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  1. I suggest a half or a third to start. Some people find less to be more with melatonin. I’ve not used gummies form. Worst things I’ve had happen are a headache or feeling groggy next day. Or feeling a little groggy/disoriented if waking in the middle of night after taking it. But I can waken myself and deal with some problem if need be.
  2. Did it least so far? Sort of like nail fungus itself...
  3. Nonfiction: Reading The Science of Fear: How the Culture of Fear Manipulates Your Brain rereading Atomic Habits I recommend both books.
  4. Ask the parents. And for the oldest ones, who would have an opinion, maybe also the kids themselves. For very young baby/toddler Under the Nile and Hanna Anderson. For somewhat older we used LL Bean a great deal for jeans, T-necks, jackets, and snow/rain gear. They held up well and had right fits. I would have used that for dresses too if I’d had a daughter who wanted them. MEC (mountain equipment coop?) in Canada for organic short sleeve T-shirts and Hoodies that were favorite comfort clothes. Worn more than anything else. I don’t know if the hoodies are still available. Clothes that allowed movement and play got worn. Special dress up clothes didn’t. Anything itchy and scratchy didn’t.
  5. How about the how to finish things without losing sleep discussion?
  6. @lauraw4321 how did your daughter’s project go?
  7. If rice is okay for people you could go to a lot of stir fries and rice type eating instead of wheat as your grain. Or Quinoa. Or buckwheat maybe. Corn Tortillas and cheese (with ham?). Filling soups and stews.
  8. Last winter we had bad snow and ice. I decided I need something to have on hand for when those occasions come so as not to slip and fall, and to be able to safely walk the dog. Any recommendations? Brand or type? To get or to avoid?
  9. Thanks I’ll try metal ones. Though Maybe my surfaces are too irregular. What do you mean by the glue strip has to have time before you put the hook on? Do you start with the wall /door etc side and let it stay there for a time (how long?) before removing the hook side glue protector? Is temperature a factor? Some weatherstripping I put said to use a hair blow dryer to help set the adhesive. Other adhesives have said to use a blow dryer to help remove them.
  10. So, after this discussion, I just ordered myself a pair of the older style Escalante that I know I love before they are all gone (they were already gone so far as I know in my top color choices). For $69 from Amazon which was nice. I think my conclusion is, yes, if you’ve had foot or similar trouble, and you know a model works, stash some!
  11. Adding - I just looked at Altra site an realize that the “Vanish” shoe may itself come in multiple uppers materials, the almost total mesh I recall may be called Xt or XC? while one with only partial perforation may be called R ?
  12. re minimal: My son has a pair of (older model) Altra Golden spikes or whatever their spiked track shoe is called. They were the only type spikes we could find (short of custom) that would fit his very wide ball/toe area at all. And took special lacing even then. Without the spikes screwed in, they are a very minimalist shoe. Very lightweight and really just enough sole to protect foot bottoms from what might be under it. Or very much plenty for rubber surface type tracks, less good at his own school which still is a rough cinder type track. I don’t know if the current spikes are similar upper material. It was not a “mesh” with holes, but some extremely lightweight material, like a very stiff nylon practically see through and very airy. I almost got myself a pair when they were on close out to use in place of summer sandals as it would have kept debris out while letting air in. Have you tried a separate toes type shoe? Actually you might hate them because they would fit in a glove-like way that could feel claustrophobic.
  13. That seems more important to me than getting a “good” grade! Losing sleep seems worth discussing to me. For health reasons. Working on school bus, otoh, seems quite reasonable to me.
  14. I rarely wear socks these days at all. Maybe part of why I like the knit Escalante: it feels like it is the sock. Even though they have the “woman specific” last I use men’s which feel better on my wide feet. Also allows my son to use my same shoes.
  15. I think it might be a help over struggling with reading package labels. I wonder if it can test for antigens to wheat or dairy proteins or that sort of thing. And wonder Is it any good outside of the boxed packaging sections of store.
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