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  1. I have an old Outback and I love it. It has 318,000 miles on it. The thing I really like about it is the all wheel drive. I can drive down my gravel road in the snow now and don't have to park my car up by the main road and walk 1.5 miles to it, through the snow, when I have to go to work and it's snowing.
  2. Hope you were able to get some sleep and will be praying for a better day today.
  3. Actually ibuprofen is the treatment of choice for pleurisy.
  4. I really recommend taking one of the hop on/hop off buses like the Big Red Bus or one like that in London if you can fit it in towards the beginning of your stay. I lived in London for many years, but when I went back with my dds we took one of those bus tours and it was fantastic, especially if you aren't there for a long time. You get a really good overview of the city and the guide on the bus really has a lot of knowledge about the history etc so you learn a lot. We then bought our tickets for the Tower for a discount but you wouldn't need to do that if you buy the London pass. I think you could also buy the London pass from them too, at a discount so you may want to check prices. We also did the short Thames river cruise that was included in the ticket. I think you can also go down to Greenwich on the boat, which is a really cool place to look around, but would take a fair bit of time. The tube passes can be good value but I always find that I tend to use them for only a few journeys and then I like to walk as much as I can so I can see everything. If you are seeing several places that are quite far apart on the same day then it can be really useful to have a pass. Honestly London Bridge is just a nice bridge, I used to work right next to it, so I wouldn't go out of my way to see it, but you may well see it on your way somewhere. There are so many great things to see in London. There are tons of nice parks and squares to have picnics in if the weather is ok. Look out for Tesco and Sainsbury's mini supermarket stores, I think they call them metro stores. They have loads of sandwiches and other picnic foods that are quite good and fairly inexpensive, especially if you get their lunch deals which include a sandwich, chips and a drink. My favorite is to get food from Marks and Spenser's ( M&S) thoughas they have some really nice things, although not as cheap as some of the others. They have small shops around London too. A quick, fairly good lunch place is Pret a Manger. There are lots of those around and sell coffee and tea etc, as well as food. If you only have time for one church I would recommend Westminster Abby rather than St Pauls - there is so much to see at Westminster and it is an older building and you can also see the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben ( if it isn't still being worked on) while you are there. I absolutely love London. It is a fantastic city to visit. Hope you have a great time.
  5. TCB

    Mental Load

    Mine too! And you know that might be a little bit of the silver lining I'm looking for lol.
  6. TCB

    Mental Load

    This is exactly what I get from some of the women on this thread too. You've said exactly what I was thinking but couldn't quite put into words. Some of us maybe aren't such paragons of virtue as some of you and maybe we had the misfortune of marrying someone who is less than great, or has become less than great. It might be nice for some of you to maybe just think to yourselves that you don't get it.We're not all the same and we didn't all marry the same type of person. Maybe it seems strange to you because you just aren't living that kind of life. Be thankful and maybe be compassionate.
  7. TCB

    Mental Load

    I don't think that there is one right answer and that some have that answer and some don't. Reading through the thread I really get the feeling that some people's lives are similar to mine and some aren't and the ones that aren't just don't get what mine is like. I haven't discussed mine here but I can really identify with what some are saying so imagine their situation is somewhat similar to mine.
  8. Yes I think you need to keep the cat caged for something like 10 days or 2 weeks to be sure. I'm sure a vet would be able to tell you.
  9. I would want to know that the cat was definitely up to date on rabies vax. I might even want written proof or something, confirm with vet. But then I would just wash the bite really well with soap and water and keep a close eye on it for signs of infection.
  10. I tried to see but wasn't sure if this is just irbesartan made by some manufacturers, or irbesartan itself?
  11. From what I've read I don't believe there is anyone saying suicide attempts are done as tantrums. The only place I have seen that mentioned is a couple of posters, including yourself saying they weren't done as tantrums. But I don't think anyone has said that, just that suicide attempts are not always because of a desire to die.
  12. But there are more than 2 options here. The child could wait until they are able to give informed consent. I understand that there are risks or side affects involved with that but there are also risks and side affects with going ahead with transition now. I don't think there is enough evidence out there to really determine which of those risks is greater at this point.
  13. i think you did great and chose just the right thing for your situation! It's hard to know how you'll react in this sort of situation until you actually face it. I'm so glad that it worked out ok!
  14. He doesn't count them now. We sometimes do and he does 32 but it's such a long standing habit for him that he just does it naturally.
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