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  1. I'll try to watch it too, and we can discuss it!
  2. This is the 2nd part of the other video you liked so much. I've only watched the first few minutes, but it looks pretty good. Let me know if you watch it, and what you think of it.
  3. Tiberia


    Parental Guidance is one of our favorites. It's a family comedy for all ages.
  4. It was a great relief for me to discover that there is a whole different historical stream of Christianity that believes what you do, and what I'm moving towards. It is more along the lines of Eastern Orthodox beliefs (even though there are areas of Orthodox that don't interest me at all, so I'm not in the Orthodox group) Much of the Orthodox theology is older and, I believe, more theologically sound than the legal/ judgement theology that came from Luther and Calvin. I now tend to view Christianity as a hospital for hurting people instead of a courtroom for guilty people. I really don't consider myself a heretic (although people in the more evangelical strain might), but more of a believer in the older stream of Christianity. There's plenty in the Bible to back up my new beliefs, in case I get into a discussion with an evangelical who is firm about hell or the bible. I don't mean to bad-mouth evangelicals. I know many, and they are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. That is just the place I came out of, and it was toxic and frustrating for me. Tell me more about your story, KT, and anyone else who will share...
  5. Here' my journey (still in progress...): So, I come from an evangelical "make-sure-you-get-people-to-say-the-magic-phrase-or-they'll-burn-in-hell, lots of behavior modification, guilt trips about hidden sin but no real solutions, don't admit doubts and do put on a fake smile, don't smoke or drink or be gay because those are signs you're really bad, but if you're a White Male Evangelist with a TV show and you commit adultery then you're compared to King David and can reboot a few years later" kind of background. There have been some great people I've met along the way, and I don't want to mock them, but some of the beliefs I grew up with now seem just silly. If the True God is wanting us to be like this, then he's really not worth seeking, and I'm doomed anyway. I don't blame people at all for leaving "the church." In fact, I commend them for their integrity. My church world imploded about 15 years ago, and I've been in a deconstruction/ reconstruction process since then. Here are some changes in my beliefs (note: these are my evolving beliefs and I don't expect anyone/everyone to agree with them all, but I feel like this is a safe group to share): 1. Doubts and questions are good and can lead to freedom. And God can certainly handle the doubts and questions. God is not looking for certainty, but for honesty. 2. Jesus is God's final Word (message, meaning, plan), NOT the bible. Jesus contradicts the Old Testament in word and deed (..."you have heard it said, 'an eye for an eye...', but I say to you..."). He's contradicting the Bible. Not every word of the Bible has equal weight or application. I think the OT and some of the epistles are a reflection of the culture of the time, and man's attempt to seek God and then make him in their own image, hence the OT God of war, killing, slaughter. When I have to choose what god looks like, I choose Jesus. 3. I don't think God killed Jesus to punish our sins (called Penal Substitution theory of Atonement). I think we killed Jesus and Jesus forgave us, thus demonstrating and proving that love and forgiveness are the power God uses, not revenge and punishment (Christus Victor theory of Atonement). 4. I don't believe in a hell of eternal conscious torment for those who haven't said the magic phrase "inviting Jesus into their hearts." I don't think that only about 2% of people are going to be "saved" and the rest are out of luck because they were born in the wrong time or place. I believe that Jesus reconciles all humanity to God, and that it was man who rejected God, not God who rejected man. 5. I'm more and more convinced that love (and not judgement) is God's weapon of choice, so this means I get to love those who think I'm a heretic or think I'm lost. I try to realize everyone is on a journey and they don't need me to tell them what to believe. But, I can love them along the way as best I can. I'll add more as I think of it. Please share your journey with us...
  6. J-rap, do you go to Greg Boyd's church? We have watched his sermons online for years! We love his message of love and focus on Jesus as the Word of God, and his messages have helped us navigate our deconstruction and reconstruction of faith. I'm so glad you found a place you love.
  7. I have listened to the liturgists a little bit. Sometimes I find that they're helpful. Other times I feel that they are too far out for me, and I'm not ready/in agreement with their ideas. I think it's great that they have such a free and honest exchange of ideas from many different perspectives, and that they welcome and attract atheists and others because nothing is taboo. I appreciate that. Sometimes, they are just too much for me and I feel too conflicted and confused when listening. I like them in small doses. People like Brad Jersak and Steve Crosby usually leave me feeling more peace and clarity and truth. I feel like I'm near the end of my deconstruction, and am starting the reconstruction of my faith. I was wondering if the liturgists would come up here. I'm glad someone else listens to them and we can talk about them. Much of my religious circle would dismiss them as satanic heretics and not actually listen to the pain and wisdom and searching they express.
  8. Thank you for the picture of Chip the lawn goose. But my heart still belongs to the monolith...
  9. I'm a fan of Greg Boyd too, and he helped start me on my journey away from legalism and a Zeus-like god to finding a god who looks and acts like Jesus. (I'm not saying everyone who isn't on this same journey is legalistic or has a harsh god, I'm just saying I was legalistic and thought god was more like Zeus than Jesus. I want to be careful not to be judgmental as I walk out my journey, but I welcome a place where I can express my discoveries and doubts as I travel. ) I'd also recommend: Love Wins, by Rob Bell Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God, by Brian Zahnd A More Christlike God, A More Beautiful Gospel, by Brad Jersak I'd also recommend a youtube program called Life in the New Covenant - Jesus: The Exact Representation of God, by Stephen Crosby.
  10. Need picture. It's cruel to give us such an update without a picture. But, still, thanks for the update. I wonder if the ladder got stolen, or if its absence signals some sort of completion. Or if it was just waiting to get the hat up there...
  11. We need seasonal pictures. Or a picture anytime something changes. Pretend to take a selfie or pretend to be talking on your phone and snap a few. Start going for regular walks around the area. I want to see the pumpkin. And now I'm curious about what will appear for the future holidays/seasons.
  12. It sounds like your major concern is the backlash from your mom. I would work on practicing how to tell her you can't help anymore, and practice responding to her objections without giving excuses that she can pick apart. Don't try to respond to her specific objections, just repeat a clear phrase over and over until she gets it: "This doesn't work for our family anymore." Make sure you stick to your decision, if you decide to quit, and don't let her bully you into staying.
  13. It's been ten years since I had unilateral, no reconstruction. I wear a prosthesis and it has worked well. I didn't want to deal with any more surgeries, so I opted for no reconstruction. I'm happy with the decision for the most part, but there are times when I wish I would have had both breasts removed so I don't have to worry about the other one (I've had a few scares and MRIs with the remaining side). It's really your call, but I have been very comfortable with my choice. Everyone is different, but for me, losing a breast was not that big of a deal, other than the initial shock and processing of the options (which is where you are now). I'm active and do sports, and have found suitable mastectomy bras and prostheses. I wish you all the best with whatever you choose.
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