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  1. Hard pass. Nope. But then, I still believe in abstinence....
  2. An I the only one who thinks the age grouping is odd? Unless the 11 and 12 yo kids are younger siblings. In which case, a 14yo taking her 12yo sister is less weird. My guess? They see your 16yo as THE chaperone. Here’s the deal - no issue with teens at the mall. However, a mom would never have planned it as a supervised thing then bailed. That’s not cool.
  3. Yes, we pay for the executive membership ($110) and our last Costco check ( not counting Visa rebate) was about $300.
  4. All. The. Things. More specifically: Meat - boneless thighs and fish/seafood Produce - all but bagged salads make life easier and buying produce cheaper! Clothing - Puma socks, J’bu sandals, tennis shoes, wool blend socks Household - pans, electric blankets, sheets, and towels - both kitchen and bath. Catfood, dog beds, car oil Definitely tires and glasses and contacts! Life easier - Frozen berries and GF stuff - love Kevin’s! Maple syrup, uncured bacon, Tillamook cheese, Qunol CoQ10 & Curcumin, B12, allergy meds Dates Furnace filters if they have your size.
  5. Are you on Facebook? There is an amazing group there - Cabinet Painting & Refinishing DIY and Pro. You do not have to strip but you do need to sand. It needs two coats of primer and three of the paint. USE their recommendations!!! They have it down to an art form. I did mine. It was crazy intense. I’m sorry I did it because while my cabinets were a bit outdated (warm oak) they were high end and in fantastic condition. I love wood. I do not love paint. But do they look nice? Yes - we did two tone, White Dove on top and Urbane Bronze on bottom. They’re pretty and holding up better than expected for a crazy lady with eight kids still at home.
  6. Happy Monday! Oh wait... 😒 The washer broke. DH chipped the new mirror installing the light fixture. Friend arrives tonight (Hooray) and my bathroom (previously finished) has a needed major repair in progress so can’t be used. Basement bathroom is almost complete, except no sink hooked up. Plumber came today and DH told him he wants to do the basement sink himself. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why.... Dentist appointment for 6yo DD Run to Costco Nap Pick up friend from airport tonight then six wonderful days with her! ♥️ ... And the washer can be replaced, and the shower will be fixed by the end of the week better than new, and eventually the sink and vanity will be installed in the basement. It will be fine. (Repeat on loop.)
  7. Heart palpitations and breathlessness can both be brought on by low iron/low B12. It's the only idea I have but you'd know pretty quickly. A week on this: https://www.amazon.com/Ancient-Nutrition-Nutrients-Blood-Builder/dp/B07NH8BNVX would tell you if that's it. It has methylcobalamin, iron from a good source, and methylated folate.
  8. I feel a little bamboozled by this post, lol. I almost never look at recipe posts, but I couldn’t miss out on a monolith post. I’m really just here, scrolling mindlessly, until I see a picture of a dolled up goose.
  9. Quick question. My son in law decided he’d like to take classes at the local community college. He has never enrolled. So - is he independent? Parents filled with him as a dependent last year, but he married our daughter this June. They are financially independent so being considered a dependent would be unpleasant.
  10. Good morning! Cleaned up & Dressed Fake Coffee Paid a few bills Off to AHG Park morning Nap later - definitely a nap. I think our washer is dunfer---- :/
  11. And some of us, in a post vaccine world, still just have cr@p choices. No good solution and no good end game. I honestly think quality of life all around would be improved if we practiced “eyes on your own paper” a lot more.
  12. Concrete cracks. It’s what concrete does. It can be helped by being cut. It can be helped by proper preparation. It can be helped with rebar OR fiber mesh (but I know a lot of folks hate it.) I can see matching the stamp for any future prep work being a nightmare. We live in the land of frost heave. My dad told me I was nuts to do pavers for our patio. I did a LOT of research. I’m not sorry - - yet. But maybe someday. They went with concrete. It’s flaking but no cracks. My uncle and brother do concrete, they said it was a bad pour from the company. Shouldn’t flake. But, and here’s the deal, nothing’s perfect. The question is, what has the best chance of going twenty years nicely? Pavers or concrete answer that with stamped concrete being last. And if you don’t mind that and the upkeep (all things have some degree of upkeep) and the tradeoff is your preferred aesthetic? If the look of stamped concrete is much preferred over pavers, it might be worth the gamble? My uncle (the one who does concrete) did his patio stamped 6-7 years ago. I think we’ll see him this weekend. If we do, I’ll ask him how he likes it. If you have temperate weather (no torrential rainfall, no salting that area, no need to shovel there, no extreme temps) then your choice of stamped concrete is less risky.
