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  1. I don’t think one is choosing slave owning as a value in itself. And I think “only the values of” is totally incorrect even for conservative “originalists”. Is there some saying about not throwing the baby out with the bathwater? The US Constitution comes out of what was a high degree of small el liberal and enlightenment values, and has stood up for some time now as being a positive beacon for a small d democratic and small r republic system of government, which has been able to develop through more than two centuries.
  2. In a File? But if you thought wallet, maybe an old wallet? Or check every single slot again?
  3. I guess I have been more pushy in the course of trying to learn things that might anecdotally be helpful 🤔.
  4. Uh oh, I hope he’s back in a safe spot! As a practical matter I think that is probably true for what many “conservatives” feel. But I think within “originalism” it would be possible to find room for National health care without a Constitutional amendment as being within the scope of health being part of the national “welfare“ of the United States—which is already in language in the US Constitution. Article I, Section 8: "The Congress shall have Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the comm
  5. Are you and sisters in same geographical area / know similar demographics of people? Do you know anything about what the 5 people - especially 3 dead and one still in wheelchair—were doing in terms of any prevention or viral lowering attempts such as mask use, medical protocols used, etc? Risk factors? location? How they got sick? Timing in the pandemic? Location issues?
  6. Or to be Legislated at National level. But changes in the world since 1787 can be taken into account also. Even by “originalists”. US Constitution supersedes state where it applies. There can be Federal Questions suitable for Supreme Court jurisdiction based on differences between states or based on Interstate Commerce Clause, etc.
  7. “Basic” was discontinued. But it sounds like Pro has same type of materials, especially same inner liner and filter.
  8. Justices like Earl Warren would be likely to be called “activist”
  9. I think it is important to stress that current statutory law (and stare decisis for past Sup Ct case law also) is of great importance to “originalist” jurists. The word suggests that nothing since December 7, 1787 counts, but that is not true of jurists I have awareness of. I think it is a bad term because it makes people think it means something other than it does and to argue about things that are not actually the point.
  10. Smell Both inside and out? Maybe call them? Is the inside yellow? And is yours a pro pattern? I wonder if pro has an added coating beyond what basic had. I’m tagging @PeterPan who Iirc got both basic and pro - maybe she can comment on odors or odor differences if any between models or fabrics she got.
  11. Possibly this video would help with some of the terms regarding Constitutional interpretations and their meaning— it is with then Constitutional Law Professor Amy Coney Barrett from 4 years ago. And I think it is long enough to have a little bit of nuance in the answers, not quick WTM definitions or media sound bites. https://youtu.be/7yjTEdZ81lI https://youtu.be/7yjTEdZ81lI
  12. Thanks for letting me know my pm box is full.
  13. Could someone explain to me too? I thought this was some weird thing when I saw “this thread has self destructed”. I am also concerned about too much self revelation and living location known etc. TIA
  14. Actually, no “like” option showed up on your post above.
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