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  1. Pen

    I want a dog

    Looks like an American Bulldog! This is a boxer?
  2. Pen

    I want a dog

    Visit dogs and consider typical health and grooming needs of the breeds in relation to your circumstances. If you love boxers and live in a good spot for boxers, get one when you’re ready!
  3. My Ds had a neighbor friend 3 years older than he was for awhile. Similarly we have no TV and at that stage no video games (other than a few “educational” options like Sum Dog). The older boy’s home was dominated by a huge flat screen TV and he was very into video games. Also the other home was militantly vegan (the mom wrote books about it) and we were organic practices preference for local grown organic food omnivores (which to some people might both equally qualify as “health food nuts” — but they are radically different). But basically the boys got along for a time and I think the , um, cultural exchange was good for each to see. It ended of its own accord as the older boy who was in brick and mortar school became very busy with teen friends and activities. And then after that moved away. B sounds like a similarly nice boy. Perhaps shy with adults. Maybe getting to know you will help him to be less reluctant to make eye contact. Though there are also cultures where direct eye contact is considered rude. And for some, politeness means “mi casa es su casa” so that kids traipsing through any room of their own or a friend’s home is considered normal.
  4. I think you do — I bet you habitually get dressed adequately not to be arrested before you go out in public. I bet you habitually eat at least enough to be alive. 😌
  5. Personally I’d separate bathrobe idea from Halloween costume. Halloween quidditch robe: I’d probably look at pictures and use some brown burlap (or similar quality red cloth for Griffindor—I cannot recall what a quidditch robe looks like) to simulate a robe. And I’d probably get kids to help do it. Maybe hot glue, maybe safety pins, just enough to last the one holiday.
  6. Is anyone else surprised at how big this group is and so quickly?
  7. If you have the same things going to be written on all the students’ cards, then each fact card in the set can be numbered. If any individual card gets ruined or lost, a child can recopy it from a Master set—and the copying itself is added memory help. If someone drops a whole set in a mud puddle, maybe the whole class can help to make that child a new set if the amount at that point would be daunting—or maybe the Aide could help. I suggest reading: Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning And maybe: Learning to Learn: Strengthening... Before deciding to go with a ring bound laminated card system
  8. Acco clips and or sturdy rubber bands can help keep cards grouped together If we need to transport cards we usually use rubber bands. it obviously depends on circumstances. Now and expected in future
  9. There was an interesting interview related to this topic with Snowden on NPR Fresh Air yesterday.
  10. Also unpunched and in an envelope or box may better serve spaced repetition learning
  11. I think it might be better to have it be much less elaborate — and a system the kids can learn to do for themselves easily that would carry through college if they go to college. I think for the kids to learn how to make their own cards and system might be move valuable than for them to learn any particular history fact on a card system you make up useful and easy should be goal, not perfect and uniform.
  12. Is your dh a doctor? If not and given distance from hospital, I’d get her checked out even though she doesn’t want to. Appendix pain doesn’t always present the same. If something like appendix, you really want to deal with it while it’s relatively mild, not a ruptured one.
  13. Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams has parts about *how* to achieve better sleep—not just about the why’s
  14. Thanks for this thread topic! Keep keys, glasses etc in known spot. Fill gas tank when it gets between half and quarter tank almost always, so ready in case of emergency look at calendar every morning keep my top important tasks of day on index card or on a cellphone note
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