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  1. Maybe An Embarrassment of Mangoes: A Caribbean Interlude by Anne Vanderhoof might be something you'd like. It has been a while since I read it but it is what I thought about when I read your post.
  2. I was mostly just curious partly because I am one of the youngest in the room and I think all of the women were married. It just seemed strange to me. If a friend was having trouble in that area a one on one conversation wouldn't be so weird. The group wasn't homeschoolers, it was a group of neighbors who are home during the day.
  3. I am mid forties and most of the women I hang around do not discuss their TEA time, but I have occasionally ended up in a group of women where it is fairly normal even around people they just met. I am just curious how normal these types of discussions are among real life acquaintances or friendships of the hive members.
  4. We are in one fairly long term right now, but not moving around. They are cheaply made and have problems frequently. We just had 2 floors in slideouts replaced and have read that if a camper is more than about 6 years old they are all going to have that problem. We have damage due to a nasty hour long hail storm where we wondered how on earth were we going to get to the concrete structure if a tornado comes by during the hail storm (the hail was a fair amount larger than golf balls and every camper in the local area had damage). Some people actually had the hail come through their roof. The air conditioners are loud, we have a floor that needs replaced in the bathroom, and furniture that needs replaced. We have had to replace the inverter, we bought a good mattress and a full size refrigerator to have in the toy hauler. We bought ours when it was 7 years old, but have talked to people who have recently bought new ones that were "luxury" and they still were slapped together and needed major work within a year of purchasing them. They require a lot of maintenance. That being said it has given us a better quality of life than living long term in an extended stay hotel and more flexibility than having to sign a lease on an apartment.
  5. Unbroken (I've read the book not watched the movie, the book was emotionally difficult but very good) North and South Gone with the Wind Luther (from 2003) Joan of Arc with Leelee Sobieski The Man From the Alamo (if you are into westerns) We watched this about a month ago and just covered the Alamo in Story of the World
  6. Does he have any possibility of getting a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant job in his department? That helped dh take out almost no student loans for himself during grad school. I had loans, grants, and jobs to work my way through college. My mom paid my car insurance until I got married in my sophomore year and had given me a car that was several years old to go to college on. She absolutely could not afford to pay for my college at all. If he is burned out before starting grad school that could be much more costly in the long run that anything he would make in the summer.
  7. I have a BS in engineering and my dh has an MS in engineering. Your son is being successful and has worked hard from what you have just posted. If he wants to take it easy this summer, why not? He probably needs it. By the time I graduated I was married and my mom wasn't nearly so involved in what I did and I would not have expected her to be if I hadn't been married either.
  8. Shoot I was thinking about Anchorage and Fairbanks when I typed we lived in Anchorage and toured Fairbanks 1 time. I am going to fix my post
  9. We lived in Anchorage for awhile. No way would I consider all you have talked about. You would miss a ton. I would probably fly into Anchorage and rent a car and tour from there. It would be very easy to see so much within 2 hours of Anchorage. Seward is a beautiful little town that runs sight seeing 1/2 day cruises and has a marine wildlife place, Alyeska is a big ski resort that you can take a tram to the top and spend some time. You could flight see out of Talkeetna to see Denali if and that is a big if it isn't fogged in. Hatcher's pass is a beautiful drive, Lake Eklutna is beautiful and has walking trails. Hotels and car rentals in the summer are crazy expensive and it is crowded. If you don't mind the snow go in March and that opens you up to snow machine tours as well as skiing. Look up Hobo Jim and see if he is in the area and playing anywhere.
  10. We are just across the border in LA off of I-10 and woke up to major thunderstorm at midnight with hail at least golf ball sized that went on for over 20 minutes. We then had flash flood warnings on our phone go of about 2:00 although we are high and dry.
  11. It might be easier than you think to get hired right now. I have a friend that hasn't worked in 20 years as a legal something...not sure which position and someone she knows was in a pinch. She is helping them out for the next few months until they can hopefully find someone. Also dh was talking to one of his coworkers about me who has been out of engineering for about 10 years. They would seriously consider me because they can only find people right out of college right now and some of them don't want to show up to work on a regular basis. The market is tight right now and you just may very well get something quickly.
  12. Kraft shredded cheese is definitely gf some others may not be, some vegetable broths are and some are not, if it says food starch don't use it, the adobo sauce I am not sure could be in the natural flavorings. If you can find GF on the can it would be better.
  13. I do, dh works 50 hours a week right now and has to be gluten free. There are a few things he can eat out, but for lunch he would much rather not. I would rather him spend his time with dd and me than prepping food. Before dd came along and we both worked outside the home, we both did meal prep and it really didn't matter which meal.
  14. I decided not to vote because I don't know where I fit. I have a BS degree in engineering and dh has an MS degree in Engineering, I worked more then 10 years before having kids and haven't worked in the last almost 10 years. I have tried to get back into it and switch places with dh for a while, but have been unsuccessful so far, because you know who wants to hire an engineer that has been out of the field for 10 years and still pay a reasonable amount. I plan to have dd ready to go into a stem degree by the end of high school if she so chooses. I would rather her not get a degree that has little chance of a well paying career. If she wants to go into a reasonable trade, get a degree that will lead to a good career, start a business, get into sales, etc. I would be happy with that. I know that 10 years of me working helped to put us in a position for me to be home. I also know that we put off trying to have a family and then had a hard time having kids. If we had started younger would it have been different...who knows. I probably wasn't ready for kids when I was younger anyway. I would love for her to have the ability to stay home and raise a family, but that depends on having a husband whom she can depend on and having an economy that is reasonable, there are too many unknowns. I just don't know. I was always told growing up to get a degree and work and raise a family. It took me awhile to really figure out that being a stay at home mom was really an alternative, it wasn't what I was "supposed" to do. I talked to a dad from India who has a PhD in Comp Sci and his wife is a doctor. He is now in the position of stay at home dad although not yet homeschooling (they aren't happy with the school their kids are in so it may happen) He is just starting down the path of struggling with wanting to be a dad and have time with the kids and having a hard core very involved real money making job and asking what was the point of the education. It was their way out of India and they are in the upper class now financially. I don't know if we would be anywhere close to their financial situation had I continued to work. What I am getting at is that I am not the only one I have come across that struggle with it. I do know I am so much happier being a mom than doing engineering or project management.
  15. Thanks everyone, I will look into some of the other recommendations you have suggested.
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