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  1. I found that I could initiate difficult discussions with the phrase, "When the time comes...." and then discuss potential problems that you see now, but they may not see at all. "I know you're not needing this now, mom, but when the time comes, how do you want to clean out the house if you can't walk and need a wheelchair..." "When the time comes, I won't be able to provide financial support for you, so what are you think about doing?" and so on. I'm sorry. This is hard, but as a PP said, you can't make them do anything right now. They get to choose how they live right now.
  2. Kodiak has responded: "Foolish Human, you have been chosen. It is a great honor to have a Blessed One sit on your head. Your sleep is unimportant; the comfort of the Blessed One is all. Change your wicked ways or you will be shunned."
  3. Denzel Washington and most of the cast of St. Elsewhere. Bruce Jenner
  4. Montgomery Ward catalog department at 16 was first "real" job. My first paying job was delivering handbills door to door in jr. high. I got $5.00 for half a day, or $10.00 for a full day. They picked us up and paid us cash from a van in the jr. high parking lot. It probably looked real suspicious, in hindsight. A parent reported it, and shut it down.
  5. Thanks for posting this. I'm happy. 😃 Makes me think of the Monty Python Brontosaurus theory by Anne Elk. (you'll have to google it) Anybody know the status of Pluto? I'm not sure if poor Pluto was reinstated or not.
  6. Me! Dd16 starts dual enrollment in the fall, so I'm basically done homeschooling. I'll finish up her homeschool transcript when she's done with high school, but as far as teaching, planning, shopping for all the cool curriculum goes, I'm done. It is a big transition for both of us, but we both feel ready and satisfied. Dd did really well on her ACT, so that was a nice confidence booster for her, and a pat on the back for me. I know test scores aren't everything, but this one was encouraging to us. The extra time together during the lockdown has been very special, since I know she won't be around as much in the fall. Overall, homeschooling this kid has been one of the great joys of my life. Congratulations to you, Zebra, and all the other retirees! Great job!
  7. I would report it. My dh is a mail carrier, and that behavior is really strange and unprofessional. It's very hard for the Postal Service to get rid of bad employees, but if enough reports come in, it will build a case. If he's a good worker overall, and it was a one-time thing, they won't punish him for it. They'll just talk and get his side of the story.
  8. Eastern Washington State or North Idaho has all of those. We're in the Pacific Northwest but east of the Cascades, so we don't get the gray days and rain like coastal cities. Four seasons, sunshine, lots of mountains, lakes, beauty, and Costcos.
  9. I would not go, and I'd accept the party-pooper accusation. There are so many stories about "just one little party/choir practice/church meeting"... being the source of an outbreak. Not worth the chance, especially if MIL is older. Sounds like they know they are going against the guidelines, so it's not like you're being the bad guys. Just say you're going to stick with the state/health department guidelines, and you'll find another way to make it special for MIL. You have to decide what you're going to do, then stick with it. I would not want my in-laws to pressure me to do something against my conscience or better judgement. I've had to decline a few invitations, and I just say I'm not comfortable being in groups yet. Good luck. This is hard. I would just say "sorry, can't make it if it's inside..." and keep repeating even if they pressure.
  10. I agree. All monolith threads should have mandatory photos - fake ones are allowed. Bonus points for Putin, and extra-bonus points for dress-girls. You could blur their faces for their privacy. And Quill, I think you must find a way to get the Moai picture. You're smart and creative...maybe google earth? Thanks for the update! It made my week! and maybe my month...
  11. He might like "Churchill's Secret Agents." It's billed as a type of reality show, but it has none of the silly drama that most reality shows have. It's more history and information presented with an interesting premise: How will average, modern-day people do when enrolled in the British secret agent/spy school training that was used during WW2? My family enjoyed it, and there's enough suspense and secret agent info to keep it very interesting. It's on Netflix.
  12. Yellowstone National Park has made it possible to get a Junior Ranger patch online. It’s mostly for kids, so I shared the link with my grandkids. Then I read that a 104 year old woman got her patch, and adults can be junior rangers, too. So I’m working on that myself!
  13. I've been watching Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals and the National Theater, too. I've watched all three ALW productions: Joseph, JC Superstar, and Phantom. It's the first time I've ever seen phantom, after hearing about it for decades. I also really liked Jane Eyre at the National. It's a dream come true for me to see all these great productions. I enjoy knowing that people all over the world are watching with me, but occasionally I get overwhelmed with a sense of sorrow over the circumstances that have brought us all together. I agree, CityMouse, it gives me something to look forward to each weekend. It helps mark the days and weeks. Take care, Joann
  14. This is my favorite composer/musician. His music is so calming and beautiful.
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