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  1. Joining in for these ideas. We, too, are anticipating a move by the end of the summer due to DH’s job, though we do not know the when or where yet. We have moved 4 times in the past 12 years and it hasn’t really gotten easier. Though adding a kid for each move didn’t help (that trend better not keep up!). When we do get the when settled, the first thing I will do is start packing up books and ruthlessly going through toys and closets, ditching almost all of the craft stuff and old rags that are too scuzzy to use for packing. I also have already started a list of the big ticket items in the hou
  2. Totally seconding Poldark. Victoria is a good one, too. Or Sanditon, if you can still stream it.
  3. Huh. Interesting thought. I could poke around. Good idea, thanks! Who would have thought? Ha! I will have to take a look and see what a ‘lot’ would be and how much they charge. It would be great to get extra funds for the library.
  4. It is a small library in a small small town. We do have a children’s program, but it has been shut down since the pandemic, the lady who does it is in her 80’s and only about 5 kids show up (on a good day)! My husband is great about finding where and how to recycle unusual things. He even saves styrofoam for months until we take a trip to the nearest large city and then drives across the city from our destination to recycle it! He looked into it, and unfortunately our local recycling place won’t take them and so far he hasn’t found anything else. I don’t have much hope for finding anything to
  5. I am on the board of our local library and we did some major cleaning there today. We found closets full of VHS and book-on-tape and DVD cases. They look to be new. Our guess was the old librarian (who retired 2 years ago at the age of 91!!!) was keeping them to replace any old cases that got broken. But there is NO WAY the library needs that many. Any idea what to do with them? I hate to see them go in a landfill. Any of you want to make them into crafts? Or do you know of anywhere that would recycle or reuse them for something?
  6. Great, supplement it is! I was rather dreading the idea of writing for this next year, it this makes me more excited. I think I heard that Killgallon usually has a sale sometime in April, is this accurate? Any ideas of when that usually falls?
  7. 4 and 6 will be their grades next year, not ages. Sorry for that confusion. I am sitting here across from my sister and she said that the numbers are always ages. Here I have been thinking for years that they were kids grades! We used WWE 1 and 2 for both girls, are using WWE 3 for the third grader this year, and after having done 2 not great years of IEW with the older, I am just trying to build up her confidence and comfort ability with writing this year. I see some people say Killgallon is not a stand alone curriculum, while others that it can be. Do any use this as a stand alone? There is
  8. Looking into Killgallon for DD6 and DD4 next year. DD6 struggles more with writing, while DD4 is naturally gifted in this area. Not sure where I would start them yet, but I guess what I am most interested in is what does your schedule look like? I see the 1-2-3 year plans in the online Teacher Book, but would like to have some guidance on what and how much you do in a day, how many days a week. Do the majority of you use only one book a year? For a 4th grader, would you start with the Story Grammar, or would the Sentence Composition? Thank you for your thoughts!
  9. Seeing the first robin of the year. Which happened today!
  10. Grim! Not the murderous wessen, but because I could sure use a Nick in my life! And Firefly. I want to be Zoe.
  11. I agree with the above. DD9 is a lefty and while it is a bit more difficult with the positioning of her hand so she is not ‘writing from above,’ so to speak, we haven’t done anything differently. It is her 3rd year doing cursive and is enjoying using it for her other assignments. Meanwhile my sister’s DS11 is a righty and complains and procrastinates and hates having to do it. I think it is just a personality thing. Some people like it, some don’t. Boys usually do have, I have read, more struggles and are often later to start with writing. I would just try not to make a big deal out of it. No
  12. I hope not on the garbage? Please make sure to tell us when and where they are found!
  13. Another vote for Mardel’s A Simple Plan. Have been been using it for 3 years at least and I Love it. Have purchased their planners for the kids as well. Though they are a bit spendy they are really nice. I believe they usually come out with their new planner in February sometime. If you can wait (which I usually can’t) until May or so, they go on sale.
  14. Hahaha, well I totally didn’t look at the date. So I think we can safely assume wiping is no longer a problem!
  15. This can totally be frustrating. My DD was still leaving skid marks in her undies at 6 (although at least she had been trying *maybe trying* to wipe herself for a few years), and my sister has some great stories about her DS and his being convinced his butt was not clean enough. But after the wild day I had today, can I just ask if anyone else ever thought when they first held their darling bundle of joy in their arms that they would one day be getting so involved in an online post about wiping butts? I have to find some humor in it, though I am sure you are not in that place yet. I also, at t
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