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  1. Would you mind sharing which test you used? I'm looking for something similar to assess my dd's Latin.
  2. Hey - I'm working through Kreeft's Socratic Logic book, and it looks like you received the answer key to the odd problems once upon a time. I e-mailed and called the press (which appears to be just one person, Bruce) four different times over the last two weeks. He's out sick and completely unreachable for the foreseeable future. Would you mind sharing? I purchased the book in part because I thought the full materials were available, and apparently it was a bait-and-switch by the publishing company. Still, I want to learn this stuff.

    I would be so, so grateful!!!

    1. TCB


      Hi! I've been meaning to get back to that thread and answer your  post. Sorry! We got it from them but it was quite a while ago.  I have been looking around on my computer etc and can't seem to find it. I'm going to get my husband to try and look on his old computer and see if it's there and if so I will let you know and send it to you.


    2. jdoe118


      Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! It would help me so much :-).

  3. Other than buying online, the only other thing I've found are Tetley British Blend tea bags at Walmart. The taste is good and tastes like British tea but they aren't very strong. Not too bad if you leave it to steep. They are under $3 for 80 tea bags, so a lot cheaper than those on line. I love Yorkshire Gold tea myself but that is more pricey. You can get it online from both Amazon and Walmart online. I always bring as many as I can back when I'm visiting England and my Mom brings as many as she can for me when she comes this way.
  4. I think the girl may just be too embarrassed to come back to the class after her mother made such a fuss.
  5. Sorry did not mean to imply that they don't care, just that they don't say anything about it, which seems strange to me as it seems usual to comment or acknowledge in some way when tragic things happen, especially when it involves the deaths of children. Not sure why they don't. ETA - The perception of these things is always very interesting. I just looked up the homicide rates ( per 100,000 ) and the homicide rate in the US is quite a bit higher than in the UK.
  6. So sorry you have had to experience this. Must be a very difficult time.
  7. My dd's college had a 2 day orientation with several options for dates during the summer. We thought we were going to be away for the early ones, but in fact were able to fit in an earlyish one and were glad we did because they chose their schedule and there were more class options still open. They then had the freshmen arrive a couple of days before classes started and had activities etc for them - this was a really good thing to go to as it definitely helped them to find their way around campus and be aware of a lot of the options open to them.
  8. My dd is going to work at an ice cream place. We live in a summer tourist area. This place pays quite well and is known to be a good place to work. The lady she baby sits for is also trying to persuade her to work at a restaurant they're opening but she has never done anything like that before and is unsure about it.
  9. Yes you're right. I guess no one will want to comment on that. I just don't think people on the gun rights side of the argument will be over on the WTM politics group, so I'm probably not going to get an answer.
  10. Thanks Stacia for all the information above. I know this isn't the right board to discuss the politics of it. I just wondered if there were people reading this thread who might be against gun control laws and who could say if they too agree that shooting in schools aren't more common here in the USA than other countries. I was so surprised to hear him say it. It's very difficult to ask around here where I live because almost everyone here is a strong supporter of gun rights, and to be honest nobody here even says anything about these shootings at all. They just seem to ignore them. I don't think I have heard anyone start a conversation about one when it's happened or say how dreadful it is unless I say that first and then they may agree that it is sad. But that is about as far as it goes.
  11. I am just wondering if those who do not wish for further gun control do acknowledge that the amount of incidences of kids shot while at school is higher in the USA than in other countries. I had a very bizarre conversation with my dh last night in which he said that it is not true that the incidence of occurrence is higher here but rather, that it is not publicized like it is here. I honestly do not have anyone that I can think of, here where I live, that I can have any kind of rational discussion with about this, so that's why I'm asking on here.
  12. Both my dds have taken Physics with Jetta at Clover Creek, 2nd dd just finished, and yet again an absolutely fantastic class! Jetta is the most fantastic teacher! I am so pleased with this class! I helped my dd review for the final by quizzing her on various things and her level of understanding and retention was amazing! I can not recommend this class enough! It is fantastic and I am so thankful that both my girls have been able to take it.
  13. I loved Enid Blyton as a child! We had few books in our house as a young child, lived in the middle of the jungle in South America and you just can't carry a lot of books with you. But we had several "Famous Five" and "Secret Seven" books and I read those over and over. Later on I read the "Malory Towers" school series over and over.
  14. I'm not quite sure what they wear underneath but it isn't much! We were recently at a scholarship awards event and a girl sitting in front of us, wearing just what you described kept standing up to take pictures and we were treated to the sight of her entire bare butt each time!
  15. So sorry to hear about this. I hate to think of the fear and sorrow experienced by those students, staff and families! So sorry for those of you who are so directly affected!
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