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  1. Doing Time in the Garden (About prison horticulture...)
  2. Why not simplify and initially push entirely for homebound with a homebound visiting teacher, and a reduced course load? Or mostly homebound and working up to being in school on part of the happier schedule days as she’s able? She probably needs a 504. If it were me, I’d push to get a 504 meeting planned— presumably you have (or soon will have) a diagnosis of depression for her to work with.
  3. Pen

    New veggies

    Growing In your yard? They are extremely nutritious. Somewhat bitter especially if not very young. They can be made as a wilted dandelion greens “salad” with crumbled hard boiled eggs and bacon (if you eat those) and or some cheese, and a savory dressing—making a full lunch type meal. Or with rice on side if needed.
  4. Anyway if it’s basically all new or not more than two years bunch of problems rather than there but not noticed because of the sisters so much greater problems, then some detective work may be needed to start sorting it out—and bit by bit getting things on track. I’d tend to start with getting all the basics of exercise, nutrition, sleep going right for her. Because everything is likely to be wonky if any of those is off. the crush on trans or non binary or whatever u wrote situation then seems like another big area and the sense of her chances of a happy and successful life being over if she hasn’t had at least 4 AP classes I hope the visit with GC will go well tomorrow. Are you prepared? What are you planning to say?
  5. Maybe for school if she goes back she needs a hard metal container that can fit in her backpack along with a small freezer pack. It could have all manner of foods in it. This sort of thing and big enough back pack to hold it: Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Bento Lunch Box with Pod Insert - Holds 6 Cups of Food - Eco-Safe, Healthy, Durable Lunch Container for Kids and Adults
  6. A different type of paint that can handle wetness?
  7. It would be a stunning legal case too... straight A student traumatized by school experience needs time off, then school refuses to allow her back!
  8. I don’t think it’s legal for a child to need time off and then not be allowed to return to school. They don’t need to accept credits from the time off, but I don’t think they can legally deny her an adequate education through end of high school. I don’t think Virginia can be extremely unique in that regard. Not legally. I think you may need to have a year off for her for health reasons —and then may need a lawyer. I didn’t understand that the eating pickiness was new. I thought it had been there before but wasn’t a problem with excellent chef at Catholic school or at home.
  9. Pen

