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  1. I would be annoyed. Our trash cans live in our garage (because Bears...) and having someone's dog poop in there for a week would be super stinky! Anne
  2. My dad is 90, and he and my mom don’t see that many people anyway, but he continues to have a friend come to his house to play cards every week, and he does his own shopping and so forth. He says he doesn’t know how many months he has left to live, but he’s not spending them in fear and isolation. My brother is incensed over my dad’s “reckless behavior” - I don’t see it as reckless at all - it seems reasonable to me. Anne
  3. I heard Clark Howard talk about this today. Apparently several days ago, “they” were saying people could keep stimulus money issued to the deceased, but that has now changed and it will need to be refunded. Procedures are being written about you do that... He said he was going to post the instruction on his website as soon as they were available. Anne
  4. My dad always cooked on non-enameled cast iron (lots of bacon, sausage, and full-fat everything!). He hand washed those pans and took care of them as you are supposed to for 60 years or more. Now that he’s in his 90s, he puts them in the dishwasher!! And they are still holding their finish which is amazing - he says he’s reaping the benefit of all those years of seasoning! 🙂 Anne
  5. my dad is over 90 and he definitely has a jaundiced view of the shutdowns - he doesn't frequent very many crowded places anyway, but he is still going to the grocery store (definitely no mask) and having friends over to throw horseshoes and play cribbage. He says he has no idea how many months of life he has left, but he's not spending them in fear and isolation. I'm guessing he's not the only senior citizen that feels this way. Anne
  6. But once it’s ready as described above, is that when you decant it from the scone and flavor the kombucha? What do you do with the scoby to start the next round of kombucha? I’m so confused....Thanks for any help! Anne
  7. Oh my goodness, Dawn - what a huge undertaking - I'm adding you to my prayer list! Anne
  8. Any green vegetable plus a salad would be my choice. Anne
  9. I’m in - I think I have your address from the Christmas Card exchange. Anne
  10. I do not think knobs would look too busy at all with exposed hinges - as long as they coordinate/match the hinges. If you want knobs, then go for it! 🙂 Anne
  11. As someone with arthritis in my hands, I much prefer handles to knobs. The strength and flexibility of my fingers varies from day to day, so anything requiring individual finger motions or a hand-pinching motion is something I try to avoid. Anne
  12. Thanks for the update, Beth - I’m praying for good progress for you!! Anne
  13. So sorry, Margaret - that’s so hard! Anne
  14. My dd has Crohn's. She has seen a number of gastroenterologists. If you live near Seattle, pm me for the name of her doc there - he's great! As several others have implied, the medical thinking these days is to use a good biologic medicine to prevent serious damage to the internal organs. She has been encouraged to try the FODMAP diet and the SCAD diets, but they emphasized that diet should be really secondary to the meds. This was not what I wanted to hear - we are fairly "crunchy" and I really hoped she could at least start with dietary/natural approaches - but whatever they said convinced me that would not be the best way to go. My dd's case is apparently pretty severe. Ulcerative Colitis is MUCH different than Crohn's - many people lump them together but they are very different. Best of luck as you persue this! Anne
  15. Praying for you and your family, Medicmom!! Anne
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