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  1. Many of these studies mentioned in the links have been discussed in the previous mask threads so you could look there. I’m sorry but I don’t know how to link them.
  2. My area has a positivity rate of 21%. Hospitals in the surrounding area are warning that their ICU beds are filling and I just heard that they have an empty floor in our hospital ready to open as extra Covid beds if needed. Not sure where the staff are going to come from as there are a number of hospital employees off as they are positive. No matter how much you say this may happen people just don’t seem able to believe it until it happens to them. Makes me feel very fed up!
  3. Last week I had to look after someone with Covid who I know. Just heard today that she died. That has been something I have dreaded. Cases are rising here and the positivity rate is 21% so it may well happen again.
  4. I’ve heard a number of people describe a burning or cigarette type smell.
  5. If I have done this right - this should be the link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/this-week-in-virology/id300973784?i=1000491843671
  6. They were talking about findings of contact tracing in Hong Kong, which had been done quite well, on last weeks TWIV podcast. Bars/coffee shops, restaurants and temples were frequent sources of spread. Spread occurred at social events and work and seemed to stop at the family level and not spread on. I think that kind of information is definitely worth obtaining so that intelligent decisions can be made. I don’t understand how some on the thread don’t think that’s helpful but maybe I’m not understanding. Things like grocery stores were lower. That is hopefully good news for people who st
  7. How soon after and what happened in the next few weeks after that?
  8. If you were my friend, and you told me that you couldn’t tolerate certain things, I would try my hardest to meet in circumstances you could tolerate - not wear scents or outside or whatever. What is happening now, is that many people, who could take action to be more careful or cautious, are just point blank choosing not to or refusing to because it’s inconvenient to them. To me that says something about their character. It could also have to do with their intelligence and inability to process information I guess.
  9. In our area the second round started with a big increase in younger adults and then several weeks later we started getting the 60+ age group in the ICU. I know that several of them, (I don’t know all their stories), got sick after a child or grandchild they were in close contact with had it so it seems fairly likely they caught it from them.
  10. I don’t really think that it detracts from the development of a vaccine, and it would be wonderful if something cheap and available should turn out to be something of a magic bullet! I think I mean the whole conspiracy theory/political angle may be detracting from moving forward. Those who ‘believe’ it to be a miracle cure that is being suppressed don’t seem to be willing to be convinced otherwise. Those who think it has been disproven don’t want to spend any more time on it. Honestly some of my friends in the miracle cure camp literally only had Trumps word on it and that was sufficient
  11. I don’t see why people shouldn’t have access to HCQ and I think that many do have access. I think it would be a shame if people taking it prophylactically for Covid stopped people with other illnesses from getting it. I do not think it should be put forward as a miracle cure, like it is by some, without solid evidence. All this anecdotal stuff about knowing someone who took it and was ok is not really convincing because this virus is so weird that it seems virtually impossible to predict who is going to get really sick. I know there are some fairly clear predisposing co-morbidities suc
  12. While I agree with you that HCQ has been very politicized, I do not agree that a fairly healthy person taking it as malaria prophylaxis is the same as a person sick with Covid-19. You cannot necessary apply the fact that something is safe in the first circumstance to the second circumstance. I personally do not see how anyone with an open mind has enough information available to them, at this time, to make a decision that it is either safe and effective, or unsafe and completely ineffective. However from what I’ve read I would lean more toward the doesn’t make any difference side.
  13. This article was on the COVID-19 healthcare page about nebulized ibuprofen. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7340056/?fbclid=IwAR2bU68aLI_IPz_RETAcpvM7_olUGmNzfL7nVpbPlhgxq5XpBbNC4w3Qub4
  14. Not sure if this will help with concerns about numbers, but we have had at least 2 people on our small unit who we were sure had covid but did not test positive, early days when testing was difficult, and their deaths were definitely not counted as covid.
  15. Horrible that they haven’t had it on the covid wards! We may have to wear it over and over but at least we have it.
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