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  1. I would offer to pick something up from their favorite restaurant and bring it to them. They can still host by providing the dessert and place to eat. But I would take any suggestions or preferences they may have.
  2. You should let Outschool know, because it's harming their reputation and they should decide what action to take with her. I would also let her know you are unhappy. You are buying a service for your child; she is there to work for you. You are not there to work for her. If she gets defensive, she doesn't understand the dynamics of her job. It's too bad she's going through health issues, and it's ok to have sympathy and understanding as a fellow human being. But, that's really not your role in her life. I hope you will be able to find another great class for your kiddo.
  3. I got my 2nd Moderna shot yesterday morning. Last night I had bad chills and body aches, and I woke up with fever and body aches. I feel pretty good now, so the worst time for me was between 12 and 24 hours after the shot.
  4. I'm so sorry. May you find comfort knowing she's at peace.
  5. Fine! We'll just go to Quill's wedding instead! Hrumph! After all I've done for you....
  6. Ok, I'll give you $40 and bring the turkey legs myself. Final offer, or we're not coming!
  7. Thanks for the invite. Yes, dh and I will be there. Would your dd mind awfully much if we also renew our vows during her wedding? As long as you're paying for all the food, decor, and facilities, and have a preacher and photographer booked, it wouldn't be much of an inconvenience to add five minutes at the end, right? We'd also pitch in a $20 to help cover some of the cost. Thanks ever so much!
  8. So true! ...and, if they happen to have turkey legs for appetizers (which I highly recommend), the Renaissance/Country merge will be complete!
  9. Nothing says Country Casual to me more than #3: blood-red velvet Renaissance cloak lined with black silk. I don't think you can go wrong with that one, no matter what dress you choose.
  10. You have a milkman? I haven't had a milkman since I was a kid in the 60's. Wait... what year are you in?
  11. This is what I do as a job (in-home senior care). I work for an agency that charges $35 per hour, and the caregiver (me) gets about half of that. We are licensed and insured, and I had to go through training (low level). The benefit of an agency is that if you don't like a caregiver, you can ask for another one. And, if the caregiver can't come for some reason, the agency would send a substitute. If you have a problem with a caregiver, you take it up with the agency. Alternately, you could hire a private, non-licensed caregiver for less money. Search the internet for people, and you could find
  12. I feel like it's the first step in a long line that will eventually lead to some relief. I'm glad I can do my small part to help. I work with an elderly woman who is very compromised, and she is thrilled that I got the vaccine. I think it has only 50% efficacy after the first shot, and 94% two weeks after the 2nd shot, so it's not fool-proof, but it's a start. It gives me hope that we can start to see things change in the next few months. I am cautiously optimistic. I have friends who absolutely will not get the vaccine, and that's their right; but if enough of us get it, we will make an impac
  13. I got my first shot of the Moderna vaccine yesterday morning in a drive through clinic for first responders and elder care workers. No side effects other than a sore arm. I was impressed with the drive through system: they scheduled one person per minute and ran us through swiftly and efficiently, including a wait time for potential allergic reactions. It was put on by the local EMS group, and was free for qualified people. They’re vaxxing hundreds of people per day, and we never had to leave our cars. Brilliant! They perfected this system from the drive through COVID testing early on
  14. I have a different brand of weight/workout machine. I think it's Body Solid. Got it on craigslist a few years ago. I love it, especially in this season of closed gyms and bad weather. I also just bought an at-home spin bike (cheaper than peloton/no subscription). I like that too, so far. Sorry you're not getting any responses to your original query. Good luck!
  15. I'm very sorry. Take care of yourself as best you can in the next few weeks.
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