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  1. Fluorescent lights trigger my infrequent migraines and caused my daughter to have to leave school many times with migraines caused by the fluorescent lighting. LED lighting is not better for either of us. That one gives me a strobe effect, so badly that if someone were to wave their hand while talking to me in a certain restaurant their shine of their wedding ring would "persist" across the arc. I was definitely one of those people that considered hoarding cases and cases of incandescent light bulbs when there were plans for removing them from sale and only allowing fluorescent bulbs. If
  2. Gas not only effects the larger environment. It affects your indoor air quality. "Yet the EPA’s own science shows that homes with gas stoves have around 50 percent, ranging up to over 400 percent, higher levels of NO2 than homes with electric stoves. Concentrations can often exceed US outdoor pollution standards." David Roberts "During the hour I was cooking and baking” with a gas stove, he says, NO2 concentrations spiked “close to 200 ppb.” Though concentrations died down afterward, they averaged 140 pub to 150 ppb over the course of the hour, well in excess of the US outdoor NO2 st
  3. I came across The Well-Trained Mind, first edition, when my friend was considering homeschooling her children. I bought it for her and we took turns reading it. She ended up sending her kids to school. I sent mine for three years, but it was very clear that with his high-functioning ASD, he was somehow going to be ahead of the others academically but constantly punished and shamed for his inability to intuit proper attitudes and behaviors, so I remembered WTM and homeschooling and pulled him from school. Best decision ever. My friend, Captain Uhura began homeschooling as well. According to my
  4. I am an outlier. I have zero interest in decorating trends. My rooms are painted white or off-white. The walls are lined with lots of bookcases. The open spaces on the walls are filled with oil and acrylic paintings painted by family and friends, one wall quilt made by a friend, my husband's tae kwon do black belt certificates and awards, my kids' artwork, and my own framed photography. The windows have shades but no curtains (we like to see the outdoors). The beds are topped with quilts made by my mother. The floors are the original 1800s wood floors complete with almost two-hundred years of
  5. If it were my son, I would be supportive if the goal were to get a position in a small suburban, exurban, or rural area and live in the community he polices. Usually these areas have lower crime plus the calls they go on would be more diverse (river rescues, cows in the road, along with the drug situations, etc.) I would also be on the lookout for academies that are actively changing with the times and trying to train "peace officers" rather than "police officers," such as our Academy up here in Vassalboro, Maine (I am friends with the person in charge of training there). In Maine, applicants
  6. If you were born between 1963 and 1967 (and in my case 1969!) you may need a measles booster. They only gave one shot back then and it could have been one of two types of vaccine, one of which has shown to give no immunity.. My mom has my card and I was given one dose of the vaccine. I had a titer done two years ago and it showed no immunity. So I had a MMR shot. So if you are anywhere in the range of years get a titer done. https://www.forbes.com/sites/suzannerowankelleher/2019/04/20/born-in-the-1960s-the-cdc-says-you-may-need-a-measles-shot-before-traveling/?sh=26d4b6da47bf
  7. We are in a similar situation with my husband's beloved 2004 Honda Accord (boy, those things last). It has always had electrical problems (bad year for Honda Accords) and the battery is often drained. There have been many many jump starts in its long life. It cannot be counted on to start on any given day. Now it is doing some strange jerking hesitating thing when pushing the gas pedal for which it is going to the garage on Friday. During the past year having one of our cars be unreliable has not really been a problem. But now we are getting vaccinated and my elderly MIL is desperate for
  8. Such a nice and informative person. You should send her a copy of your book as a thank you. She likes horses, so stands to reason she'll also like puppies!
  9. I made an effort to find hardback copies of my favorite children's literature, folk tales, poetry, and fairy tales. I have about 100 nice editions, some illustrated. Those I will keep for reading to my grandchildren if I am lucky enough to get any. I have a few such books my mom saved that she read to my sister and I, and I took great pleasure from sharing "mommy's book from when she was a kid" or "auntie's book from when she was little" with my kids, so I figure my kids will feel the same about sharing the exact same volumes they held when they were little. (I am also saving the books my mom
  10. Life in Armor Metamorphosis Museum Arthropod Abode Exoskeleton Palace
  11. I used to work at a zoo in NYC. People are nuts. The craziest visitor story I have is the man who got into the porcupine enclosure and started shaking the young tree that the porcupine was in. I mean, did he not think it possible he'd shake that porcupine right down on his own head? Luckily the porcupine had a tenacious grip and security came right away.
  12. I have a nice hardback of this. It is so sweet.
  13. Sounds safe and wonderful to me. I do like hiking with others, but for a truly refreshing experience I need to go alone. Add to that the fact that moms (and sometimes wives) frequently have to accommodate other people's preferences and put those, to some degree, above their own. Only when they are solo (shopping, hiking, traveling, have the house to themselves) can they order their days exactly as they please. It is really healthy for a grown person have the opportunity, now and again, to live at their own pace and not always bend to the needs of others.
  14. I love poetry. Please PM me a link to your poetry collections. I remember when you were deliberating how to live a fulfilling life and were to become a poet. I'd love to read your work.
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