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  1. TCB

    Trunk or Treat

    That sounds really cool! What a good idea!
  2. TCB

    Trunk or Treat

    I looked on Pinterest and I'm thinking about doing a Narnia theme.
  3. TCB

    Trunk or Treat

    We usually dress up as well to match but this year I don't think we will. It's going to be a cold evening and we have to stand in the car park for several hours handing out candy. We have about 15 cars decorated in the church car park and the kids come around dressed up in their costumes and look at the cars and we give them candy. We usually have about 2000 kids come through. ETA: Dinosaur world is a good one. I had wondered about Jurassic Park
  4. Our church does a trunk or treat every year and we've decorated our car the last 2 years - Alice in Wonderland and Finding Nemo. We want to do it again this year but can't think of a good one. Does anyone have any good ideas and/or photos they might like to share? I wanted to do a Hobbit Hole but my dd thinks it won't look too good and that nobody will recognize what it is!
  5. Do you think he got tired doing the whole test at once? I don't think you can do much before Saturday but I would pitch this attempt as a good practice opportunity and then start planning towards the next one. I think you can still be taking it into your senior year and if you improve your scores you are able to be considered for scholarships that rely on ACT scores. It seems like, going forward, it would be good for him to keep practicing taking full length practice tests regularly so he can build up his stamina. We found the videos on youtube, teaching how to do the science section, very helpful, so have him watch those before he takes it again, if he hasn't already. If fatigue is part of the problem it's a shame he is a senior this year, because I read that ACT is going to let students re-take individual sections of the test after next September, rather than having to redo the whole thing. My dd found this book very useful:"+by+Chris+Arp&qid=1571769659&sr=8-1
  6. I'm so sorry your daughter is feeling so bad. I just wanted to point out that actually there are a number of merit scholarships based on test scores such as ACT etc. My dd is at a large university on a pretty much full scholarship and she only had 2 APs on her transcript. I don't know how your dd feels about these tests, but if she can do well on them she may well be able to get some pretty good scholarship money, and she can do test prep at home quite easily with all the resources that are available for that.
  7. My dd in 10th is taking it for practice. She hasn't taken a standardized test before. I was worried about the address thing as well but she does know that lol. She's taken a practice test to get used to the bubble answer sheet and format etc.
  8. I had 2 boxes on dd's transcript - weighted and unweighted gpa so I put both down.
  9. Thank you! That is very interesting and very helpful! My dd is in 10th grade now, so very timely for us.
  10. Not the op, but I would really like to hear how you teach this skill!
  11. I have a lot of gun enthusiast friends and they are always post loads of extreme pro-gun stuff. I almost always ignore it, and if they are particularly horrendous I snooze or unfollow them. One time a friend posted something with some completely false statistics about Switzerland. I wasn't aggressive or anything but just pointed out a couple of things on the post that weren't factual. One of his other friends got on their and told him to block the "troll libtard". I couldn't believe someone would be so aggressive to someone they didn't know. Fortunately my friend got on there and posted that we didn't agree but that was ok and we were friends.
  12. Funda Funda has a fantastic syllabus that uses the Great Courses. We had a fantastic year with it and my dd did the AP test and scored a 5 so an all round win for us.
  13. I can't really compare the two either because we have only done a few months of the Apologia physical science course and we had to abandon it and move to another text because my dd did not enjoy the style at all. But I can comment on the Clover Creek course as both my dds have done it. Jetta is an amazing and inspiring teacher and one of the absolute best I have come across. My dds got a great physics education because of it, and the thing I really love is that they both remember the things they learned in it so well. My oldest dd did the course over 4 years ago and things she learned from it often come up in conversations and she is doing very well in college science courses largely because of all she learned from Jetta. It honestly sounds like you have two very good options to choose from for your son, but I honestly can't imagine a student that wouldn't enjoy Jetta's course.
  14. I found this to be true of my dd last year also, and I was so thankful! It was wonderful and just the opposite of what I expected. I thought if anyone had trouble getting out there and going to things it would be homeschooled dd, but she just jumped right in and helped several others find their feet too!
  15. Hey what about the poor people on the island? Or were you meaning a desert island?
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