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  1. Fedco Seeds had to temporarily shut down orders this week too (glad I got mine in two weeks ago). They will be opening up for orders again this weekend. They say due to high order volume and shipping company overload orders may take 4-6 weeks to arrive. But they do usually have Amish Paste tomatoes that the PP was looking for. The catalog listing for them right now says ordering temporarily unavailable (I assume until this weekend). But it does not say out of stock (yet). https://www.fedcoseeds.com/seeds/amish-paste-organic-paste-tomato-4140 Johnny's Selected Seeds is currentl
  2. I just saw a FB post from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds that their "January order volume has reached five times normal sales". I guess all those new gardeners are back! Order your seeds early.
  3. Try a grease pencil instead of a sharpie for writing labels. And I bet bamboo would last a long time without adding plastic to your garden. Both the grease pencil and the bamboo are very water-resistant. Amazon has bamboo strips in bundles.
  4. So much excitement when the seed catalogs come! I mainly order from FEDCO Seeds and Johnny's Selected Seeds. Luckily I ordered early last year and got everything I needed before the seed companies ran out. Don't know if there will be a run on seeds this year or not, but ordered immediately upon receiving my catalogs. I have some seeds left over from last year (cilantro, beans, basil, spinach) which will still be good so I only needed carrots, lettuce, kale, peas (for pea shoots), beets (for greens), cutting celery, jalapeños that grow in the north, a watermelon variety that will grow in the no
  5. I have two stuffed bears one larger and one smaller that make a very effective support for my arm as I am a side sleeper. They are also cute. In response to the appalled. I had a middle-aged acquaintance (male) who told me one woman he was dating gave him a stuffed animal as a gift and he was appalled. He felt he was being infantilized and donated the stuffed animal to a toy drive. A few people in the world, I think, just are hyper-sensitive to categorizations and black and white thinking: stuffed toy = child, thus if an adult gives you one they must think you a child and if you want one
  6. Obviously it is time to start your novel! You can invent and explore an entirely different reality in which you can immerse yourself for months.
  7. The forested portion of your property will significantly cut down on work while increasing beauty and distance/privacy from neighbors. Letting parts the lawn grow up into meadows and having those cut once a year significantly cut down on mowing and increase wildlife habitat. I grew up on 90 acres with 5 of it non-forested and about an acre in meadow. My parents kept a garden between 1/4 and 2 acres throughout the years, my father cuts firewood to heat the whole house for the winter from the forest. That property is 20 minutes from the grocery store, 7 minutes from a convenience store. I
  8. MOST of my FB friends either did outdoor distanced holiday things or skipped/zoomed them. But one of my friends and her husband has traveled from FL to French Polynesia and are island hopping, currently on Bora Bora with more stops planned for the two week holiday! I think they are trying to stay away from people, but planes, boats, tours! I know, I wouldn't want to be the one who spread COVID from island to island!
  9. I have tried to do this as much as possible all along, especially with independent bookstores. We are still getting takeout from some favorite restaurants, but if our numbers get much higher we may have to pause that for a while. I have looked to see if there are any more opportunities to support local businesses. It is a small thing, but we moved and I needed a new ID tag for the dog. I was just going to order from Petco, but looked for a Maine based business and found one that made much more durable tags that look like little medallions. Also, I remembered to check our Maine-based shoe store
  10. Kathy Smith definitely has grapevines in some of her videos.
  11. Not masked on my rural road, but have one in my pocket just in case. Always masked when outdoors in town or in stores or in medical situations. Different levels of masks for different situations: blue surgical mask for outdoors in town or busy preserves. Happymask for stores that aren't particularly busy. KN 95 for grocery store, gallery where I volunteered, or medical office (though the surgery center had us take off our KN95s and use their very large, loose surgical masks--not happy about that!). Hand sanitizer before and after going into any store or office. Wash hands thoroughly upon retur
  12. A garden hod for carrying and washing vegetables. https://stores.mainegarden.com/pikes-original-maine-garden-hod/ Do they line-dry their clothes? American made, sturdy clothespins (two options) https://www.etsy.com/listing/213713753/12-heirloom-quality-clothespins-made?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_c-home_and_living-other&utm_custom1=_k_CjwKCAiAq8f-BRBtEiwAGr3Dgf7uSRLG4q2KmOx2lycIZ9Mjf-bWQfxXRV5pDT4tetRvFiCfTOSI0hoChpkQAvD_BwE_k_&utm_content=go_1731451575_68126373296_337626129107_pla-303628061739_c__213713753
  13. Books I have read that would seemingly make good night reading: Mystery: (these are not cozies) The Kate Sugak series by Dana Stabenow (Alaskan wilderness, Aleut culture, sled dogs, crime/police) https://smile.amazon.com/Cold-Murder-Kate-Shugak-Novels-ebook/dp/B004S87M92/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2FKMSFH48F3TQ&dchild=1&keywords=kate+shugak+series+order&qid=1607563255&sprefix=Kate+shuck+series%2Caps%2C191&sr=8-3 The Benni Harper series by Earlene Fowler (Ranch country California, cattle/horse ranches, folk art (especially quilts), strong family ties, police)
  14. I like the Burl Ives versions of songs that were on those animated Christmas specials from the 60s? 70s? (Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer and the rest) because of their associations with my childhood. And I love the songs from the Peanuts Christmas special. I am not religious, but I love Silent Night, especially when sung by Nat King Cole and The Carol of the Bells by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir I love I'll Be Home for Christmas sung by Johnny Mathis because my mom who rarely got to go to her home halfway across the country would always sing it sorrowfully on Christmas Eve while she wa
  15. Narrative Non-fiction about Plants and Animals: (most of these are vintage, some might be available online). Narrative style might be more palatable to your daughter. Wild Season by Allan W. Eckert (food chain) Wild Life: The Remarkable Lives of Ordinary Animals by Edward Kanze Watchers at the Pond by Franklin Russell One Day at Teton Marsh by Sally Carrighar Ways of the Six-Footed by Anna Botsford Comstock (insects) Plants and their Children by Mrs. William Starr Dana (plants and seeds) According to Season by Mrs. William Starr Dana (wildflowers) The Li
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