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  1. except Ballmer killed the windows phone. smh. there are reasons the stock price went UP when it was announced he (Ballmer) was leaving - even though it was unknown who would replace him.
  2. and shiplap. I only watched maybe one episode (didn't enjoy it at all.) But reading elsewhere it was how they're all about shiplap. dd did go to the magnolia? store south of Dallas for a girls outing. She enjoyed it. (dd doesn't care about decorating.)
  3. yeah. it's going to go to those with an online presence that people can access, and don't have to pay an outrageous amount for shipping.
  4. he likes stories - so that could be a good bonding activity. he loves to be outside - he has a sand/water table he loves.
  5. just because 99% of people don't react to a given food allergen, doesn't mean that 1% can't be life threatening. I'm allergic to eugenol. I'm sure you've never heard of it. oil of cloves, holy basil leaf, etc.. things most people have no problem ingesting. ONE pkg of temporary dental cement (it's in all of them) had an allergy alert on its label. I used it after I popped a temporary crown over a long holiday weekend. My first clue there was a problem was when I started having trouble breathing. I was taking a lot of Benadryl just to counter it's effects. I used an adrenal supplement not realizing HBL contains eugenol. . . . it wasn't pretty. I again had those with me threatening to call 911. I've frustrated multiple drs in how I respond to things no one else responds to.
  6. given the size of the room - I'd do a regular bunk bed. (you can always do a "pull-out" mattress under the bottom bunk. how sturdy a bed is, is based on construction. I've seen regular bunks that are sturdier than some twin over full.
  7. As a pregnant woman, with no health insurance, can she apply for Medicaid? it can be retroactive.
  8. how high are the buckets? could you put a bowl (maybe 4"? tall, like a med sized bread bowl.) with a couple inches of peanut oil in the engine compartment? they get in, and can't get out because they're covered with the peanut oil. they go for the engine compartment as it is warm, and there are lots of nooks and crannies. . . . . and the filter . . . . . according to our mechanic - that's a favorite spot. (we've had to replace filters destroyed by mice on two different cars. it convinced us to NEVER buy another Nissan. it cost twice as much for the same repair at the same shop as the camry. it was all about the difference in the design of the cars.)
  9. It makes me feel good. Two weeks - they actually are excited to have me there that long. Maybe by the end, my grandson will like having me there too. (he's always been exceptionally leery of me - but loves his uncles.) I'm going in August, before dudeling's back in school (or whatever happens - the district is making noises about high school students being from home again. big eye roll. we have another IEP meeting next week.). Then I'll go again in November when the new baby is born. I was supposed to go down there for two weeks over Mother's day (so dd and I could spend it together), and help with the baby while dd was in Switzerland . . . . . we all know how that went. (her friend got married anyway - and will have a big party later. Which dd won't be able to go to.)
  10. she's working with your ds - if she get's exposed, it would be more likely by him personally than from the bathroom.
  11. these are the same people who say generics are basically the same as the brand even when it uses "slightly" different ingredients. There are RX brand names I'm fine with - the generics make me ill. so, this isn't ok with me. eta: there are reasons I read labels - so I can avoid 'sensitivities". there are things other's have no issue with (re: yeast), but I do.
  12. is the truck in an enclosed garage (or do you at least have one available?) or open? 1ds's car had extensive mouse damage. (it was $$$$ to fix). the Mechanics thought they were gone. . . . we parked it in the garage for a few nights. the first night, nothing. the second night we had three mice in our rolling-log bucket trap baited with peanut butter. the third night, we had another one. that was after not having mice in our garage for months - so they came in on his car. (he's now living with 1dd, so he can park his car in her garage.) 2ds has complained about an odd smell recently, so his is currently in the garage with the trap next to his car. (mice love peanut butter.). last winter he had one run across his windshield and dive under the hood. parked, opened the hood attempting to 'sweep' it away with a broom - and it took a flying leap into the wilds.
  13. We're not open - and our neighbors had a big party last night. half a dozen of the cars are still here this morning. (blocking where we put our trash bins.)
