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  1. Think I’ll go with Bible and it’s Influence paired with the Great Course. Thanks everyone.
  2. I’m looking for a resource (great audio book/book/documentary/etc.) that will help introduce my teen to basic facts/story lines that everyone in our culture should know about the Bible and other important religious texts. We are non-religious, so he’s had no exposure to these things. He loves history though. What are some top-notch, well narrated, deep and interesting audio books ( or other) for a beginner with no religious background to understand the texts from a secular point of view but one that also explains the religious point of view of believers?
  3. We recently started WWS 1 (having never used the earlier series WEE). WWS seems to be pretty easy, but in a nice, get it done quick, type of way. DS is a natural writer but I feel like the main area of writing where he needs a little direction is in the organizational flow. I don’t think sticking with this series for three years is what he needs, so I’d like to compact it. Had anyone else used this series but in a compacted manner. Or any other ideas to really focus on writing organization? Thanks.
  4. Would someone please compare the Lukeion class, “Barbarian Diagramarian” to the grammar class/book Grammar Voyage. If you have completed through MCT Voyage level will Lukeion’s BD class be repetitive?
  5. We were in a similar position 6 months ago. DS had taken all the intro Aops classes, felt he wasn’t as strong in Geometry and considered WTMA. After some debating, and researching WTMA, we decided to sign up for Aops Geo anyway. The first few weeks were rough (after the intro/review weeks) and there was a steep learning curve- learning to write proofs. Then something clicked and I saw one of the biggest growth spurts in mathematical thinking I’ve seen in awhile. I didn’t think DS was strong in geometery, but I was wrong. He just hadn’t had enough exposure/experience/stretching. I’d say if your
  6. Time Left: 9 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Excellent condition. Price includes shipping cost. The MCT grammar series cannot be beat. We have loved this curriculum and the only reason I am not selling the full set is because my child doesn’t want to part with all the books. (Other books in the collection include Paragraph Town, Caesar’s English, Practise Town.)


  7. Time Left: 9 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Like new condidtion. An excellent addition to the Singapore method, challenging word problems should ntbeoverlooked. Price includes shipping cost.


  8. Time Left: 9 days and 3 hours

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    Excellent condidtion, no writing on pages. A great gentle introduction to pre-algebra. Price includes shipping costs.


  9. Time Left: 9 days and 3 hours

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    Like New condidtion. Hard Math for Elementary School workbook by Glenn Ellison. Price includes shipping cost.


  10. Time Left: 9 days and 3 hours

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    Like New condition book. Excellent middle school physics book. Asking $25 with included shipping.


  11. Regentrude- Thanks. I know discovery based isn’t really an option. I’m more thinking problem solving instead of plug and chug into a formula. More deep thinking problems. And maybe as this class advances it will get there, the first two chapters are always deceptively easy. But the pace of his videos is slow. So I’m a bit worried. The Brillante app looks fun. I know DS has played on it before, don’t know to what extent and I didn’t know they had physics stuff. Will look into it more. Heigh ho- Do you have experience with the CTY class?
  12. I feel like Aops has spoiled us, so that no other curriculum matches up. Everything else is a disappointment. With respect to Physics, how/where can we do algebra based physics with interesting/challenging problems? Or would it be better to just wait until we can do Calculus based (Which will be one more year)? DS has started Derek Owens (2 chapters in, so certainly not into the meat of the class yet), but it just feels like the videos he has to watch move so slow. Like we got the point hours ago, let’s move on. (DS has also never been a fan of Khan Academy for the same reason-the pace of some
  13. Thanks roadrunner. So it sounds like fewer problems overall (with no alcumus) but harder. If the writing problems really are easier than the geometry proofs then we should be good! ?
  14. Lewelma, do you happen to remember if there are still around 8-10 challenge problems or do they double that since there is no more alcumus? Is there still just a single writing problem every week? It more than one? I’m trying to figure out what they replace alcumus practice with. Thank you all!
  15. DS is finishing up the "dreaded" AOPS geometry book/online class. It isn't nearly as difficult as I had heard. (Other than the proof writing problems which seem to frustrate him every time. For some reason he does fine if it's a solve it style writing problem; but the proofs have definitely given him a headache.) Anyway, I am looking for feedback on the intermediate AoPS classes. With Alcumus disappearing, do the classes get harder? Do they just give a lot more challenge problems? Did you find Intermediate Algebra took a similar amount of time as Algebra B? I am trying to budget time/output
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