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  1. 15 minute DDPY this morning. Then 2 miles of easy walking with my students. After work was 4 miles of hiking through snow/slush/ice with a friend. That was a much harder workout.
  2. So sorry. Afraid I have been there, done that before 4 years ago my 25 dd had 10 hours if under full sedation dentistry as that was the only way they could do the work. I had to drive 3 hours away to have it done. Last week....she had an extraction done locally with no Ativan and just the nitrous. This new office is amazing....and lets her take her bearded dragon with her....yes, the live animal kind. When her stress level is high she can become very combative/violent bit is generally very very good.....until she isn't. Ativan helps. The promise of fast food of her ch
  3. I love seeing so many of you have tried this.....and lived to tell about it.
  4. Have you tried Bogs, muck Boots or mudruckers brands?
  5. I am honestly not too worried about the hike We will just be carrying water, snacks and a few emergency supplies. The trail crosses several public roads so we can always get a pick up if needed. We regularly walk/hike 3-4 miles at a time several days a week in this weather already. We have done longer hikes in warmer weather carrying packs. And yes, the vehicles (likely 4 wheel drive trucks) will carry the gear and be parked where we camp. We will just have someone drop us off at the other end and we will hike to camp. While this is a stretch for me, it is not a winter hiking
  6. We would have at least 2, if not 3 4 wheel drive trucks.
  7. We aren't tied to backpacker food for this trip for smores over the fire, I will bring a grill so maybe pancakes and eggs in the morning...as mine as a griddle section. Who knows. Maybe a nice stew. Oatmeal. Hot chocolate or tea. Last time I went with this group even though we hiked back to the car, the "rules" were only backpacker food. This is sorta learning in stages and practicing in a safer environment.
  8. That is awesome that it is working so well for you.
  9. Yes, more details are making this seem doable. And, for me, I do think that it would make me feel stronger, etc. After this, any camping adventure would seem easy.
  10. I know we won't have wall tents with a wood stove. We did discuss the 15 degree bag will keep you alive but not warm. We will get better bags to borrow and we can have several, sleep in our down long coats, wool blanket, etc. I would not do this if we were back packing and had to carry what we needed down the trail. I would look pretty funny carrying my 5 gallon bucket lug a loo with me 😄
  11. Not sure which side of the line we will fall on. We are more than willing to scrap it if the weather looks bad, low wind chills, cold rain, etc.
  12. Sorry, I can't respond to everyone personally. Camping will be with 6 adults, we would have 2-3 different 4 wheel drive vehicles which would be maybe 30 feet from our tents. We would camp on friend's niece's property in a more rural area but certainly not wilderness, think woods down a dirt road with other people on the next 20 acre lot. There would be cell service, a bon fire, grill, and a town a short distance away. My son found our tent and we set it up. Workable for what I would need and I can take along a 4' foam mattress, ground cover, zero degree (or lower) sleeping bag, ex
  13. It isn't pity for the homeless. She is a backpacker and has done a lot of camping. Just seeing them in the winter made her think that yes, we can do this too. It will be a group of 6, 3 guys, 3 women.....me, friend, her niece, friends brother, niece's husband and a friend's son. Several of them are very experienced outdoorsman.....and we will be about 30 feet from at least 2 4 wheel drive vehicles, have cell service, and be just a short distance outside of town.
  14. So far a 20 minute hip, knee and back DDPY and then a 45 minute walk outside.
  15. Thanks. I almost never watch TV, but this might be worth a watch.
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