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  1. To add to my request for direct contact information: I am sure people I know personally in real life have more influence on me than do internet only contacts like you. As I am sure is true also in reverse, that you are more persuaded by people you know in real life. And as it gets remote like the supposed real life friend of an internet only contact it gets less and less persuasive. But yes, I think If I were to speak on the phone directly with your friend along with some online exploration jointly at same time, that could go a long ways towards persuasiveness. Cert
  2. could you send me a pm with how I can directly reach your friend in real life?
  3. Someone wrote about Conspiracy theory that Tom Hanks is dead— I can’t find it now. I was thinking about that. I have no particular opinion about Hanks. I saw him in maybe 3 movies in my life including Forest Gump. I don’t think I would be able to recognize him if he were to be seated at a restaurant table next to mine (not that that would happen, but just sayin). otoh ... Biden himself, even allowing for age and lots of plastic surgery, looks a lot different than he did as Senator. As Senator his ears looked fine, nothing that seemed like they needed plastic surgery... but
  4. I am wondering why months go by and it is not fixed
  5. irl meaning a real person I have know for over 30 years a person who was involved at a distance many years ago as part of real resistance to USSR take over of another country and who IME does not tend to be a dupe
  6. If some months after Jan 20th, typing Antifa.com on URL still redirects to Whitehouse, is it a Conspiracy Theory to think that some hackers or pranksters or who knows who did that are better at computer tech than the current Whitehouse administration? Or to wonder if admin cares or if they do deliberately want to have redirects from Antifa.com go to them? A few days of a prank not getting fixed is one thing. Months going on and on is, IMO, weird. There are a number of at least significantly odd things like that. Media covers supposed events at WH — and yet on the Live We
  7. yes. I was concerned at first, but we have had multiple medical and dental visits now. And some more needed. It has been fine. Probably much safer than usual flu seasons of prior years because of so much precaution taken.
  8. no I didn’t mean I thought a “Blue Anon” would follow Q. I meant would a “Blue Anon” tend to believe in a conspiracy group called “Qanon”? Would each - if they exist - believe in each other? IRL people on both “sides” (though perhaps not at far fringes of either “side”) tell me neither is real, that both are media constructs to manipulate people and cause division. I have been told by irl people that Q is real, and that Anons trying to decode Q messages are real— but not Qanon and not Blue Anon. —— in re another post of yours where you wrot
  9. I agree with you. I also think increase is being over hyped
  10. except that people are now hearing a third jab will be needed in a few more months, that boosters or new strain versions of vaccine may be required even more frequently than for flu https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/03/31/us-begins-testing-modernas-covid-vaccine-booster-shots-for-variant-from-south-africa.html
  11. So, let’s see if I am following this— people who follow Q, whoever Q is, would be called “Qanons” and people who believe in a Qanons following Q conspiracy are “Blue Anons”? I tried to track down the movie—it seems to be based off a real shipwreck and to be called White Squall. If I tracked this correctly. Never heard of it before. But it has some good reviews- White Squall movie review & film summary (1996) | Roger Ebert https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/white-squall-1996 White Squall. "White Squall" is the sort of red-blooded young man's adventure movie
  12. it is possible it has been known in regard to virology / immunology for a fairly long time that RNA can affect DNA. For example: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/21433342/ https://www.med.uio.no/imb/english/research/news-and-events/news/2020/Modified-RNA-has-a-direct-effect-on-DNA.html also of potential relation to this: gene editing epigenetics (even emotional stress can alter DNA) ETA: also aside from mRNA some chemicals are know to modify DNA — as vaccines are not pure mRNA there are potentially other ways a vaccine could affect DNA.
  13. I don’t have HBO access. Did the Documentary explain WWG1WGA? If so what is that all about? Or at least how did the documentary explain it? And what is “Blue Anon”?
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