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  1. Sculpey clay and some idea books and tools. Stays nice and soft until you bake it. Hobby lobby often has 40% off the sets. My daughter just made an adorable nativity scene with hers.
  2. The reason I got the antibodies test was to see if I could donate plasma with antibodies which is so desperately needed. My presumed infection was too long ago so the antibodies test was negative ...but at least I donated blood for Red Cross out of it
  3. I did a 20 minute DDPY workout and then 30 minutes in the treadmill....the incline walking at 7% grade. Well, 25 minutes was forward walking and 5 minutes much slower backwards as the PT says it will help my knee.
  4. 30 minute DDPY workout and then I walked 3 miles with a friend in the woods along a lighted ski trail...that they opened up with the lights on due to covid. Missed the treadmill but that is ok.
  5. I am carefully following my medical friends. Some will be getting a vaccine in 3 weeks, others are still researching which one to get, when, etc. Some are opting to wait a few months to get it.
  6. Absolutely. I just had a friend whose mammogram this fall detected cancer (not felt by self exams). She ended up with a double mastectomy as it has spread a tiny bit. If she had waited for her mammogram, the outcomes for her would likely be very different. She is very covid cautious but said that mammogram might have saved her life .
  7. It wasn't a situation I had thought about either....until it WAS my situation. Sadly I have found I am not alone.
  8. I agree. Someone with daily seizures should certainly qualify. I had to appeal my own daughters case for 2 1/2 years and go to court ....but she won....and with back pay to the application date. In our area we have free legal aid for those with low/no income. They were a great help.
  9. 30 minute DDPY workout, then a mile hike out back with my daughter and finally a 3 mile brisk walk with a friend this afternoon.
  10. Thank you. It is a work in progress. My wish in sharing my story is to provide hope and healing for other women who have gone through similar things. If I can help even one woman, it will be worth it. Sadly, there is NOTHING out there for the women left behind by sex-offenders.
  11. I wish I knew. I struggle with that in my own blog. Our Story Goes On
  12. I did my 30 minutes of DDPY this morning. Most was doable until he got to side planks and other craziness.
  13. My day went vastly different than I thought I did NOTHING. Got together with a friend that I thought would be a 3-4 hour thing and it was almost 10 hours. Had a great time....but it was 9pm when I got home and I hadn't had lunch or supper. Yesterday I did treadmill and walked outside and did yoga so it was ok today. Back at it tomorrow.
  14. Exactly. Earlier this year I got lunches for my daughter because it gave her a sense of normalcy in an upside down covid world. I have previously gotten extra snacks from the school as my foster boys were used to getting them and again it provided normalcy and security for them. Take the lunches.
  15. I bought a kitchen aide set years ago that I am happy with. I am a homecooking type person, not gourmet at all so that might make a difference.
  16. I got in a nice 30 minute walk with the neighbor this morning while the turkey cooked. Then I did the DDPY Red Hot Core 15 minute workout while the potatoes cooked. That still kicks my butt and I have to modify a LOT...but every attempt is better than not even trying
  17. Of she might want to go outside and experience winter weather, you might ask on a local FB group to borrow winter gear for the weekend. I see that often in our area and it seems like someone always has a spare coat in the right size and some boots and even snow pants. Do you keep your house particularly colder? If so, could you turn up the heat for a few days while she is there? The blanket is a very nice gesture though too.
  18. My friend is a IEA coach and they did do some competing. This year has been so hard on her and her business due to shut downs, ever changing rules, etc. ......so we get away and go hiking.
  19. I did a 35 minute DDPY stand Up workout. It about kicked my butt. It was not intense really but much of the focus was on balance and I struggle with that. My heart rate was in the target zone almost the entire time. One to add to my list every week or so.
  20. Everyone is welcome. We are all in this together to get in a bit more movement.
  21. I love it. Nice, easy to read. The we are in this together vs I am here to rescue you is a great approach. May I forward this to the teacher I work with for our students to check out?
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