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  1. My dd just finished her first year of college and she is a communication science and disorders major and wants to be an SLP. She decided this is what she wanted to do almost at the end of the college application process so had not really applied to colleges with this in mind. We thought long and hard about her doing another degree and then going on to the SLP masters, but in the end decided it was better for her to go to a school that did the undergrad degree. One reason for this was that she would have found it really difficult to get all the undergrad courses required for the graduate course at the other colleges that did not do the major and that would probably have meant her having to take time out between undergrad and graduate degree to get those prerequisites done. Also, I'm a nurse and honestly I think these 2 jobs are significantly different and you may not necessarily like one just because you like the other. My dd is definitely more suited to SLP than RN I think. There is an assistant job that you can do with just the undergrad course.
  2. I guess I am looking at this having actually heard someone speak a language that contained clicks. It sounded amazing and wonderful to me and definitely not silly. I did try to make some of the sounds to myself because they were amazing and really difficult to do. I did not feel any superiority over the person or any negative feeling like that at all. I really love accents and love hearing the different ways people say things. I come from a country that has a different accent than the one I live in and I frequently have people here try pronouncing words in the accent of my country of origin and I do not feel like they are mocking me. I realize that there are certainly ways to do this in a mocking way, but when someone is just trying it out I do not find it mocking. Maybe I am not usual in feeling like this.
  3. I kind of get what you're saying but it seemed like there was more information about Africa as part of the VBS and also I would see that as silly or stupid as far as Spanish goes but not necessarily mocking. Also it did not sound like they were saying they were teaching them the African language by doing that. ETA I'm not trying to be argumentative and it's hard to know for sure without going through the whole activity - which we can't - but that part about the clicking just didn't seem to be what the article said it was.
  4. Ok I've read that but I'm afraid I don't really understand how that is "mocking" - maybe I missed something.
  5. Just wondering what the click language name game is and why it is offensive? I had a patient once who spoke a language that used clicks and it was fascinating.
  6. My dd was able to find online practice for the test. She was the same - scared to take the test and wouldn't read the manual - but she did some online practice tests and really learned the material that way and did fine on the test. Somehow it was less intimidating that way. Maybe your son can try that.
  7. I can't remember exactly how but apparently they cause the machines to break down more often. I think it may be something to do with residue from the pod capsules not breaking down completely and causing problems.
  8. Our experience was that a community bathroom got cleaned by the custodian but those with suites/private bathrooms had to clean their own.
  9. We used some of the lists linked above by Lori and they were really helpful. My dd just ended up using paper plates etc because she had a community bathroom and going there to wash dishes frequently was a pain. Lamps, plenty of power strips and cables to hook up TV or ethernet - college usually has a list of which cables you need. If she wants to loft her bed a rubber mallet is really useful on moving in day and we also took a little cart to move things on. They did have some carts you could use but it was also handy having one that we didn't have to wait for. Laundry soap etc - my dd's college did not let them use tide pods - also see if they have to use quarters in the machines and send a supply - at my dd's it was included in the room and board so she did not need any. If it's allowed a door wedge to keep the door open - easier to make friends I think - but because of fire regulations dd was not allowed to use one.
  10. It may not be the same thing but the same types of advantages would apply.
  11. Pen I'm not sure how to go about doing something about it. I haven't really thought too much about it until this thread came up and I started reading about it. Maybe those involved in sports will have more of an idea how the system works and what is a practical way of being heard.
  12. Maybe because I am not into sports but I just can not understand how someone could feel good about competing and winning in women's sports mainly because they have male attributes. Especially if they previously competed as men and did not do that well in those competitions. I can see the financial incentives but how do you look yourself in the mirror?
  13. It feels to me that we are at risk of losing some of the things we have fought so hard to get as women. We should take notice and not just let it happen. I am not an athlete and my 2 daughters are not much into sports, except ballet - which is a really physical thing nonetheless- but it still troubles me a lot.
  14. TCB

    Vacuum cleaner

    I love my Shark vacuum!
  15. Will be praying for you!
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