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  1. That sounds fabulous, Scarlett - Congrats!! Anne
  2. I love my aeropress, but I’m intrigued with Bill’s suggestion......
  3. All the different ways to do things are so interesting! First names all the way here - my parents each called their in-laws by their first names and that set the pattern right down to my childrens’ spouses. I do know people who call their in-laws mom & dad, although I must say that always seems weird to me - and I’m glad my children don’t call their in-laws mom & dad! Anne
  4. I’m in the “drop them back off at the barn” camp - they will adjust! I’m also in the “pick up the mamas and get them spayed - don’t ask for permission first” camp! Anne
  5. Great suggestions upthread. My only contribution is Good headphones and good music on your phone/device - really helps me kind of zone out. Anne
  6. Which glacier boat trip are you doing? The Kenai Fjords tours leave out of Seward, so not quite as far from Anchorage as Kenai. There are not many drives as spectacular as the drive from Anchorage to Seward.... But doing that tour will take you every bit of your day & a half. There's a zipline tour based out of Talkeetna which I have never done but which might appeal to your teens. Will you be in Anchorage for those extra days? Anne
  7. My parents are 83 and 89. Still live in their own home with no care other than a biweekly cleaner. Still driving.... My grandfathers died without ever going into any kind of care, one grandmother died at home and the other was in a nursing home beginning in her mid-80s. Anne
  8. ITA about the benefit of paid off college debt!!! That is huge!! I also agree that the best gift you can give your kids now is being as prepared as possible for your own retirement. If there happens to be anything left for your kids after you pass, great, but that's not the most important thing at all.
  9. My dad is turning 90 this year and my siblings and I are hosting a party for him. We have a number of out of state relatives whom we don't want to leave out, but whom we also don't want to make feel that they must attend. I'm trying to decide how to handle this and looking for ideas! Thanks for any suggestions you have! Anne
  10. This. Work ethic. That was the thing I was interested in - earning potential didn't cross my mind, but someone who worked hard and wanted to be good at whatever he did - that was important. Anne
  11. The drive from Anchorage to Girdwood is spectacular. I would be inclined to skip Anchorage and just head south in the morning. Drive to Girdwood, taking your time. Drive in to the ski resort - take a tram ride up the mountain if it’s nice - eat lunch at the Bake Shop. Continue on down the road. Drive into Seward, go to the Sealife Center, walk along the docks. Visit Exit Glacier which is outside of Seward. Eat dinner in Seward if you want good seafood. Continue on to Nikiski. Do try and make it to Homer while you’re there - it’s about a two hour drive past Nikiski. It’s a beautiful little town. Be aware that you may run into road delays due to smoke/fire service vehicles on the road. Make sure you have plenty of water and snacks and don’t drive without a full tank of gas. Road delays have been decreasing but a change in the wind could change that. There are no alternate routes for highway driving in Alaska! Hope your visit here is fantastic! Anne
  12. My parents live there - housing is EXPENSIVE!!! Make sure she understands exactly how much it will cost her before she moves! A friend of mine who is in HR says her firm is reluctant to hire people from out of state b/c the housing costs and commute times are so horrendous and people from most out of state locations just aren’t prepared for it. Anne
  13. We use the bathroom for all of its intended purposes! We rarely camp with full hookups so it all goes into the tank. That said, during the day if we’re camped in a place with clean outhouses, we generally use the outhouse during the day. Dumping - we generally camp every couple of weeks in the summer so we don’t dump until the tank is relatively full. If it’s going to be longer than a couple of weeks before we take the trailer out again, we dump the tanks no matter full they are. Anne
  14. I really think that it's both - we each need to allow the other to express our emotions without taking them personally - but I also think there's a huge difference between sharing my emotional feelings (which is part of being in a mutually supportive marriage), and attacking my husband or accusing him of all sorts of things just b/c I'm upset. Anne
  15. Hurray, Hurray!!! So happy for you!!
  16. Good for you for making a decision for you - at the end of the day, the only person we can control is us!! Anne
  17. If the 17yo wants to do something that everyone else would hate, save that for a senior trip with Mom/Dad. I agree with Dawn - find a place where there's a variety of things to do. Also, enlist the rest of the family in planning. Everybody list 3 things they'd like, in order. See where (if?) there's any overlap. If they have some ownership they will (hopefully!) be more invested and less likely to complain. Anne
  18. In your daughter's situation, I would make a list of the things they actually *need* and then add some *wants* and go from there. All of the people who might purchase items on your daughter's registry are presumably familiar with her circumstances and take that into account as they choose. All that to say, figure out what your kids need and put that on the registry - they're very individual! Here's a couple of lists I found online that might be helpful:
  19. You would be highly unlikely to see northern lights between May and September, simply because it’s far too light outdoors. Best time for northern lights is January and February - of course, that’s also when it’s coldest! 🙂 Prudhoe Bay - I wouldn’t characterize PB as much of a tourist destination unless you’re fascinated by the oil industry. Most Alaskans have never been there, unless they work there. Anne
  20. Oh my. That’s terrible. No advice - Canada is tough! I hope someone has some hope for your employee!! Anne
  21. And rightly so - but I thought there was one that wasn't connected with anyone's particular situation that just offered some of the best advice in a general way. Maybe I'm just dreaming - totally possible!!! :-)
  22. It seems to me that there was a thread awhile back with general and generic advice for women who find themselves facing a possible divorce. I would like to share that advice with a friend of mine. Can anyone direct me to that thread or share that info with me? TIA, Anne
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