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  1. Thank you! My father, though I love him dearly and I know he only wants to help (and I have asked for his advice from time to time), has a lot of things to say, mostly revolving around the fact that boys need dogs and need to be in the country so they have room to run and fall and do physical things. Which I don’t disagree with, but as DH is a pastor, we live in a parsonage and have people breathing down our necks about the state of the house and the yard, his “advice” mostly just makes me feel even worse and like things are hopeless! You made me feel better🙂
  2. Yes. Need to play more games. Just seems like all my time right now is taken up by teaching DDs10&8 and keeping DD1 from climbing everything! Plus, he spends almost all day playing outside, so we try to play catch-up together in the evenings. Helpful to remember!
  3. I hear you, and by no way am I saying he is negative. He is the greatest, sweetest little guy. Just feel like right now I am in over my head, his sisters are so different!
  4. I will check these out, thanks! He doesn’t explode, just....flops and growls so far, but I don’t want it to get to exploding! DD8 was, and still is to some extent, very dramatic as a toddler. I remember sending her to her room and her crying and yelling, “I can’t breathe, this is my last breath!” Needless to say she was breathing just fine! 🙄 She was also the one who, when I sent her to her room another time, took the screen off the window and was hollering for help! So glad we didn’t have neighbors on that side of the house at that point! She has calmed down nicely. DS is nowhere near as dramatic, just....resolute and a persistent little bugger, lol!
  5. So, ds4, third child, only boy, is turning out to be a cross between myself and my father. This equals a very strong will (which is mostly self-willed at this point, obviously), he is very active (as all little boys), very sure of himself, and he has a darn good mind—nothing escapes it. I am looking for advice, books, etc, to help me harness his will so he can be strong-willed but not self-willed. And I don’t want to start a firestorm over discipline, but what are some things that you or your dh have done for discipline? My dad said, “have as few rules as possible, but enforce them.” We aren’t rule-heavy, but he knows our house expectations. What has worked (or not) for you?
  6. We know he lived in Dubuque, IA. Apart from that, no, no books have said when or where he was born, or when he died....
  7. Hey all! DH is helping out with producing a history of the small town in which we live. It was founded, “in a sense” (his words), in 1897 by Frank Adams of Dubuque, who was the chief engineer of the Chicago, Clinton, Dubuque, and Minnesota Railroad. Would it at all be possible for someone to look up some information for me? DH would like to know where Frank Adams is buried, when he was born and died, and if at all possible, would like to find a picture of Frank, his daughter, Mabel (for whom our town was named), or a family photo. He has read a lot about the railroad and has done research of his own in books and articles (even drove 3 hrs to a historical library), but has not found this information in what he has been able to procure. So this isn’t just laziness! He would appreciate any help. As would I, so I can finally stop hearing him read little tidbits from old newspapers. My evenings of late have been thrilling!😁
  8. Just wondering what the homeschool laws are like in Montana? What are the requirements? Thanks!
  9. Yes! One thread per year! And I suppose they would be outdated pretty quickly. Sigh. Oh well.
  10. No, but I will, thanks! I am aware of the NOVA program, just have not watched one yet (just starting to look into this). Glad to know you recommend them!
  11. I wouldn’t choose to die on that hill either. The fact that he is learning cursive at this point is enough. I was never that great at getting a slant, but now that I am teaching my kids I am able to fix that, and it is easier to fix as an adult than it was for me as a kid. We are using Pentime and the kids love it. If you do want to work on the slant, they have a nice piece of paper that has diagonal lines in dark print. You place it under the page you are writing on, so you can see how your letters should slant. My 4th grader is just now starting to really get the slant, and she has been doing cursive for 3 years. I think that the letter formation is enough for some kids to deal with to begin with.
  12. That is too bad! I put one I had found at the library on last night for them but it was rather boring, even for me. Sigh. I guess I will have to start watching documentaries every night to find good ones. That is something that would be nice to have included in future editions of SoTW. I like that there are sometimes audiobook suggestions, but documentaries would be a very welcome inclusion.
  13. Is there a thread about documentaries that line up with SoTW? Did I completely miss it in my search? Or if not, does anyone have a good list of documentaries for SoTW Volume 1 (or/and the other volumes as well)? I am want to implement Documentary Wednesday into our HS and would love suggestions. I have been trying to compile a list, but why reinvent the wheel if there is already one rolling around out there! 😁 Thanks!
  14. We have started doing the questions orally. I would have liked it if there were flashcards included, as in some MP curriculum. Just for the basic traits of the animals studied. Making them is a good idea, but maybe a bit of a stretch for me right now. Maybe over Christmas break when I am itching to get back to our schedule! She does already do some drawing in the book, but I could implement more. She does really like drawing and is actually pretty good at it. Yes, that does relieve my stress! At first I just wanted her to read in the Christian Liberty Nature readers and get library books on the animals she read about. BUT poor DD is my oldest and the guinea pig for our homeschooling, and I always second guess myself and think we need to do a formal curriculum. Back to the plain old reading, discussion, and library books!
  15. Glad I am not the only one who has to do this! I have to hide chocolate chips in the waaaaay back of our very full top freezer, behind the breast milk!
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