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  1. Hahaha, well I totally didn’t look at the date. So I think we can safely assume wiping is no longer a problem!
  2. This can totally be frustrating. My DD was still leaving skid marks in her undies at 6 (although at least she had been trying *maybe trying* to wipe herself for a few years), and my sister has some great stories about her DS and his being convinced his butt was not clean enough. But after the wild day I had today, can I just ask if anyone else ever thought when they first held their darling bundle of joy in their arms that they would one day be getting so involved in an online post about wiping butts? I have to find some humor in it, though I am sure you are not in that place yet. I also, at t
  3. Do you find it too much grammar? Or do the kids do fine with it? And I assume you do not have a separate grammar program as well, or do you? I totally get the idea, and I think this would be good for DD. But at the same time as the kid of a retired public school teacher (albeit she is a huge proponent of HSing and HSing methods) I have that little voice in my head saying, “is that enough at this age? Shouldn’t they be doing more than just writing sentences?” Did you have your kids do any other official writing on the side? Not the stuff included in other curriculum, but a requir
  4. Can you please clarify something for me?? I like the look of EIW, but do you really spend all that time working on grammar before doing any writing? I have looked at samples and watched videos on it, but find it hard to believe there are no actual writing assignments for the first however many lessons. Is that actually accurate? Did I miss something? (This is a very good possibility as I seem to do most of my research in the middle of the night while I have PMS insomnia, so if I did completely miss something, be kind!) I need a good, strong writing program with a lot of practice. DD11 will be
  5. I have been looking at Elemental Science and really like the look of it. Is there one you didn’t like as much as the others? Did you use the 5 day or 2 day schedule, how long does it take each day if you do the 2 day schedule, would they be really heavy days?
  6. Can I ask what that looks like? We have used MP and RSO science curriculum the past 3 years. We liked it, especially RSO, but I was rereading SWB’s science suggestions for the logic stage. I am kind of growing tired of MP’s workbooks and am thinking I may entertain the whole notebook and experiment approach next year. If you are following SWB’s science approach, what are you using, how do you use it, how long do you study each unit, and what does it look like in your daily schedule? Most curriculums our there are whole year ones, and I am afraid if I were to just take one of SWB’s suggested sp
  7. DH really does not like cats, but as we have run out of cat litter more than once, I think he would agree with that!
  8. Oh, coffee, how could I leave out coffee? And I need tips from you people who say plants. I would love to have more plants in the house, but I don’t know what the best option is for low maintenance, low light tolerant plants!
  9. As I just purchased 9 books online after just having raided our local thrift store and coming home with an armload of books, and after encouraging my sister to put extra cheese in her bread, my obvious answer would be there is no such thing as too much cheese or too many books. My dear mother would probably say toilet paper, my brother-in-law would probably say shoes. What about you? What do you say you can never have too much of? Cozy blankets? Pencils? Math manipulatives? And if you want to share your favorites or favorite place to get your favorites, that would be fun too!
  10. Also Tony Hillerman for a mystery series. My mother really liked his books, and there are a lot. I have never read any of him so I cannot say 100%, but my mom is a gentle soul who would not enjoy crude or inappropriate books. Could check them out at least.
  11. How does their humor tend to run? Normal or quirky? If they don’t mind books that are not blatantly Christian, though that do not have inappropriate or crude things, you may look at Alexander McCall Smith’s books. He has a number of series. My mother likes the Number One Ladies Detective Agency. My favorite of his are the Portuguese Irregular Verbs series, though that humor is a bit more quirky and you *may* have to either be German or love someone who is German to truly appreciate it. Jan Karon is also a good option—clearly Christian. I would also be remiss not to mention one of my fav
  12. Anyone get Cook’s Country? Earlier this year one of their issues had a recipe for Salted Carmel Pretzel Cake. DD8 immediately said she wanted it for her birthday, but *mom fail* I apparently do not have the recipe for the pretzel. It was one of those you have to go online for and I guess I have the recipe for the frosting but not the cake itself! Can anyone help me out?? I would sure appreciate your help fixing my fail!😬
  13. At what age, and I know it will probably be all across the board, did your DDs start shaving their legs? DD 10 will turn 11 in October, and while I personally think 5th grade is too young for a girl to start shaving her legs, I was noticing that she is actually fairly hairy! Both DH and I come from Northern European stock, so I suppose it is to expected🙄. As HS’s who are not out and about much with sports etc, I am not too worried about her being teased for not shaving. Not to mention she is so clueless (yet strangely confident) in things like that, that she probably would not notice even if s
  14. My sister and I love these containers. You have to use two containers for the whole years’ worth of cards, but I like to split them up anyway so it is not a big deal. I like having the smaller containers if we are taking a trip, and it doesn’t look as daunting for the kids. I use these containers for most MP flashcards, plus storage for much more. https://www.amazon.com/Sistema-41544-Collection-Storage-containers/dp/B072JTZTRG/ref=sxts_sxwds-bia-wc-drs1_0?crid=3F4QCBSRY7JO0&cv_ct_cx=sistema+containers&dchild=1&keywords=sistema+containers&pd_rd_i=B072JTZTRG&pd_rd_r=c4f3
  15. Well my neighbor stays at home with her 4 year old. Not looking down, just saying, as others on here, you cannot call it homeschooling. As for the other people, dude, I get it. I desperately want a break from my kids at times. But, if you read it the way it I was meant to be, my problem is when they say stuff like that in front of their children. Goodness knows I know their lives are disrupted and it will be hard, but don’t make it harder on your children by saying that you won’t be able to stand having them home in front of them!
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