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  1. I can't really compare the two either because we have only done a few months of the Apologia physical science course and we had to abandon it and move to another text because my dd did not enjoy the style at all. But I can comment on the Clover Creek course as both my dds have done it. Jetta is an amazing and inspiring teacher and one of the absolute best I have come across. My dds got a great physics education because of it, and the thing I really love is that they both remember the things they learned in it so well. My oldest dd did the course over 4 years ago and things she learned from it often come up in conversations and she is doing very well in college science courses largely because of all she learned from Jetta. It honestly sounds like you have two very good options to choose from for your son, but I honestly can't imagine a student that wouldn't enjoy Jetta's course.
  2. I found this to be true of my dd last year also, and I was so thankful! It was wonderful and just the opposite of what I expected. I thought if anyone had trouble getting out there and going to things it would be homeschooled dd, but she just jumped right in and helped several others find their feet too!
  3. Hey what about the poor people on the island? Or were you meaning a desert island?
  4. We did it a couple of years ago and I can't really remember specific details but there was not very much to fill in and not very much room to do so anyway.
  5. Another vote for Derek Owens. If you do the regular option you can get help from him whenever you need it. He responds really quickly to questions and will send the student videos explaining the thing they are having difficulties with. He is a fantastic teacher!
  6. My dd found that she was awarded more credits for her AP tests than she earned for her dual credit classes. We self studied for one so that made it very affordable.
  7. Yes we do a Lego Robotics camp too, which is a great fundraiser, but it is an absolute ton of work!
  8. We have a yearly yard sale for our robotics team and we have found it most effective to not price the items but to ask people to donate what they want or what the item is worth to them. We do sometimes put minimum donation notices on big ticket items, but have found that this method almost doubles the amount we make from the sale.
  9. Just wondering if you do this on-line? Do you have a website or something? Might be a service people on here are looking for.
  10. I think my dd used it for her first Spanish class at college. She only used it for 1 semester though as she tested up several levels when she started college. It seemed ok and she had a good semester and learned stuff. The annoying thing was that we had to spend a lot of money on the book, which is usually used for 3 semesters, for her to use it for only 1. She still has it if you end up needing one ( if that is the right one I'm thinking of lol)
  11. Time Left: 13 days and 12 hours

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    Wanted to buy - used copy of The Fallacy Detective (2015)


  12. Following. My dd is interested in getting a keyboard.
  13. I think it is a type of 'Bleeding Heart' plant.
  14. I always thought this way too but have changed my opinion. I think there may be some kids who are helped by that boundary. Then again maybe it's just because I've gotten old lol!
  15. I've always had everyone call me by my first name, but I'm starting to rethink that now. I'm the coach of a robotics team and I really think it might help some of the kids be more polite if they had to call me Mrs. ... I'm kind of sad about it because I've always gone by my first name and never really had a problem until recent times.
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