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  1. For those who are thinking about what it might look like after your children become adults, here’s an idea: When my siblings and I (And our children...and our grandchildren!!). visit my parents at holidays (once a year), my parents rent a motor home (occasionally two) for the week to expand the bedroom/bathroom options. Not cheap, of course, but far cheaper than maintaining a bigger home just for the few times that their children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren descend upon them. Anne
  2. I’ve never done it, and what you’re describing doesn’t sound like fun to me, but that’s really irrelevant. It sounds to me as if you and your dh are on the same page, so if you can find the right property, why shouldn’t you do it? Go for it!! Anne
  3. Parent, you’ve received lots of different perspectives here - I have nothing to add! 🙂 Except my best wishes and prayers for a healthy and safe delivery and peace for you and your dh! Anne
  4. Another vote for You’re Doing Fine!! When your daughter brings up lack of science experiments/arts & crafts/anything else, assure her that next semester, after you’re done with your classes, those things will appear. If helpful, you could give her a couple of homeschool catalogs and ask her to circle some things she might find interesting so that she can see that you really are going to take some action - just not right this minute. Anne
  5. Cat, thankfully he is housebroken! Anne
  6. How long have you been working on the crate training? I’m glad to hear that it’s beginning to pay off! Anne
  7. I’m pretty sure that we’re adopting a new dog in the next few days. He’s 3-1/2 and has never been taught anything, but seems to have a really nice disposition. He’s a small dog (15#) and I’ve never had a small dog before! It’s also been many years since I did any training. My questions: is it possible to crate train an older dog? I have two young grandchildren whom I will need to protect this little dog from! 🙂 Recommendations for books/videos on training? I definitely need some refresher!! Food - this dog has been fed way too much people food! Any recommendations for
  8. Whoa - that would be fabulous - I will pray for your dh!! Anne
  9. Congratulations, Scarlet! I too pray that this will be the beginning of a new and improved relationship with your dss! Anne
  10. I'm going to have to get on an airplane in a few weeks. I'm thinking about a face mask plus the shield. Maybe the longo bandana style mask that someone recommended above plus a shield. Any thoughts on that? Anne
  11. My iPhone died - I think it’s completely kaput. I will take it to the apple store, but on the assumption that I’m going to need to replace it, I’m looking for recommendations. I mostly use my phone for the standard things: phone calls(!), texting, social media, and taking pictures. It’s that last one that has me eyeing the newest phones - are the new cameras in the iPhone 11 models worth the money??? Help! Anne
  12. The idea of outdoor tents is great - until it starts snowing and temperatures drop! Then that’s not going to work. I’m totally torn here - I don’t see how it’s going to work to open F2F for all the good reasons listed above, but I also have deep reservations over how well online education is going to work, particularly for young children and for children in difficult/impovershed/etc. circumstances. Who’s going to supervise those kids? Help them understand? Etc.? It’s all such a mess!! Anne
  13. Just seeing this now - I’m praying for you! And I agree with the others - say no to the shower without guilt and move on... Anne
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