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  1. Praying for your mom as I head to bed. I have frail parents who have been falling frequently... Anne
  2. Makes perfect sense to me. You definitely have to get as much out of the house as possible for staging/presentation/sale purposes - but you certainly don’t need to get rid of things if you know you’re going to want them! Anne
  3. I’m so sorry!! I’m praying for you and sending hugs.... Anne
  4. Could you get some of the masks that are designed for use with hearing impaired people - they’re clear so that most of the face can be seen. You are handling a difficult situation with grace and creativity! Anne
  5. Praying for your son and for you and for your family. Anne
  6. When we recently had some remodeling work, I asked for references from the contractor. And I called them. I would ask for references and check them. If the references check out, I’d go ahead and hire him. I paid my contractors by check. Anne
  7. If your parents are resistant to your concerns about the risks involved in co-signing, would they be willing to sit down with an attorney/CPA kind of person? I know my parents will always listen to an “expert” before they’ll listen to me... 🙄 I completely salute your parents’ commitment to help people around them - but there are much less risky ways to do it as other posters have said. Anne
  8. I don't personally know any men who speak or behave this way. If they do *think* this way, they hide it well. I'm in my early 60's and I can say that there has been a significant improvement in my lifetime in the kinds of disgusting misogynistic remarks that get made in public. Still a long ways to go, for sure, but I think this kind of speech is much less culturally acceptable than it was 40 years ago. There will always be sick people out there that say and do disgusting, evil things, and I also think that the anonymity of online commenting encourages people to say things they would
  9. I would totally do it. Day hikes in reasonably well traveled areas are pretty safe. Camping in a relatively busy campground is pretty safe. I might get myself an air horn and some bug spray to make myself feel as if I was prepared in case of the weirdo in the night scenario, but I wouldn’t really anticipate needing it. There’s obviously some risk....but there’s risk in crossing the street, so... I hope you do it and your time away is peaceful and restorative!
  10. underneath the sink in the kitchen with cleaning supplies.
  11. My daughter is teaching virtually in a public school, and getting students to DO their work has been a huge challenge. So many of her kids are having trouble with the material and the lessons BUT they refuse to come to her office hours or ask for any kind of help. Many of her parents seem to be unable to get their children to do either of those things. I can see how a mandatory check-in time would make a lot of sense for a lot of kids. Anne
  12. Brag away (although I really don’t think this is bragging!!) I’m sure I’m not alone in enjoying good news! We are rejoicing with you!! Anne
  13. I’ve been following this with great interest as I also have a billion photos waiting for something to happen to them.... Which photo book companies do you like? Anne
  14. I'm so sorry, Scarlett.... Anne
  15. oh Scarlett, that's horrible. I'm so very sorry - I'm praying for relief and help for your friend. If I lived closer, I'd do somehting tangible. Anne
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