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  1. I would think of what size you need. I actually have 3 crock pots in different sizes as I use them for different things. Going from a family of 9 (when I had lots of fosters) to just 2-3 of us eating has really changed what I need. I like keep warm, low, high. That is all I need. I would have liked a snap on lid for transporting but other than that, simple is base.
  2. BlsdMama...there are some really nice and affordable portable ramps that are sturdy enough for use with power mom is a large woman in a 350#+ chair. We have these ramps to get my mom into my house and my brother's house. They have ones from 2ft for thresholds up to 12+ feet. See if there is a disability "closet" in your area. We have Alternatives In Motion which can lend out chairs, Ramps, other equipment, etc for as long as someone needs it my MIL had stuff from one "closet" for over 5 years and when she didn't need it anymore, I returned it.
  3. As a fire foster parent it sounds like they might be closer to a removal this time. That said, nothing is ever for sure in foster care.
  4. Yes. This. Have kid find an easy recipe and then help prepare it for the family....even very young children can help.
  5. Can you appeal the amount they will give you? Look online locally for cars of the same make/model/year/features, etc to get a true idea of the cars worth. If it is more than they are offering you, fight it.
  6. Absolutely. My mom is in a power chair and I worked with many students in power chairs. They can make lots of adjustments to them...and then readjust as your needs change. My mom wishes she had known about the cell phone charger option when she got hers. She complained a few days into her new chair that it didn't support her thighs correctly...I told her they could adjust it. She didn't believe me but asked anyway, and yep, a simple adjustment made it so much more comfortable.
  7. That would be a plan....maybe sometime if i drive through your neck of the woods. Benjamin though is still a very cute pooper
  8. That is what I was going to say....while slurping in my large Coke from McDonalds...which along with the cheeseburger and fries was my reward for surviving the day. I do have to say, Benjamin is such a cutie. If you were closer I would totally do respite for you.
  9. What about some real tools to start their own tool boxes? Then go to Goodwill or other thrift store and ask for non working electronics. Cut the cord off and let them take them apart and see the insides, etc. Older mechanical things are great to take apart too. Just as long as they realize they may NOT take apart any items without permission.
  10. Motivated Mom's is what works here....when I do it. She is developing an app as well.
  11. I got buy one, get one ferry tickets to Mackinac island for our vacation next year. I might buy the $50 Logan's, get $20 extra gift use to take my friends that helped with my daughter's wedding out for supper.
  12. Here is a peak flow you can order for under $15. Peak flow meter Here is an oximeter as well. Oximeter I would get both...either privately or through your doctor/insurance. Then talk to the doctor about an asthma action plan. You do the peak flows daily and then when they move from the green to the yellow you start............ and ............... meds. If they go to the red zone you do .......................... and head in to ER/urgent care. Each person has their own individual plan but following one can really help avoid hospital stays, ER visits, etc. My daughter needs to start her inhalers at the very first sign of a cold. Doing so can help her avoid it getting bad. We then keep them up for 1-2 weeks after the cold is better. Some kids need them regularly all winter or during certain allergy seasons or ............
  13. My elderly, in a power wheelchair, mom has an apple watch as well. It will call my brother and I in case of an emergency and if we don't answer, 911. It ended up being cheaper than those buttons for the elderly AND it works outside of her home which is great.
  14. There are tiny handwarmers that go inside your mittens or gloves. Also, what types of activities are you doing outside? My insulated leather gloves were quite warm. You might try checking a farm/outdoor supply place vs. a typical department/big box store. They might not be as fashionable BUT they are designed to keep your hands warm.
  15. Ottakee

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    Sorry for everything you are going through. You might not be ready for this book now, or ever, but this is the best book I have ever read in grief. It's Not Fair
  16. I don't know if they still do this but platex, tampax, etc used to send out small variety packages to young girls along with a booklet about their periods, etc. Might be worth seeing if you could get several of those so that she can try a wide variety without you needing to buy bug boxes of several types.
  17. I agree that is breathing is that hard you need the ER. If you can't breathe, NOTHING else matters. You might need an oral steroid burst and a script for more nebulizer supplies. Do you have a peak flow meter? An oximeter? If not, ask around to get your hands on them. They are both fairly cheap and can be gotten without a prescription. They will give you an objective view of your breathing. Again, if you have to think to breathe, you need the ER now
  18. I fell to the pressure of the HIVE as well and just ordered one for my daughter's kitchenette.
  19. For a gas range, check out the GE Adora I LOVED mine at my old house. Miss it so much that we are ordering another one today for my new house. The center griddle is awesome and super easy to clean. You can buy a center grate and a cast iron griddle for it as well. For dishwashers, I recently got a Bosch one with a 3rd rack way at the top. I can honestly say that I wish I had saved the money and gone without that extra rack. It makes it shorter for the cup area and I rarely use it. In theory it is nice, but reality is, the kids aren't going to open up yet another rack and carefully put their silverware up there. The baskets are much more user friendly. Home depot has extra savings this weekend as well if you buy 2 or more appliances.
  20. My girls used the Tampax Plus lite ones----or whatever the most expensive Tampax ones in the smallest size were.
  21. Have you asked for an inhaler? Might be a cough variant asthma triggered by being ill.
  22. So far we have the stove picked out....50% off....the nice upgraded one with a huge griddle. Had it at our old house and miss it greatly. Then da has convinced me to go for the GOOD fridge...French door whirlpool that is 42% off. But both and get another $50 off. I have been waiting months for this deal. I also got a small air compressor for ds and the towel sets for dd's new bathroom. Tomorrow will be a tuft and needle mattress for dd, a roku, and 50% off ferry tickets for Mackinac Island for next summer. It seems like sooo much, but I have saved for over a year for some of these things and the prices are too good to pass up. Still undecided on a new iPad for dd (she has gift money saved up for one) and/or a new lap top for me.
  23. I have been spending money like crazy and this next week will likely be more. I need a new stove and fridge....great sales means buy them now. My laptop is having major likely a new laptop too. Then there are gift certificates for places we regularly go that have buy $50, get $20 bonus, etc. I buy them for myself. Kohl's had a great sale on towels I needed, so I ordered those. The list goes on and on. This are all things we need, I have budgeted for, and have the money available. Does anyone else do this too?
  24. It was Meijer....a regional store similar to super Target.
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