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  1. But that takes SO much longer....and I am using fat squares or whatever fabric my daughter had so I don't even have long pieces of fabric....except maybe an old sheet. I will use elastic for a few of the masks that are just worn once in a great while....nieces and nephews that will rarely be out in public.
  2. This whole thing is out to frustrate me. Between moves I lost/gave away my rotary cutter and mat. All of my elastic, bias tape, fabric, etc. I inherited a nice little machine from my MIL and have random thread. I got some elastic from a friend of my late MIL and bought fabric off my daughter. I am still trying to figure out the easiest way to make ties, ear loops or ???? Out of the pieces and parts I have here. One of my goals for this year was to see a small project.....I was not thinking covid masks for my entire extended family.,
  3. That is where I was (am). Something is better than nothing and I hope to keep everyone except me out if any stores, public places.
  4. Instead of Lysol wipes, you might be able to find the Lysol concentrate yellow liquid) and mix up your own spray using a spray bottle (usually found in plant /garden section). Or check local hardware stores or restaurant supply stores. In our area, the small local mom and pop stores have had TP, Kleenex, paper towels, etc more consistently than the big box stores.
  5. A few things. In our state, kids with medicaid are assigned a doctor in your area. That one might be better ...or worse than the one you currently have. It might be an option to check out the assigned one, and if better, move all the kids there. If worse, move the new kids to your current practice. For the family visit you didn't like, the office might have done that thinking you preferred it that way. Some families come in with 2,3,4 or more kids at a time and want them all seen basically together for physicals, sports physicals, etc. Next time, just call and make an appointment for child A on one day and then call another time to make an appointment for child B a different day. Or specifically mention the kids don't want to be in the room together.
  6. I would call but likely go in. I know our doctors office is doing well people visits in the am and sick visits in the pm with lots of precautions.
  7. I am trying to get in as much outdoor time as I can. My goal for this year (set back Jan 1st) was to visit all 70 parks in our township/city/village area. My daughter and I did 3 of them today. We biked to two different ones and then this evening drove to one we had never been to before. It was a small nature reserve that was completely empty.
  8. The tsunami example is a good one. In Michigan we are preparing for the worst to hit in 1-2 weeks. Hospitals are working as hard as they can to make room for more ICU beds, etc. Everything non essential is cancelled. My friend who is currently on family practice is taking a leave of absence starting later this week to work as a hospitalist (ICU doc) in a hospital about an hour from her home. It is all hands on deck preparedness and she likely will not be able to return home to her family for weeks or more. Another friend's husband is an ER doc in another local hospital. He gets ONE mask a day right now. They just do not have the protective gear they need. I wish this was a hoax but it is not.
  9. I have been eating more onions and garlic. It has nothing to do with any health benefits. It has everything to do with the fact that the food pantry my son works for had an over abundance of onions and we ended up with a ton. I don't want to see anything go to waste so I am using what I can. Later this week I will likely cut up a bunch and freeze them before they go bad. Then I throw them in soups and chili and cook up with ground beef, etc
  10. That is generally me too....I might fall apart later, and I am a sap at books, movies, commercials, etc. But in the midst of a crisis, I chug along.
  11. I am on target. I am doing a 180 day overview of the entire Bible. Then I will do a read through the NT for the rest of the year. If anyone is doing the read through the NT in a year my friends husband is a pastor and doing an awesome commentary every day. He posts it on the church's FB page. Search for Vogel Center Christian Reformed Church
  12. I agree. I have mood disorder, depression, cognitive impairments, autism spectrum, and fetal alcohol here in my house. Trying to keep things as normal and sane as possible.
  13. In Michigan the Bridge card (food card) is spread out over the month with different case # getting their benefits different days of the month. The WIC thing can be an issues as they are approved to buy say chunk cheese in only certain varieties. They can not buy shredded or sliced or 6oz or 12 oz if WIC only approves 8oz packages same with might be cheerios ...but only the 18oz box ...not bigger or smaller, just that particular size and flavor.
  14. What has the world come to? Dumpster diving for TP🤣
  15. And here I am frozen with indecision on what mask pattern to use. I have the fabric and 1/4 flat elastic that could be cut down to 1/8. I could make fabric ties out of sheets. 2 moves and somewhere I lost my rotary cutter and cutting mat and most of sewing supplies so I have no ribbon or bias tape, etc. I just need someone to hand me the pattern and say THIS is the one to make. It is just for personal, non medical, no symptom use. We have possibly already had covid as I has a weird pneumonia just before this all blew up and they were testing.
  16. And doesn't this use up a lot more water between the bidet and extra well as time?
  17. I am not too far from you....maybe 45 minutes west. Stores here have way too many people in them.......2-3 adults with a bunch of small children (when one adult could go in and the other adult stay at home/outside with the kids). At parks though, it seems to be going well....ok, except for the lakeshore parks and boardwalk/beaches. I am seeing WAY more people out on our local bike paths than I normally do, BUT it is small family groups, couples or single people. Everyone passes far apart and leaves space. I went to a local county park yesterday and today and people were all very far apart, playground taped off, etc.
  18. She is trying to prevent her elderly father with diabetes from going out....and GOING OUT he will for TP....his own package, not just extra rolls from other people. He is very stubborn and independent. AND FRUSTRATING to my friend.
  19. Is that TOTAL hospital bed needed.....or just COVID beds needed? Hospitals are still treating those with congestive heart failure, influenza, heart attacks, urgent surgery, trauma, mothers giving birth, etc. Also, numbers here are taking a few days to get back so I know someone that was hospitalized with it but was being released about the time the test results came back a few days lag time (but that might be getting shorter as more/better/faster testing is happening).
  20. That is awesome. I miss seeing my friends too. Phone is not the same. I had saved up 2 personal days at work to go north and hike with a friend I rarely get to see. Now school is cancelled....but she is in the medical field so will be working on the front lines and likely not have much time off until this is well over.....and we can't get together now anyway.
  21. My dear friend spent hours today going to 10 different stores in 2 different cities looking for TP for her parents. There HAS to be a better way to do this. That meant, even though she was super careful, that she went into 9 more stores than was needed to get essential shopping done. Times that by hundreds of other people looking for just this one item that no one can find and there is SOOO much more exposure and shopping than really needs to be done. Does anyone have any great ideas for how stores or shoppers could handle this? Stores in our area are already limiting it to 1 pack per person. Do you think that big box stores could put the TP up front right by the doors and then have a sign up when it is gone? Maybe smaller stores could have some sort of sign on the door to show if they have TP in stock? Green for YES TP ON SHELF or Red for NO TP? I can see calling smaller local stores to ask but that won't work for places like Target, Walmart, bigger grocery stores, etc. If the goal to is to discourage shopping and unnecessary trips, then someone needs to figure the TP situation out.
  22. In Michigan, it is hard to get tested unless you are quite I do think it is reasonable to think that 1/2-2/3 of the people TESTED might need a hospital bed. Now, there are likely many times more people that will NOT be tested as they aren't sick enough to need urgent medical care.....and therefore aren't in the counts of those "active cases" or "beds needed" counts. I had a weird pneumonia several weeks ago that left me very short of breath. Flu was negative. It might have been COVID??? Obviously we won't know, unless at some point they do antibody tests, because there was no COVID testing in our area then.
  23. Well, there was the FB post today about how all vaccines are now made in China and funded by Bill Gates and this is a ploy to injure us with vaccines and lower the population growth rate.
  24. They claim the uppers are totally 100% waterproof.
  25. For farm chores my Mudruckers held up very well....better than my kids bogs. I ordered them from a farm supply company.
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