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  1. I really like zoodles, but haven’t tried any other spiralized veggie. My dh will eat them happily, but I don’t advertise them as a pasta substitute, because really, they’re just not. But they’re delicious in their own right. Anne
  2. In addition to the good points raised above, I think the issue of home environment is another important point. We have more single parent families, more families where the children are going back and forth between houses, more technology babysitters, more families where the parents are completely stressed out, and all of this contributes to many students just not getting the foundation and/or support they need. If even half of the stories I hear from my teacher friends about their students’ parents are true, our society is in a very sad state. Anne
  3. If it were me and I had no idea, I would go to the library and take out some travel books, Fodor and the like, on different regions that appealed to me. Then my dh and I could thumb through these until we settled on something. Don’t know what to say about a cruise like Carnival because that has never appealed to us. Happy Dreaming!!
  4. I definitely think you should get an electrician in to see what’s actually going on!! Anne
  5. My friend’s dh took off the first 3-5 days after the baby arrived, and then took off every Friday for a few weeks. She loved it! Anne
  6. Oh Wendy, I am so very sorry. hugs and prayers for you and your mom. Anne
  7. My kids sometime spend money in ways I disapprove of. Whatever. They’re self-supporting adults. They’re married and those decisions are between them and their spouses, not me. Anne
  8. I had chicken pox as a child. I am generally vax-reluctant, but will definitely get the shingles vaccine. Anne
  9. Oh, I’m so sorry - praying for your daughter and you...
  10. *I* would be hopping mad! That’s a total bait and switch, and dishonest to boot! I would probably write to all judges and sponsors and newspapers, and it would absolutely be the end of our family’s participation in that competition. That’s just terrible. Anne
  11. Old letters: if i haven’t looked at them in years, I’d toss them. School Projects: Take pictures of them and toss. If there is one or two that is really special, I might save that. Toys: I saved the best toys: legos, a few puzzles, blocks, Am. Girl dolls, and a few others. My grandchildren are enjoying them now and that makes me very happy. Anne
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