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  1. Tiles connect via bluetooth as well and will pick up any that are available.
  2. We spent several months there years ago and the one place that really still sticks out for food was Dragos. They have wonderful chargrilled oysters and lots of other great food. Definitely try crawfish while you are in LA, not sure where the best place is to get them, my favorite spot is in TX, but that is probably further than you want to go for crawfish. There are lots of fun things to do in the area. I really wasn't looking forward to living there for awhile thinking I would hate it due to being sin city, but there are just tons of other things to do there.
  3. Send them back, if they are good bulbs, they should bubble without shaking.
  4. Alaska is way up the list for us, from Glaciers to volcanoes, to the wildlife, Denali, Hatcher's Pass, the blue green water of the lakes and streams, it is incredible country. I also have really enjoyed Utah, Washinton State, Colorado, Utah, California, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, the area around Yellowstone, the Chesapeake Bay Our country has a lot of beautiful places and very unique.
  5. Only if they are very well connected politically.
  6. This thread reminds me of the poem title Pretty Good by Charles Osgood. I came across it a month or 2 ago. My guess is I can't post it due to copyright but here is a link. It really makes a statement on the current system of education in this country http://holyjoe.org/poetry/osgood1.htm
  7. I would suggest not using pressure treated lumber, it is different than it used to be. We started having to replace 4x4's about 2 years after ours was built because they rotted at the ground and broke off.
  8. I haven't been posting in a long time, but still read the boards. I just figured out how to relog in because of this question. I have gone through all of SWB history books over the years with dd and they really give you a pretty good idea of what has gone on in the past. I have also read several of the Uncle Eric books after reading SWB books and that explains things as well.
  9. I haven't flown in a long time but I used to get sick every time I flew. Someone suggested taking alcohol swabs and wiping down the chair you sit in at the airport and the chair and table on the plane. The last couple of times I flew and did that, I didn't get sick. It made a big difference.
  10. If you have lots of left over turkey you could do a turkey pot pie or 2 or chicken pot pie, salad or fruit salad.
  11. I really like St Augustine...that being said it does attract tourists. The beaches are more quiet than the old town. I don't have recommendations for places to stay. The hotel that was ocean front that we stayed at was sold and upgraded and is now a whole lot more expensive and touristy. If you are looking for more secluded, I would probably suggest somewhere on the beach in Georgia instead. Also check the dates for the holiday lights in St Augustine if you go. Old town is really beautiful with the lights and the carriage rides are a great way to see them.
  12. Be aware that lots of people are having problems with Verizon and their credits for old phones. We bought a new phone with a promotion of trading in our old 1 and getting a $400 credit to our bill over the time of a contract. We are a couple of months in and it hasn't shown up yet. Read online and lots of people have are months or years in and haven't gotten it. They say it takes a couple of months to show up so we will see if it happens, we have talked to Verizon on the phone about it a couple of times already.
  13. I don't know if it is out of your price range but Daytona Beach Zipline Adventure, or there is a ropes course somewhere down near Cocoa is you get to the Cape Canaveral area. Some of the state parks also rent kayaks or canoes as another option.
  14. Could you and dh take a couple of overnight vacations while son is home?
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