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  1. My husband is a mail carrier; he doesn't know what's in most packages, and he doesn't judge. He appreciates the work. Order away!
  2. Cute. I tried to add a puppy, but I don't think it loaded right.
  3. 23730162-FAE8-4A3F-833A-A87BDBA0D086.heic
  4. Our schools are shut down, but the school district is sending free lunches to kids 0-18 years old via the school busses. No student ID required. They drive the usual bus route from 11am to 1 pm M-F and deliver sack lunches to the usual bus stops. I thought this was pretty cool! All restaurants are closed, except for take-out. One local guy on Facebook raises money every night to buy bulk from various restaurants and have the food sent to local shelters. The response has been outstanding so far. The local community theater will start streaming old productions tonight. Drive through testing opened today at our fairgrounds. I think you still need a doctor's order to get tested.
  5. I don't know if this is on your list, but I highly recommend getting a chair that has power assist to help him stand up. He may not need it now, but it won't be long before he needs it. We got one for my dad and for my fil, and they thought they didn't need it, but both ended up really needing it to just stand up.
  6. My dog ate 11 full-size Twix bars. My dog didn't die, and we kept finding shiny silver Twix wrappers in the yard, like little flags marking his droppings, for two weeks after that. All the best to you and your pooch!
  7. My family would not be happy with this plan. I would not be happy with this plan. Your friend is out of line when she says you're being ridiculous. I would just tell her no and not argue or explain much. Let her know what you can do, and leave it at that. She truly may not understand why you can't get away with her, but she shouldn't chastise you for putting your family over her.
  8. No problem. We've been saturated in ACT for the past two months, so I'm glad I can help.
  9. Also, you will have time to complete the questions later, before the test or after the test. The main thing to do today is to pay the money and get him registered.
  10. He doesn't have to. My daughter took the test on Feb 8 and we got her results yesterday. All the questions do is tell her what majors she may be interested in, based on her answers. Has nothing to do with the test or her results.
  11. Have a wonderful time! Thanks for the pictures!
  12. Oh I'm so sorry. Take some time to be a puddle, before you regroup and figure out what to do. Praying for you and your family.
  13. very fun. I like the zebrafish one also. They were all interesting.
  14. I was having frequent recurring infections, non-strep. Eventually they took out my tonsils at age 45. Surgeon showed them to me afterwards and said they should have come out years/ decades ago. They were full of infection, and just "overflowed" every few weeks, making me sick. Even though a tonsillectomy may seem drastic, it may be the best and quickest solution. Sorry. I know it's stressful. I hope you find a solution that works.
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