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  1. So, another question, what about family members? The kids know grandparents are safe (though they still don’t go anywhere without telling mom and dad), and most immediate family, but dh’s Younger brother is making some pretty poor choices in his life, and since many (most?) cases of molestation have to do with family, we just are more wary about him. I have told the kids to never go anywhere alone with him, but at the same time I don’t want them to think he is a horrible person and be scared of him. My MIL was also pretty ticked at dh when one night we left the kids with her to watch and brother-in-law was there too, and dh told her we didn’t want her to leave the kids alone with him. She was really offended and got defensive. Sigh.
  2. Well, dd7 likes to pretend she is the mother 🤦🏽‍♀️ So she would probably help keep dd9 on track. She has much more just plain common sense than dd9, though dd9’s judgment is much better, Which is why I would feel better about them being together. They are very good at following instructions (when it comes to things like this, that is another issue. Grrr.) and even though dd7 likes to think she is as old and capable as dd9, when I tell her dd9 is in charge, she does listen. Goodness, I wasn’t even thinking about CPS. Sigh. Most people recognize us, and know our parenting tactics and that we hs, which makes me think they would be less likely to call CPS, but you never know, do you. I think maybe I will start trial runs like many of you suggested. Since the school park is just across a very very quiet street, maybe I will watch them cross the street (little bro in tow) and let them play there alone for a short time and then join them. And let the older two walk a block ahead of me on the way to the store and library (staring shots, can see all the way down). Our librarian is a 91 yr old woman who is a member is a member of the church, so rules aside, she would be fine with the girls there as long as they don’t make a mess but I won’t let them go there alone quite yet. The kids have walked to church alone (1/2 block, can see from home) when baby decides to take her nap before church. But I watch them across the not busy street and make sure ds holds dd9’s and (thankfully he does). Also this morning I had another chat with them about safe and un-safe people, who our safe adults are, what to do in certain situations. They are fairly aware, but get a bit confused since they know the people pretty well from church and then I single out three safe families. Just keep teaching, I suppose.
  3. Yeah, I don’t feel quite ready, though I think having her younger sister would actually make her feel better. Dd 9 is more timid than Dd7 and would probably want her company. I was thinking more like next summer. But then I was at the park with the kids and a PS 2nd graded who lives 2 blocks away brought her 4 year old brother. Too young, IMO, but I could so easily be that mom who never lets her kids go anywhere on their own just by default since we get SO many books from the library that they could not carry them, and since when I go to the grocery store I never really know what I am looking for (VERY small, struggling, never know what produce they will have).
  4. Walk to the park, or run errands for you around town? I grew up on a farm and have NO idea at what age to let my kids go places without me in town. We live in a, quiet small (780 people) town. DH is a pastor, so most everyone knows who we are, though I probably only know 1/3 by name, 2/3 by sight. Our park is not far, though there is one busy-ish street to cross. We have a local grocery store and library three blocks away, but there are two “busy” streets to cross. I know they’d do fine watching for cars, but I just don’t at what point do I let my DD9.5 (raising 4th grader, to use convention terms) walk with DD7.5 to the grocery store to get milk for me? Or go check out books from the library. Or take their 4.5 yr o,d brother to the park? We aren’t 100% free-range parents, but do lean more towards that. What do you do?
  5. Wow, I guess I have been away for a few weeks! So many great suggestions and thoughts! Also interesting about the niece has trouble with that (though she is 11 and it probably isn’t still from 100EZ lessons 😆) but her brother 100 EZ lessons and is great at it. I am slowly screwing up the courage to ‘start something’ with him. I think it may need to happen in 5 minute increments, but I am okay with that! I don’t know why teaching reading is so nerve-wracking for me, but it is. I actually just told DH we are done having kids because I don’t want to have to teach any more kids to read! 🤣
  6. Owl at Home A Toad for Tuesday (series): this one might be closer to the Magic Treehouse series, but they are a lot of fun. Mice of the Herringbone (series) 5 True Dog Stories (also 5 True Dolphin Stories)
  7. He really hasn’t pared it down much yet. One CD here, an old paper there. Periodically I put his bin full or papers and things from college and his journals from high school (!) in the way of his desk. He pushes it aside and in a few months I ask him to move it back where it came from. Sigh. As he spends his days away from home, the tight space doesn’t bother him as it does me. I get that, but dude, one paper isn’t doing much to get more space! Haha, Mil just gave DH a blanket made from old t-shirts from when he was in little league and high school sports. DH is 37! But that is her, so we will put it i the car as a snuggle blanket for long trips.
  8. That is a good question, and I really don’t know. Looking back (she was my first) it was probably just that she wasn’t ready. Yes, having my first child struggle with reading, I definitely am ready to go slooowly, and stop if DS isn’t ready. He loves the say it fast game with words, and this morning I tried it with letters. He got c....a......t, and rhyming is hit or miss. We’ll just see how things go, slowly!
  9. I remember learning to read on the train out to Oregon in that exact way! Wonderful memories! Just picked up some magnetic letter tiles, they’d be great for that. DS is a tactile learner right now.
  10. Tried 100 Easy Lessons with DD9 and oh we failed horribly! It was not a fit for her, so wanting to avoid the same experience I did something completely different with DD7 (who is reading at or even, dare I say it, above DD9’s level). I don’t think what I did with DD7 will be a fit for DS, however, and have been thinking about pulling out 100 Easy Lessons to look at again...
  11. Thankfully my sister has some she is done with!
  12. I am not familiar with the first two, will check them out. I do have the earliest ETC books waiting, just seemed they would sit in the bin a bit longer. You got me going to pull them out to look at them again... I will have to check, though somehow I doubt they will...
  13. Okay, sure, to be fair I did say “how do I get my way,” but this is where online communication fails. If you knew me, you would know I am so not a “bend to MY will or else!” Kind of person. Trying to keep it light failed, I guess. Although, if we are all honest, we do like to get our own way, flawed being that we are🙂
  14. I am afraid we will have to deal with this when DH’s parents move to a smaller house in a few years. I love them, but they have a lot of Knick knacks, old files of football plays, clothes. At their lake cabin FIL has shelves full of old National Geographic magazines. They are musty, moldy, and eaten by mice, yet they remain! We live closest to them, so will probably be “offered” much. I am pretty sure DH will kindly refuse most stuff, since one room of their house would fill our whole house up completely! s
  15. I am not telling him he HAS to get rid of anything, I am simply requesting he goes through old papers, CDs, etc to see if he really want to keep them all. Sometimes we all just need a push to help us let go of things that need to be let go. He does the same for me, and I have downsized a lot of my own things because, as I said, we have a Tiny house for 6 people with no possibility of moving. If we didn’t encourage each other to get rid of things, we would have no room at all! And he hasn’t listened to s lot of those CDs since we were married. Besides, who wants to be so attached to STUFF? *Says the woman who won’t let go of her acceptance letter to Trinity College Dublin to gain her Doctorate because it proves to my kids that once I was smart!!!😁 The above being said, however, I did actually do this to one book on the history of the founding of the University of Minnesota. I mean, really, when will that ever be read? He didn’t even go there! Bookaholics that we BOTH are, that one needed to go!
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