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  1. It will be on The Ohio Channel once they post it. It sounded like it would be mid-week, so possibly Wed or Thursday. They will post it here:
  2. In Ohio they are not expecting a peak until the end of April, so the advice that came out of the national press conference may not apply here. Of course everyone should be super cautious and do what they can to stay in as much as possible, but the advice to not go to the store for two weeks (given at the conference last night) seems to be geared towards those states who will be peaking in the next two weeks. That said, YMMV. There are tremendous differences in models. I just saw a post on FB that said this person thinks Ohio will peak in two days. The Ohio health director (Amy Acton) just said late April. That's a huge difference, and has everything to do with the underlying assumptions of the models. FYI, Ohio residents: she will be doing a modeling 101 later this week in one of the 2 p.m. press conferences and discuss the model in detail.
  3. Could I get an update on this? Is it better to have a physical teacher's text (and can I buy an old edition)? Where did you buy your kit and did you get the Homeschool Package? Thank you!!!!
  4. My dh's family always goes to FL every year and they plan (planned?) to go at the end of May. We were going to drive down and see them and then see my brother in south Florida. I am 100% this is now off. At least, there is no way I will go to FL in late May. I am not sure how my in-laws will feel about going--they have already paid for the rental. I am not sure how that works. Anyway, we hadn't rented anything yet, which is fortunate. I guess this is a spin-off, but has anyone given thought to what they will use that "freed" vacation time for now that they can't travel?
  5. Same here. Yesterday was the first time it timed out for us. I only have three more weeks of class so I think I will just try doing back to back meetings in the free service.
  6. we read these years ago. Recommended in SOTW I believe: To be honest, I don't remember the content.
  7. There is a local group that are gathering them called Sew masks 4 Cincy. You could try googling your city name and masks.
  8. I don't sew, but I did find this? The thing I am not sure about is I am hearing it is hard to find elastic right now.
  9. People are also asking for these because the elastic digs into their ears/skin.
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