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  1. No. Animals can do significant damage to property. I just had a conversation with someone about training small dogs. Yes, they need to know to do the Sam things as large dogs, but the overwhelming attitude of small dog owners is they're wonderful just how they are and don't need to be trained. Ime: those are owners I don't want anywhere near my property. Legit service animals, yes - but their owners are more likely to be responsible and the animals are trained.
  2. What would community college opportunities be like? I know it's teaching, but would conditions be better?
  3. I was sure I had a uti. It burned. Dr did a culture since my sample was clean. Acidic urine will burn like the Dickens. 1/2 tsp of baking soda in warm water 2x a day for several days will neutralize acidity in the body.
  4. don't do red. it's amazing how many more accidents there are. people just don't "see" it, it's like the brain just doesn't register its there. dh had a red car - he also had the exact same car in white.
  5. carpet, paint, and appliances are EASY to replace. (and most people will replace carpet and/or paint before they move in.) I've found people tend to get too hung upon them. general maintenance. is it clean? is stuff away from the foundation?. condition of grout. cabinetry. things that cost more to fix/replace. there was one house we looked at- immaculate condition, which boded well for any future surprises - but it was also last in style in the 1960s/1970s. are there enough outlets - where are they? ethernet ports (I have a family of geeks who don't use wireless. and whine about internet speed...)
  6. you can always ask. and I would never feel comfortable having an agent represent both buyer and seller. that can easily morph into a conflict of interest. My dd had to fire an agent who was friends with the seller/agent. (she was doing things not in their interest - but friendly to the seller/agent. I encouraged them to report her to her broker.)
  7. I remember when we didn't have smog here. I could see the logging roads in the Olympics from my house. I haven't seen them in years. that avatar pic was taken at patti's when susan came out. roflol.
  8. I like blue... but what shade of blue? 😜
  9. nothing dark. I'm hesitant about gray. my fireplace hearth and kitchen backsplash are travertine - but I'm tempted to do a very light slate blueish in the kitchen. I have silver slate floor tile in there... i'm also in the pnw (but my living/dining windows are almost full west and lack of light isn't a problem... (except in the middle of winter). ds is also begging we get "real" shades for the windows. - we're going to talk to a window covering person in dh's business networking group. he does nice work. (besides - engineer.) he's very meticulous. I'm not concerned about the quality of his work - I've seen what he's done in the past. I grew up helping my grandfather paint - it's not a concern for me. otoh: my mil.... she painted everything. doorknobs, windows were painted closed, outlets, brackets - anything that didn't move faster than she did.... while in her late 80's - she pained my sil's (where she was living at the time) extra patio chairs while she was out of town. (they were dirty... so clean them.) at least I can now laugh about her painting my bathroom scale a hideous shade of yellow... poor little bathroom scale. saw __ coming with a paint brush and didn't run fast enough.
  10. he graduates next month with a bsaae, and starts a MS in the fall. he considers these projects "easy", and is looking forward to them.
  11. if he wont' do a neti pot, he can try a steaming pot of water into which you'd dropped 5 or 6 cloves of crushed garlic. garlic contains allicin - an antimicrobial. (allicin breaks down quickly - so the crushed garlic needs to be fresh each time.) the steam will also moisturize the sinus passages and help to get things moving. 20 minutes several times a day. have him make sure he does his best to breathe through his nose so it will do better getting into his sinuses. my ND gave me a custom sinus blend essential oil - and I would sniff that. I put it in a diffuser - but it was more helpful to put it on something and actually sniff it straight. I could feel it work its way up into my sinuses. -
  12. I'm not impressed with T-Mobile either. I'm not far from their US headquarters - and we had patchy service in our house. dh and I had them for all of a weekend during one of his "I despise Verizon" moments. we now have xfinity - which uses verizon's towers. (caveat was - we had to buy new phones. but we have two landlines and internet through them.)
