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  1. With my first we used Abeka phonics, next two used All About Reading. AAR is hands down our fave. I wouldn't want to teach reading any other way. The pre-level is perfect for younger kiddos that want to learn but still need some pre-reading skills.
  2. My dd took the SAT on 8/28 also. No prep-- just wanted to see where our baseline was. Not sure if that was a good idea or not as she felt pretty defeated afterwards. Oh well, first kid. I'm trying. 😜
  3. This, I facilitate and I outsource. I don't have time to read everything or be a master of all they are learning. This works best for us.
  4. I am wondering if something is off with my access. I only have the right side of what you have listed here, not the left (unit resources). I am not seeing any worksheet pages, can't find any assessments, no audio files . . . I am not sure what is going on. Last year I was teaching and had access to everything but this year I only have the Lampost package . . . what am I missing?
  5. We use Mr D. My ds is taking Geometry this year (live classes just started this week). It is a great fit for my average math students.
  6. We are conservative Christians and believe in following the Bible. Therefore, we believe that sex is beautiful within the confines of the marital relationship. That said, premarital sex is a sin, but not the end of the world. I am very aware of purity culture. We keep open conversations with our kids-- that God created a certain plan that involves us remaining pure in all aspects of lives-- of heart, mind and body. Sexual purity is not to become an idol and people who have made mistakes or those who have had that taken from them are not broken or second class.
  7. This is tough... immersion is by far the best way to learn a language -- but it is also nearly impossible to recreate outside of actually being with a native speaker for LARGE chunks of time. Once or twice a week in a class is not going to create a true immersion experience. This is why most go the textbook route. It can be accomplished more easily and steadily. Conversation with a fluent or native speaker is necessary with the text to make any kind of conversation progress. That said, I am not familiar with ULAT and how it works, so no help on that front.
  8. Quite a few changes but I think we are all set now. The tutorial we were planning didn't work out but we will be getting together with 2 of dd's best friends for weekly writing and science so that should be good. I am also teaching a weekly Spanish conversation club in my home so I am excited about that as well. We start next week and I am not ready to let go of summer. I just ordered the last of our materials yesterday . . . never have I been this behind in planning. This will be our 12th year homeschooling and ugh ... I am the least prepared I have ever been.
  9. This looks like it would be helpful for our family. Thank you for posting.
  10. This can be a super frustrating experience. We have been there. I usually say something along the lines of "We decided long ago that we would reassess every year and wherever our kid would get the best education and experience-- that is what we would do. As of now that has been homeschooling." My mind is not super closed to brick and mortar school but as long as homeschooling is the best choice it will be our choice. And I don't see that changing. As my kids have gotten older and people see how awesome they are becoming as humans 😉 I face less backlash from those that know us. But when you don't have a fabulous 11th grader to parade around as "personal proof of the benefits of homeschooling" it can be a bit trickier. 😜 Stay strong. It is your choice whether to engage or ignore, but either way, be sure to have a conversation with your child who witnessed it. You don't want doubts to wiggle into their minds.
  11. One more question! I see the premium option has the workbook online in an "interactive format" -- does this grade it? If so, it may be worth $20... Includes all activities from the Cuaderno: practica por niveles in an interactive format.
  12. The did you get it pages are the workbook pages we used for reinforcement. Is there access to tests/quizzes, test audio files/text audio files?
  13. So how do you get access to the teacher materials if the homeschool kit is out of print and they only are selling the student edition?
  14. Did you click on "review lesson 1"? on my teacher's account there are corresponding workbook pdf's there.
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