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  1. If you are that close to Seattle, I assume you are in Washington. Isn’t all of Washington at least in “phase 1” reopening and some of it already in “phase 2”? I am currently in Oregon and my impression is that Washington is a little ahead of Oregon, not behind Oregon on reopening.
  2. It was already in the works before Covid was (as far as we know). So unless CV19 was planned well in advance then it at least is not entirely related. Otoh, it could be being pushed more now due to concerns about CV19 and sterility, or because CV19 did wipe out many more people than admitted.
  3. I also have a kitchen scale so I don’t have to convert grams. My measuring cups have ml, oz, and fraction of cups marked.
  4. Ugh. Rats in NYC were already a problem. cannabalistic rats in NYC and Sydney problem is starting to sound more like the zombie apocalypse . I wonder about rat borne illness. 😟
  5. I think it popped up due to a visitor posting about a paid translation site??? I dare not click on the link. Maybe it’s clickbait to something worse. not realizing it was an old thread, I found it interesting.
  6. I am taking county numbers into account, and even more than that cases by zip code since our county is probably as big in area as some small states. Our state has added the social “bubble” group to its concepts, which I think may help as it did in NZ, and I think that an outdoors only, reasonably distanced activity with another family (bike ride? Hike?) might be a way to start in a case like you describe.
  7. My dog also has allergies to a lot... and has been miserable lately. Claritin in day and chlorphenyramine or Benadryl at night seem to help bring relief short term. He’s on Quercitin, cod liver oil, and vitamins for longer term help.
  8. And, I would put it straight when telling him you will be out two weeks—perhaps more. He is the only “contact” there has been who has been physically close enough and of long enough duration to be an exposure for your family since March. If that’s true, that is. It may have traveled home on your clothes and you cold be negative, but you could also have it as an Asymptomatic or presymptomatic case. 🤗 hugs 🍀🌹🌷🥕
  9. But your health department may. And may insist on testing and contacting the people who were unmasked at your place of work. But just take it one step at a time.
  10. I’m sorry about the new update—I hope all of you will be okay!!! I mentioned sock re possible fungus or bacteria, but probably also a good idea in case of CV19 in case the toe spots shed virus sort of like chicken pox pox. We just know so very little. 😟 Try to have him listen to the Dr Shelton interviews with John Campbell. Might help whatever is going on. Quarantine: sounds much like when my son might have or not (in his case probably not) had CV19 and we had to do 14 day quarantine. We had to both assume positive in terms of not spreading any possible CV19, but we have to assume negative in terms of probably was adenovirus and probably he has no immunity to CV19. Schroedinger’s cat like. I hope you all will be okay! If your son tests positive I think for official contact tracing purposes assuming that happens which it certainly should, your boss would be a likely *source* from what you have described.
  11. USAA statement on building credit does mention being an authorized user of parent card—but clearly that has not thus far been sufficient: “If you have little or no credit history, you'll need to build it. Retail or gas cards and loans secured by property, such as furniture or a car, tend to be easiest to obtain. Some banks offer secured credit cards for customers who need to establish credit. The cards are secured by a deposit account owned by the cardholder. Most often, cardholders must deposit between 100% and 200% of their desired credit limit. Another alternative: Consider asking a parent with good credit to add you as an authorized user on his or her card or to co-sign a low-limit credit card application.”
  12. Not always. They could do a TransUnion or Equifax or Experion or whatever check and see. To help know for themselves what the problem is. Yes. Income may be the block. And one where a senior representative at USAA may be able to overcome it and issue a card with a very small limit to get started with.
  13. I think I put things badly. I agree that it will not have a negative effect. The problem is that it is not having a ***positive*** effect. She is very probably “credit invisible.”
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