  13. But does it? Hm. While I’ve heard others use the word frigging, I’ve not seen frig used. And if it was the g would be singular and only doubled when ‘ing’ was added. I caught a frog. I went frogging. An e behind a g marks the sound hard, like refrigerator. Alone it should be soft. But, I can understand abbreviation to a single g because folks want to not amaze the word as it was spelled in the original. But the Abigail should be Abi, not Abby or Abbie. (We have one.) English is a bizarre, complex, ever changing language.
  14. I have to agree with both of these posts. We have one severely inattentive ADHD. Body care is still really hit or miss, but at 16, we’re seeing growing awareness. He’s working out of the home now, so that is helping. He sets his alarm orally on Alexa. We try to remember to doublecheck that it’s set on our app. 😉 I can remember at 14 and 15 thinking, “We are going to have to call you (as an adult) to tell you to bathe and take meds.” And, now at least, it is foreseeable that maybe that won’t be the case? But what if? What if you were going to have to walk through routines for years? Not because they WON’T take that responsibility, but because they can’t? I posted a very frustrated post with DS’ ADHD and not taking meds reliably a couple years ago (diff board) and someone I respected said, “Are you frustrated that he can’t or he won’t?” Because it’s not functionally useful to be upset with ‘can’t’ - if he isn’t there developmentally then he just wasn’t. For me, this was THE problem. In my head, I was saying, “By this age, a kid should be able to....” But the kid in front of me? He wasn’t there yet. I think the creation of routines then the reminder, “Mentally (or physically) run through your morning/evening checklist. Did you do everything?” is scaffolding if she can do that. I’ma person who NEEDS to make a list to be effective, even at 44, so no issue with checklists! 😉
  15. That’s my oldest currently schooling at home. 😉 She graduated this year, but we have a 25yo who graduated from college, married her junior year, and has our 3.9 grandchildren. 😉 Then we have DS #1 - he’s 22 and a senior at the U of Iowa, and a daughter who just got married in nursing school. ...Maybe I should add my grads? 😉
  16. I am BEYOND shocked anyone wold think it okay to HANDCUFF a child. Are you remotely okay? Is he? I can’t even imagine this....
  17. Laundry going! Room clean. Ran to store because company for lunch and I didn’t plan... 😉 Company today - will be fun. Old friend from high school. DH is home today and they were close too. 😊 Oldest is coming over with babies. She has 37 week OB appt. Her kids are my kids favorite humans. Big storms expected this evening. Pretty chill day.
  18. It is totally different isn’t it? The big gap. Yours is a bigger gap than even mine! DD #1 is 25. 6yo DS’ best friend is his 4yo NEPHEW. It is very odd having littles in your forties. I say often I can’t imagine a little one now - but I’ve had a six year respite. A dear friend of mine has a sixteen year gap. Her little one is 3 too.
  19. I think that about our 6yo too! On the flip side, the antics amuse me...
  20. Lol... I love my boys and wouldn’t trade them, but there is a reason God gave me eight GIRLS, for sure. I do the talking. I do the sass. I do princess. I do athletic. I do strong. Constant motion, wrestling, and hanging children upside down by their feet, “fixing” things that weren’t broken? That wears on me more, lol. Love the boys, but total girl mom.
  21. It sounds like a big number, but you have to remember my bigger gaps were at the beginning and my closer kiddos were at the end. We homeschooled from the very beginning because DH was in the Army and the base school had a very poor reputation. While I had a religious conviction to homeschool, DH did not. His interest was purely relational and academic. When we moved back to our hometown, we planned to put them back in school, but by then he had seen the perks of having them homeschooled, so we didn’t. Two of our kids (the youngest) went to half day preschool (DS@4yo) and half day kindergarten (5yo DD) the year of my diagnosis because we were told by a couple close family members we weren’t thinking of the kids because with an ALS diagnosis, they should get used to it now. We agreed... not realizing there are outlier ALS patients who live longer than 2-3 years. It was hardest when I was schooling 9 grades (1 year.) My DH now works from home. Most of our kids start CC at 16 for at least part of their credits. And I’m not learning how I want to do this anymore... That’s part of the difficulty of homeschooling, sorting through curriculum, figuring out who you are as a teacher, figuring out learning styles of children. I did that the first fifteen or so years, but now it’s not too difficult. Keeping track of thy em? We lived in a very small house for the first twelve years. 😉
  22. My goal is to hope they never write a book. 😂 😂 😂 I’ve said to the girls before, “Let’s try to leave this out of the book....” 😉
  23. Driving with teens -done Breakfast - done School with littles Texted a friend to see if she wants to explore a naturescape nearby Take kiddos to work on a landscape volunteer project this afternoon Pick up DS from work Fish for dinner Leftovers for lunch and a smoothie/salad for me - hooray (all lowercase) ;)
  24. It was incredibly hard on our oldest daughter. I'm amazed she decided to have children after that TBH.
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