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  1. I had left/right confusion, difficulty navigating by verbal directions (unless by landmarks) though I can use a map, my initial instinct is always to go the opposite way from where I am headed (every single time I got off the subway in the middle of a block for 3 years!), am clumsy, and cannot put anything together using those visual diagrams that are so popular today (though I can do it from clearly written directions). I like to say that the grid/map function of my mind is offline and that I am a very verbal person not a visual/spacial person. I will second the person that said people are no
  2. I appreciated that much of the information was coming from social media company employees or developers. The explanation of exactly how the AI works was clear, and examples of how the technology causes out-of-control reactions amongst user populations (The connection between FB and and the Rohingya genocide) was spot on. Basically it magnifies the worst parts of human nature and silos and frightens people. I thought the mini family drama that played throughout the show was a total waste of time and wished that they'd used that time to interview more experts instead.
  3. Well, in the house we are signing the papers to sell tomorrow, the oldest appliance is 39 years! A Jenn-Air cooktop installed when the house was built in 1981. It worked great and could be easily repaired! However, the new owners are tearing out the kitchen to put in new cabinets and new appliances that will probably only last 7 years max. Oh well.
  4. My kid with Asperger's managed five weeks at a tiny liberal arts college before dropping out. In part it was our fault, we assured him that college wasn't like high school. That there would be interesting lectures (we all learn very well from lectures), weekly readings, and maybe 3 papers or tests per semester. Well, things have changed in the decades since we graduated! This college was just like high school, with multiple daily assignments in each class and lots of group work. He hated it, and with his poor executive function skills soon fell behind. At the very end, I attempted to make a li
  5. I am closer with my high school friends than any other group of school friends. But it was a unique high school, kind of Hogwarts meets the Island of Misfit Toys. The enrollment was 122 students the year I graduated, there were boarding as well as day students, and the place was pretty much a second home to all of us. It closed in the 1980s. Recently, I just moved within 1 minute of one high school friend and we walk together three nights a week. Additionally, I keep weekly phone/email contact with about five other friends and casual contact with about ten more on a monthly basis. I am also on
  6. My son got the same woman twice. He said that from the moment she got in the car her vibe was condescending and negative. He failed the first time (he was making a three point turn and someone came out of their driveway and drove right behind him as he was turning), and came home really shaken, more about the attitude of the tester than the "mistake". The next time he went up, he got the same tester! He immediately got flustered and made a small mistake before getting out of the parking lot. The driving instructor told us that this woman had a bad reputation with the driving schools and she fa
  7. Kalmia


    The DMV in NY and I are old enemies. I have easily spent 5 hours at a time in several DMV offices there, once I had to go back three times for a car registration, another I had to go back three times for a driver's license. I have literally had nightmares about the place. My husband thought I was overreacting until he had to go register the car that was only in his name. He came back sooo apologetic. When we moved back to Maine this summer, my town office handled the car registrations so only the driver's licenses were left for us to get. At the time (a month or two ago) the Topsham BMV
  8. I am going to be a killjoy and ask you to read up about the negative effects of landscape lighting on the health of the trees and on insects. For something that you are going to mostly sleep through, it seems to me at the very least unkind to the creatures in your neighborhood. These resources are from Perdue University and Smithsonian Magazine. There are tons of articles by landscape lighting companies saying the opposite, but one must question the source. https://www.extension.purdue.edu/extmedia/fnr/fnr-faq-17.pdf https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/light-pollution-cont
  9. I second the Clarifying shampoo.
  10. An inexpensive shampoo scrubber like one of these helped my son. He wasn't really getting the shampoo down to the roots (long hair). https://www.amazon.com/Bossman-Shampoo-Scalp-Massage-Shower/dp/B07MTPJZL9/ref=sr_1_36?dchild=1&keywords=head+scrubber&qid=1598293960&sr=8-36 https://www.amazon.com/Dandruff-Cleaning-Shower-Shampoo-Massager/dp/B0837WMC5X/ref=sr_1_10?dchild=1&keywords=head+scrubber&qid=1598293867&sr=8-10
  11. I kept chickens in a place where it got down to twenty below zero, but never sixty below zero! We did lose two to the cold (the two that always refused to remain in the glow of the heat lamp). I am not sure it could be done without heat. That being said, the risk of a coop heaters and heat lamps burning down your barn is real as well. There are breeds of chickens that are more cold tolerant than others. You could research the most cold tolerant of all, and renovate your coop to local conditions. Remember, chickens need good ventilation even in the winter. And if confined for long periods of ti
  12. The only reason I am on FB is high school friends. I am 51. That is the only way they communicate. There is even a FB page for our high school. You could try contacting the reunion coordinators for your high school class.
  13. Cooler weather, fall foliage, being unpacked from our big move!
  14. The moth is actually a skipper butterfly. Not sure which exact skipper species. They hold their wings in this odd position when settled.
  15. Mine really liked pumpkins and squash, halved. I saw them kill a chipmunk and eat it. They really are tiny bloodthirsty dinosaurs.
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