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  1. As far as universities go - I'm sure you are aware of them, but when we looked around there were some quite specific requirements of applicants from the USA
  2. I would say that your analysis of Brexit is one opinion of what's going to happen but there are certainly more. Also, I think the chances of Scotland becoming an independent country and being able to survive as such is not necessarily considered a sure thing by some. ETA - Brexit may end up opening up more opportunities for American citizens than were available in Britain as part of the EU.
  3. Could be that they would eat cheese anyway, that's a sensible idea. We kind of went on what they were asking for and adapted accordingly and for us more were asking for pepperoni. Funnily enough we also ran out of mountain dew the first year and have since concluded that for some reason robotics nerds in our area prefer pepperoni pizza and mountain dew lol!
  4. So we do pizza at the robotics meet we host and we end up needing more pepperoni than cheese - the first year we did 1/2 and 1/2 and needed more pepperoni and the next year we got slightly more pepperoni than cheese and that turned out right. May be a regional thing - we're in the midwest.
  5. I keep hoping that Mr Hummel will teach Rhetoric 1 again! My oldest dd was extremely fortunate to have him as her teacher for Rhetoric 1 and 2 and he was fantastic. One of dd's friends had Rhetoric 1 with him too and thought he was fantastic! They both learned so much from him and my dd has had absolutely no difficulties at all with college writing and I feel a lot of that is because of his classes. Just checked and he's not teaching it 😞 My youngest has only got 2 years after this year so it looks like she won't be able to do those classes.
  6. Yes there seems to be a fair bit of this going on. Also, I feel like we are living in an "Emperor's New Clothes" world where we are all supposed to pretend that the blatantly obvious isn't there. Not sure what the term is, but I think the dissonance between reality and what we're all supposed to pretend is going on is huge and I can't believe that it is a healthy way to live.
  7. I wouldn't pay extra money and spend extra time to be in the honors college. My dd is in the honors college but the only benefit so far has been getting to register earlier for classes, and even then it's not always been that great because the honors college isn't that selective and so there are tons of students in it, so the benefit of early registration is considerably diluted. The staff in the honors college are not particularly helpful and could even be described as somewhat snooty, which makes me laugh given the fact that it's not difficult at all to meet the criteria to join. I don't know if it is like this at other schools, but at the one my dd attends there is a fantastic financial aid scholarship available that basically pays for everything if you fall into the earnings criteria and are in the honors college, maybe why the honors college population is so huge. I had hoped that it would be a really good, supportive community for my dd to be a part of, but sadly has not proven to be so. As far as honors classes go, they are smaller but don't seem to be hugely different than regular ones and, because they are smaller, and there are so many kids trying to fulfill their honors requirements, they can prove hard to get into. I have to say that after dd's experience I am not a fan.
  8. I would imagine she probably doesn't wear the same sort of clothing that J Lo wore while she does it though.
  9. I'm talking about the idea, that a number of posters on this thread have expressed, that the reason for the ill feeling about Meghan is simply because of racism. I'm not denying that any racist things have occurred, but I don't think it is correct to say that any unpopularity she is experiencing must be because Britain is so racist. In my opinion levels of racism are fairly similar in Britain and the US.
  10. I really doubt that Meghan is experiencing this in her day to day life or when she goes on visits to places as a member of the royal family. I'm not doubting that Princess Michael did what she did, she has had difficulties behaving with decorum for as long as I've heard anything about her. Good manners really are a thing in Britain and I doubt very much that the people she meets out in public are being mean to her. The press are out to sell papers of course, so I wouldn't put anything past them, but I would think anyone in public life has to develop something of a thick skin with the press.
  11. It's not only expected of Americans, I say this as a non-American who is absolutely expected to change to have any hope of fitting in where I live in the US. I have lived in several other countries, and in my experience Americans have as difficult, if not more difficult, a time, than anyone else changing to fit in. ETA It's not an easy thing to fit in with another culture. It's more difficult when you are surrounded by a very homogeneous group of people, which London definitely is not, but the royal family probably is. But it does take time, a number of years at least.
  12. I don't think it's that no sane woman would or should, a sane woman would go into it with a pretty good idea of what was going to be expected of her. Also, I don't know what the truth of the situation is, but it does not seem like she has given it a fair try. I'm pretty sure that they could have quietly and subtly arranged things, with the Queens help and blessing, to draw back from things significantly and give themselves time and space. However, quietly and subtly don't seem to be on the agenda with them right now.
  13. This! Honestly you're all merely speculating - unless some of you happen to be close friends of Harry and Meghan. It's kind of annoying to hear a bunch of Americans - most of whom have little to no personal experience of living in Britain ( I know some of you do) going on about how racist the British are etc. If I could stereotype for a minute I might be tempted to say that as per usual Americans think they know better than everyone.
  14. We played a game called The Mind recently with my dd's boyfriend. It was a strange and unusual game but pretty fun.
  15. TCB

    Trunk or Treat

    That sounds really cool! What a good idea!
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