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  1. Praying for you and your family, Medicmom!! Anne
  2. I would totally leash a runner like that, especially since you also have a 19 mo. Anne
  3. Absolutely! I love old, light mysteries. Patricia Wentworth, Agatha Christie, Dorothy Gilman, and Ellis Peters are some of my favorites. Anne
  4. Would Special Olympic type groups be a good fit for her? Maybe that community would be more accepting of her differences? Please forgive me if this is a bad suggestion.
  5. Oh Melissa, continuing to pray for your family, your home, and those around you. Praying for cooler temps and some unexpected rain. Anne
  6. Relieved to hear that all of your loved ones are safe - continuing to pray for you and your family, and for your home.
  7. I took up the cello in my early 50s, with no previous stringed instrument experience. Definitely one of the most challenging and humbling things I’ve ever tried to do and I improve verrrrrry slowly - but it is so rewarding... Anne
  8. As a grandparent, I’ll tell you what I’d appreciate in that scenario: In your mil’s shoes, I would have a list of ideas already that I would like to try/do with the grandkids, but I would also greatly appreciate a list of the things that your kids really love to do - b/c I might not know or might forget in the unaccustomed stress. Those kits you were talking about would be great from my perspective - I’d love doing those with my grandkids. Any favorite games or books your kids have that they would like to share with me would be fabulous. Also super helpful would be ideas for dealing with difficulties with the kids (when George is tired, he’s really grumpy - it’s best to _________. When Sue is upset, it’s best to _________). Anne
  9. Another option is boxed wine - you can get quite small boxes (3 cups?) very inexpensively, and they’ll stay fresh longer since you’re not going to drink them. Anne
  10. Our favorite fast salmon is this: sauté salmon pieces in pan - s & p. Remove from pan or push to the side. Pour Thai Sweet Chili Sauce into pan and cook for a minute or two to thicken. Pour over salmon and eat. So yummy! Anne
  11. So thankful he went in and got checked out - hope this is is the beginning of a journey to health for your dh! Praying for you both! Anne
  12. So happy to see you here, Kinsa!! Sorry to hear things have been hard - glad you can keep your eyes on the Lord! Anne
  13. Praying for your dh, and for your peace of mind! Anne
  14. Anne


    You have been in my thoughts and prayers... Anne
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