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  1. Thanks for the reviews. Do you dare link the other one? Trying to figure out which would work best on my lower back.
  2. That is what I was afraid of with the hand held ones. Neither of my kids would want to hold it for me. I might need to buy a tennis ball and tube sock once we can get out and about again. The pillow one looks promising.
  3. No. I wish I had a kid willing to scratch my back or drive cars over it
  4. I would love to hear from someone that has actually used one on how well it works.
  5. I am looking for BACK for backs, not other purposes. Something handheld. Every time I try to look online I either end up seeing these huge percussion things that I could never lift or ones designed for "other" purposes. Any suggestions?
  6. Weird question but did they image her upper arm and shoulder? Can she move her arm from her shoulder well? I ask as when I was 6 I fell out of bed and fractured my elbow and collarbone but they didn't x ray everything and missed the elbow. I am just wondering if maybe there is something else going on they are missing.
  7. Will her primary do telemed and see about an antibiotic until she can be seen? Sounds like pneumonia.
  8. I ordered my daughter a new iPad to help with online learning (hers is 9 years old). The iPad came a day early (2 days), the case that was supposed to come the same day is now 3 days later, and the wireless keyboard and mouse are right in schedule (5 days). I did have to order a case they had, not the one she wanted, as that one was 4+ weeks out and I wasn't going to risk an iPad with no case that long. We will just order the other one later and be fine when ever it gets here
  9. I am still giving to my church and several missionaries that I send extra support to (above what they get from the church). I have sent food money to Haiti to help with a ministry there I support. On a local level we have helped with the food bank and bought food for a specific special elderly lady that should not be going out and about.
  10. Could you ask a neighbor to fill jugs for you if their water is safe? Or if it is warm enough, just fill it from their outside spicit so there is no contact
  11. DHHS sent a letter that her Medicaid ends because her SSI disability ended and call Social Security. Social Security says her SSI IS ACTIVE and call DHHS. I have uploaded a bazillion documents but can't talk to a live person until Monday. I have had her refill all her prescriptions as much as she can and we will hope for the best.
  12. My biggest issue is dealing with the local DHHS office for Medicaid and food program and social security for disability for my young adult daughter that is in her own apartment. The people are nice but phone only and I can't just bop into places to get the proofs they need of various things. I am fighting the erroneous notice that my daughter (seizures, mito myopathy, and asthma) will lose her Medicaid next Wednesday. Since everyone is working remotely I can't have person A call office person B, etc
  13. We're you able to lock in at that really low interest rate? Worse case, could you rent your other house out?
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