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  1. If it is a home study/foster care thing, don't fret it too much. They know kids live in the house. There is a joke in the foster circles about everything being perfect your first home visit, picked up the second, and after a few more you are doing great if you have a bra on and your teeth brushed.
  2. Ugg. Can this be done if he set up the accounts originally with his email? Can I just do it if he logs in, I send him out of the room and set up the parental controls with the pin without him knowing the pin? It is social media he doesn't need to be on right now.
  3. I have one that has trouble with the internet lately. Currently x box one is in time out. I seriously don't mind the game playing and I can set the router for a certain time frame. My issue is all of the other things you can do on an x box. I found out the hard way you can FB message and watch you tube. Is there anything that can be accessed via an x box? Again, I don't mind some time gaming, I just want to know what else I need to monitor, try to block, etc.
  4. I would go given the health of aging family members. Any chance you can "phone a friend" and ask them to drive you there (either in your car or you paying expenses). That way you have company on the ride and you could hit online stores to order the gifts you still need.
  5. We don't have apple but this is what makes monitoring electronics for vulnerable kids so hard. I know many will say to stay involved with your kids, etc. and on and on. I have, and I do stay involved but I still need the way to block contact with 1-2 toxic people....and that seems almost impossible to do.
  6. correct that I missed. Maybe they can test his levels again. It certainly won't cure everything but I have often found that each piece of the puzzle is important to getting the big picture right.
  7. I am not familiar with this particular form, but I do know that in some cases VIt B shots can help as can some antipsychotic medications. You need someone experienced in elder care though as meds can react differently in the elderly than they do in younger people.
  8. I had an Aussie rescue for over 10 years. She was a great dog. She never months could go by between hearing her bark...and then if she did, it was something serious. That said, I lived on a horse farm for the first 9 years we had her. She had free roam of the farm, went on 4+ mile horseback rides (running alongside the horses), sat on her hill watching the horses, gently herded the chickens, etc. I never had her be unsafe with any kids but I also never let her along with preschool kids. I loved her and as an Aussie I could talk her for walks off leash (where allowed) and she stayed right by me. That said, I don't think a younger Aussie would be good for inside the house or someone not prepared to give them a job and lots of exercise.
  9. I am in the middle of a basement finishing project.....2 bedrooms, kitchenette, living room, and bath. That means all furniture is in storage blocking my tree. I spend every weekend and evening working in projects to save me money doing the painting. I could likely set up the tree by the 23rd but I also have extra furniture and glass from the coffee tables in the LR. I have no desire or energy for this
  10. I agree. One carpet salesman once told me to take the dirtiest part of my current carpet and buy that color.😊. It works.
  11. I read the review....and got to see your picture 😀. Now I want to read more of your reviews as you think like me. I didn't read the book and obviously don't need to. I struggle as so many "Christian" books out there aren't Biblical and/or aren't worth reading.
  12. I agree with making this space what you want it too matter what is "correct" or fashionable. If you want to add plants and/or a game table, do so. Put the TV somewhere that is easy for you to view it. The vinyl plank flooring is a great idea. My mom has it for her power wheelchair and it looks brand new even after last winter and her big power chair rolling all over it. Then you could putter with plants, etc and not worry about spilling dirt or water.
  13. Candlelight service at church. Then we head home for snacks/finger foods. Each child gets to choose one thing. This year I know we will have bbq meatballs in the crock pot, chicken n a biscuit crackers with dip, and whatever the 2 guys chose. Then I might fill in with what I want.
  14. I would think of what size you need. I actually have 3 crock pots in different sizes as I use them for different things. Going from a family of 9 (when I had lots of fosters) to just 2-3 of us eating has really changed what I need. I like keep warm, low, high. That is all I need. I would have liked a snap on lid for transporting but other than that, simple is base.
  15. BlsdMama...there are some really nice and affordable portable ramps that are sturdy enough for use with power mom is a large woman in a 350#+ chair. We have these ramps to get my mom into my house and my brother's house. They have ones from 2ft for thresholds up to 12+ feet. See if there is a disability "closet" in your area. We have Alternatives In Motion which can lend out chairs, Ramps, other equipment, etc for as long as someone needs it my MIL had stuff from one "closet" for over 5 years and when she didn't need it anymore, I returned it.
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