  14. Have you watched "North and South"? I think it's on Netflix.
  15. Boundaries are healthy. mom's set boundaries with their toddlers not following them into the bathroom all the time. we set boundaries with the dogs to not follow us in the bathroom . . . . both toddlers and dogs will sit outside the bathroom door . . . . .
  16. has to stay limber to hid from all those bigfoot hunters that chase him through the woods.
  17. Since this popped up. . . Had an interesting chat with my son last night . . . He's currently leaning towards doing a coding boot camp instead of the CPA exam . . He hasn't looked into it, just leaning that way. some charge up front, some are "free" - but expect you to be paying them after you get your first job. For the one's that want you to "income share" after you start working, find out EXACTLY what they mean, and figure out exactly how much you'll be paying. it might end up being cheaper to pay upfront for one.
  18. An unusual listing. . . . there are a lot of photos, so if you don't want to scroll through, the "interesting" pictures start around #23.
  19. Kids are more capable than we give them credit for. people's circumstances vary. what do you need done? And how many kids do you have to divide it by? I think of some of the stuff my sil had her kids do at that age while they lived on a farm. City kids really would have been screaming up a storm about how hard it was. There was one day they were loading?/marking? hogs after vaccinating them? - my then niece said "This isn't my career choice". She's a nerd, and lives in the city. Her dd is four. Another time we had just driven up, and there was a sow down by the equipment barn. Her 14 year old son was the one that chased it back to where it was supposed to be.
  20. This. I've been told many times that one day I would be sorry she was dead. It's been 25 years since my grandmother died. the ONLY thing I'm sorry about is: now I know the family history questions to ask, and she's not here to answer. Even my mother felt nothing but relief.
  21. supposedly it's a good day for Disney - as it's a lower crowd count.
  22. Dr Ramani was saying it's the narcissist who has empathy but doesn't care, not those one the receiving end of their mind games. My focus has been on understanding my grandmother.
  23. they didn't deny they did it - they claimed there was nothing wrong with what they did. What they are actually accused of (when you break down the details) was much worse than what felicity Huffman did (before she pled, but she also took responsibility..). I think their plea deal is so low because courts also want to clear their dockets right now. This isn't a case of being railroaded, or a lazy cop who doesn't want to bother actually investigating the case.
  24. There are quiet a few different types. Listening to the descriptions, my grandmother seems closest to Covert. I did like Dr. Ramani's comment. A lot of people want to defend them claiming they just dont' have empathy. Her comment was - and this is what makes this a choice vs a mental illness. They do - they dont' care to use it. There was a difference between my mil and my grandmother. I strongly believe there was something wrong in my mil's brain, and that it was out of her power. My grandmother had a lot more of a choice. I was talking with an older woman who was really wanting to learn about all of this, as it was explaining her husband and one of her daughters'. She'd had the insight many many years previously, her (now deceased) dh had something wrong in his brain that caused him to be that way - but her dd had more choice. (but was influenced by her father's behavior.) She was able to share the information with her son-in-law. He was very appreciative as it helped him to deal with his wife. (and protect the children.) years ago I did reading on TBIs and how it affects the brain and capacity. 2dd's bff (since they were 12!) is a clinical psych that specializes in TBI's. we've chatted about it a couple times.
  25. I hated Mother's Day too, even though I had kids. All the saccharine cloyingly sweet "My mother was so wonderful" talks . . . gag me with a spork! I came from a dysfunctional family that would cross over into abusive. (At the hands of the adult females that gave me their mitochondrial DNA.) I would have been happier if my mother had died and my father had lived! I had years I wouldn't go to church on Mother's Day. Give me the dead flower and chocolate and I'm gone. My favorite Mother's Day talk of all time - was a teen who gave a litany of the disasters of the week because mom was out of town for the week visiting an adult child. It was hysterical. It was funny because it wasn't meant to be - but it was reality. Now I tolerate it - my Birthday falls the first week of May (and 1ds's is the third week.) Mother's Day bounces back and forth like a game of pong. . . . We have a family dinner.
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