    New veggies

    Dandelion greens
  10. A plug in air blower type heater that would tend to be more drying? A dehumidifier? A bag of kitty litter to absorb moisture?
  11. doesn’t have viola but could be worth doing what it does have ?
  12. It is a powdered “meal” replacer. Very expensive! But wondering if it could help, for example on mornings when quick food is needed. It looks like it has much better ingredients than Carnation instant breakfast type stuff— but probably doesn’t taste as good.
  13. Another thought- if your dh is having rapid deterioration and demyelination and there are currently reasonably safe pharmaceuticals that can halt that quickly, if it were me, I might go for that (after checking on risks, side effects etc) afaik there aren’t any pharmaceuticals that can rebuild the myelin, that has to be via dietary, supplements, etc route. Or nowadays perhaps also via stem cell therapy but I think that rebuilt myelin is supposed to be not equal to original myelin, so putting a quick stop to further destruction if there’s a drug that can reliably do that could maybe help Not only with current symptoms and to stop downhill progress, but also to have less damage to have to reverse the trigger elimination diets plus cleaning up physical environment will also stop the destruction—and long term I think that’s far better than stopping destruction by shutting down the immune system with a pharmaceutical. But the trigger elimination methods may not be quick especially if his triggers are beyond the dozen or so common food and environmental triggers (also if there are things in home like toxic molds that’s very important to deal with for whole family, but can be slow). I’d liken it to my melanoma where I started with the standard conventional surgery of that era to remove it—and then added alternative approaches to help with more general healing and to help stop possible rogue melanoma cells from proliferation and to try to keep my huge numbers of atypical or dysplastic nevae from turning deadly malignant.
  14. You aren’t in Seattle area by any chance? I know a viola / violin teacher there who might be able to help with ideas if not lessons.
  15. There was some excellent low cost online music training I heard about. Can’t recall details but was associated with someplace like Juliard or Curtis Institute with goal of making music more affordable/accessible to kids.
  16. The cheetah walk seems like it would be a wonderful mother daughter memory maker.
  17. Could you clarify why you can’t have your dd take off the rest of this year to focus on her health and then return to school next year?
  18. How can you get a 504 plan at your dd’s school? Do you have an appointment with the 504 plan administrator?
  19. Why on earth not? Isn’t this your local public school? There does seem seem to be a trans is the new in thing situation. In a lot of teen environments. It seems to be a thing that gets positive attention in many quarters. Was a thing that made me wonder how great her friends are. There seems to be current pressure to be transcas there once was pressure towards maintaining a Barbie figure by bulemia. Sounded like significant sensory issues, eating and food issues, sleep issues, and a tendency toward anxiety and depression that have been long standing Doesnt square with a kid who at 10 wasn’t going to have kids because of global warming. That’s not relentless optimism Don’t kick yourself about what’s past. deal with the now
  20. There are multiple aspects to nutritional supports for autoimmunity. Some have to do with avoiding substances like formaldehyde and gluten and wheat germ agglutinin which commonly provoke autoimmune attacks . Other aspects , particularly with regard specifically to ms , include helping to fix damaged myelin ... (other types of autoimmunity would need support for other tissues that need regeneration, but for me it’s especially myelin) 12 ways to improve your myelin Support your mitochondria. ... Eat the right fats. ... Upgrade your sleep hygiene. ... Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) ... Vitamin C and collagen. ... Avoid alcohol. ... Get enough iron. ... Zinc and micronutrients. More items... What You Need to Know About Myelin and the Top 12 Ways to ... Does myelin regenerate? How is myelin made? Can demyelination be reversed? 12 ways to improve your myelin. Support your mitochondria. Eat the right fats. Upgrade your sleep hygiene. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) Vitamin C and collagen. Avoid alcohol. Get enough iron. Zinc and micronutrients. Analyzing the role of diet and exercise in myelin production - Mayo ... Oct 11, 2016 · Myelin is essential to the conduction of nerve impulses in the brain and spinal cord, and myelin loss is ... Supplement for myelin regeneration -- ScienceDaily Dec 7, 2015 · Multiple sclerosis patients continually lose the insulating myelin sheath that wraps around neurons ... Building lipids for myelin - NCBI by L Montani · 2018 · Cited by 1 · Related articles May 22, 2018 · With the exception of cholesterol, such membrane lipids share the use of fatty acids as building blocks. 55 Natural Ways to Increase Myelin Sheath + Function & Facts ... Aug 7, 2019 · Myelin is a structure that protects neural function. You can make lifestyle and diet choices to increase ... What Is the Myelin Sheath? Conditions With Reduced ...
  21. I’ll try this: Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change
  22. Pen

    New veggies

    Do mushrooms count in “vegetables “ discussion? They are fungi but usually found in produce department.
  23. Pen

    New veggies

    This thread is making me crave vegetables!!! I keep thinking , oh, that sounds good! I wish I had okra. I wish I had cauliflower to pan fry!
  24. I think combo idea is a reasonable approach. Meds (and they may be better now than when I started the journey) could help control symptoms while other approaches simultaneously may help strengthen and repair myelin sheath and normalize the immune system. As well as to help avoid things both from foods and surroundings that may cause immune system to attack own cells. One thing I liked about the film Betrayal docuseries was seeing a bunch of different approaches discussed, one after the other and realizing that there is Not a one size fits all answer. For example, One person may do really well becoming vegan , while another does really well giving up being vegan and eating meats and fats. Large numbers (and I am one) of people with autoimmunity have been helped by going 100% (not 99.9%, 100%) gluten free—but for me and many others, just gluten free alone isn’t enough , I have to avoid other trigger foods too. The best days imo were around the middle of the 7 day series, but this might link to Episode 1?
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