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  1. R u connecting #8 by author name or “Death”? if by author still leaving “death” there are obviously many options, but consider “Death of a Hollow Man” by Caroline Graham
  2. I think that was in reply to the dh who said not to bother with plans, just to build it
  3. That looks wonderful! Both useable and attractive. a civil engineer should certainly be able to cope with how to do a safe ramp
  4. Allegedly the culture on many campuses has turned away from relationships and romance and toward the “hook up” with negative repercussions for both participants and abstainers. Especially seeming bad for women, but not so great for many guys either. I googled and a list of the top 10 “hook up” colleges in US includes 2 major universities in my state, which may make it seem more credible to me that it is a “thing” rather than just hype.
  5. interview was with author of the above book
  6. show dated June 14, 2019 (the one on pets vs pets also looks interesting)
  7. Heard a radio program half on the problem of the hook up culture in colleges. I’m wondering how much of a real problem this is at most colleges currently.
  8. The A319 part I like. They have a very low crash history. Allegiant has the only EUG to OAK nonstops currently But not the only choice United has a nonstop EUG to SFO at roughly same time (arrival fitting after work schedule on SF end). Probably in an E75. My half-brother helped make the Allegiant booking and said he’s had just as many problems with United as Allegiant. And that for a short flight for a short stay, Allegiant should be fine. It was done fast grabbing the last $120 ish round trip seat on Allegiant without my having thinking or research time. The United round trip flight would be over $300 maybe over $400 by comparison (though including carry on, beverages etc at no extra cost). With no guarantee that it would not itself be the rare flight with troubles. Probably both flights will do just fine.
  9. Martens and Fishers are 2 different species. Possibly also genus or even family is different
  10. state by state averages for adding minimum required coverage for a teen driver
  11. The link Lanny sent was pretty reassuring. Lots of incidents, none involving Allegiant over last few days
  12. As young, plus male, plus mixed race he may be more likely to get extra scrutiny
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