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  1. Well done! I really appreciate your calm, polite response. It seems somehow ironic, or maybe hypocritical, to hear people pointing out some way you have offended others while they grind you into the dust. I really appreciated your response.
  2. There is no way to actually gain any control over this virus when it’s difficult to find free testing, results can take days, and so many people don’t get any sort of sick pay while they are quarantining. The only way out is vaccination, and oh yeah, people are suspicious of it and won’t get it! Honestly it seems like our society just sucks!
  3. I heard an interview with a UK intensive care Dr on the BBC today program, and he said they have been having noticeably fewer trauma and self harm ICU patients during the lockdown. Which is fortunate because of the lack of available beds.
  4. This makes me so sad. I spent 10 years of my childhood in Amazonas in Brazil, and know Manaus well. I can’t imagine the suffering they are experiencing! A friend, who recently returned from Brazil said that it was very commonplace to use Ivermectin there now for Covid. I had hoped that if there was really something in it as a treatment, that they might be doing ok.
  5. I’m so sorry. That must be hard. Gentle hugs to you.
  6. About 5 days after the first dose I suddenly developed cold like symptoms- sneezing, congestion - which seemed to come and go weirdly, and I also felt completely exhausted. Lasted about a day and a half and then completely disappeared. So far with this second dose my sore arm is completely better after just 2 days and I feel fine. I’ll have to see what happens in a couple of days.
  7. Just had my 2nd Pfizer vaccine. So far a sore arm only, but again only as sore as a flu shot, and the thing that’s weird is, unlike a flu shot the soreness seems to come and go a bit. Feel fine otherwise I think, although have had a slight headache which may be related or maybe not. I did have a further delayed reaction to the first one after about 4 days so wondering if that will happen again.
  8. I’m hanging in there. Things have eased off a bit here the last few weeks so we are getting a bit of a breather. Nervous it’s going to get worse again though. I hope you can see your dd again soon!
  9. So glad you’re back! Have missed you!
  10. I hate to be a pessimist but I can tell you that, when you’re working in ICU with these Covid patients, it really feels like these meds hardly do anything. We were just talking about it at work yesterday. It’s really hard to maintain too much optimism about the patients who end up sick enough to be in ICU. I’m not saying they don’t help, but the effect does not seem to be enough to feel like it’s helping much. That’s why we need studies not anecdotes, of course. Also, I haven’t used those mentioned in the study, but have seen all the others used regularly.
  11. Sorry I don’t mean to be blasé. I do think it was a terrible and ridiculous thing. I just find the extreme paranoia difficult to understand. I’ve invested quite a bit of time and energy in trying to help my kids see that often things work out, and don’t turn out to be as awful as you think they’re going to be. Now of course I realize there are exceptions, but I feel like one of the great things about human beings is that they are resilient and can often figure things out. I admit I’ve been having some difficulty maintaining that optimism with the current state of things with Covid, so maybe
  12. To be honest I wasn’t just talking about politicians. So many people around me are wringing their hands and predicting all kinds of terrible things now that their side has lost. I see a lot of paranoia everywhere. Maybe I’m oblivious, but I do feel the level headed, measured approach is probably better.
  13. Yeah for those hours, but what about the rest of the time?
  14. Maybe I’ve lived a charmed life lol, but I’ve found, in my 56 years that things very often don’t change as much as you think they will, and that often things do end up working out to a reasonable degree. I’m talking about in reasonably democratic countries, as I have no experience of totalitarian regimes.
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