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  1. Dh is a mailman, I'm a caregiver, and dd16 works at an assisted living place. We all wear masks at work. We all wash our hands a lot. We haven't isolated from each other. Masks and hand washing have been enough, but we have not been around any known Covid cases at work.
  2. My dad used to make a couple dishes that we ate as bedtime snacks. They both seem kind of weird now! Milk Toast: Make toast, pull it into pieces, place in a bowl. Pour warm milk over it and eat with a spoon, like cereal. I googled this, and there are recipes for it that add sugar, cinnamon, or honey. Dad must have been a purist: just milk and toast. Dried Beef on Toast (I'm sensing a pattern here): Make toast, pull it into pieces, place in a bowl. Take dried beef (very thin-sliced beef in can or package) and pull into pieces, place on toast. Pour flour-thickened warm milk over it an
  3. Carol from IL was my favorite troll EVER! Wasn't she the one who was asking our opinions on whether she should trade in her van for a golf cart so she could drive her kids around with less expense and no insurance? And her neighbor hired her to clean her house wearing a French maid outfit? Who would have thought she'd be remembered so fondly! She and her pastor would have a heyday with COVID and masks. Thanks for the stroll down Memory Lane, Quill! And now I am craving cupcakes.
  4. I'm sorry. Praying for you and your family and students.
  5. I'm so sorry. I understand the pain and the relief; I just went through it with my dad. My thoughts are with you.
  6. I wouldn't let your dd know your suspicions; you might be wrong about motives. I try to take what people say at face value, even if I suspect darker motives (but I try not to get burned twice ☹️) I would cheerfully go along with the friend's narrative, say it's a bummer the cats chewed the old one, thank her for the new one, and schedule a time to go get the CD's. If she says 'gosh sorry the cd's are chewed up too', I'd cheerfully send her another amazon link and thank her for being such a responsible young adult and owning up to her obligations. So far, she has done the right thing. Keep
  7. Eminem - Lose Yourself (I do the clean version) This is my 'get moving' song for cleaning and working out.
  8. I've had many. They will numb the area, and it may hurt a little, but the thought of it is worse than the actual procedure. It will probably be done in the Dr's office, very low key, and doesn't take a long time. If they get fluid, they can drain the cyst or cysts and they'll send it off for evaluation. They may be able to drain the whole thing, and the lump will be gone. I would do it now to give her relief and to set your minds at ease. It is a scary thing for a young woman, but it's really not that painful. Sorry she's having to deal with this. Even though it's not that bad, I always found
  9. Go to the built-in health app on the phone.it tells your steps . The watch counts steps, exercise, standing, etc. it’s one of my favorite features: Plus, I wear it when I swim and it times and counts laps and even detects stroke types for each lap. Then it spits the water out of itself with sound waves when I’m done- how cool is that! I’m surprised at how much I like the watch, and I don’t really use it for calls and texts; mostly for time and physical activity tracking, and heart rate and as a timer. if you like gadgets, I think you’ll like it!
  10. I just got an Apple Watch 3. I'm no expert, but I think you have to pay a small monthly fee at T-Mobile for the watch to receive calls independently from your phone. I'm not sure if the watch would require its own number or not. Look on their website and it should be clear, or call them. I got the gps only, so that means it has to be close to the phone. I really like the watch so far, but I like gadgets😁
  11. I would find a $$ number that you are able to give her for the wedding, and let her do all the planning, unless she asks for your help. I wouldn't try to itemize what everything might cost. Just find a number that you and DH can give, and let them know, when the topic comes up. As for the actual celebration, your dd and her fiancé will learn a lot about each other as they plan and negotiate.
  12. You make them today, eat half. Then make a new batch tomorrow and eat half. Then you'll have a whole batch and a bonafide science experiment. Report back with your results.
  13. And can we get a recent picture of the monolith? I miss it and want to know how it's doing.
  14. I would try steam to lift out what's causing the odor, and then spray Nature's Miracle to cover/get rid of the odor.
  15. How about shepherd's pie? Veggies and beef topped with cheesy mashed potatoes.
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