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  1. I don't know if it is out of your price range but Daytona Beach Zipline Adventure, or there is a ropes course somewhere down near Cocoa is you get to the Cape Canaveral area. Some of the state parks also rent kayaks or canoes as another option.
  2. Could you and dh take a couple of overnight vacations while son is home?
  3. Mama Geek


    It is one of those things that there aren't enough studies on. I found out about it a while ago when looking for home remedy relief from UTIs to hold me over until I could get in to see a doc. The bottle that I have has cranberries in it too which is supposed to be good for UTIs.
  4. Mama Geek


    I am currently on antibiotics for one and the doc that I saw said to also take up to 600 mg of advil. The Azo, advil and d-mannose really helped since I started to get it late enough that I wouldn't be able to get it from the pharmacy until the next day.
  5. We are starting our second cycle of history and have read some classic lit along the way. How much has this helped to tie things together if you have used it? I have looked at the sample online and can't really determine what is actually in it and if it would be useful. Anyone have any thoughts on it?
  6. Thought I would hop in here for a little while. I just finished Pilgrim's Progress and am now reading part 2 of Pilgrim's Progress. The first one I sort of slogged through and then I watched the animated movie and really wanted to read part 2. I am more than halfway through and disappointed because the wife who is on pilgrimage really hasn't had to go through the difficulties because of what she learned from her husband or she had companions help her. Hopefully she will have something come along for her to really struggle through. I am also doing Little House on the Prairie with daugh
  7. The Cayman Islands - dh and I had figured on a scuba trip this year to celebrate our 25 year anniversary and dd turned 10 this summer so is old enough to be certified.
  8. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon My Father's Dragon The Reluctant Dragon The Hobbit
  9. Motif works with apples, not sure about specifically Ipad.
  10. Since Seattle is one of the highest cost of living areas in the country, I figure that RV's cost more even used than the do in Huntsville. Factor in the economy crash and it may be easy to buy 1 and difficult at best to sell 1. It costs a lot of fuel to pull one and mostly RV slots are not inexpensive often times slightly less than hotel rooms. Also you can not travel as far in day with an RV. A trip staying at hotels would probably be a better option. If you can't sell it for what you want for it then you have to figure out how to store it...in our town in FL you can't have one parked in
  11. I am self pay and not dealing with insurance on this and yes at least in some places PT will assess if they can treat you without a referral. I've done that before. The Chiropractor took x-rays to make sure nothing was broken and said he would refer me to a specialist after a few treatments if they didn't help to have an MRI done. He said he expects it is a torn meniscus. I originally wanted an appointment with a PT because I thought if it didn't need a specialist I would skip the doc. I have done that in the past. Where the problem came in was this place wasn't up front about not d
  12. I called and made an appointment at what I thought was a PT office that said they could do X-rays to determine if they could deal with it. Their website said PT and had it in the name. When I got there it was a chiro's office and the receptionist said she had no idea what the website said but that they hadn't had a PT in there for 3 years and that they will do the x-ray. It all seemed like a bait and switch, but I figured if nothing else I would get the x-ray out of it. They suggested a couple of sessions of soft tissue massage and ultra sound waves. I know the ultra sound waves are commo
  13. No I haven't had it imaged yet and thanks for the info everyone.
  14. Is either of them more likely to help avoid surgery?
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