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  1. Just saw something on a HCW FB site saying they are seeing a number of Covid patients in San Diego from across the border in Mexico.
  2. Someone may have already linked this one, sorry don’t have time right now to check through and see.
  3. Where is the horror reaction when you need it! 😱
  4. All those things are exactly what we need to know! ETA - But I don't know if we will be able to get that information.
  5. I'm in the mask wearing camp and I do hope it works because it would be great to have something that worked. However, I would really like to know for as sure as it's possible to know, because if it doesn't really work then I don't want to have to bother. As for Drs and science - in my experience some of them are up on science and the latest studies etc., more so in their own field, but I think there are many who may have opinions about masks but don't know the hard figures etc. And honestly, does that dr up thread not bother to wear one when he's around covid patients? I'd be really surprised if not. Also, if he is working somewhere that has such a good supply of masks at the moment that he doesn't have to wear one for at least several days in a row I'd love to know where that is.
  6. I hear you. This all makes sense to me. Somehow we all end up talking past each other and obviously are not changing each other's mind. We will have to wait and see. I'm hopeful that at some point in the future we will have some solid evidence and not have to rely on our own and other's opinions, but for the time being that seems to be all we have.
  7. I have to laugh because you do the same thing you scold others for - "virtue signaling" lol. However if you do have evidence that it is merely virtue signaling then please I beg of you link it because I have been looking and looking for such evidence.
  8. If you have good solid evidence that you base your opinion on please link it because I have been searching and searching for that kind of thing!
  9. It even seems like it might be longer than 2 weeks before we can tell, especially if there was a low level of spread before in the area. It seems like it takes a while of spreading it around before the spread gets big enough to be noticed.
  10. I’m a nurse and when I heard at the beginning, when the PPE shortage was bad, that we might have to wear cloth masks at work I was horrified. Since then a number of things that we used to know about PPE have been shown to be unclear. Up until recently we would wear a surgical mask for each trip into a droplet precaution room and discard on exit. We always believed that those masks were quickly compromised and were then ineffective. Now we are told to wear a mask at all times when close to patients and staff, mostly to protect them from us, while at work and we have to wear the same surgical mask for 5 days. Some of us started wearing cloth masks because they were more comfortable for extended periods of time. I must clarify that this is not with Covid patients. When with them we wear N95s or PAPRs. I read the study from Vietnam that compared surgical masks to Cloth masks and it is clear that cloth masks are much less effective at protecting the wearer from getting sick. Since I read it I have chosen to wear a surgical mask for 5 days rather than my cloth mask which I would wash after each shift. It terms of germs on the mask I’m not sure which is better as you can’t wash a surgical mask, but I feel better about the possibility of some better protection for myself from someone who may be sick but untested etc. In the past I have always accepted what I was told about masks and did not bother researching because a protocol was a protocol and you couldn’t deviate from it anyway. I honestly think that most drs and nurses have about that level of knowledge also, unless they work specifically in ID. So now we come to the general public wearing masks. As a form of providing them protection from the virus, I think it makes sense that unless you are wearing an N95 and/or know the proper procedures it is probably going to provide very little protection. It makes some sense to me that wearing a mask helps reduce the risk of a sick wearer from infecting others because surely some of the droplets are more contained. I would love to see some more solid evidence on that though, but at the moment it seems plausible enough that it’s worth a try. No matter how many times you say that the wearing of a mask by the general public in crowded spaces, no matter what kind of mask, is to reduce the risk of spreading the illness and not to necessarily reduce the risk of the wearer catching it, many people still reply with the fact that masks aren’t effective in reducing your risk of catching it. I honestly don’t know how to get over that impasse. We know they probably won’t stop us from getting virus in our airways but they may stop us from spewing virus over others. Where I live the ineffectiveness of them is not the biggest argument against wearing them. People are more upset that being told to wear a mask (there has never been an order to that effect here) is a violation of their rights.
  11. I am not a math person lol! Thank goodness for Derek Owens or my kids would be in trouble!
  12. Cellulitis is usually more red/pink and skin often warm.
  13. I wondered about that but it says ratio - is that the same as % ?
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