  13. If she wants to seek custody/placement of this child with her - I would feel more comfortable (if i were in that place) to make sure I had rights to care for the child, and no worry that some parent (whose rights hadn't been revoked) would interfere or even come and snatch the child back. I would want to be able to make medical decisions - to take the child to a dr when needed, etc. she can talk to the dss agency about what placement would entail, - and *what rights* she would have. kids need stability - they can't keep getting passed around or going back in forth in hopes mom will get sober, or that dad (who isn't on the bc?) will stay away. not saying this will happen in your case - but my friend's dd who got into drugs (thanks to her dd's ex) - od last week. fortunately, she didn't have any kids. but with drugs - it's a very real possibility, because the drugs dont' let go. another friend had her niece, and I just remember the fine line they always walked with her so as not to trigger a parent into coming and grabbing her. I'm not sure what legal standings they had with her.
  14. ds is going to do projects this summer - he's all gung ho currently to replace all outlets and switches (the outlets need to be). and how about paint first..., so need ideas for colors... I have travertine, that must be dealt with. otherwise, I have hardwood floors.
  15. I gave dudeling someone's old phone and he's on it uses sprints towers? I can control how much he uses, so it's <$15 a month. (and only because I added the minimum of data as it's better tracking. I installed life360 to track him.)
  16. sally absolutely needs to get a lawyer. frankly - I think sally would be better off in a different state - preferably VERY far away from tara, and especially druggie dad. I have a friend who took custody of her niece, they walked a very fine line to not anger unstable parents.
  17. Now preferred format is bluray, but we've switched to 4k, so we've started that. Not much available currently. Most things are stored on a server and managed with plex. ETA, I can see a difference in resolution in standard DVDs on a 4k screen vs 1080p.
  18. which is funny, because so many of the houses builders putting up in my area don't have a dedicated room. the builders may throw a big screen in a "family room/bonus" space, but they rarely wire speakers. or ethernet ports. (I spoke to a couple of these same builders/flippers, and asked where the ethernet ports were in the office. "everyone uses wireless" - um, how shall I put this - GEEKS DON'T! and you're marketing to geeks." (for both work-at-home, and entertainment) before dd moved into her house - she had it wired for ethernet. (at the time working from home required a lot of ethernet speed and capacity. wireless isn't fast enough, and will drop.) ds has wired rooms for ethernet here - especially the theater room when he was setting it up. they also put a server in there. (I love plex. no more hassling dvd's.) they use it more than us. eta: I'm not far from patty's previous area.
  19. I'd talk to them and find out which they'd prefer.
  20. I would also encourage her to take the temp job. while doing that, she can be looking for other things. most artsy people who have to work hard just to get into that world for paying gigs - have side jobs to pay the bills. they'll work as waiters or retail as they can be easier schedules to work around. she also needs to understand how much it can cost to live- in a low col areas, you still have to pay rent, and buy food. the more she learns "to do" for herself, the more her self confidence will grow. if you can help her learn to drive - that would be doing a real service. check into what would be required to help a non-related adult learn to drive. she's 21, legally she doesn't need her parents permission. however, she needs to pay for the course, and licenses. also check into insurance when she's the driver. she's not your child, so you have no obligation to pay for this. one more reason to have stable employment so she can pursue these life skills her parents have "so carefully protected" her from.
  21. yes. boys have computer desks along one wall. otherwise, it's media. just two rows of reclining sofas/chairs. the back row is on a platform so it's higher. they use it more than us, but if I'm going to just watch a movie - I appreciate it. they've also set it up so they can link up with our family room screen for LAN parties. (eight max.) there are things I'd like to do - like replace their desks with a popcorn/pop/goody station..... one day. 1ds finished it off, so it also has extra insulation to cut down on sound.
  22. I would suggest looking at your local FB page and asking ("my town ___" FB group page. people ask these types of questions all the time.). this is information that is specific to your location, and unless people live near you (or even know where you live) - they really can't be much help. even if there was a chain, it may not be in your location. and most chains are franchises - so some are good and others can be poor. I would also suggest trying yelp. I went car shopping for dd - and one we were interested in looking at was still being detailed by the dealer. they had told us it was available to look at so we went, but it was over at the garage where they do detailing. to do the detailing, they pulled everything out. they do a very deep clean including cleaning upholstery and shampooing carpets.
  23. I have no dog in this fight - but I'm stepping in about this one. you said: May "could mean" negative. may, could also mean neutral. "may" means possibility. it's not a positive.
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