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  1. Well my neighbor stays at home with her 4 year old. Not looking down, just saying, as others on here, you cannot call it homeschooling. As for the other people, dude, I get it. I desperately want a break from my kids at times. But, if you read it the way it I was meant to be, my problem is when they say stuff like that in front of their children. Goodness knows I know their lives are disrupted and it will be hard, but don’t make it harder on your children by saying that you won’t be able to stand having them home in front of them!
  2. And saying, “It’s not so hard. We all did it that month (or however long). I don’t see what the big deal is. You really do just watch TV all day!”
  3. My neighbor told DH that now she will be “homeschooling her DD for the next to weeks.” Her DD is in kindergarten. I like my neighbor, we actually get along quite well, both being outsiders in this small town, but really. Homeschooling? It’s kindergarten! You are just living! Heaven forbid you have to read a book with your child. Also, what gets to me about the people worrying about having their kids home and having to actually be in the same house with them is the fact they say as much in front of their kids. What does that tell their children? I would have felt horrible if my mother had said something like that about me. I had to run a few errands yesterday and heard it twice, in front of children.
  4. I received one for my birthday a few months ago and am very happy to have it! The education wing in our church has a long, painted cinder block hallway that has painted handprints down the entire length. It has given me the heebie-jeebies since we came to this town 5 years ago—it is the dearest ambition of all kids up to grade 6 to find the handprint that best matches their hands! Took R2 (my name for steam cleaner) to church this morning and cleaned the ENTIRE WALL! Looks so much better! I told my DC, if you want to touch the wall, NOW is the time to do it! Am going to go in later this week and steam clean all surfaces in the classrooms, even though we have suspended our Wednesday School program for the time being. So glad you recommended Dupay Neat!
  5. When I worked at a group home a number of the residents took Lutein for macular degeneration. Don’t know if there is science behind it, but I have had it called “the eye vitamin.” Might be worth looking into. Pun definitely NOT intended.
  6. I have not done excel. I have an irrational fear/dislike of spread sheets. I have thought about just getting over it, however, and making a log there. Just trying to see if there is any other option first! 🙂 Two votes for Goodreads. Maybe I will have to check it out. I have logged most of the books in our house into bookbuddy, which I love. But as I don’t have a smart phone, I can’t enter things into apps or websites on the go. A notebook with sticky divider tabs would be good. I would be able to mark if I had purchased the book, and any other information I might want to add. When I looked bullet journaling up last year (to see what on earth it was) I discovered notebook pages filled with elaborate pictures and lists and things that looked like they took way to long to do. Very cute and inspiring but not very practical for me or my artistic ability.
  7. So. How do you all keep track of the books you want to read, or you want your kids to read? I have a booklist binder with compiled booklists from random sites and sources, but right now my system for individual books I find or hear about is to write them down on a scrap of paper, lose it, then find it two years later. Any brilliant, easy, ideas? That keeps random scraps or sheets of notebook paper out of my life? I would like to be able to organize it easily for different people/interests. No online suggestions or bullet journaling, please! Anyone who comes up with a solution that works for me will be my hero forever. I kid you not.😁
  8. Morning “Basket Time!” Lovely idea, but in no way is it workable for us. Tried a few times. Failed every time! There is no way we can ‘ease’ into the morning in this way. Our steam just petered out and we would end up just wandering aimlessly around the house! We need to jump feet first into the morning. Plus all the lap books/crafts/recorders! Also: Unit Studies (much to my mother’s chagrin)
  9. Does anyone have a Bible reading plan for their kids? Ages 8-13 or so? They do a bit of scattered reading on their own and I have been directing them through a few books, but I would love to have something more organized. Not looking for a curriculum, just a reading plan.
  10. Awesome, thanks! Having some sort of reading plan might be helpful! Will look into the hard copy as well.
  11. Been looking for a good plan this year. I like this one! Have you ever made it through the Book of Concord? If not, where did you get stuck, or what happened? DH is planning on entering Into the colloquy process and we need to read the Book of Concord. Any tips?
  12. Good reminders. I also have fallen into the “busy” trap of not feeling like I have the time to explain and teach. He does think about things, sometimes for a few days then he surprises you with an insight on something you had almost forgotten.
  13. Thank you! I think something like this would work well.
  14. Thank you! My father, though I love him dearly and I know he only wants to help (and I have asked for his advice from time to time), has a lot of things to say, mostly revolving around the fact that boys need dogs and need to be in the country so they have room to run and fall and do physical things. Which I don’t disagree with, but as DH is a pastor, we live in a parsonage and have people breathing down our necks about the state of the house and the yard, his “advice” mostly just makes me feel even worse and like things are hopeless! You made me feel better🙂
  15. Yes. Need to play more games. Just seems like all my time right now is taken up by teaching DDs10&8 and keeping DD1 from climbing everything! Plus, he spends almost all day playing outside, so we try to play catch-up together in the evenings. Helpful to remember!
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