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  1. I tried to pm you but it didn't go through. I came across an old post while trying to figure out my plan for what to use after SOTW and came across the Oxford Press World in Ancient Times Set and could find those. In the thread you mentioned a midevil and early modern set as well. I am not particularly finding these. Can you provide links or titles for the? I would like to see what all there before deciding if I want to pursue it over the next few years. Thanks for your help.
  2. I voted accepting, but a little sad, but that mostly applies to my dh. Sometimes it just works out that a different day is better and it is what it is. I don't usually celebrate it with anyone other than dh and dd anyway.
  3. I am just checking in, we are about 30 miles from the beach as the crow flies and the eye is well north of here now. We have had winds in the 30-35 mph range and the rain has stopped for now. I heard there are only about 100 homes without power in my town which is a very small percentage.
  4. Update, dh is doing better, but I now have it. We have the Elderberry syrup and I have been taking zicam as well. We are still waiting on the hurricane which we will maybe start seeing tropical storm winds sometime tomorrow. Dh canceled the flight and will be able to reschedule anytime within the next year. Hopefully he can get through shortly after the storm to fly out. The people is actually supposed to interview won't know he isn't coming until tomorrow morning because they were out of the office Friday and closed today.
  5. So they had an instant pot on clearance for $35 at our local Walmart and I decided after all the talk to buy 1. We have been in survival mode trying to get ready for the hurricane and I have only cooked roasted carrots in it. Tonight I am planning tacos for extended family and thought I would try putting frozen ground beef into cook. I found a recipe, but it is for 2 lbs of meat and I want to make at least 3. How do I adjust the amount of water or does it stay the same. Here is the recipe I am planning to go by In general how do you adjust the amount of liquid when you change the amount of whatever it is you are cooking from the recipe and do you change the time?
  6. He is coming down with a cold, we are in the hurricane zone although it will take a direct hit south of us by the looks of things, and he is supposed to fly out for a job interview out of state Tuesday which will likely be postponed unless somehow the airport stays open. We still have stuff to do around the house to get ready and if he isn't interviewing he knows how to run a chainsaw and really wants to help what he can after a storm. Please pray also that the dd and I don't get it.
  7. Years ago someone here told me about Mark Farley, but I think they are Kindle only. He has several that would fit your description.
  8. Manfrotto makes really nice quality good tripods. I bought one several years ago and love it. I don't know what they have right now but worth looking into.
  9. Broccoli, chicken, rice, shredded cheese, milk, cornstarch, salt and pepper. I just tried this last night after looking at a few recipes. I had leftovers of all of this and just through it together. There are variations you can find online. It turned out pretty good and my dd who doesn't care for broccoli liked it.
  10. In school often times the tech degree is not as rigorous and often does not include calculus and calculus based physics. In the working world, the job is definitely more of a technician's job. It is very difficult at best to get a PE license and the pay is much lower. I had a friend when I graduated college who had just started making starting engineering salary after graduating and working with and engineering tech degree 20 years earlier. Most, but not all companies will not consider an engineering tech degree for an engineering position.
  11. Mama Geek

    DC help

    We will be visiting family about 2 hours outside of DC in late July early August and we are considering taking my dd9 into DC for a day or maybe 2. I am thinking a day for the Capitol Building, the memorials on the National Mall and the Air and Space museum of the Smithsonian one day and Mt Vernon and Arlington National Cemetery the other day. Does anyone know of any good documentaries on the monuments, the capitol building, Mt. Vernon, or Arlington National Cemetery? I have Amazon Prime, but am willing to get from other places if it is good. She doesn't watch TV other than an occasional movie so she really hasn't been exposed to what is there. Also if there are any good audio tourism downloads for an android that would be helpful too.
  12. My dh and I are both engineers...I don't think I have come across anyone with a BS in Engineering. Mechanical Engineering would leave a lot more doors open. I would probably do the ME degree for a BS and then Aerospace for a Master's because it would give you more flexibility than Aerospace for both a BS and Master's degree. Aerospace companies hire ME's without a problem. Also if he has any interest in doing Stress Analysis, there can be big money in contracting, just taking a quick look at a contracting site there are places paying up to $85 an hour with per diem worked into it one way or another.
  13. Maybe An Embarrassment of Mangoes: A Caribbean Interlude by Anne Vanderhoof might be something you'd like. It has been a while since I read it but it is what I thought about when I read your post.
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