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  1. I use the FAN math Process Skills in Problem Solving and Express Math books with my dd who uses CLE since CLE is weak in word problems and mental math skills . We started well below grade level and moved through them at a rate of a few a year. She did not do well with Singapore math curriculum but she does do well with these.
  2. MistyMountain

    Loses non practiced skills

    She is only a 2nd grader and we do not belong to the Y. The kids take a rock climbing class that offers strength training to kids 12 and up but she is not old enough for that yet. I was actually thinking about MUS recently. I just do not like how each level focuses on a narrow topic. I did some Gattegno with her last year and she did really well with it and I was thinking she might do good with rod math again.
  3. MistyMountain

    Anyone care for a disabled adult not in their family?

    I used to work with adults with developmental disabilities and there is no way I could do that while taking care of small children and homeschooling. It is a full time responsibility in itself. Even the more higher functioning individuals could be hard to take care of if there were behaviors especially males. I thinking asking if your neighbor would like to do something with you or visiting a nursing home are things that you could do though.
  4. MistyMountain

    Ugh help

    I remember you posting about this couple before. I personally think it is a horrible decision of the parents to allow this. I get a 17 year old making a poor decision but not the parents allowing her to date a man that old that is immature and cannot even find a job with enough hours. Why would they marry when he has does not have a job that can support them and he is just mooching off someone who is already done and ready to kick him out. He has no sense of urgency about getting an adequate job for his plans to marry. That is unlikely to change about him. She will grow up and mature and he very unlikely will not mature much more since he is already in his mid 20s. She most likely will end up stuck in a bad situation since I am guessing divorce is frowned upon. I wish more states had the age of consent at 18 but allowing a close in age differential for those underage. This is a train wreck waiting to happen. I really feel for the situation this girl in this situation down the line when she grows up and realizes what a bad idea it was.
  5. MistyMountain

    Need advice-pulling out of PS NOW!

    I would not be happy not getting any work sent home at all and then having that kind of conference since you have gotten nothing back yet. I want to know what my kid is doing if they are going to school. I do not like the fact that the teacher seems so secretive and does not even seem to know the child at all. That was not typical at all when my kids went to school. I would maybe stick it out this school year since he wants to stay but since it is changing to computer only next year and they do not even tell you how a kid is doing I would not send him back there.
  6. MistyMountain

    Loses non practiced skills

    That mini column thing always fascinated me and I did want to read more about it but I only found articles. I think she is the closely spaced type. I need to get that book on dyspraxia. She has been doing better overall since she is doing a lot of physical activities but I did not know about the weight training. She is too young for a teen class but maybe I can try to get some heavy work in at home. I think that it probably is a combo of the instructor quality and doing it wrong then ingraining it that way. The instructors are teenagers and most are not great teachers but there is one or two that were really good at teaching (I have not seen them in a while) and the main instructors provide help sometimes and she does learn more when she gets them. In reading she is doing so well now but there are a few words that come up that are similar to other words where she will read it like that old word and it becomes really hard to fix that word. I am still trying to figure out what to use for math with her that has spiral practice but it more towards the conceptual side which she does well with.
  7. MistyMountain

    Loses non practiced skills

    That makes sense about learning more then one way to do it and the need to self monitor and know when to use which skill. She is learning new methods in math so maybe that is what is going on there. Wtih the swimming she does have dyspraxia and certain motor skills do come hard but not others. The skill was a side glide which she originally learned really fast.
  8. Dd did not have trouble learning concepts in math and was working above grade level but I am realizing she needs regular spiral practice or she will lose skills she had. What I am noticing though is sometimes when she is relearning something it can take longer then the 1st time. It happens in math and with motor skills. One example is she took just a little over two weeks off of swimming lessons and forgot one of the skills she learned but has not gained it back and it took her less time to learn it in the first place. I know it is typical to lose skills of you take time off but I am wondering why it was learned easier the first time and what to do for that.
  9. MistyMountain

    need advice on math

    Maybe something like Meister Cody would be good? It uses virtual manipulatives and is supposed to help for dyscalculia.
  10. If a teen developed an unhealthy drug habit they would start giving signs. A teen is going to be an adult in a few years. I see no reason to police them and break their trust like that if there were no suspicions. Micromanaging is not going to help them become independent. I think being open and honest and keeping the lines of communication open and judgement free and modeling is a better way to encourage them not to use substances irresponsibly.
  11. Yes OG is an approach based on the research of Orton that Gillingham made more accessible. Things that fall under the umbrella of an OG approach can be a little different but they share certain components. My personal anecdote was that an OG method or methods based off of OG (Barton and Spalding) were not successful for my child that struggled the most but another systematic approach did work. Certain components of Barton and the ways it was organized just was not going to work if I tried to stick it out. What worked was not 'multi sensory'. There are tutors that use a very systematic phonics approaches that are not OG and they have helped lots of students. OG is a method that can work and has worked well and it is a researched based approach but there are other options that the teach alphabetic code in a systematic and successful way that is not OG and OG methods that may not work as well. It seems on here that sometimes people do say if it is dyslexia you should go with OG.
  12. Here is the link to it. It was listed in one of the links here but not a direct link it was mentioned in one of the articles.
  13. The reading panel was a compilation of studies and it did have research on different types of programs including OG which they then categorize in different ways. It shows much higher gains for kindergartners that start with phonics then 2nd graders or older who started with whole words then did phonics afterwards. The gains were also higher for synthetic phonics.
  14. I just started buying the answer keys instead of the teacher manual and it has been fine. We are in level 6 but I plan on doing the same for level 7.
  15. OG is not the be all end all and that is not what the research shows anyway. The research definitely shows that synthetic phonics instruction is superior but not that the only means of doing it is OG or that OG is the best method or the only method that is effective. What is clear from the research too is that kids that start with site words will develop habits that are harder to fix and it takes much longer to remediate in older children that were pre taught. Plus there are all different kinds of methods that are labeled OG that are very different. I like having more options then just OG.
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