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  1. I think I spent too much time at this age trying to make sure my kids remembered stuff they didn't care about. I agree with regentrude. I would just use the higher interest stuff and either drop the low interest or not worry about him retelling it to you. If doing something with his hands helps him to listen, let him do that.
  2. Does he do anything with his hands while he listens? Play with legos or manipulatives? I let my kids do that at that age when I read aloud. I know for some kids that won't work, but for others, maybe? My sons used to set up wars with the counting bears while I read SOTW. LOL. How long is he having to sit and listen? The other thing I encountered at this age is that they couldn't sit and listen quite as long as maybe I wanted them to. If you break the reading up into 15/20 minute chunks, does his recall improve?
  3. Super long story but we have a very large package of vanilla yogurt that was given to us and I don't want to waste. My family doesn't really eat vanilla yogurt so I thought maybe I could make froyo with it using my ice cream machine. Has anyone done this? The instructions I am finding online are largely for plain yogurt (not vanilla) so I am not sure if adjustments are needed to the sugar added, etc.
  4. Wow, I am so sorry. What a heavy load of grief to carry. Prayers for your family.
  5. I am leaning toward neurology but the white blood cell issue and iron issue is kind of throwing me off. I would definitely start with your general practice doctor and see about a neurologist and/or any other specialist. Where I live, the wait time to see a neurologist is four or more months. I would see what you can do about getting in sooner. Do you happen to live near a Cleveland Clinic/Mayo? Is there any history of Celiac disease in your family? Have you had any stomach symptoms? I just wonder about the low vitamin absorption coupled with the episodes.
  6. I'm going to paste the book titles here just so people are aware. We did NOT use Omnibus II but we did cover some of these titles this year in my homegrown medieval history and reformation history class, and in my son's Medieval and Renn Lit class with House of Humane Letters. The single asterisked ones are the ones we covered in history and the double asterisks were covered in lit. We covered many books not on this list. I would say that our experience is that these books are not particularly easy, and so it will really depend on your kid. My son was a freshman this year, and he's an o
  7. Our dog can definitely hear them in the ground. Unfortunately, he is not terribly accurate in his hole digging. 😃 It's funny to watch him dig, sniff really, really deeply, and then move slightly over, dig some more, sniff again, etc. People always say they are jealous that we have a dog that takes out moles (and chipmunks--they are destructive here) but I joke that he is not terribly accurate.
  8. This is what I have noticed when comparing my mom's experience post surgery (she had a major spine surgery correcting lateral scoliosis at age 78) with other people's parents. Mom's facility was a dedicated rehab center. She did hours of pt and ot every day. They had a regimented schedule, and they kept to it. My impression, which is largely anecdotal and based on what friends have told me after their parents had surgery and went to a nursing home, is that the nursing homes are much, much less aggressive about pt and ot. ETA: the facility she was in was around Dana Avenue off of I-71. I
  9. Add me to the roster for team Janeway. My dog has not yet caught a squirrel, but he has caught several chipmunks and moles. Honestly with those chittering noises and crazy fluffy tails, can you blame the dog for thinking they are big fun to chase? ETA: commenting on Paws4me's comment, my dog does have a pretty strong prey drive. He chases rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. and has caught moles and voles. He's a GSD mix.
  10. Misses: Spanish I with Funda Funda. Really bad fit with my kids and their learning styles. I only wish we had dropped it sooner. Trying to do unit tests for Biology was a miss--once I switched us to chapter tests, it has gone well. We did miss outside activities as well. Hits: My kids don't get enthused about anything, but I have not had significant complaints about anything else, so I call that a win. 😃 Switching to Avancemos was much better for them and I have enjoyed relearning my Spanish. It just takes a lot of my time to stay on top of it.
  11. I don't really know how to answer this. I think my kids are just not the type to show a dramatic love for anything. My kids might like a teacher but the way they respond to that might cause other people to think they are indifferent about it. They just aren't wired to be excited about things. My friend's kid would say, "I just can't wait to learn math today!" My kids have never been like that. They would say they like youth group and video games, and if pressed that they like reading, art, and science labs (sometimes) but they would never go around saying, "I really like to read." High prai
  12. I didn't get to read all the responses. I think the comment he made was well addressed in the early replies (didn't get to read the rest). I just wanted to add that your kid acting like he doesn't like school doesn't necessarily imply anything negative about your homeschool. I know of a family whose daughter is maybe six months younger than my ds13. We were both homeschooling. This daughter *loved* with big puffy hearts, unicorns, and rainbows, anything learning related. LOVED. My kid? He tolerates it. He didn't hate it, but he was not even in the zip code of "love." There are kids l
  13. We use Dolciani. The only thing I have noticed regarding the TE versus solution manual thing is that sometimes the classroom exercise answers are not in the Solution Manual. Also, the TE has schedules in it for an average, accelerated, or minimum course so I use that to figure out what problems to assign.
  14. Thanks! Yes, I taught government at co-op a few years ago and they used Notgrass as a spine which I did not like. I am okay with homegrown, I just usually like to have something I am launching from. I managed to get the text for about $4 so if I don't like it, I can donate it without guilt. 😃 There is a giant government options thread I started last year. I should probably revisit some of those again once I get done with next school year's planning. 😃
  15. Thanks. Yes, my oldest had a good year of modern history only with primary sources from the later years already. For my youngest, we covered that but too early to be transcripted (and he probably won't remember), so I will have to revisit it. There really is so much material and so little time!
  16. Are you doing the RC Sproul book by chance? I think we are going to do Dust to Glory and I was contemplating making it for credit.
  17. OP, if by Plato you mean The Last Days of Socrates, there is an audio (sort of theatre version) of it that I liked. It does skip very small sections, but nothing of real significance. I plan on using it for my youngest next year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBwymEgmeAU If you ask me, reading Herodotus' and Livy's books was harder. 😃
  18. Stupid question, but how do you know this is the same book? The author isn't listed--this one has an editor instead? I think I can get the 1999 for around $9?
  19. Thank you! The 2002 Government Text is on Amazon for over $500. Yikes! Did you use the 2000 or 2002?
  20. Ha! No, we aren't reading all the Federalist papers or anti-federalist papers. I think the reading was about 10 (correction--9) federalist papers and about 10 Anti-federalist papers. I'll have to see how DeTocqueville goes--I am currently reading it (I read ahead and answer the questions myself first so we can discuss it when he reads it.). Based on the study guide, we are supposed to read about 14 chapters of Volume 1 and all of volume 2. So far, I have read only the preface, intro. and two or three pages of Chapter 1. LOL. The version I have is pretty easy to read, but it is a *lot* of re
  21. I feel like I am dealing with a history/government version of the film "Inception" and I need an external brain to help me figure it out. My kids will both read these as part of their history: Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Articles of the Confederation, Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers, Common Sense, The Wealth of Nations, Democracy in America (DeTocqueville), Representative Government (Mills) and hopefully, Communist Manifesto. Many of these could/should also be read with government and economics. How do you handle this? They will already have read them, answered
  22. Unfortunately, I have seen this too. In the case of my friend whose husband was narcissistic and manipulative, they did not understand that his threat of suicide was symptomatic of his desire to control her. They let the husband/wife seek their own counseling instead of making sure they went to counselors who were skilled in abuse and issues with p*rn addiction. He might not have been schitzophrenic or bipolar, etc. but he definitely had NPD or something along those lines. They just kept trying to treat it as a run of the mill marriage issue. Unfortunately it predictably escalated. It went
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