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  1. These type of mats are excellent. They come in or used to come in a double version that would give more turning space. we have also used a huge llbean Great Dane size dogbed in memory foam as a temporary sleep location with the Rei type pad to give more length — shared by humans and dog near wood stove during an extended winter power outage to keep warm. Bodies were on dog bed, human legs and feet on the camping mattress. With sleeping bags. Extremely comfortable! I have no personal experience, but have been interested in These which are less thick thick than the dog bed, but in more human rectangle dimensions : Best Choice Products 4in Thick Folding Portable Full Mattress Topper w/ High-Density Foam, Washable Cover
  2. I use a magnesium cream, but it’s quite expensive per amount of magnesium the oils bother my skin, but I think would be excellent if I could use them Epsoak Epsom Salt 19lbs Magnesium Sulfate USP Resealable Bulk Bag is great for soaking. I use it when I don’t have time for a bath by closing the tub drain during a shower and at least letting my feet soak. Guess that might not work in a stall shower
  3. Or look at what the mg per tablet in the current too big pills is and search for brands that have pills or capsules that contain about half of a quarter that much
  4. CALMS powder try plain cold water. It makes It fizzy a bit. Drink it down followed by something she likes better. Pills: try taking uncrushed in something thick like cottage cheese try mag Gluck by buying it as powder along with empty little capsules and filling as many small size capsules as needed try Epsom salt soaks
  5. Adding: IMO the oldOregon 3rd grade OAKS test that was dropped was excellent in the reading part. In its online version, It was by far the best standardized reading test I’ve ever seen.
  6. Here’s for Oregon: it is worse. And it has been getting worse not better over time. The article points out that the test changed, but the decline preceded the test change
  7. When I read the title I was surprised that it was only 1 in 4 failing. I’m in Oregon, and don’t have figures but would expect similar. here is an article about Virginia situation where the failure rate is similar and getting worse apparently:
  8. Correct. Mind the Gap is used in UK. And brings UK nostalgic feelings for me. (The other phrase was from New York Subway in the 70’s-80’s.) In re the shirt: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” I guess the “Tube” and the logo for it could also sound dirty, but I don’t think there’s a dirty double entendre intended. It’s sort of like “I ♥️ NY”
  9. Is your Ds around same age as her kids? Maybe your Ds should try the same camp for reasons of trying to work on friendship? I sometimes got my Ds to try something for 2 days before allowing an “I don’t want to.”
  10. With mostly heat or touch sensitive buttons all the words in use for that seem weird since press, push, mash all seem like the button will move, and I rarely encounter a moving button in recent years. I guess I just get used to expessions and sometimes feel nostalgia for phrases like “mind the gap” or “lean off the doors”
  11. My son and I have a frequent up / down communication challenges with regard to our local streets —. Understanding which way someone is going if they’ve gone “up” or “down”. I wonder if this sort of thing affects reading scores on the comprehension questions of tests like the ones the 3rd graders take. I even wonder if it causes regional difficulties in scoring well if tests are made by people in the northeast with a different understanding than people in the south.
  12. Lol: Up doesn’t always mean up! I had the same thing more or less with my dog where I was saying “up” in a situation where up to me was down to him. Sounds like your ears have a lot of idioms “up with which they cannot put.” some people “put up” preserves, or “put up” at lodgings or a camp site Or a car will be put up for sale though it is still located on the ground can you tolerate “line up”? Even if the ground is flat under the line? Or line up books on a shelf, meaning a horizontal not vertical line?
  13. Sounds like a reasonable plan, then. Remember that you don’t need to send all or none to school. You could decide what would work best for each child.
  14. Try thinking of the “on” as last word of first phrase: The test will be on The race will be on The meeting will be on like something is happening, not cancelled instead of thinking of the on as going with the time designation
  15. The geographic swath is interesting (though some color designations are barely representing different scores, it seems). But almost half the map is light blue and most of that except for Florida is south as map goes even if a Western state.
  16. Pen


    I like those. Though I think at a lot of colleges only 2 per month would be hard . I’d add: drink at least 8oz water per alcoholic drink, ideally more. Eat food *before* drinking. Have a rotating non drinker in ones group not just for driving but to help monitor alertness and to get help if needed
  17. What I’d be concerned about would be getting back into burnout part way through the year. It would probably be better to let the dc go to brick and mortar school for a whole school year rather than burning out part way through . How will a summer will tell you the answer?
  18. Pen


    Young women tend to think themselves as drinking same as or less than their peers An interesting statistic: “67% of women said that most women they know drink as much or more than they do. This is important given that drinking behavior, especially among young people, can be impacted by a person's views about how much other people drink (Foxcroft et al., 2015)”
  19. Pen


    I’m glad to hear that! I’d probably ask How many drinks per week or per weekend party night? At a lot of colleges girls will drink 2 or more drinks per party night. And party night may be pretty much every weekend except in finals weeks. If that’s relatively low alcohol percent beer or wine it may not be much alcohol total and be fairly safe over duration needed to drink it — if it’s a cocktail it could be a fair bit. Especially some of the sweet mixed drinks can have a lot of alcohol. Learning to nurse one drink along till 2AM can be a useful skill in such circumstances
  20. On tomorrow: It’s a southern regional form of colloquial English. But I hear it sometimes in my area too. All the people I’ve heard use it were white. I think it may be Appalachian origin perhaps as some of the “came west by covered wagon” descended people in my current area came from Appalachia area. English can have pockets of usage as well as different accents from a valley or cove that was a bit isolated and developed on its own. Even more so through UK than US. I don’t use it, but it doesn’t bother me. If anything I think it’s a bit helpful to have the extra syllable. The test will be Thursday. The test will be on Thursday. The test will be tomorrow. The test will be on tomorrow.
  21. For myself, best has been a support to wear, plus magnesium (Epsom salt bath if you can get into a bath, or as a cream — the amount needed to help IME would be laxative if taken by mouth), plus an over the counter pain med such as Goody’s powder, plus time. Then exercises when it’s recovering. (Goody's Extra Strength Headache Powders | Cool Orange | 24 Count | 1 Pack There’s one for “back” but not much difference in reality and I keep this one around. Combined both aspirin and acetaminophen) But I would want to figure out WHY you are having sciatic pain. Spinal compression fracture? Bone spur? ...
  22. I would not seek out a moonroof specially. I also would not specially seek to avoid one . I tend to use sunroof for ventilation more than moonroof for upward view, but then, I’m driving so not likely to be looking upward unless I stop somewhere with an interesting overhead view Ive had them because they came with other trimline features I was seeking out. Biggest use has been while parked waiting for Ds at an activity since it gives good light.
  23. Pen


    At your own home, given your concerns, I’d probably go with no drinking (for you or her) while your dd is there, and limit beer etc to while at a restaurant. (Or if you do have a beer offer her one too. ) What can she do socially at JMU that doesn’t involve drinking? At many colleges, legal or not, drinking is the norm. If heavy drinking is the norm, then she may feel she is doing well with relatively lighter drinking (though it may still be heavy from a medical POV) and may be unable to realize that her sense of “normal” is skewed by her surroundings. In general I think it’s great that she’s talking with you. Try to keep having a conversation about it. I suggest more openness to her own feelings and concerns and less “advice”. JMU Stereotype as party / heavy drinking school:
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