.
  13. @KSera and @BeachGal I think I read that the meta analyses that have persuaded some people on the effectiveness of Ivermectin, were heavily influenced by the positive results from the Egyptian study that has been withdrawn. Have you heard more about this, or the effect on outcomes when a meta analysis is done without including that study? It will be good to have a good quality RCT to look at.
  14. Has anyone kept up with the Ivermectin research? I haven’t looked closely recently and saw the other day that ? the most positive study was withdrawn because of ? falsified data. We are embroiled in Ivermectin wars here right now so I’d like to study up on it if anyone has reliable information.
  15. I was very perplexed when I saw there were a number of break through cases as I had been thrilled when it was previously announced that vaccines seem to prevent infections to a large extent. I have started being careful about masking around other people indoors again, as I don’t want to spread it to anyone. It is amazing, though, how the vaccinations are preventing serious illness. I am seeing that with my own eyes. Seeing it has persuaded several people I work with, who were previously hesitant, to get vaccinated.
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