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  1. Yes, I have never watched the whole thing at one time/week/month. I watched it as needed. 😃 When I received the new TWSS the only thing I watched was the sections I hadn't seen yet. So I actually haven't re-watched the instructions for the first six models.
  2. Help with acronyms? EE= Elegant Essay?? (If so, several of us commented on this up thread) CT in USH with American Odyssey = Critical Thinking in U.S. History with The American Odyssey (K12)??? If it is the K12 book, do you use the whole thing? Thanks for clarifying!
  3. SICC=Student Writing Intensive Continuation Course If this helps, IEW has a 100% money back, no time limit guarantee on everything they sell. It doesn't matter if you have used part of it, they will let you return it if you don't like it and they even pay return shipping. The only catch is you must buy direct from them. If you are worried about shipping cost, they offer free shipping the first week of July. IEW has a for sale section on their forum so you could also try that.
  4. I responded on the other thread. The SWIs and SICCs have not been changed. The videos are the same. The TWSS has been updated, as noted upthread. It is the same essential content, but it has many extras and all the video has been reshot.
  5. The SWIs and SICCs are unchanged. The TWSS has been totally redone. The essential content is still there but there is additional material and all the footage is new.
  6. This is good to know. Did you use the videos at all? I am wondering if you still felt lost even with those in the mix.
  7. I hear you. I have fiddled with every history year since we finished SOTW. We did use the Complete Book of U.S. history one year with a bunch of other things. ETA: I do have a complete set of Chester Comix.
  8. bump. Anyone? I am pretty overwhelmed by the amount of texts that exist and the prices. I had thought maybe I would get something that my own kids could use in high school since I don't like the Notgrass but the Glencoe will be way out of date by then and the others seem to be college level (?)
  9. do you have a favorite American History resource?
  10. I am almost afraid to ask because I need easy history for next year for my youngest, and was planning the AtB Notgrass you mentioned. But go ahead and tell me. What did you hate about it? My issue is I have so much to plan for next year I am scared to add another thing for me to plan but I have fiddled with every history we have ever done (or added to it) since we finished SOTW. That makes me feel a bit uneasy about this.
  11. @Chelli Do you feel like the Dociani and the MIF Course 1 was enough for your child to move on to Algebra next year or are you going to finish the MIF Courses? I've got MIF Course 1 on hand for my middle child, so I'm trying to figure out how to get her through Pre-Algebra quickly since MIF takes three years to do so and she doesn't have that amount of time. It won't let me quote so I copied and pasted. We were in the same situation. My oldest finished MIF 5A/5B in 5th, and we did Course 1 in 6th (and Pre-A in 7th). I didn't see any reason why we would put off Algebra I until 9th based on how he had done, and I didn't see any easy way to accelerate through Course 2 and 3 in one year based on how Course 1 had gone. I didn't skip problems and such in Course 1 though. (ETA: I was told Courses 1-3 = Pre-Algebra.) A friend also brought up that it was good to get the children used to a traditional math textbook. So I decided to search on here for an appropriate Pre-A book. Dolciani came up as an option, so we went for that. We didn't have trouble with it. It is very different from MIF in that there is not nearly so much instruction before the lessons, but so far that has largely been okay. My oldest just finished Pre-A and I am now going over some of the statistics material from Course 2 to supplement it. Due to the age of the Dolciani book, some of the more recent statistics methods are not in there (box and stem plots, etc.) so we are spending a few days to go over that material before moving on. I do own both Course 2 and Course 3 and did a side by side comparison of concepts with the Pre-A just to see the differences. I hope this helps?
  12. I am tasked to teach a semester co-op class where the students will be using this text. I will be doing my own activities in class to reinforce concepts, etc. I am finding the Notgrass task deficient in some concepts. Can you recommend a text that I can use for my own purposes and/or a website where I can print supplemental materials for them? I saw these on other threads. Thoughts? Principles of Economics by Makiw Glencoe Economics: today and tomorrow Economics: Principles, Problems and Policies by McConnell
  13. These are my personal hits and misses. My kids are still in the "all school is tedious and boring" phase. Hits Human Odyssey 3 with Oxford University Press' Pages from History Books--I really appreciated the rounded view all the primary sources brought to the history Dolciani Pre-Algebra and Math in Focus Course 1 ACS Middle School Chemistry--I really enjoyed this and felt this was well-written and hands-on. My only complaint would be all the supplies but I am used to that with science curriculum. Latin for Children C--I only wish they had extra worksheets like they did for A and B. All about Spelling. Youngest finished Level 7 and we are done! Yay! Misses: My oldest *hates* Latin Alive. We did LFC A and B so I thought it would be a good transition. He is doing fine but he hates, hates it. He refuses to watch the videos. Alas, it is super hard to change gears at this point. So Latin Alive 2 is coming next year. Then we are stopping Latin. Lost Tools of Writing. I love the ANI chart idea, and generally, the outline for a persuasive essay is good. However, IMO this produces very simplistic writing and moves super slow. There is not enough there about style. If I had forced the kids to use the style they had learned through IEW, we might have been better off. Because I didn't, we lost ground. We spent about half a school year on this to do the entire book. I really think the pacing is too slow for a junior high student with prior writing exposure. My other potential complaint is that it is written based on responses to literature but no suggestions are given (other than the three examples). Not every story lends itself well to this approach. Suggestions would have been nice. We figured it out though. If I had it to do over, I would teach the ANI, the outline, and then use the IEW stylistic techniques with it. The Elegant Essay. Oh boy. We have liked IEW, but I don't like this book. We didn't actually finish, truth be told. I don't like the part to whole approach to this book. My kids have been through a lot of IEW (SICC-A and SICC-B, and a bunch of others) but this is so different from everything else. I disliked toggling between the student book and teacher book to present the lessons effectively. My kids disliked writing conclusions and introductions for papers they did not have. I understand that they were trying to teach the pieces before teaching the whole, but I think that teaching approach doesn't work well with my kiddos. I talked with three different IEW tutors and none of them teach it the same way, and only one teaches it as written. There are some really useful pieces here but the delivery didn't match our needs. The Geography Coloring Book--I thought this would be an easy addition to our week and a means of review, but I am not convinced anything is sticking and I *hate* that they printed almost all the way to the inner binding. It won't lay flat if you want it to, and if you had them cut the binding off, you would lose part of the page. IMO poorly formatted for a coloring book.
  14. We did LFC starting in 4th for my youngest (5th for my oldest). Oldest skipped LFC-C and did Latin Alive 1. Youngest is doing LFC-C. That said, I just picked up First Form Latin Book Four and I love the format. LFC made sense since we had done Song School, but if you expect to be doing Latin through high school level, it really does make sense to look at both programs.
  15. My current career is homeschooling my children. 😃 Prior to that, I worked as an environmental consultant. I did site assessments, regulatory compliance assistance, and permitting. My dream job post-homeschooling is to be a naturalist. 😃
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